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Dear sajjadakram635

I am taking Arnica Montana 6c - twice a day ( Wet dose) and Calcarea Fluoreca 6x 1 tab 3x a day since August 1, 2005. I have both, expected and unexpected results

Unexpected results: 1. First day night, I stayed on bed for over one hour to get sleep. Second day on, normal again. 2. I experienced allergy symptoms, like nasal congestion, sneezy and itchy. Itchy in the arms and legs only. These symptoms appear every time I take Calcaria Cluorica.

Expected results: My HBP was in the range of 137/88. On monday, before I start with my medications, it was 137/87 (I have a reliable BP monitor home) Unbeliably it came down to 114/74 on saturday, six days aftere taking Arnica & Cal Fluor. Now my bp is in between 115/74 to 120/76. I am continuing with my allopathy medicine.

An another interesting result is, I had a headache every night, that continued until my morning bath. This headache had disappeared from the first day of taking my above medications. WOW, is that is n't wonderful? You do know how happly am I?

Thanks sajjadakram635.

I will post further developments, if any, soon.

sthillaiyah last decade
Please keep on posting the result.cal fl has no side affect.i am absolutely sure about it.
sajjadakram635 last decade
Please keep on posting the result.cal fl has no side effect.i am sure about it.
sajjadakram635 last decade
is veratrum virade alright in 6x for reducing high b p as i canot get 6x and whats best tablet or liquid form , also calc flour 3x is this best in tablet form or liquid form . do i take both together and can veratrum be taking regular
whitts99 last decade
cal fl 3x tablet form,veratrum veride 3x in liquid form is best but if not abailable any other potency can be used.cal fl if taken for a long time cures BP permanently.
sajjadakram635 last decade
Hello Whitts.
there are many reasons of Hypertenssion.....first you need to know what is the cause of your hypertenssion...than there can be prescribed any medicine according to symtoms....this way heaving no much knowing about the cause of your Hypertenssion it seems to "fire in dark"....soo post the symtoms & cause of your Hypertenssion....we all are here to guide you :)
Keep smiling
doctorishtiaq last decade
my allopath doctor sais there is no cause you just have it so i have tablets fom him but oly take them occassionaly as i started taking various herbs which got my bp down a bit but not loww enough around 140/85to 90 , but i am looking to replace herbs and allopath medicines with homeopathic medicines . if anyone has further advice please post,this veratrum viride if it works for me is it safe to take regular as anything is better than allopath tablets
whitts99 last decade
can i take calc flour in the iquid form in water for the same result for high blood pressure as it is cheaper this way
whitts99 last decade
What are your symtoms...can you explain please?
Than there are a lot medicines to prescribe.Write back....Thanks
doctorishtiaq last decade
hello my symptoms are firstly my blood pressure is higher first thing in the morning and gets lower during the day i have never slept well usually feel better before i go to bed other than that as far as i know i dont have any symptoms hope this helps
whitts99 last decade
Hello Whitts.
I get read the post you posted.
Do you think you have flatulance in your abdomen taking after meal & do you think you have constipation too?
Do you feel you gets start your headache when you have flatulance in your abdomen or some thing like stomach problem?
Do you ever been suffer from any kidney disease or any sexual disease?
Write me back
doctorishtiaq last decade
My mother has been using arnica and calc-fl for approx a month now. This remedies does wonders! She was on allopathic medicine for years for hypertension. I gave her these homeopathic medicine and her bp has been regulated and she's not taking her allopathic medicine anymore!!! I told her to discontinue it cause her doctor (allopathic) even after seening the bp that she noted for several days in a row told her NOT to take homeopathy and take the medicine he rx! I talked to a friend of mine (funny he's also an allopathic doc) and he told me it would be fine to take her off of the medicine just to monitor her bp!

Anyway...she is still taking it but now takes it every other day. I will cont. this until maybe I can remove the homeopathy medicines and she wont have to take either! Her bp tends to be at around 120/80 give or take. w/o her medication or homeopathic medication her bp rises to 166/96~ So I think we have made progress!
jose07 last decade
Thanku very much for your comments regarding the use of homeopathic medicines for hypertension.There are millions of millions people who are suffering from this dreadful disease.I hope they can be benefitted from these simple remedies.
Thank u once again.
sajjadakram635 last decade
I would like to add a word of caution to those who use Digital BP gauges to check their BP.

The batteries that are used in them must be replaced after about 50 readings. They must also be the Alkaline type as I have noticed that when the batteries drop by about 0.2 V the readings tend to show false high readings.

