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Ok, Good Luck.
nawazkhan last decade
I've taken my medication for 3 days 3x. The pus is little less than usual. Please let me know what I need to do next. It is still white color, no pain, and it only drains twice a day. Sometimes, it drains when I use the rest room as I am stretching the cyst.

rani18 last decade
I would like you to take a single dose of Sulphur 200C.
nawazkhan last decade
I took single dose of Cal Sulph 200c yesterday. I don't know if what happen was due to me not eating all day or way tooo much stress (feeling of one year stress in ONE day lol).

But I wanted to let you know that this morning I had a bit of bleeding from the cyst. And yesterday, after I took the dose, my CYST started to hurt (pained) and I had tooo much drainage of PUSS (over night and soon after taking the dose).

I mean, I've never had this much drainage since November.

Please let me know what I need to do.

The pain is now gone. I don't have pain anymore. I believe the puss had built up again in the cyst and that was the reason for my pain. Last night, I squeezed it a bit to get rid of the extra drainage and that was the reason the pain disappeared.

Lastly, I know these medications take a bit longer than others to cure the problem, but on average, is this suppose to last three months?

I've started draining on Nov 17th and I'm still draining.

After taking these medications, yes the draining did slow it down but it did not cure anything.

I was using Campho-Phenique (In December) to cure the cyst, to keeping the area clean I used Detol (anti septic) (at least twice a day) and eating tumeric powder for internal cure. This actually reduced the size of the whole but the only issue was that this burned everytime I used it because I would use Detol (anti-septic cleaning tool) to first wipe clean the area and than put on the sides of the cyst Campho-Phenique.

It only reduced the size, but the pus was still draining.

Please let me know how long it will take for the cure and why am I draining soo much. I have not checked today, but will let you know the status of draining, once I check it.

rani18 last decade
By whole in the paragraph below, I mean Sinus Trac. It reduced the sinus trac. I have not taken a look at it recently, but late last month (Dec.) I did notice that the Sinus trac whole is still the same and it has not reduced since I have been taking the medications. I did stop using Campho-phenique, detol and tumeric since I have started taking these medications. Please advice if I need to continue using these.

'I was using Campho-Phenique (In December) to cure the cyst, to keeping the area clean I used Detol (anti septic) (at least twice a day) and eating tumeric powder for internal cure. This actually reduced the size of the whole but the only issue was that this burned everytime I used it because I would use Detol (anti-septic cleaning tool) to first wipe clean the area and than put on the sides of the cyst Campho-Phenique. '
rani18 last decade
Just wanted to update you that I checked today and Puss is coming out a lot, but no bleeding. It seems that the medication is not working. It's not drying anything up.
rani18 last decade
It seems that your food intakes are forming a lot of pus in your body. Please tell me what do you take for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks? Also, do you take cold drinks, ice cream or anything else that is cold?

You really need other remedies to fix your issue.
nawazkhan last decade
Well, I dont eat anything in the morning for breakfast, except drink coffee. Its usually coffee with creamer and sugar. My lunch is usually punjabi food. Like roti and sabji or daal. As far as snacks, I usually eat chocolates or fruit (it can be apple, papaya, orange, pineapple etc.) For dinner I mostly eat punjabi food but on rare occassions I do eat chicken from fast food resturants. Also, I do eat frozen food (I just started to nib on those recently) . when I eat foods like these I usually drink coke or pepsi
rani18 last decade
What are the exact dishes in 'punjabi food' that you usually eat?

Please list all remedies at home right now?
nawazkhan last decade
We eat the following dishes at home:

Gobi (culiflower with potatoes)
Bharta (eggplant)
daals (lentils) - not sure of the names but like pink, yellow and black daals

Oakra (Bhendi)
Rotis (not out of wheat flour)
peas with paneer

These are the major things we eat.

