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Treatment for a kitten

I am familiar with homeopathy and it is my treatment of choice in all things. but sometimes I am too close to look objectively at the problem. This is a 3 to 5 month old kitten. I will give you all the details that I have. I am seeking a way to detox his body of the meds he has recieved and to cure him of his health issues.
1. Male 3 to 5 months of age
2. White in color with ONE spot of gray on his head. Eyes are the yellow green so he is not younger the 3 months.
3. Was neutered so he recieved whatever anesthesia they used to do the surgery
4. was given a rabies vaccine very close to the surgery.
5. was wormed, but I do not know with what.
6. recieved Interferon and Clavamox for what they called a kitty cold.
7. Is loving and purrs alot
8. very active
9. eats well and has no issues with bowels or bladder
10. does not appear pale (nose and gums pretty pink)
11. Seeks attention and company does not like being alone.
12. Has a sneezing problem that appears to be anytime of the day or night ...not worse at any specific time.
13. mucous is clear and does not appear to irritate. He will sneeze and it will come from his nose...a tiny amount comes from his right eye. but again it is clear. Other eye is clear so far.
14. He had a sister still at the pound who recieved the same treatment and is in worse condition then he from what I was told.
15. Picky eater right now.
16. Does NOT seek warmth but does seek company.
  littlebobbie on 2012-02-07
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
It is not really alot of symptoms to go on. Many of those things you mention are not suitable for making a prescription.

Out of that list the only things that might be useful are:

Fear of being alone/desires company
Clear mucous discharge from nose/eye
Picky eater

The sneezing is too common to be used. The clear mucous is not peculiar and can be found in many remedies. Picky eater is not defined well enough to use either, that would need to be explained better.

The only principle in homoeopathy for prescription is the law of similars. Any true simillimum will rebalance his body, there is no need to 'detox' which is more a naturopathic concept than a homoeopathic one.

To prescribe a medicine you would need to define his 'sickness' better. What makes him worse, what makes him better, what are his fears, anything that is rare strange and peculiar. Common behaviours for a kitten need to be screened out too.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Since I only got him last night from a place I have never even been to, that is going to be kind of hard. On observing him. He is very active but not fearful. VERY inquistive which is a cat after all. He will be doing fine then start to make a fast breathing noise that sounds 'wet' then sneeze and throw snot all over. Or he can be sitting there doing nothing and just sneeze. I don't know enough about cat diseases to know what to do. I have seen cats that were left untreated go their whole life like this till one day they got suddenly worse then died. I don't want that to happen here. I am trying to make this little fella healthy as possible. He likes his food wet. Temperature does not affect him. so I guess wet and room temperature is what he prefers. and it must have a strong taste. That is the only thing after one day's observation I can come up with. So what do I need to look for? Even though he craves company, he does not want to be held much. Will squrim to be let loose. It is like 'you are here, stay here, but don't touch me'
littlebobbie last decade
Hi- I have two cats- one from the pound
who also had the 'kitty cold' and
got a shot of something there for it-
After I had him for 3 weeks he got
the 'kitty cold' again and I took
him to the vet- ( he was about 2 months
old then and vet said he was at a
vulnerable stage bc something about
any immunity from mother cat is going
away at this age. She gave me drops
of antibiotic that I had to give him and
I had to go back 3 times bc he had
to be Hydrated under the skin to combat this. Meanwhile he gave the kitty cold
to my other older cat so they both
were sneezing non stop- so then
older cat had to get 'hydrated' also
but only once and was better after
just a day or two of drops.

