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Menopause menses ,

Doctor David or who is qvalified to help , please suggest what to do :
I will try to lay down my “problem” as a theme.
Menses follow Menorrhargia that can last for weeks by itself, menses usually profuse, blood red , but they appear dark due to being coagulated -dark clots, kind like look slimy , with backache and hip pain on right side . I feel tied , nervous , exhausted ; irregular due to appear after 20 days or 10 days after last period , how long they last always depends on the body. Can last a week or 2 weeks , this time 24 days and still going .
Menopause condition with menses that can be described as follow: Menorrhargia with pattern of irregular menses or menses that are very profuse w dark clots. That last too long , too difficult to handle.
This is my main complain and that is the one I need a help with to get healthy again
1. What exactly happens? M Answer: pre-menopause & Menopause hit;
• Menses follow Mennorrhargia that can last for weeks by itself, menses usually profuse, blood red , but they appear more dark and more painful with each day further , as weeks get passed , blood gets more coagulated -dark clots, kind like look slimy , with backache and hip pain on right side get more pronounced . I feel tied , nervous , exhausted ; why I say they are irregular : ? due to previous months menses would not last too long , just were too often , like they could appear after 20 days or 10 days after last (previous period) and how long they lasted - always depended on condition of weather , felt more like on the body .
Description of this time menses :
• This month menses are very bad, last too long and they are not done , this is the first time that type of menses I have : last menses were done on November 27th ( they lasted 2 weeks) , this one started on December 10th , slow drop by drop increasing , pain was in lower abdomen on before menses and during menses , boring and not pleasant , filling as low-abdomen on has weight in the middle and to the right and then pain moved to left ( at the beginning of the flow - worse : very late evening , night ).
• then on 20th of December menses stopped for 2 days just to appear again with very heavy flow , from 25th to January 2nd -every day heavy flow ; blood gets more coagulated -dark clots, kind like look slimy , with backache and hip pain on right side get more pronounced . I feel tied , nervous , exhausted ;
• During first 2 weeks worse time ( by considering flow and how I felt ) - late afternoon and evening , last 2 days January 3rd January 4th again I have indications that menses maybe will slow down – and then they start again , late in the evening – night time . So if I am looking at pattern , I can’t say exactly if pattern exist , only that they can last now from 2 weeks to 25 days still going . Possibly w uterus fibroids .
2. Describe all sensations and pains. Each pain or sensation should be described in such a way that allows us to imagine having the same pain. : M Answer : at the beginning no pattern of strong pain/discomfort, as I lose more blood – pain becomes stronger and gives me more discomfort:
• 1st pain in lower abdomen on appears almost immediately as last menses finish , after 3-4 days discomfort appears, bearing, drugging for days . Abdomen on feels heavy , water retention is visible on skin, ; as time goes by , and menses become heavy – and one night – the pain will become stronger - appears to be more type : stroking as a knife cut , ; after 1 evening and night – pain will be less bothering ; Where : more on the right side of the lower abdomen on, :
• Pain 2 : pain in knees – like wearing out, knew hot and tied, Pain #3 : pain in lower back ; drugging , boring and only better for few minutes if I stretch , comes back again after stretching,
• Pain # 4 right hip – pain exists all the time, pain is very light, mostly as I walk, move, right hip socket feels like being “raw” – going against other bone, Pain #5 – forehead, mostly eye brows (right side effected more) after long menses and before menses appear – forehead feels like having a bandage, eye brows feel very heavy and tied, pain is type boring;
• Pain # 6 closer to left arm side of the heart , pulsation like pain , appeared after 2 weeks of menses .
• Pain#7 stomachs has discomfort feeling , like flatulence after food, stomach feel acidic .
• Pain # 8 : in the vertex of the head : slight pain almost all the time,
 Which pain is worst ? pain in the lower abdomen on has first place during menses , then hip + back second , when I do not have menses , back pain and knees have 1st place , then bandage like eye brows 3 and head vertex , then knee 4 , then heart 5 .
