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recurring yeast infection

I have never suffered from yeast infections in my whole life (i'm 26) but in the past 3-4 months, after a first outburst of the infection, i don't seem to be able to get rid of it. it's always there, lingering, and it comes back around my period time. i have thick, creamy, white discharge, not smelly, though.
i can only think it is associated with the birth control pill, which i started taking around the time i had the first spell of yeast infection. i went to see my gyno and she prescribed me over-the-counter creme which worked only temporarily. also, i know that if i keep using it, the infection will become resistant to the creme. i don't take antibiotics so i'm not going back to my gyno. i tried with chien chin, as somebody suggested in another post. it keeps the infection at bay, that is i don't feel like i want to start running around tearing my clothes off of me. i read somewhere that sepia is also a good remedy. which dosage though? i should aslo say that i'm going through a period of indecision about my life, dissatisfaction about my job situation after having worked really hard towards a master degree. anyhow,if anybody has any suggestions about how to get rid of this incredibly annoying ailment, i'll be sincerely grateful. thanks in advance
  dontpinch on 2005-07-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Yeast infections only start after the natural balance of the intestinal flora/fauna has been disturbed.
What happens is that when you are a baby there is an invasion of micro organisms that set up house in the GIT .
These reach a symbiotic relationship with the body , so that they help the body absorb food , in exchange for which they get a nice warm moist home with plenty of nutrient,
One of the most flexible micro organism is Candid Albicans ,
This helps to digest sugars and is kept in check by the other inhabitants.
If this balance is upset by the use of medication , including antibiotics then the Candida spirals out of control as it is able to mutate into 7 different forms and avoid the attack. But other weaker organisms are not so flexible and die.
Although Sepia is indicated I think Calc Sul may be the best bet .
Try it low say 3x or 6x and use it night and morn for two weeks ONLY.
If the conditions improve , STOP the remedy and do not restart until conditions get worse.

Read up on sepia , it is useful but not to someone with a masters.
walkin last decade
thank you for your reply. i'll try calc sulf.
i have to point out though, that i haven't taken any antibiotic, or any other medication, for that matters, in the past 10 years. beside the birth control pill that i just started taking. therefore could the inbalance you describe due to high stress levels? i suppose then, that i should just make a life-changing decision.
thanks anyways, i really appreciated your time and concern.
dontpinch last decade
Stress can cause much worse things --- cancer for instance!.
walkin last decade
Hi im 17 and im a virgin i have has a yeast infection since i was like 13 i ve tryed everything, water with vinigar medicine everything and nothing can anyone help PLEASE
eilyncueto89 last decade
Probably hormonal upsets when periods started.

Use live yoghurt -- wherever the infection is present.

Stay away from sugars and sweet things - Candida , the "infection" feeds on sugars.

Get some lactobacillus capsuls .
walkin last decade
I just have to reply that the above note about Sepia may be off (that someone with a masters would not benefit from it). I discounted Sepia as a remedy for a long time, and then I found a site that listed a variation on Sepia traditional profile. I am well educated, ambitious, and getting a masters, and Sepia helped me tremendously constitutionally. Apparently there is another face to Sepia that looks strong, but is suffering from emotional upsets internally. After taking Sepia, I noticed a dramatic improvement in my symptoms and general mood, and was amazed to see how well this remedy worked that I had always discounted as not for me as an independent woman. Be ware of generalisations.
samiami last decade
You are right Samiami

Most of the medicines have many facets, and one of them is repeated by people one after the other, and the impression sticks.

The so called constitution is a myth, and any medicine can suit anybody. The important thing is matching of the symptoms with the remedy.

No person will have all the symptoms mentioned in the materia medica. The materia medica is an aggragation of all symptoms produced by different provers. No single prover produced all the symptoms.

So, the cardinal rule for selection of a remedy is to match the symptoms you have to those found in the remedy, and choose the one that has the best fit.

There may be many symptoms in the remedy, that are not in you, about which you don't have to bother.

What is important is to compare what you have with those of the remedy.

Sepia is often said to be indifferent to the family.If that symptom is found in the patient, this particular trait suggests to study the remedy further, to see if it fits.

However, a person who loves her family, still may need Sepia, if the other prominent symptoms like 'better with vigorous excercises like dancing' match with it.

So never discount a medicine just because the oft found 'picture' in the books doesn't match you.

The basic 'picture' if present in you is an indication to study the remedy further..

However the absence of it doesn't contra indicate the remedy.

It is important to know this.

gavinimurthy last decade
Sarah Summer Yeast Infection Cure was recommended to me by a girlfriend who told me it cured her yeast infection in a day.

It took 2 days for me but it was very simple and extremely effective. I recommend sarahsummersyeastinfection [dot] com to anyone who wants a quick and effective way to be yeast free!
amy_soccer10 last decade
I cut out sugars entirely, all forms, natural and unnatural, fruit and alcohol. You may have a candida imbalance. I felt Much better energetically and physically after doing this. I never realised what a sigar addict I was bc I was always very healthy (healthy sugars)mostly vegetarian diet, conscious eater, no dairy.

Really try cutting this out, it's hard at first but it may rock your world for the better.
samiami last decade
I just came across this group and wanted to say hi. It is great to see a group so passionate about helping out others. A lot of people just don't seem to realize how beneficial groups like this can be when dealing with such things like yeast infections. It is for this reason that we need to make sure that there are active discussions going on and that the information is available. It makes for a healthier, happier life over the long run. It was for this same reason that I started my personal blog on yeast infections. For those that are interested, you can find it here: bit.ly/4WG5tI

I hope that people finding this group, like I did, will gain knowledge of Candida and be able to use it to improve their quality of life.
kryan191 last decade
My wife suffered 3 years from yeast infection and every time it came back, it came back worse then before. The key is really following the tips and get the proper treatments. Here's a good guideline with tips:
liven last decade
I've tried homeopathy as I was pregnant, I also used some holistic methods from an ebook I bought on yeastinfection.findthetreatment(dot)com, was a bit expensive ($40) but well worth it, I finally won! Good luck to all of you and thanks for all of the great info on that forum, feels good!
sam99 last decade
I know it can be uncomfortable on your part.
Here's a little fact, yeast infection is usually an overgrowth of yeast that is normally found in the vagina and these are cause by fungus that grows rapidly. There is an increase chance that you'll be having a yeast infection after taking antibiotics, or been diagnosed having a diabetes, obesity, leukemia, AIDs.Even just wearing tight clothes or wearing moist clothing for an extended period of time.
You know what preventing yeast infections is more effective than treating them. Try to wear loose clothing and a cotton underwear. Dry out vulva area carefully after bathing. Avoid food especially sugars and sweet treats. If you don't control your sugar level, you will likely experience recurring yeast infection. Take some of my advices. I hope it could help you.

-Dorothy R. Hall

Dorothyrhall last decade
I use to suffer from yeast infection for years. Expensive prescription didn't work well with my body because I would have allergic reaction to them. I felt horrible when I would have a flair up. So I was willing to try anything to get relief. So I did my research and found my solution I actually wrote a blog about it.
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maryday last decade
Sorry to here about the problems that occur with yeast infection . There is some information right here on good treament for this problem. Please click link for this new trement.

treatment1 last decade

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