I had the case of a person who had been using his BP gauge with NiMH batteries which when fully charged are only 1.25V and he had been taking BP drugs for 10 years due to the high BP levels that the low voltage batteries indicated.

I am glad to note that Arnica 30c is being used to help to treat enhanced BP in the Split Dose which I have found is far more effective than the dry dose.
Joe De Livera last decade
to doctortiaq
i dont think i have any of the symtoms you mention in your post and have never had kidney or sexual disease .
if you could post back
whitts99 last decade
is the liquid remedy you can buy from the abc homeopathy shop alright for the successing method also the liquid bottle sais 2 to 7 drops in water is this right
whitts99 last decade
My BP has settled down at 120/80 range (see my posts at page 1) Dr advised me to reduce dose from 10mg to 5mg. However, I have another problem, a headache. I get this headache when I work on computer or watch TV. I checked with my Dr today and asked him to refer me to an eye Dr. He said ' you don't have any problem in your eye, the problem is too much of stress on your eye, you must learn how to control the stress'. His advise is not to work on computer or watch TV screen for a prolong time. (10 minutes is morethan enough for me to get the headache)I don't think I can follow his advise successfully. I prefer Homeo medication for this.

I had the same headache 13 years ago. When I consulted a Dr he found out that I have HBP and started treatment for that. My headache disappeared in a week. The same headache started again 6 weeks ago, and disappeared on the first day I took Arnica (wet dose) with Cal Fluo. Again re-apprered last week, it is a little bit severe. It stays over night even continue next day unless I take some pain killer.

Is there any one who can advise me a medication for my "EYE STRESS" I am on Arnica and Cal Fluo.

Please advise.

Thank you

sthillaiyah last decade
For eye stress,ruta 6c 0r 30 c is the best medicine for this purpose.use it thrice daily for atleast 30 days.i hope it will clear your problem.5 drops in a little water taken by mouth.
sajjadakram635 last decade
Thank you sajjadakram635

You helped me on my HBP early this month and now on my Eye Strees. I owe you more than a thanks.

sthillaiyah last decade
If your BP went down to 115/74 with the homeopathic remedies why are you still on the "drugs">>>???

I too have high BP and desperately want to get off and am taking notes on these posts to try the same remedies. But why would you continue with the disgusting drugs is the remedies work.

115/74 is GREAT!!!!!!
Mousitsa last decade
I am so very happy that I found this site - I have been on other alternative forums but nothing like this - I think it was my DESTINY which brought me here to hopefully solve my health problems. Just lowering my BP, is one big major problem I would love to get rid of - it causes me so much bad health in so many ways.

I am so happy to read that you are all doing so well with the homeopathic remedies - drugs are poison and the only ones who benefit from them are the doctors in the United States and the disgusting pharmaceutical companies. Everything is this country is GREED and MONEY -...

I will try your remedies but I also have my anemia and fatigue and depression to deal with - so I hope I can get the adivce I need on my other post.

I have to say though, I would never order anything from this site - it is so frustrating not to be able to communicate with someone on the telephone - you place an order - then a day later they email you to tell you they do not have it and then you wait more days for a response...... it is no way to run a business - I must find other sites on the internet here in the U.S. to buy the remedies from.
Thank you
Mousitsa last decade
I am happy to note that you too wish to start on the Arnica therapy which I have recommended for many years to all who would listen in the hope that they too can enjoy the same quality of life that I am enjoying at my age of 76 years.

I first started on taking Arnica in 1996 and have stayed with it since, taking a nightly dose. This daily dosage in contrary to the tenets of Homeopathy and many have criticized me for using and promoting this therapy. My BP at 120/80 pulse 65 is a tribute to my theory and I have now proved that it is Arnica that helps me.

If you too would like to follow my example of using Arnica 30c in the liquid dose all you have to do is to get the remedy which is usually available in globules and proceed as follows:

Get a 500ml bottle of spring water
Pour out 50ml to create some air space on top
Put in 3 globules and cap the bottle tightly.
Hit the bottle hard on your palm or a cushion and watch for the water to fizzle like when you open a bottle of soda. This is succussion and it lifts the potency of the remedy (which is the water in the bottle) slightly every time you bang it.
Sip a teaspoonful every night before sleep.

You will discover that you sleep very deeply the morning after the Arnica and if you use it every night you will also discover a positive reduction in your BP. You may use 2 doses one in the morning and the other at night as this will have a more positive effect on your BP.

In your case if you are already taking any drugs for your BP you are advised not to discontinue them immediately as the Arnica will kick in about 2 weeks after you start and you can then consider reducing the number of tablets that you take of the BP drug.