 Note , I actually can hold pain very well , so I may experience more pain, but I do not process it as pain , I experience pain as annoying , as discomfort and disappointment of not having the same type of energy and interest as before in my life .
2. What causes the problem to get worse after it has started occurring?
• M answer: Hard to say, if I knew! Looks and feels like the level of hormones is getting lower and lower; also feels like the uterus is more sagging, almost as all area needs to have normal contractions. I wish that all area would get back normal strength . Also it is possible that the body was preparing for menopause, the flow did stop for actually 3 months ( July, August and September ) , then the flow returned and with each menses the pattern becomes : more heavier. SO is it possible , the body does not know that happens? Or during the rest time other elements took place ?
• I don’t know how to deal with Fibroids, I have a feeling that it is Uterine, because peeing becomes slightly difficult during menses, I have to push at the beginning. I had cystitis before.
• I thought I took care of it. So the feeling reminds of when I had a cystitis but much easier .
• The physical stress also causes tension; and can stimulate flow.
• Emotional stress is worse when physical ; when I think of this menses I get upset inside;
• I chew food all the time – in order not to think what in actuality medicine does not know how to deal with Menopauses and fibroids , Ensample , they suggest to bring Progestin levels low , when woman has low level of progesterone – then fibroids do not grow ? OK , but then if Woman has low level of progesterone other problems become worst ; Like Bones become unhealthy, and women have less energy , less beauty ;
• Other than that issue, I am very normal and not stressing out about many things that other people found as not being nice or positive. I keep positive attitude , but it gets harder and harder when I have less strength and I look very pale..
3. What creates some relief for the problem?
• M Answer: for flow – early morning is better, daytime, evening, and sometimes “ night time” are worse; but I still think morning time I like better . So possibly sleep brings some rest. But I sleep better in the morning than at night , I hear noises of the building as I go to sleep.
• But even if “moving’ aggravates knees and back – moving and stretching and exercise, and chocolate – help me ; I like to do things that I like.
5. What triggers the problem into occurring? Monthly period? And Age.
6. What time of the day or night does the problem occur? Answer: All the time
7. When did the problem start? What was happening in your life at that time? Did some specific event or treatment take place just before the problem started?
• Answer: Not really, just pre-menopause happens when it happens;
1. The specific foods that you crave (not just like) or hate ?;
• Answer: I like: chocolates, GOAT products ( like goat cheese and goat kefir) , breads, mushrooms, cucumbers, coffee if it is good quality – twice a day (but it gives me acidity),love beets, sushi, sometimes apples, almonds . Mostly chocolate.
• Do not like food: Onions, red meats but I can have chicken , fatty fish , beer, and wine and I do not tolerate Cow milk;
2. The specific drinks that you crave or hate ?;
• I like pomegranate with Cherry , blueberry;
• do not like strong coffee , wine ( but I can have strong drinks like vodka , I just do not like effects early in the morning to have headaches, taste of strong alcohol is better than wine )
3. What your sleep is like ? ;
• Answer : weak up every time someone else moves early at night , in the mooring sleep is deeper ; I sometimes hear music in the head before going to bed if I am very tied , or lost too much blood, .. Head becomes too tied and I have worse sleep , wake up un-refreshed . When I have how sweet – I take Lachesis 30c once and the sweat disappears for 3-4 months . Also I sometimes feel like drowsy in the late evening , but because I like to watch comedy show late at night , can go to sleep after 12 pm.
4. How the weather and the temperature affect you ;
• like dry weather , dislike : rain , wet cold , drafts ; And very open sun is too tiring, soft sun and warmth are good;
• I can take cold , but it have to be outside , not in the apartment , I take cold – cold weather better than HOT_SUN.
• If I am home I prefer – open windows for fresh air , NO drafts , Warmth without damp .
5. What kinds of things in the environment you are particularly sensitive to : allergens from Damp grow;
• What I do not like as a person : LIES , betrays , and hate / anger displayed by others
6. What your general level of energy is like :
I like the fact that I felt before very good , was active , sporty and artistic and friendly .
