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Attn Joe - Please Help - Acid Reflux in infant - Nat Phos??

Hi Joe de Livera
Hope you are well
After reading your previous posts and suggestions I have hope that natural remedies will help my baby...

My baby is currently 12 weeks. 6.8kg in weight. When she was 8 weeks she got a UTI infection. The doctor put her on a dose on Prozef Antibiotics for 5 days, and Voltaren and Emphaped suppositories to bring her very high fever down. We also was giving her Reutri Probiotic since she wasnt eating and arching her back each time we tried to feed her and crying hysterically. The infection went away while on the 4th day on the antibiotic and her fever came down. Then 4 days after we stopped the antibiotic her fever came back. we tested her urine and the UTI was back, and the infection was ecoli bacteria-same as the first infection.

This time the urologist prescribed Zinnat Antibiotic for 7 days. We took my baby to the paed to rule out any other infections (ENT etc etc) he gave us the all clear (thank God) but then he prescribed Nexiam 10mg for reflux. We were giving her 5 mg every morning and evening 30 minutes before her feed and while that seemed to be working for her reflux, she had terrible gas and runny stools.

At first I thought the antibiotic influenced the gas and runny stools but she has been of it now for almost 3 and half weeks. She has stopped the Nexiam for 4 days now and she still seems to have gas and slightly runny stools (which are sometimes light green and sometimes mucousy)...

I still think she has silent reflux because i hear her swallowing liquid sometime 30 minutes after her feeds, she frequently brings up milk but nothing to drastic, 1 in 10 of her spit ups are almost half her feeds but they are seldom curdled or has a sour smell.

These are what her symptoms are now...

- she crys all of a sudden and it is very hard to console her and calm her down
- while sleeping her crying wakes her and gets up howling as if in severe pain
- she cries when put down to change her
- she cries during flatulence
- she will be sleeping and wriggling then she will release gas and cry as if in severe pain
- she also has tummy cramps and her tummy gets very hard which i massage and i then aid her to release the gas and poo and she feels alot better
- she has explosive stools and lots and lots of gas
- her stools smell soury and is sometimes mucousy
- she is sometimes very hungry but moves her head side to side not wanting to feed, I have to literally wait sometimes till she is half aslp to feed her
- she cat naps often and wakes up at the slightest noise
- she only wants to sleep in my arms and when i put her down she wakes up almost immediately or within 10 minutes
- she also cries and fusses while i try to make her sleep

I believe that this is due to the antibiotics and the reflux medication my little angel was on. While on the medication her reflux symptoms improved slightly but she still had alot of gas and runny gassy / soury stools. I feel like i am going around in circles trying to cure one ailment and other starts.

She is otherwise gaining weight well, happy and content when not in pain, and likes to be held up.

I was reading that Nat Phos is excellent for reflux and Mag Phos will help with Cramps and Pain and Gas.

I am exclusively breastfeeding.

Please suggest what I should do and how what quantity of Nat Phos and Mag Phos I should give my baby. For how long and whether i should add it in milk or water? How many mls/oz?

Should i take the meds and it will be past through my breast milk?

I do not want to put my angel through medication again since the side effects of the meds are horrendous and it brings me to tears when i see my baby like that...

Please help, any suggestions are welcome.

Thank you
South Africa
  newmummy on 2011-11-27
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
give her
1. Calc Carb-30 3 pills 4 times
2. Chamomilla-30 3 pills 4 times
If it id not possible to give pills, then give her 2 drops each of above medicines 4 times a day in a teaspoonful water.
Keep 30-40 minutes gap between above two. It is a colicky baby.

R.P. Tamhankar
shouse_nsk last decade
Since you have experienced 2 consecutive bouts of Ecoli within a few days of each other you will have to investigate the reason for them as your baby is only 12 weeks old and there is every possibility that she may present another bout of the same infection.

You have already studied the therapy I have advised to a few mothers whose babies suffered from gastric problems which were not due to Ecoli and you must first eliminate the source of the infection.

As you are aware, I have requested the mother to take Nat Pho 6x as this is passed in the breast milk to baby but in her case it is best that you give her a half tablet dissolved in milk or water immediately after a feed and observe if it helps her. The idea is to reduce the dosage to the minimum as even a quarter tablet may do.

You will only use a half tablet of Mag Phos 6x if she shows signs of a Colic.

Please post her response to my therapy.

You will of course stop all drugs unless they are used on a SOS basis.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,
Thank you for your reply i really appreciate it.

In response to your post, yes i have eliminated the source of infection.

The symptoms i described to you are the side effects of the drugs, which i have completely stopped as of 4 days ago. I want to elliminate all forms drugs as the side effects are terrible.

- Please advise how many mls/oz of water - is 10mls enough - I should dissolve the tablets in?

- How many times a day must I give my baby the Nat Phos

- How many times a day should I give the Mag Phos if baby shows signs of colic. Must this be given before of after meals?

- For how long should I keep her on the Nat Phos? Is it ok to keep her on it for as long as she has outgrown the symptoms, and then i gradually stop

- Can I take Nat Phos to reduce post pregnancy weight while still breast feeding. Will the Nat phos be passed to baby resulting in overdose since i am already giving her half tablet in water?

- Since i am so tired and sleep deprived - i want to know if i can take Kali Phos while breast feeding to improve my mental state of mind?

Thank you so much for your advice and what you are offering, it is truly a blessing to you....

newmummy last decade
You can dissolve half a tablet of the Nat Phos in a teaspoonful of water. If, as I hope, she responds positively, you will then give her 1/3 tablet and later quarter to eliminate the NP as soon as her body takes over.

