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Please take Ars Alb. 200C, 2 times a day, for 2 days.

Many prayers for you.
nawazkhan 7 years ago
Dr Mr Nawaz,
How was your trip overseas? Thanks. I will take Ars Alb 200 twice daily for two days as advised. This remedy I have taken earlier also on your advice. But it does not improve my condition. Please take out sometime out of your tight schedule, go through my case thoroughly once again and advise me. I am ready to answer any questions should you have to arrive at any remedy.

With Best Regards
ibadat369 7 years ago

I am almost there, several stops on the way. Your current symptoms are calling for this remedy. You might have taken at the wrong time. Please consider changing your stuck thinking about the remedies and full dependence on medicine. These remedies could only work so far as your symptoms and home/work environment are more powerful than these remedies. Please make changes at home and work. Reduce your stress/anxiety over there by loving/listening/caring for all in your COI. Unless you make a change in the current environment, no change will come in your health.

More prayers for your happy life.
dollyrana 7 years ago
Hi ibadat369,

I am almost there, several stops on the way. Your current symptoms are calling for this remedy. You might have taken at the wrong time. Please consider changing your stuck thinking about the remedies and full dependence on medicine. These remedies could only work so far as your symptoms and home/work environment are more powerful than these remedies. Please make changes at home and work. Reduce your stress/anxiety over there by loving/listening/caring for all in your COI. Unless you make a change in the current environment, no change will come in your health.

More prayers for your happy life.
nawazkhan 7 years ago
Dear Mr Nawaz,
Thanks for your kind help so far.
I am trying to do my best to control situations at home and at work place to the best of my abilities.

But as I am depressed and need remedies/medicines to cure me. When I am cured of depression and other problems I automatically will be able to cope up and manage both at home and work place.

With Regards,
ibadat369 7 years ago
Hi Mr. Ibadat,

My best wishes for you and family. I am wondering if
you ever tried counseling for yourself? You have to have
someone you trust and respect and who is living a happy
family life themselves already.

It just seems to me that you are under an iron grip of thinking
you must be perfect and son has to be perfect. And if you
are not 'perfect' in every way that it is a terrible failure.
Since perfection is an impossible thing you have to start
thinking differently.

Don't know what happened in your earlier life, but it almost
sounds like there must have been a lot of 'shame' or punishment
if you were not perfect and you have to know at a deep level
that mindset is not right and must be retrained.

Bc you see even if remedies make you feel better,if the old
mindset is there, it will keep reproducing the same outcome.
simone717 7 years ago
Dear Simone717/Mr Nawaz/others,
Thanks for interpreting my case . May be you are 100% right in what you are saying.

But I do not think I am perfectionist. Regarding my son I would like to tell you that he attended engineering college for 3 years but could not clear his course as he did not pay any attention to his studies. Now he is attending coaching classes to pass IELTS test to go abroad for higher studies. His aim is to go abroad beacause no body will be knowing about him. If he remains in India every body will be asking what are you doing now a days. Whether you have cleared your exams. How much you are earning. But I am afraid even if he goes abroad he may not work hard there as is required there to survive and may come back. He does not take bath. He does not do any house hold work. He shierks work. He talks in loud voice. He says study is not everything.He bangs things when confronted to do right things. He threatens to walk out of home and never return home. He threatens to cut his wrist and commit suicide.

Regarding me I am depressed may be it might have started as I have high TSH. I have low testosterone level. I have low vitamin B 12. I do not feel like to talk to any one. I want to sleep all day long. before onset of depression I was very active and used to socialise with friends and relatives but now I feel my confidence level is low and I do not want to face my fiends and relatives. I am not able to follow things properly. I keep postponing things. I am suspicious, always thinking people are conspiring against me. I am fearful of disease/death, lot of apprehensions about future. I have no strength specially in legs. I feel lethargic.I have high BP. I at times have high pulse rate and palpitations with fear of death/ heart problem.

I do not want to be perfectionist. I just want that I become a person who takes bath daily, prays to God, does little bit of exercise,sits with family and share joys/ sorrows, Do my duty sincerely, follow up things,have high self confidence, do not fear death/ disease,have become social again, have no hitch in communicating with others whether my sniors or othets. Take right decisions at right time. Do things on right time. I do not procastinate/ postpone things. I am not overly apprehensive about things of future. Am rationale.

Suggestions,prescription and advices are most welcome.

With lots of Regards
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ibadat369 7 years ago
Hi- again.

When was last time you went to the dr.? you can get Vitamin B-12
shots, you can get things to help with the hormones- etc.

You are right in that if body is not running right- you will
not have enough energy to do what you need and will feel
depressed.-In your case I feel there is a missing piece going on- what they call a 'block to the cure'
so you have to be pro active here and find out what it is.