We do tend to make pakodes, every now and than

We also make some other dishes likes Pizza and tacos.
rani18 last decade
Remedies that I have at home:

Calendula Cream 30G
Calcarea Sulphurica 6x
Silicea 6C
Silicea 200C
Cal Suplh 200c

Thank you!
Please let me know what's causing my pus. I have notice the pus was very little in the past two days. Only drips when I spread that area.
rani18 last decade
'Gobi (culiflower with potatoes) ' for sure causing the pus formation.
nawazkhan last decade
'Only drips when I spread that area.'

I hope and pray that the color is white/watery.
nawazkhan last decade
yes the color is white. now any sabji would cause the pus ?? Last night, I had shimla miirch with potatoes. I felt a little sore last night and pus did drip as well. Again, the pus is white color but it wont dry completly. Please let me know how to dry it completly.

I will stop eating sabjis for the time period.

rani18 last decade

Just wanted to add that most of our food has the following items below. Please let me know if I should not be using some of these as I can cook something else for me. Also, my pus is white but do I need to put some sort of cream outside as well to heal it up? I have Calendula Cream 30G at home. Can I use on outer layers of my cyst? Please let me know what I should do to stop the pus buildup.

In most of my daals and sabji's I use:

Jalapeno peppers
Red peppers

Of course Sabji's will have Potatoes in them.

Thank you and I'm waiting on your response.

rani18 last decade

Now we are getting somewhere! But, still you need some remedies for drying of pus and healing. Please get Alumen 3x asap.

Ghobi (Cauliflower), potatoes, Peas and rice will form more pus. So, please cut down on these items. Once the cyst is completely healed, then, you can eat all of these food items.

External applications do not help much. Therefore, please get Calendula Q asap to stop any infection and to heal your wound.
nawazkhan last decade
Is there anything else that I need?? I wanted to order everything at once. Also, can I drink coffee??

Thanks for all your help.
rani18 last decade
Please include in your order the following remedies.

Berberis Vulgaris Q Hypericum 200C,
Nat Phos 6X
Calendula Q.
nawazkhan last decade
You requested me to order the following remedies:
Alumen 3x
Berberis Vulgaris Q Hypericum 200C,
Nat Phos 6X
Calendula Q.
Here is what I found and please let me know if these are correct:

Berberies Vulgaris Q - Mother Tincture

Hypericum 200C

Nat Phos 6C

Calendula Q - Mother Tincture

Alumen 3x

Let me know if these are correct and I will place an order.

rani18 last decade
Nat Phos 6C is not correct.

Please get Nat Phos 6X.

Good luck.
nawazkhan last decade
Just an update, I checked yesterday, and it seems im healing. the whole is not deep anymore. I can only see my internal skin. Howeve,I wanted ro ask you, why is this area always sore?? Is it developing more puss?? I have avoided all the foods you stated that creats puss but last night, if I laid on my back,it would hurt and pain at times were un bearable. However wgen I shiftes to sleep on my side or my stomach, the shooting pains would go away, but the soreness was still there. I wabted ro know if the followings also create puss :

onion ( raw or cooked)
sodas ( coke or pepsi)
fried food like chicken
preservatives like frozen foods
Saag (includes kale mustard spanich and broccoli).

Any seasonings?? like salt black peppers


anyrhing ... please let me know. I avoided, rice, peas, culiflower, and potatoes this week but I dont think these are the only restrictions as puss builded up again. Please assist.

Thank you!!
rani18 last decade
What is the status of your ordered remedies? You are doing Ok with your food concerns, but, please avoid cold drinks and ice cream for the time being.

What remedies have you been taking for the last 5 days?
nawazkhan last decade
I have placed an order for those and they should be coming soon. As for other remedies, I have not been taking any, but was thinking of continuing with Cal Sulph 200C, 3 doses.

Please let me know what you would suggest.

rani18 last decade
Yes, please take Calc Sulph 200c, daily one dose for 3 days.
nawazkhan last decade

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