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Psoriasis for last 20 years

Hi all,

Can any body help me. I am 33 years old and having psoriasis for last 20 years. At the begining I started using Alopathic medicines and had used it for approx. 10 years. HOwever then I realized that psoraisis cannot be cured with Alopathic. so I started using homeopathic medicine and since then I have been using only homeopathy. However, I have not been able to get rid of it and it comes back every now and then. My homeopathic consultant used sulfur in CM potency with a week interval and Sulfur 30 potency in higher frequency three times a day for my ailment. I got very good response from it. However after its contineous use for about 3 months the problem started aggravating again. I dont know if my body get immune to the remidy or the symptoms keeps on changing. Now my homeopath is using Psorinum 1m with week interval and Lycopodium 30 three times a day. There is another remedy that he is using in 30 potency which I am not sure about.

My Medical history:
1)Age: 33Years
2)Weight 67Kg. Hieght: 5feet 7inch
3)No medical history other than Psoriasis.
4)Psoriasis spots on most part of the body. However, Back is the most affected area.
5)The ailment get aggravated after taking bath.
6)relapse mostly starts in cold weather.
7)To much Job stress most of the time.
8)No chemical exposure at job.
9)Aggresive by nature
10)Restlessness in nature.
11)stomach get upset if I consume food with fats etc.
12)Sweat while having spicy food.
13)I consume approx 1 1/2 liter of water.

  rehan Masood on 2012-02-06
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Dear Rehan,

After stopping allopathy which other medicine you are using (other then mentioned).

Plz answer the following:
1) Do you apply any cream/lotion on the problem area?
2) What sought of food you like to have- sweet-spicy-oily-others?
3) How is your appetite?
4) If you dont take medicine for 1 week what happens?
5) Do you have constipation?
6) Any history of acid reflux?
7) Does your sweat smells?
8) When did you last took homeopath medicine? potency? what is your current intake?
9) since how long are you taking the medicine?
10) Do you do any type of exercise?
11) do you feel good in warm or cold climate?
12) How is your sleep?
13) Tell me about your food and timing(breakfast-lunch-dinner).
14) Do you consume any alchol / do you smoke?
15) Which all area is covered by Psoriasis?

Plz update.

[message edited by Nikkie on Mon, 06 Feb 2012 09:28:47 GMT]
Nikkie 9 years ago
Thanks Nikkie for giving your precious time. Here are the answers to your questions -
1) Do you apply any cream/lotion on the problem area? [Answer] No I Do not Use any cream/Lotion etc. However, I do use petroleum Jelly or some do some oil massage after taking bath just to sooth the affected area a bit.
2) What sought of food you like to have- sweet-spicy-oily-others? I like salty foods more than the sweet. I like eggs However, as I know that eggs are not very good in psoriasis therefore I only eat egg white. I don’t eat egg yolk.
3) How is your appetite? Appetite is good. I feel hungry at about 12-1PM then at 7-8PM.
4) If you don’t take medicine for 1 week what happens? Are you talking about homeopathy? If yes then sometime I feel better and there are times when this have no effect.. Sometime I feel that my homeopathic consultant here is using too much frequent doses that some time aggravates. However I am not sure about it.
5) Do you have constipation? No. However as I have already mentioned my stomach gets upset as soon as I take spicy foods etc.. I feel that my stomach is sensitive....
6) Any history of acid reflux? No. However, sometime I feel gastro even if if have not eaten anything. Further, my stomach gets very hard after eating anything... Not sure if this is an associated symptom or not but I consider it important to mention.
7) Does your sweat smells? No much.
8) Presently, I am taking homeopathic medicines. However, I would not be able to give you much of the information about it as the homeopaths here do not share the prescription with the patients. I think till last week he was using Psorinum 1m Potency and Lycopodium in 30 potency... I think he made few changes this week which I am not aware of.... Earlier to these remedies he was using Sulfur in CM potency with week interval and 30 potency 3 times a day. However if this is necessary information then I can try to get this information from the doc.
9) Since how long are you taking the medicine?
If you are talking about homeopathy then it about ten years since I am using homeopathy. If you are talking about the current remedy then i have answered it in response to question 8.
10) Do you do any type of exercise? No....
11) How is your sleep? Good.. I sleep tight in the night... 6-8 hours’ sleep daily.
do you feel good in warm or cold climate? I visited hill site a few weeks ago where it was quite cold and I was feeling very good in that atmosphere. However I am confused here as I feel good in the early morning sunshine but too much heat aggravates. One reason why I am confused a bit is that from last 3-4 year I am consistently getting the reoccurrence/relapse in winter.
13)Tell me about your food and timing(breakfast-lunch-dinner. Breakfast 8:00 AM Most of the time bread with tea, then Lunch at 1:30PM bread with chicken/vegetable etc. Diner at 8:00PM most of the time with bread, chicken, vegetable or rice etc... I am not a vegi lover so I consume lot of chicken etc... try to avoid fast food, fatty foods etc. Let me know if you need any further information.
14) Do you consume any alchol / do you smoke? No.
15) Which all area is covered by Psoriasis? The spots are spread out on various part of the body. However most affected parts are Head and back. There are few on the hands, stomach, legs, feet’s shoulders and face etc...
rehan Masood 9 years ago
Dear Rehan Masood,