You may also like to know that Arnica can also help Diabetics by reducing their Blood Sugar. The combination of Arnica and Cinnamon has helped many chronic Diabetics to stop depending on drugs like Metformin to control their BS level.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you Joe - I will go to the health food store and buy it today - I have insomina also and have been using a "sleeping pill" (drug) - it just knocks me out and when I get up in the night to go to the bathroom I cannot stand and almost fall flat down on my face - I have no control. They are not strong - I used to use half but for some reason recently I had to go to the full pill because I cannot fall asleep .....

Will report results.

By the way, I follow alternative medicine and, as such, also have a homeopathic veterinarian for my three little girls (kitties) so I know about "sucussing a remedy" - I have done it for one of my cats a few times for her remedy.

I feel like I have a new life coming up for me.

Thank you all.
Mousitsa last decade
Hi Joe:

Yesterday I bought the Arnica 30C - bought a 500 ml bottle of spring water and followed your instructions with the three pellets - IS THIS WHAT ALL YOU PEOPLE CALL A WET DOSE OR DO SOME OF THESE REMEDIES COME IN LIQUID FORM TOO???

Well, I took three 30C in the car on the way home from the health store - then at about 11 PM I took 2 teaspoons of the diluted liquid arnica which I made per your instructions. I then took half an hour later my normal melatonin and aspirin before going to bed. My heart was pumping so hard I could hear it on the bed as I lay there and could feel it almost coming out of my chest. Well, after one hour of tossing and turning (my cat got so disgusted with all the tossing and turning she just took off for a more peaceful bed, her own)... I got up took a BP drug - half and hour later still no sleep - well, I ended up taking a sleeping pill.

However, this morning, unlike other mornings after having taken a sleeping pill, my head did not feel like a baloon ready to burst open and no headache which is normally what I feel when I take a sleeping pill.

This morning I took three arnica 30C sublingually - when I got up.

I just took my BP and it was 170/100 - high, so I took a BP drug.

Now I have to wait for my other remedies to arrive for my anemia - chronic fatigue - depression, etc. But I think if I get my BP down to normal, i.e. 120 or less ovefr 80 or less, I will feel much better.

Any remarks - anyone??
Mousitsa last decade
I would like to remind you that Homeopathic remedies cannot be expected to have the instant knock out effect that you seem to expect, say from your sleeping pills.

As you perhaps are aware the concentration of the Arnica in the 30c potency is the equivalent of 1 drop of the Mother Tincture mixed in the waters of all the oceans of the world. Even though I have been immersed in Homeopathy since 1970 I still cannot fathom how any medicine when diluted to this extreme miniscule level, can possibly work. It is the succussion that works the magic and I hope that you remembered to bang or shake the bottle hard to achieve the bubbles.

You are advised to continue with your BP tablets as usual and hopefully in about a week you should discover some improvement in your general health status. I am convinced that Arnica 30 will help you with your BP as it has done with many others. It should also help to solve your insomnia and it should stop your headaches as you have already discovered with just 1 dose. But you will have to be patient.

I note that you have taken 2 teaspoons of the remedy for a dose but this is not necessary at all. All you want is just one teaspoonful but this must be taken after the bottle is succussed every time.

I have decided to increase the frequency in your case to one teaspoonful to be taken 3 times daily for the first 2 weeks.

You are also advised to use some source of sound like a radio tuned off a channel which can provide a "shush" type of white noise as this too can help to overcome insomnia. The sooner you can stop your sleeping tablet, the better for you. Please remember that you are slowly poisoning yourself with each tablet you take to help you sleep. The Arnica will replace them.

And not coffee or other stimilants may be taken after lunch as they will antidote the Arnica and will not help you to overcome your insomnia.

Please report progress.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you Joe - it is like having a "long distance friend" - it is such a great feeling of warmth.

For your info - I ALWAYS bring the bottle UP and quickly thrust it on the palm of my hand, or on a book (like my kitties homeopath told me to do) which is exactly what you instructed. I even shake - the only bubbles I see are the water which of course, would be the water. I do this about five or six times really hard and then IMMEDIATELY take my remedy - I do not wait.

Also, I know Joe that homeopathy takes time and, anything good, really takes time. I am really a pretty patient person even though I may not sound that way "in writing"... so, even based on all the posts I have read (and have not real them all but will) I have no intention of giving up my ARNICA...

I will report to you and follow your recommendations to the "T".....

Thank you Joe - Be Well..
Mousitsa last decade

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