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In college I used to get nauseated if I got overtired. It is that kind of nausea in the evenings.
joannadarling last decade
I'm feeling a need to write an update on myself..

For the past 3 cycles (ever since taking Sulphur 6x every day for 2+ weeks) I have had symptoms surrounding ovulation that I have never had before. I was hoping these would go away, but they haven't been. During ovulation I get weepy, dizziness, headaches, nipple pain, anxiety, nausea, and increased tendency toward motion sickness. The nausea peaks on the day I ovulate and then slowly goes away until it disappears on the first few days of a new cycle. Wow do I hate this.

For the past 2 weeks I have felt pretty good, thought maybe I was getting better, had a bit more energy and was feeling more myself, but then ovulation started. I am feeling terrible now. Just like I was 4 weeks ago, and 4 weeks before that.

Also, two incidents happened the past few days that I wanted to relay to you, that might be relevant to my case.

Firstly, I can't tolerate alcohol. I made gravy for dinner last night, using white wine. First time using wine in cooking, and first time tasting alcohol in 7 years. It wasn't until later that I found out that the way I cooked the gravy, about 40% of the alcohol was retained in it. Too bad, because I was drinking the gravy like soup because it was so good. At most I consumed 1/4 cup of wine. I could feel the effects about 5 minutes later, and they were not good. Shortness of breath, anxiety, abdominal pain, fuzzy vision, and I'm pretty sure I had a hangover this morning. My urine output increased to 5 times the normal that night. I had the same anxiety 7 years ago, the last time I tried wine. I've been to see a naturopathic doctor that is pretty sure I suffer from candida. With all the food intolerances I have, plus chronic fatigue, it added up. Another BIG symptom of candida is intolerance of alcohol.

But another thing strikes me - the way I felt after consuming alcohol, and the morning after, they were familiar feelings. I feel a less intense version of these things all throughout my days. If I am struggling with candida then this makes sense, because candida ferments starches and carbs in your gut and creates alcohol.

One thing you should probably know - I am on a very restrictive diet. Nico is too. We are on the GAPS protocol, to help eliminate food allergies and sensitivities. We don't consume any starches or grains, and the only sweets we consume are fruit and honey. Our diet is also high in meat, eggs and fat. The only dairy we consume is fermented (yogurt, cheese). Since starting on the GAPS diet, my panic anxiety and depression has decreased a lot. Maybe due to the reduction of foods that candida thrives on.

So the second incident I mentioned earlier happened this morning at church. I was super nauseated, and I started having a normal run-of-the-mill panic attack. I was gripping the back of my neck and digging my fingernails into the knuckles of my other hand. One of the triggers for this panic attack (beside the nausea) was the fact that the pastor was talking about Jesus casting demons out of a man. Any talk of miracles or healing or demons being cast out can trigger a panic attack. I become scared that something like that will happen to me, that I will be healed or be possessed by demons, and I'm scared if I think about it too much that something inside me will force me to make a scene (cry out, scream, be healed, writhe around on the floor). When I first started having panic attacks, I was never suicidal, and not even depressed at that point, but I was so incredibly afraid that a demon would force me to kill myself against my will. Or that something inside me would jerk the steering wheel into oncoming traffic, or that I'd watch myself slice my wrists open without being able to stop it. I've also had this irrational fear that God would somehow see fit to use me for an evil purpose, and that I would have no choice to be good because my fate has already been decided.

Phew… not too quick of an update, but I really needed to write that all out. Not sure when we'll be able to move forward on my case, but the last few days have got me wishing it could be sooner rather than later. I'm still willing to wait, though, I'll concede to your opinion :)
joannadarling last decade
So you have only taken the one dose back on 12/1/12 is that correct?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I took one dose on 1/11/2012, that is it.
joannadarling last decade
Then our next step is to repeat the remedy. I would actually use more water than you did the first time. I cannot see where I instructed you on the exact amount of water in the cup. How much did you use?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I used 1/2 a cup of water
joannadarling last decade
Alright use a full cup (250mls) this time. There was more aggravation than I would have liked last time.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
2 hits on the bottle first, right?
joannadarling last decade
Okay, I hit the bottle twice, put one drop into one cup of water, stirred, and took a teaspoon.

I'll update soon.
joannadarling last decade
Yep that is right.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Second dose on 1/31/2012

Day 1: Slept well last night with dreams

Day 2 (so far): No dreams, but had hunger last night while I was going to bed which turned into a feeling of excessive acid. I had stomach pain and heartburn. The same thing happened last time I took Python, but it was on Day 10 that is started, this time it was Day 2. I still feel the hunger today, and some of the excessive acid, not as bad as last night. Pretty bad nausea episode today. Worse than normal.
joannadarling last decade
Well then we know now that it is the remedy provoking that, not coincidence.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Day 2 (continued): numbness in toes of left foot, lasting 5 minutes. (this occurred on day 6 last time). Bad stomach problems, almost throwing up in the evening due to excessive gas in the stomach.

