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What kind of things antidote homeopathy then? I have gotten conflicting info on coffee...so I have been back to drinking it daily. I have a face treatment that has eucalyptis and tea tree oil (it is fragrant). Would this antidote and should I redose? Thanks to anyone who can answer!
  allicando on 2011-10-25
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
This is not appropriate on your part. When you have already got the answer from a qualified professional homeopath, who is treating you, then what is the meaning of putting this question? Please trust him.
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gkumar last decade
I never received an answer from him about the eucalyptis and tea tree oil, if I had I wouldn't be putting the question out there. Go stalk my thread if you don't believe me (which apparently you are already doing), and you will see that your reply is rude, hasty, and incorrect, as well as innapropriate on YOUR part.

Are you a professional homeopath? Otherwise why does this matter to you and why are you replying to this? :/
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allicando last decade
And I am not asking for anyone else to take my case, so I fail to see how asking a general question is innapropriate. The homeopath taking my case is of course free to answer this, but it really isn't any of your business. You posting here is innapropriate.
allicando last decade
Sorry some of these questions get posted while I am asleep otherwise I am pretty quick to jump in.

You cannot antidote a curative remedy except with another homoeopathic remedy, and even then that remedy would have to match the symptoms (aggravation) the first remedy is producing. It is remotely possible a substance you take could do this too, but again it would have to have the same symptoms of the first remedy. The chances of that, are astronomically small.

Antidoting of a well chosen remedy rarely happens accidentally. In fact I have almost never seen it happen in 20 years. Palliative remedies, suppressive remedies, they are very fragile and can be upset quite easily by all sorts of things. This is only because their hold on the patient is so tentative that it cannot withstand even a minor challenge.

Curative remedies on the other hand are powerful, stable, and can face up to almost anything without caving in.

Homoeopaths who give mostly palliative remedies are terrifed of antidoting - coffee, tomatoes, perfumes etc. Homoeopaths who give curative remedies learn fairly quickly to have confidence in the power of our medicines to genuinely cure and not disintegrate the moment the person has a cup of tea or puts on a fragrence.

Really, it makes no sense that this would happen. Do people really believe that health, that cure, is such a weak and puny thing?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Thank you David, I understand about the time difference. It had been a few days since I asked so I thought it might have gotten lost in the shuffle and just posted a general thread, I am glad that you answered. Hope you didn't take this thread as personally as someone else did...as I had no intention of disrespecting you by it. I was hoping it would catch your eye, I suppose I could have specifically put your name in the title...

That answer makes a lot of sense, I think that most homeopaths must not be confident in the selections because they tell you to stay away from those things at all costs like it is the end of the world. I am glad you had cleared up the coffee thing, as I quite enjoy drinking it and had missed it for the last 6 months! ;) Now I won't worry about the oils and such. Thanks for easing my mind!
allicando last decade
I don't think Gkumar meant anything by it. I believe that the person I have had all that trouble with recently make have made a few people here a bit sensitive to the whole patient/practitioner issue. I think he was actually defending me, mistaking your questions for the agitating the other person is doing. (I hope I am not offending him by speaking for him like that)

That advice, was given by Hahnemann in our Organon of Medicine, for 2 main reasons -firstly for provers (people doing the experiments to tell what symptoms our medicines produce) so that the symptoms won't get confused. You want to be a certain as you can be that the medicine is responsible for the symptom you are going to put in our books.

Secondly, as general health advice, he said many of those things should be avoided - he did not say that they would neutralize the effects of cure. He felt that nobody could achieve optimal health and keep taking things like coffee and tea. In this I agree, but this certainly is not antidoting.

Antidoting is mentioned clearly in the Organon - it is the choosing of a second medicine to counteract an inappropriate first medicine, based on the symptoms. The Law of Similars is still used, just as always.

So clearly, you cannot antidote, unless the symptoms match, and what do you think the chances of that are in a random substance you come in contact with?

This is not to say it is impossible, just extraordinarily unlikely.

I have given the simillimum to many patients over the years. None of them ever antidoted their remedy accidentally - certainly over time symptoms can come back if the disease is not fully cured, or some kind of traumatic experience can reactivate it. But tomatoes, incense, coffee? Not ever that I have seen, not that my colleagues have seen. I have seen it spoken about at seminars too by some of the most well known homoeopaths who agree - this is not how curative medicines are antidoted.

There are ways to interfere with cure though. Suppress the symptoms that come up in an aggravation is probably the main one. Since the only way a remedy cures, is by causing similar symptoms to those you already have, and creating a 'push back' in the opposite direction, if you neutralise that initial effect you will not get that push in the opposite direction (to cure).
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I think you might be right, I don't have any personal experience with gkumar but the reponse sounded familiar and I know I have definitely felt more defensive about replies to my posts that could be in any way deemed hostile since I have had a few from a certain individual.