It took a couple weeks for the kitty
to get to normal-the hydration thing
was very important- don't know if
you are going to the vet-I had a cat
vet and she was very familiar with
the 'kitty cold' No problems with
the cats since then at all - 3 years ago.
simone717 last decade
I am trying to avoid the vet if I can. This kitten has been over medicated..TWO different anti-biotics is overkill. Add to that rabies vac and the neutering at the same time are serious insults to the immune system in a kitten showing this condition. He should not have had the vaccine at all as they do nothing for the cat. Rabies is not that big a threat. And to operate on him when they have weakened his is stupid medicine to me. I want to find what the remedy tis will reconnect his immune system in to proper functioning. the cold will be cured by his body if I can get his immune system working properly
littlebobbie last decade
I agree about the vac';s etc-
my cat they required neutering
but he did not get that till
after the 'kitty cold' was gone
for 2 months.

so what I am saying is both cats got this-
and it was sneezing quite often
and clear mucous-and obviously
they don't eat right or act right
when ill. They had to have HYDRATION-
especially the kitten- I could tell
the vet thought the kitten might not make it-without the hydration and
she was adamant on that. I look
at this as the 'kitty cold' and would
go for at least the hydration which
is natural and boosts the immune system. The older cat was very healthy
yet she got it too- if you try it
and then see the cat having more energy etc- there is your answer.
I could not wait for any homeo thing
bc my kitten was getting worse by
the day , more and more listless.
simone717 last decade
Okay noted. I see what you are saying. But the kitten is not sick otherwise...Only the sneezing and snot slinging. He eats (if I provide the moist food for him) and drinks and uses his tray really great. I have been watching him...he is not dehydrated in anyway. I would not gotten him had he been in that shape. He was vet checked before he left. the one who picked him up for me is a volunteer of 30 years there and she made sure he did not have other issues. The vet assured them the sneezing was harmless.. yeah right. Sneezing is a reaction to something.
littlebobbie last decade
There just isn't enough to go on at this stage. Any prescription would be a guess, and because our medicines have side effects if not given correctly, I am not convinced it is worth the risk to do that.

Any sucessful homoeopathic prescription relies on unusual, marked and peculiar symptoms. At this stage he doesn't have any of those. It is quite likely his immune system will throw off the problem on its own, but if not then more indivualised symptoms will appear.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I don't know enough about the
hydration thing and why cats have
to get hydrated under the skin-both
my cats were eating and drinking, yet
they had to be hydrated and I
would not have thought they had
to be hydrated-???-but the vet was
checking something about that and
that is why she said I had to keep bringing the kitten back till she
was satisfied with the hydration thing
being normal. And when the kitten
got better then I really saw what his
real personality was, his personality
then really came out. And he seemed
fine for the first 3 weeks till the sneezing started .
Wish you all the best on kitty getting
better soon!!!
simone717 last decade
So you are saying that I should do nothing for the vaccine that was given him like trying to lessen the impact on his immune system? I should do nothing to ease his sinus irritation but let it be?
He has toxins in his system that need to be removed. His immune system is compromised or else this sneezing stuff would not be able to take hold and stay like this. Thank you for considering this. I may try run it on my own with the books I have and see what I can come up with. I lean towards ONE dose Sulp 30c (one pellet dissloved )then give one teaspoon for the vaccine. let that work and if still sneezing then look at rhus tox one dose to see if that would fit him at that time. I know to go slow and watch and not rush. I know what the remedies can do having experienced them myself. And I know with a small animal to take a gentle approach. But I will do more research before I even try that. I am just not very good at this when dealing with an animal though I have treated animals before. Thank you to both for responding.
littlebobbie last decade
What I am saying, is that without symptoms to prescribe on, you would be guessing, and guesses can lead to more serious problems in homoeopathy. Our medicines are not safe, they are powerful, and you only want to give them when they are needed, and when they are indicated.

When the condition is ready to be treated, the vital energy will produce some peculiar symptoms that clearly point to the right remedy. If nothing like that develops it is likely the vital energy is dealing with it itself. Homoeopathy is about respecting the vital force and its natural ability to both heal and to know what is best. Jumping in with assumptions often creates conflict between the medicines and the vital force.

So you need to be very careful prescribing without clear indications for a remedy. Side effects in homoeopathy can be just as bad as the original disease, if not worse.