I would also have your son get a physical exam and 'allergy testing'!!
sure you know all facts, and if that exam is ok then I as a parent
would make him go to counseling so that he can have another
'mentor' in his life who is not the parent and I would pick
someone who has been a parent and has children older than
your son. Someone who Your son also has to like the person-
and pick a man.

Look at this as getting some support for son and you, bc you
have not been in good shape and many boys in the natural
way of things have a good teacher as a mentor. or a sports
coach as a mentor. You can really use the extra help here
with your son. It is more than medicines but the physical
has to be checked also. I know people whose sons had
dairy allergy and wheat allergy and did not figure it out
till early 20's. They felt sluggish, mind not clear, irritated
with everything-it was bc of the allergies that they did not
know about. Of course they were not doing well in school either
and then blamed themselves and felt insecure around
their peer group. Once the allergy problem was known, then
mentally they did not feel that they were a 'loser'.

AND the person with allergies was not having physical problem
other than low energy and brain fog. So if you were my family
I would make both of you get check ups. Then I also would
find out about allergies for son. Then I would go from there
about what treatments I can do. I would also send son
to a strong male counselor who has raised a family so he
can have additional support from a 'neutral person' and
would take that person's advice better bc they are not a parent
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simone717 7 years ago

[message deleted by AsadGhumman on Tue, 25 Sep 2012 16:42:32 BST]
AsadGhumman 7 years ago
Please understand this is all said in concern for things to
be seen that are not seen right now and get progress.
Also every parent I know, Including me with sons at this age,
had to get them 'out' somewhere with peers to develop - it is
a natural progression.

I don't know about 'host' things? We don't have that in USA but
it sounds good , especially if you are in with kids who are
working hard- people naturally 'match' the dominant energy of
wherever they are.

Thanks for writing Asad. Mr. Ibadat we are all on your side.

Best, Simone
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simone717 7 years ago
Dear Simone/ Asad/ Nawaz,
Thanks for your deep rooted concerns. Please suggest homeo remedies to get me out of this hell of physical, emotional and mental problems.

Awaiting your poistive reply.

ibadat369 7 years ago
Mr. Ibadat.

we are trying to say There is a 'MISSING PIECE' of info here.

You cannot get the right homeo remedies if a big piece is missing.
that is why we want you to get a dr. Check up. what if you have
some low grade infection that is not being treated? You find that
out thru a white cell count.

A woman on earlier this year was not getting well, and she had
a bacterial infection in her small intestine. the homeo meds were
not enough to fix that- she had to get antibiotics to fix it.

Why is your testosterone low? why are you deficient in B 12 and what else?
We are not getting to the core reasons. So remedies can help
a little but one must have ALL the information TO get cured . How
about two people with panic and depression taking remedies that
DID NOT WORK- bc they both had hidden tooth infection that was
NOT showing up-Once the tooth thing was found out and fixed there
was no more panic or depression but remedies were addressing
depression and anxiety and this was not working well bc it was
not the cause.

You need all systems of yours checked out. get a blood test to see
if you have a infection somewhere that is draining you. You have
to be proactive here so dr.s can get the correct remedies or if
allopathy has to be used.
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simone717 7 years ago
Dear Simone,
Thanks for your concerns. Could. You please suggest some tests for me and my son ?

ibadat369 7 years ago
Dear Simone,
Thanks for your concerns. There is no effect of vitamin supplements on me. I always feel very weak.

I am also thinking why homeo as well as allopathic
medicines do not work on me
There must be some under lying cause for this. Could you please suggest medical/blood tests for me and my son ?

ibadat369 7 years ago
Dear Simone,
Thanks for your concerns.
There is no effect of vitamin supplements on me. I always feel very weak. My digestion is not proper. I get loose stools.

I am also thinking why homeo as well as allopathic
medicines do not work on me
There must be some under lying cause for this. Could you please suggest medical/blood tests for me and my son ?

ibadat369 7 years ago
Hi- yes, you are right, there needs to be some tests.

First, I want to know if you like your Dr.? do you feel
comfortable and trust him or her?

To me that is of major importance that Dr. is kind, considerate,
understands what you have been thru and is really going
to investigate for you. So if you are not at least 90percent
comfortable with Dr. Tell me where you are? and I am going
to find some Dr. options for you.

Let me know about this.
simone717 7 years ago
Hello Simone,

Please keep up the good work.

May God Bless you.

nawazkhan 7 years ago
Hi Nawaz!

have not talked to you in awhile and I hope you
are having a safe and comfortable travel overseas.