Thank you for your thorough explanation. This probably explains why I believe my son was 'antidoted' the first time he went swimming...I have never seen it happen so clearly, and at first I thought it must have been the chlorine, but now I can see it may have been the experience because he was petrified of the water and extremely fearful. (Since he has grown to enjoy it!)
allicando last decade
Yes blame it all on me. This is ridicoulous. Another patient in another thread tried to use me to handle his insecurities, and here the same thing.

You know what I have to say to you. If you cannot handle criticism than do not hop into other peoples threads that are none of your business in the first place. As simple as that. Hope you learned your lesson.

'What goes around comes around'... Is what came to my mind when I read the beginning of this thread.
Platina last decade
Dear Respected David,

can just giving the time with no remedies antidote the aggravations of fogging of mind and feeling of not being present in the world.

because too afraid of remedies dont know to do.

since dont have knowlege of homeopathy and its hard to explain every single state of mind and body.

your answer is greatly appreciated

thanking you
neenapinta last decade
why do people go back to homeopathy again when their symtoms aggravated, and I am one among them.
neenapinta last decade
Do all the symptoms of the remedy needs to match with the patients? Since I dont see any of my symptoms fully match with the remedy.

Please answer.
neenapinta last decade
Most often, people who aggravate will find that by waiting and taking no more medicine, the aggravation will die down.

If it is a true homoeopathic aggravation, then improvement should follow. This will only happen on a remedy selected for the whole case and not part of it. A partial similar, a remedy selected only for part of the case, can aggravate that part of the case without curing it however.

Aggravations without improvement can happen for other reasons as well. Some patients are oversensitive to homoeopathy, and may apparently aggravate on anything they are given. This is a difficult situation but it can be handled by proper dosing (using the Split Dosing method of Hahnemann or the Olfaction method).

Other patients with tissue changes (physical results of pathology) may aggravate frequently and strongly as well. This can also be handled with changes to dosing, but often needs to be managed by careful use of potency.

Lastly, those patients who have had a lot of medical suppression over their lifetime often experience much more powerful aggravations, as all those suppressed symptoms come rushing back up to the surface. This can be a very worrying situation when it happens, and can be somewhat unexpected in its intensity. Very careful dosing again will aid such patients, although they often remain our most challenging.

Generally speaking, those people who become afraid of homoeopathy because of the reactions have not had very careful prescribers. Often they have been given the dry pillules to retake over and over, or they have been asked to mechanically repeat their doses for days, weeks or even months on end with no assessment. They may have been given potencies that are too high, or been given multiple remedies at once or too close together. All of these behaviours can cause serious problems for patients.

Why do people come back? Because the key to being permanently cured lies in homoeopathy. That hope brings people back.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
That's impressive turn over time for answers Dr.David.

Thanks and regards
neenapinta last decade
Platina...who are you?? I don't know you. I have never heard of you or seen a thread or post of yours and have no idea why you are so paranoid that everyone is talking about you?? Very bizarre...moving on...
allicando last decade
P.S. Platina, I was formerly referring to a mentally unstable lady on this forum named Vitamin.X. If you read her threads you will understand. I'm not quite sure why you're in this one though, but hopefully you can start your own thread and find the help you need.

Ah, I have figured it out. Please refrain from posting in my threads again Vitamin.X AND Platina. The matter was settled between us the first time you did it and then after that you couldn't help yourself. Grow up and stop stalking others for attention. You are acting like a tiny child and should be embarrassed.
[message edited by allicando on Wed, 26 Oct 2011 03:16:22 BST]
allicando last decade
Yes yes, once you 'grown ups' grow up and stop blaming me for your own insecurities... I see someone got really defensive. I have been told I am hard on people before. But I never believed them. Homeopathy gave me great insight into myself and is trully a wonderfull tool.
Platina last decade
I really do feel sorry for you, but again please refrain from attention seeking behavior in other people's threads. I am sorry you have no one to pay attention to you and that you are not likeable, truly, that must be terrible. But again, not my problem and I cannot help you. I will not bother to read or reply to any more of your posts, it is a waste of my time as you have nothing valuable to say and are clearly immature and delusional. Good luck to you in your quest for mental health. I do not wish ill on anyone, even someone so obviously disturbed as yourself. Good day, lady.
allicando last decade
Dr. David,
You mentioned that one cannot maintain optimal health while using coffee and tea...I can maybe see why coffee, but I thought certain teas in particular were healthful?
allicando last decade
[Moderated and that would be the final post by Platina.]
Platina last decade
Tea is a stimulant, and a drug. Specifically Hahnemann mentions black tea, I do not know if he was familar with green tea for example.

Of course I also believe that a healthy body can resist any negative impact of moderate use of such things.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Ok, good to know! I always read that green tea in moderation can be beneficial.

And thank you moderator.
allicando last decade

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