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This aggravation continues to be problematic.

Aggravation is often a result of tissue changes in the body. Many times when a patient continually complains of doses being too aggravating it is because there are pathological changes in the body.

I find it hard to believe the wrong remedy could cause so many symptoms to aggravate. Normally is sensitive people the wrong remedy will produce entirely new symptoms (often in addition to the olds ones). That isn't what is happening here.

Aggravation may be occuring with such vigour because of the way we are dosing. How much water are you using to dilute the dose in? I cannot see where I actually suggested an amount?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
The first time I used 1/2 cup of water, the second time I used 1 cup.
joannadarling last decade
And that change in amount hasn't seemed to have made any difference to the degree of aggravation.

Can you wait this out? I know it is difficult, but there should be improvement after this if the remedy is aggravating you as part of its homoeopathic action. If not - then we have a situation where your tendency to aggravate is an obstacle that needs to be cleared before we can go any further.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Yeah I would say the aggravations from the second dose are much worse than the ones from the first dose.

How do you clear the obstacle of aggravation? Is there a remedy that does this? Hopefully after this passes I'll start to improve so we won't have to worry about it.

I will wait it out. But if I have more instances of wanting to die in the meantime, you might get some complaining :)
joannadarling last decade

I certainly don't want you to die.

Keep complaining. I need to keep an eye on what is happening to you.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
There won't be any dying, don't worry! :)

Today I had a nausea and weakness/faintness episode again, though not as bad as yesterday. It happened around the same time, 3:30-ish.

My stomach doesn't seem to like food very well! It's digesting quick, but I am constantly feeling nauseated, and especially when anxious. I wake up fine, but as the day progresses it just gets worse.

I'm holding out for some improvement though :) Since my digestion has been at the core of my problems, it might make sense that the 'pathological changes' that might be occurring are felt in my digestion. Well, I don't know, is that theory homeopathically sound?

Anyway, I feel in good spirits (at the moment). I'm hoping this doesn't last much longer.
joannadarling last decade
Yes if there are any tissue changes I imagine they would be found in the digestive tract somewhere. The reason a remedy aggravates these points so much is it is attempting to reverse them, which of course tends to be quite painful.

It is a good sign that you feel ok in yourself though. That is promising.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Today was better. Not perfect, but better. I also noticed that my temperature has finally gone down a bit from it being up during the last half of my cycle. I feel like that heightened temperature (which would be a sign of heightened progesterone in the body), is my signal that I will feel like crap.

I will be interested to see if these problems decide to return after I ovulate, when my temperature will start to rise again. We have about 10 days before that happens. Until then, I hope the stomach issues will calm down a bit, I could use a break.

I am feeling quite emotional and sensitive today.
joannadarling last decade
Ok that is good to hear. I am hoping to see the improvement climb day by day now.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Last night I started getting itchy red dots on my fingers on both hands. Also, under my chin has been itching today, both are old symptoms returning.

AND, I've had a few flashes of super loving feelings toward Nico. I do love him so much already, but this was like a deep maternal love, actually caring about his person and actually RECOGNIZING him as a person. It has been very strange to feel the difference between that and what I've thought was maternal love up to this point.

I so hope this continues. I feel really blocked up inside, like I just want to cry to let all the terrible things inside me come out. I feel like I need a release. It's such a strange feeling, and I really wish I knew what was holding it back. I feel like I want to explode, like I need to get out whatever's inside me.
joannadarling last decade
Ok so in what I just posted I was going to say that it felt like my skin was the wall, keeping all the evil stuff inside me. And then I was going to say that I felt like I needed to ... shed... my skin. But then I couldn't figure out if I had come up with that out of the blue or if I was thinking about the fact that I had taken a snake remedy :)

I thought I'd share it anyway.
joannadarling last decade
Wow. That sounds really good. It seems deep, something energetic is happening. It is early yet, but I get the sense from your words there is some kind of change occurring underneath your mental state. In the instincts.

Let's see how it progresses though. Fingers crossed.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Is it normal to have that extra feeling that I didn't have before? The feeling that I am blocked up inside and need to find a way to release what's stored up? I remember expressing it after my first dose, when I said that I WANTED to experience getting a cold, and let all that crappy stuff out of me with the snot. THe cold never materialized though.

After I took Lac Humanum I had an extra feeling too, I felt overwhelmingly that I needed and wanted to be taken care of and loved. It was not a normal feeling, just as this is not a normal feeling. What does it mean that I'm feeling this way?

I kind of just want to feel like myself again, and not have this extra feeling. It makes me think that I'm being blown by the winds of all the homeopathic remedies I've taken over the last 8 months, and that I lost myself somewhere in there. Maybe I'm just reeling from the fact that that dang Sulphur added so many terrible symptoms to my already full docket, I'm afraid that they're just piling up, and that improvement is not within my grasp.

Feeling so fatigued and tired and sad today, nausea included!
joannadarling last decade
An new symptom or feeling can be from the remedy (side effect) or it can be from within you (an extra defence thrown up in reaction to the remedy). If it persists, or it if reoccurs regardless of which remedy is taken, then it needs to be added into the overall analysis.

Sulphur clearly created a huge disturbance in you. This can be fixed though - the simillimum will put it all right. Sulphur is one of our most dangerous medicines, and paradoxically the most used one.

Could you really expand on that feeling of 'blocked up and need to release'.