Now - tied ; I only go to the gym for 35 minus , trying to have commitment to go every day ,
I still like to dance , the effect of dancing is better after class is done – I feel life again.
7. What your level of sexual energy or desire is like ;
I have beautiful partner , love him , but it is almost impossible to have spontaneity and to think of love or s_x with menses flow like mine. Trust me no one wants to bleed for a month . I can’t possibly imagine that my partner thinks , because it is so destructive to my love feeling toward him.
8. Describe your menstrual cycle : day 1 to 8 – no menses, day 3-4 pain appears in low abdomen on; day 10 – menses started ; pain appears in forehead ; MENORRHAGIA ; looks like can stop anytime and disappears, sometimes does, appears again, flow is light , bothers that I can’t do too much ; day 25th-27 or sometimes early like day 20-26 – heavy menses appear; ; blood red with black clots , slimy , sometimes dashing in the evening, sometimes slow; again I have indications that menses maybe will slow down – and then they start again , late in the evening – night time. Irregular after age 49 . Before age 49 – menses were great!
a) Body type and build : nice curves with being sporty , firm .
b) Skin color and texture ; now is very dry , very pale , and on hands lots of brown spots . Hair are dry and I lost a lot , so I have very short hair cut.
c) Areas of the body tends to perspire on ;
answer ; I sweat when I exercise : upper body : head and neck and back breasts
d) Odor of sweat, body, stool, flatus, urine ? Not as much odor of the body , pretty clean smell,
e) Color of stool ; color normal , but sometimes I have diarrhea in the morning to have normal stool later that day; sometimes I see mucus , no particular color .
- urine : Fine , nothing particular . Only in the evening I pee slow , pattern : like sleepy , no pain, and no blood in urine . not dark.

10. Give any reactions to vaccines or medical drugs. I do not take them at all . Vaccines all were done when I was small child. All Ok.
As well as this, please describe any traumatic incidents that have taken place in your life. Discuss anything that has had a lasting impact on you mentally, emotionally or physically. – All OK .
I have also small problem : Nose feel like have stoppage , small polyp or look like ulcer in the tip ( inside ) septum . and skin looks like has a crack in the skin ( in the tip - left side, inside ).
Another problem : getting heavier , Buttocks and stomach , I think due to metabolism and again the shifts in hormones , started to gain weight in these parts of the body about 1 year ago – visible cellulites’ on the buttocks and stomach. Can’t control that parts ; Other than that – everything else looks the same as before ;
Discuss the way that you manage or deal with your problem : I believe that I put before , shall unveil the issue : I deal with problems by trying to understand them : this problem is not familiar to me, because it involves hormones levels ; and I do not understand that : plus did not anticipate that kind problems before as I felt pretty good : When at age 49 I felt pre-menopause was coming I went to regular doctor , who gave me a prescription to take mix of Naturally made hormones ; 1/3 estriol + estrogen and progesterone on 14th day for 1 week. This did not help me . I was having irregular menses every month. I contacted Homeopath doctor , who was giving me Sepia , I liked the effect of Sepia , but menses still were irregular, very early . 16 to 20 days between , but short . Basically after getting some night sweats – I Took Lachesis few times and menses stopped for 3 months as we know now; Now menses are back and I would like to have them but regularly on 28 day and short.
Discuss any patterns you have noticed in your behavior especially concerning your disease. Answer: It is not a disease !
Describe your childhood and the kind of environment you grew up in, with reference to your relationships with your family, your school experiences, and any serious childhood diseases.
Not to many , and I do not dwell on it;
Just few things to add : If you also can comment on can I try Oestriol 6c and Oestrogen 6c Homeopathy in my case for energy and bone strength ? And what does it do ?
For Last 2 months I have been taking Phosphorus 30c – 4 droplets every 20 days ( my constitutional medicine ) for bones , etc : and kali-bichromicum 30c every 15 days ( for sinyses) between periods when I took Phosporus ; Lachesis 30c only once because I felt like sweat was coming at night. I also took Rhys-tox for knees once . all OK .
  Mira7 on 2012-01-09
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