If possible get all the names of medicines (Homeopathy) used in 200,1M (or above) potency. Also the list of lower potency.

Nikkie 9 years ago
Thanks Nikkie for the quick response. Ok it will try to get the information and will let you know about it. But I am not sure if i would be able to get it. becasuse the homeopaths here dont show the prescription to the patients.

By the way Do you think Psoriasis is cureable in Homeopathy.
rehan Masood 9 years ago
Hi Nikkie,

Hope this post will find you in good health.

I have requested the doctor here to provide us me the list of homeopathic remedies that he used in past. The list contain following remidies -

1M and 200Potencies

30 potency
5)Nux Vomica
8)Kali Sulph.
9)Arsenicum Album
10)Kali Arsenicum.

These are the remedies that he has used in past in different times. However, he has not given me the detail of the remedy his currently using. Not sure how important it is for you to know about the current remedies.... I will try to convince him if he can provide me with the current remedies that he is using but he may not provide the information..... let me know in case you need any further information.
rehan Masood 9 years ago
Dear Rehan,

Thanks for the information. You were on treatment for 10 yrs, what improvement did you notice in these long treatment process, Plz explain !

Please get hold of following medicine in liquid dilution:

1) Nux. Vomica. 200.
2) Phytolacca 30.

>> Take one dose of Nux. Vomica in the morning empty stomach and one dose before going to bed. and one dose very next morning empty stomach. Thats all, no more doses. Wait for two days. Update me.

>> From third day onwards start with one dose of Phytolacca 30 in the Morning empty stomach, One dose in the afternoon and one dose after sunset.. Continue for one week.

One dose means
The medicine is in liquid dilution form. Add 3-4 drops of medicine in some 20 ml (Approx. 3 sip) water then mix slowly with spoon. Sip up the content slowly.

Please follow homeopathy restrictions like no coffee, no raw onion/garlic, and no strong perfumes, don't eat or drink anything within 45 minutes before or after taking medicine.

*- STOP all other medicines.

Regular update will be appreciated.

Prayers & Blessings,
Nikkie 9 years ago
Hi Nikkie,

Thanks for the advise. I will keep you updated..

Regarding your question on the improvements. I think the best results I get are from very few remedies.. As far as I know the best result were from
1) Sulfur
2) Lycopodium
3) Psorinum

However after contineous use of these remedies for sometime the improvement stops due to some odd reason. It may be the change in the symptoms or my body gets immune to it that stops the positive response of the remedy... but I am not sure about it...
rehan Masood 9 years ago
You cannot become immune to a remedy. If improvement stops, it is because the remedy is incorrect, or because the potency is incorrect.

The correct remedy, in the correct potency, cures your complaints and you do not need to continuously take them. Cure cannot wear off, it is permanent.
brisbanehomoeopath 9 years ago
Thanks Brisbane for your comment. I understand what you want to tell. but what about if the remedy is used in higher frequencies. Don't you think that higher frequencies can affect the treatment nagatively.

Kind regards,
Rehan Masood
rehan Masood 9 years ago
Hi Both Brisbane & Nikkie,
One thing which I forgot to mention. In August Last year my homeopath starts using Sulfur on me and it worked wonders. I almost recovered completely from my ailment within a month or so. Approx. 98% of the spot vanished. However, after the contineous use of sulfur for about 3 months improvement stops and then slowely and gradually the spots started coming back again. I am still confused how come a remedy that provides you such improvement suddenly stops working on me. The homeopath here was also so surprised that it took atleast two month for me to convince him that my case needs to be reassessed and he may have to make few adjustments to the remedy. He was not willing to accept the fact that the remedy is not working while it has done wonders in past. I take it as a negligence on part of my homeopath as he has to make decision proactively by looking at the symptoms developing rather that reacting so late...

what are your view on it?
rehan Masood 9 years ago
Dear Rehan,

Sorry ! i am not in a position to put my view,s on your homeopath.

Best of Luck !

Nikkie 9 years ago

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