Use the same protocol for the Mag Phos 6x which is only to be given if the NP does not help to prevent any colic.

It is best that you do not take NP when breast feeding as she should not be exposed to even Homeopathic remedies which are only to be used when essential but not otherwise. This applies to all other remedies including Kali Phos which in any case is not indicated for you.

You can take Arnica 30c in the Wet dose which will not be picked up by baby as it is at a higher potency. Arnica will help you to recover from lost sleep and improve your mental and physican condition.

The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

Order the remedy in the Liquid pack in Alcohol, also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper arrangement.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard at least 6 times before you sip a capfull of the bottle or a large teaspoonful which is the dose.
Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this enhances the effect of the remedy on the user.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you for your response.

I have some questions regarding the dosage.

- You say i must cut down the dosage gradually, for now, how many times a day should i give it to her?
- Should i give it to her 3 times a day or after every feed as she feeds every 3 hours.
- Can i alternate the Nat phos and the Mag phos as she is still experiencing the stomach cramps.(I know this is stomach spasms because her stomach is hard, she releases gas and has a bowel movement and she cries while doing this.)
- How long should i keep her on this medication
newmummy last decade
You say i must cut down the dosage gradually, for now, how many times a day should i give it to her?
- Should i give it to her 3 times a day or after every feed as she feeds every 3 hours.
- Can i alternate the Nat phos and the Mag phos as she is still experiencing the stomach cramps.(I know this is stomach spasms because her stomach is hard, she releases gas and has a bowel movement and she cries while doing this.)
- How long should i keep her on this medication
Joe De Livera last decade
thank you for such a quick response.

I have given her NP after her feeds in a teaspoon with mayb 2mls cooled boiled water. I notice that she is bringing up d water cuddled with some milk. Is this normal? Will it simmer down at a later stage?

An update- last night after I gav d NP she slept peacefully waking up for her feeds. Then around 2am she woke up cramping n crying - stomach wad hard. I lifted her legs she released gas,had a bowel movement n was fine after that... this morning at 6am d same thing happened.

I have given her NP twice today, I will monitor n post back progress on d spitting up (nb it isn't a lot of spit up, but enough to wake her up from Slp)

Also to get her back to Slp is a mission as she fusses n cries. when the stomach not hard I think it is her throat burning frm reflux.....

I knw this is rhetoric but hw soon can I expect to see some progress ?

would it make a diff if I dissolve d NP in milk instead of water?

Can I also ask why u r not suggesting Mag Phos? I read somewer that breastfed babies should have this, since sometimes mums milk might have gas n something bout hind milk and fore milk that might cause cramps in d baby, will mag phos assist with this?
newmummy last decade
You are taking a lot of my time to reply your questions and I would appreciate if you will first use the therapy I have prescribed and only pose a question in the event of there being some problem.

Please note that all consultants on this forum do a service to help members with our own knowledge of Homeopathy. I am not a professional Homeopath myself and have developed a form of therapy which the professionals have derisively termed 'Joepathy' which they first questioned many years ago but now accept it as my therapy works while their classical therapy invariably does not.

I have already advised you to use breast milk or water to dissolve the tablets in a previous post.
I have clearly spelt out the dosage in my last post.

I am rather surprised to note your question:
'I knw this is rhetoric but hw soon can I expect to see some progress ? '

Please read my detailed answer in my last post.

I have not prescribed Mag Phos but since you mentioned it I did not object to your using it on a SOS basis. It is only to be used if the Nat Phos therapy does not work.
Joe De Livera last decade
thank u for ur time n suggestions

regarding taking NP6 while Breast feeding, in a previous post (see below)
U suggested to some1 else on another forum that NP 6 is safe while Breastfeeding provided its a Biochemical salt, but u told me I shouldn't take it.
pls advise why? has research changed over time

www. homeopathy andmore. com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=23309&highlight=

Nat Phos 6x the Ultimate Cure for
Obesity By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka November 24 2009
As the first Homeopath to identify Nat Phos 6x
as the Ultimate Cure for Obesity I believe that
it is now time that I participated in this debate
on how to make the remedy using Phospho
Soda which I understand is not available in
Those who live in India are no doubt aware that
Nat Phos 6x can be purchased at a very small
cost from the nearest Homeopathic Pharmacy
in any city. I have experimented with various
potencies of Nat Phos -- 3x and 30x and have
observed that the most effective for weight
loss is the 6x potency.
I would strongly advise all who live in India to
get their supplies of Nat Phos 6x from the
nearest supplier as it is far safer to use the
product made by a recognized manufacturer
rather than experimenting with voarious
formulations of Phospho Soda.
I note that Fazimran has inquired if it is safe to
take Nat Phos 6x while breastfeeding and the
answer is YES but only if you use the Biochemic
Cell Salt.
newmummy last decade
*** bump ***
newmummy last decade

Your baby is just 13 weeks old and I really do not understand the reason why you do not use the therapy I have prescribed, Nat Phos 6x, but prefer to question my therapy and even bump it up demanding an answer.

I am copying my response to you in my last post and if you do not wish to use it you can just forget it.
'You are taking a lot of my time to reply your questions and I would appreciate if you will first use the therapy I have prescribed and only pose a question in the event of there being some problem. '
Joe De Livera last decade
hi joe.

i am giving my baby the nat phos as u prescribed.

if u read my last post carefully i was asking u about breastfeeding and me taking NP to loose weight.

i was merely tellin u that in another forum u tell some1 that they can take NP while Breastfeeding. and u told me i cannot. i was just asking u why and if research has changed since u tell me 1 answer and some1 else another answer to the same question
newmummy last decade

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