Day 3: numbness in toes of left foot, lasting 5 minutes. Stomach is still hurting from yesterday. I'm anxious, hungry and weak today, almost fainting while out and about. Not usual!! Also I feel so overwhelmed that I can barely handle it and want to cry.

I found out today that my Vitamin D levels have gone down, even after taking fermented cod liver oil every day for more than a year, the dose I was taking has at least 6500 IUs of vitamin D in it. I'm not absorbing it. Makes me wonder what else I'm not absorbing. I'm feeling very down today!
joannadarling last decade
Again, it certainly seems to be a remedy response. Quicker too which is usually a good sign.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Days 4 and 5
Over the past few days my hands have become very dry. They are usually this way, but I think after taking Python the first time, they calmed down a bit. Now they are back to bleeding and cracking.

Last night and today I've had muscle pain. My right forearm, my right whole arm, the arc of my right foot, my right shoulder and right thigh, my right lower back. I also noticed both my knees are more achey than usual.

Also, my eyes are burning up! My eyes have burned even when I was younger, but just this past week they have gotten much much worse, especially in the mornings I can feel them. What I always did to relieve the burning was put the back of my cold hand over them, cold compresses relieve the discomfort.
joannadarling last decade
Aggravation like this means that you are hypersensitive and we still do not have the dose right.

Are the symptoms piling up or are they coming and then going to be replaced by something else?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Some have come and gone (numbness in foot and hand, acid stomach, muscle pains) but some are also staying, though I'm sure they could disappear eventually!

The dry, cracked, bleeding hands and the burning eyes feel like they're getting worse, especially the burning eyes. It could have something to do with heightened temperature. During the last half of my cycle my temperature gets up past 99.0 for a few days. This is just since taking the sulphur.

Another aggravation to add to the pile is anxiety and nausea every time I have to leave the house. It's making me not want to leave the house.

So, hypersensitive then? I think hypersensitive is a good word to describe me in general! What's the likelihood that we'll find the right dose? Do you think it's the right remedy or is it too soon to tell?
joannadarling last decade
Aggravation in sensitive patients makes it very hard to tell if the reemdy is correct or not. It is too soon to tell - only improvement would tell us for sure.

There are no new symptoms though, is that right?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
No new symptoms. Some are new since Sulphur, but none are new since Python. I've felt all these things before at some point in my life.
joannadarling last decade
ok then it is not side effects from the medicine. They are symptoms similar to your normal ones, which means the remedy must at least be a similar one.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I'd like to remove some of my posts from this thread and my son's, just for the sake of privacy. Do you keep copies somewhere for your records? I know this probably makes it more difficult for you and for those trying to learn something from the case in the future, but I think it's important.
joannadarling last decade
I haven't kept them at this stage. It will make it more difficult for me to follow you up though. I have had this same issue on another patient's thread, where making further prescriptions was hampered by the information being removed. Once it it taken out of the thread, the natural evolution of my understanding during case-taking is gone. I will not be able to follow my thinking if I have to revisit it in months or even years.

It is your choice though. I understand that this is hardly an ideal situation, publically revealing so much.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I will just remove parts but not the whole. There are just a few spots I don't want readily available on the internet :)

Anyway, last night I had a 'hopeless' episode. Where I don't feel mentally stable and I wonder if someone is going to have to commit me. It was right as I was getting into bed, and after snoozing for a bit and then waking, it was gone. I haven't had one of those for a few months, and I feel like I'm headed there again tonight. And gosh, the nausea is really getting to me too. Every time I get anxious, the nausea starts. This particular symptom started after taking Sulphur, and I am feeling a bit peevish that I have to deal with a whole group of new symptoms caused by Sulphur, like my original state wasn't bad enough.
joannadarling last decade
Make sure you copy and keep them, so that I can get it all back in the original form if we need to delve further.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I feel almost at my wit's end! Not sure how much longer I can take this. Today I'm struggling with weakness, faintness and cramping and gurgling in the abdomen. Today is the first day of my cycle and I have never felt like this, ever, during my period. Some things I can deal with just fine mentally, but some things are so hard for me to cope with that I literally think that the only way out would be to die. Feeling weak and faint is one of those things.

I felt fine after waking up this morning, but after breakfast and a shower I felt the fatigue start. The weakness started shortly after that and I've been struggling with it ever since.

Depression is getting worse.. though maybe that has to do with how terrible I'm feeling physically. I'm losing hope that things will get better.
joannadarling last decade
This aggravation continues to be problematic.

Aggravation is often a result of tissue changes in the body. Many times when a patient continually complains of doses being too aggravating it is because there are pathological changes in the body.

I find it hard to believe the wrong remedy could cause so many symptoms to aggravate. Normally is sensitive people the wrong remedy will produce entirely new symptoms (often in addition to the olds ones). That isn't what is happening here.

Aggravation may be occuring with such vigour because of the way we are dosing. How much water are you using to dilute the dose in? I cannot see where I actually suggested an amount?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade

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