Also, describe more on 'blown by the winds'.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I use the term 'tossed by every wind' quite a bit when I'm talking about myself, I think I actually mentioned it here once... yes here it is, this was a brief update I gave while waiting for the python to arrive in the mail:

Something I've noticed about my motivation (and lack thereof). I am tossed by every wind! If I have a burst of motivation to clean or get something done, and then something goes wrong (my son starts crying, I stub my toe, etc) then I have completely lost the motivation. I think I am a follower. I tend to acquire the personality traits of the people I spend the most time with. After my husband and I got married, I started struggling with motivation and I had a very hard time getting things done (my husband's personality). While living with my parents, I was a go-getter, always pursued my dreams and never doubted I could do it. That's my mom's personality. While living with my cousin, I became an alternative punk-type person, vegetarian, confrontational. Just like my cousin.

Even now, I find myself getting worse and worse with motivation, I've stopped following through with things (I NEVER used to do this!) and I find myself resenting my husband for being such a terrible example. I really do want someone to follow. I really do want a role model! I want someone to tell me how to do things and to lead by example. I hate that I am being such a terrible example to my son. I'm worried that one day he is going to call me out and show me what a lazy person I am now.


In other areas of my life I also feel tossed by the winds. I am so sensitive to what other people think of me, I am quick to change my demeanor and interaction with someone to get the most favorable response from them. If I hear a hint of disapproval or anger, I change methods. If I am feeling particularly sensitive that day, then I just take in whatever they give back to me and it festers inside.

THIS is also related to 'being blocked up'. Every interaction I have with anyone, I take it inside me and it festers there. If it was a positive interaction then it's a nice ray of sunshine to my body. If it was a strange or bad interaction, it ferments and molds, causing stomach aches and anxiety. I feel like there is no way to prevent the outside from coming in, there is no way to prevent my interactions with people from sitting in my stomach. And I feel like once they are inside, there is NO way for me to get rid of them. Wait, there is a way to get rid of them. I become anxious, I have stomach aches, I start breathing quickly and having an anxiety attack. I get a headache, I get fatigued, I'm thinking it's my body's way of dealing with all the terrible things I store up in my belly. But it's not the best way to get rid of them. What I want to do is cry, or have a bowel movement, or maybe even throw up to get whatever is inside me to come out. But these things - all these things - start to happen, but never follow through. I start to cry, but it stops almost the instant it starts. I feel the urge to have a bowel movement, but nothing comes. I feel like I need to throw up, I may even start to gag, but then the feeling is gone.

I don't have a filter to keep things from getting inside. In my mind, what I see happening is this: I am doing a chore around the house and not thinking of anything in particular. Then my son starts crying (or I start thinking about something, like my health). The sound or thought goes straight to my core. It talks to my brain to find out all the other fears and horrible thoughts that are related to it, and that stuff also joins the original sound or thought in my core. My body then starts to find a way to get the stuff out of me. I become exhausted, I start becoming nauseated, I start having a panic attack.

This is all clicking with me right now, I feel like all these things I'm experiencing are my body's way to get out all the bad things inside me that have no other way out.

The reason I long to sit in one place and watch online tv and to not think and to be numb is to minimize the input, since I don't have a filter, since everything that comes into me has no way of getting out except by pain.

I am late on starting dinner. Oh woe! I'd better go.
joannadarling last decade
When you get a chance, just describe the meaning of 'tossed by the wind'. Give me more words or phrases to explain it. Then give me the sensation of it, not just events in your life. Give me images for it. Be creative.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Oh, yes.

Like I'm on the beach, when I think of being tossed by wind I think of the ocean and a sailboat. But because I really dislike water, I'm not on the sailboat, I'm on the beach. My body is so light that every gust of wind twirls me and lands me a few feet away from where I started. For some reason I'm thinking of something like a caterpillar, out of place on a beach, but small and very easily blown around on sand, where it can't get a foothold on the sand to steady itself. It's just about to get a foot hold when another gust of wind comes.

Or like a bird caught in a wind, twirling and twirling and not being able to right himself, doesn't know what way is up or down.

I almost feel like I want to be done with homeopathy. I don't think I can handle anything else, another remedy, more symptoms, I'm really having a hard time right now. Today was worse, like it was a few days ago. I'm really having difficulty finding perspective on my situation. I just feel so hopeless and worn out.
joannadarling last decade
Do you feel that not doing homoeopathy will make you feel less worn out and hopeless? I don't want you to feel forced to do this. If you feel you can do something else for your problems I will not be offended by that.

The path to cure can be tough for some people. We need to work out why the aggravations are so strong and difficult. Dosage is only one possible answer.
[message edited by brisbanehomoeopath on Sun, 12 Feb 2012 00:55:52 GMT]
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I'm scared, like I'm getting too much stimulation. Right now I'm feeling like I want to hang out for a while, and see how I settle. But actually, I'm having feelings of wanting to antidote the remedy, like this is just too much and I want to go back to the way things were before I started taking remedies.

But just hanging out for a while will probably be sufficient for me. Will it disrupt the process to not do anything for a while? Not like you were planning on doing anything or redosing me, but for some reason talking about it is making it worse. I Just want to forget.
joannadarling last decade
Not at all. You do realise it is normal practice to wait 1-3 months after a dose before redosing. This website will give you a distorted view of how homoeopaths practice because it is set up in an unnatural way, with constant contact between patients and practitioners, and with unconventional methods being used.

Many patients do not experience relief for many weeks after a deep acting remedy. Homoeopathy is about patience not haste. So waiting is always good with me.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Great! That'll be the plan, then. Thank you :)
joannadarling last decade

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