David Kempson
Professional Classical Homoeopathy
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
State of Sulphur:

Yellowness of discharges
Odours are foul, like rotten eggs
Redness and burning are strong characteristics
There is a dirty look to Sulphurs, they look unkempt, unwashed no matter what you do. In a cat I imagine this would be quite noticeable.
Nose is full of scabs, skin seems dirty, scratches all the time, scratches till they bleed
Sneezing with thick yellow discharge, and redness around the edges of the nostrils, as if burnt
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Thank you Sir,
I will wait atleast a week and see what his symptoms are then and perhaps post again if things change. I am a bit paranoid right now because of just loosing a cat that i waited too long and her condition went to a terminal state. I am still reeling from the impact as I felt I let her down. I will try to be patient. Again thank you.
littlebobbie last decade
I can understand your concern. I am a great animal lover and I also cannot bear to see them suffering. You just need to be cautious with our medicines, they are unexpectedly potent.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Yes Sir, I can believe it because I have seen it and felt it. I will calm down now and try to be patient and wait for him to do some healing on his own. He is no longer in the drafty shelter where he is only another animal so perhaps the love he gets will help too.

God bless
littlebobbie last decade
So how has the little one done so far?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
A keeper for sure. My first reply did not post. Still sneezing and still right sided discharge that comes out clear and turns dark. Has a scab on the end of his right nostril from the discharge. No longer picky eater but has bad breath sometimes smelly putrid. Smell flatulence that can clear the room. Eats alot, drinks alot. Always has access to food and fresh water. Still does not like to be alone and cries plaintively if left that way. Likes everyone...even the dog.
littlebobbie last decade
Ok it doesn't sound like he is recovering on his own. Would you like me to make a prescription?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I would appreciate anything that I could try. If I don't have it I will order it. Thank you very much. I am sure Rascal will thank you too
littlebobbie last decade
Can you describe the odour of the flatulence, and of the breath. Try to be very specific if you can.

What is strange is that now you appear to be describing Sulphur, even repeating just the few symptoms I gave you. There are 10s of thousands of symptoms in that remedy - the chances of him developing the particualar ones I picked out seems unlikely. Well we live in a strange world.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Okay the breath just stinks...meaning it is not nice to smell. He has to be in my face to smell it. His flatulence is similar to a human with incomplete digestion and the resulting stinkers... The reason I suggested Sulphur is because I have used that on my grandchildren when they were vaccinated. It was recommended to me by a Homeopath who said that it is supposed to help remove the harmful affects of the vaccine. but they never exhibited any harm from it. I figured the same would hold true for a cat.
The kitten cleans himself alot. But can't keep his eyes clean because of the discharge from one. It will run down his nose and then turn dark. I tried washing the dark spot off his nose and that is when I saw it was a scab. when I first noticed an odor to him I thought it was his body, but it isn't. His skin has no odor. It comes from his mouth and when he passes gas. He has a ravenous appetite. He will literally scale my legs to get into my lap if he smells food.
littlebobbie last decade
Sulphur isn't one of the main remedies for vaccinosis, there are a number of others.

Sulphur should be used carefully, only when the symptoms call for it. I believe they call for it now. Use 30c if you have it. Dissolve 2 pellets/pillules into a 1/4 cup of water, stir thoroughly, and give him a teaspoon. You might need to use a dropper to squirt it into his mouth. Give him one dose only and wait 24 hours to see what his response is.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Yes Sir,
I have it and have droppers as well. Will do it shortly. Thank you. Will take note of how he acts and how his eye looks tomorrow and how often he sneezes.
littlebobbie last decade
I waited several days to post the results. I wanted the Sulp to have a chance to work. Flatulence is gone. but bad breath remains. Eyes clear and bright, nose dry and waiting for scabs to heal and drop of. The sneezing is worse and is not really a sneeze. If it were a human doing what he does it would be akin to 'hawking a loogie' if you know what I am saying. He is trying work something loose in his throat or nasal passages but not doing real good at it. Appetite is HUGE. Very energetic and playful. Can tell he is growing. Sleeps good. Very affectionate and does not exhibit any unusual sounds , Purr is very loud and often. You only have to touch him to start his motor running.
littlebobbie last decade

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