Prayers and blessings for you always.

simone717 7 years ago
Dear Simone717,
Thanks. Actually I do not have any personal Dr. I had some problem last year that time I did show to a heart specialist. He asked me to undergo ECG and TMT for heart condition. Blood test for Cholesterol which was on higher side. My BP was high. Otherwise there was no problem in ECG and TMT( Tread Mill Test). He prescribed a medicine for High BP and a medicine to lower Cholesterol. I am continuing the same.
After that I did show to an endocrnoligist, he said TSH i shigh. He prescribed medicine for high TSH. I complained to Dr that I do not have strength and feel very weak and depressed. Then he ordered Vitamin B 12 test, which was found to be very low. I was given B 12 shots.
After that I did show to many homeopaths and psychiatrists. I was continuously on psychiatric medicines for about 1 year but as there was no improvement in my condition I stopped taking medicines.

After that I started taking homeo medicines for long but as there was no improvement I thought of taking help from ABC HOMEOPATHY FORUM.

In between I consulted another DR. Endocrinologist, medical test showed high TSH. He put me on Thyroxine 25 mg. I was feeling quite low in energy and weakness and feeling of hollowness of legs. Dr gave me Methcobaltum injection and calcium supplements, vitamin D shots but it did not improve my condition. I told him that I had deficiency of Vitamin B 12 and low testosterone level. Dr prescribed me DHEA supplements, but that did not improve my condition. The lastly he gave me 2 shots of testosterone injections of 250 mg each after a gap of one month. That removed my weakness of legs. I felt better.

Now again the same thing is happening. I feel very weak, specially in my legs. They sort of pain and I get uneasy feeling. I have not been given Vitamin B 12 shots for a long time now and neither it has been tested.

I have talked to DR attending me that my digestion is not proper. I get loose stools to 2-3 times in a day. He prescribed medicine for curing infection of stomach but that also did not work. I continued that medicine for long timebut that also did not work. I still have that problem.

I am visiting that Dr once in 15 days. He is an endocrinologist. I am taking medicine from him for almost for last7-8 months. In between I left going to him and continued with his prescription of Thyroxine 25 mg. Last week again I went to him. I got my TSH tested. Even being on 25 mg Thyroxine it was more. So He has prescribed Thyroxine 25 mg from Monday to Friday and 50 mg from Saturday to Sunday.

I will be seeing him on 5th Oct.
Could you please suggest me some tests to find out if there is any infection in my blood which may be the reason why medicines do not work on me.
Also suggest test for my son.

Lots of Regards
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ibadat369 7 years ago
Hi- mr. Ibadat, can you list all the allopathic medicines
you are now taking?

It seems to me that the ONLY thing that has made you feel
better was getting shots of tetosterone. I know you felt
stronger in your legs and mentally were you also better from
getting the tetosterone?

When you see the endocrinologist- is he going to take your
blood? I would think he would do a Red blood count and
white blood count- if not ask him to do that. Bc you can
tell if infection is going on if there is an elevated white count.

I will be writing back later.
simone717 7 years ago
Mr. Ibadat, for the allergies, you go to a different
dr. who does little thumb tack tiny inserts into the arm
somewhere of substances. then you come back later
and he tells you which ones are causing a problem
if any. That is how they do it here.

It is very worth it to know if and what you are allergic to
bc it causes major problems with low energy and
mood swings that can be easily avoided if you just know
- what it is that is doing it.

I know this is all kind of bothersome, but this has been
going on too long for you guys, and sometimes you
have to just make a big effort and find out root causes
and get all this to stop for good..-

Son should also just have a regular physical and his
blood levels should be tested for RBC and WBC.
simone717 7 years ago
when you go to the dr. can you please ask if
your low testosterone levels are due to

1. primary hypogonadism - which is problem in
the testes
2. Secondary hypogonadism- which is problem with
the pituitary gland
3. Tertiary hypogonadism- which is a problem with
the hypothalamus.

Treatments can be bi weekly shots of testosterone or
a patch on the gum or skin. But the reason for this
needs to be found out. It would help in remedy
selection bc if it is in testes then testes are not
responding to brain .

If it is in brain then that needs to be looked at what
is causing that.

if you look at first page of Web MD- on low testosterone the dr talks
about heart issues and depression coming from that. Not the other
way around and also says sometimes it is the THYROID.

So you have high TSH- and rarely that can be related to pituitary gland problems
but the symptoms of high tsh mean and underactive thyroid- which causes
!. anxiety, 2. increased heart rate 3. tremors, 4. WEAKNESS 5. Loose stool or
diarhhea. This is acute or chronic thyroid dysfunction. Sounds like your
symptoms. I know you are taking thyroxine.25 mg but it seems like it is not doing
the job -bc you are having the symptoms of thyroid dysfunction or pituitary dysfunction and I don't think
that a primary testes root cause is going to change thyroid levels. But for sure low testosterone causes
depression and ED and for sure you are also having symptoms of anxiety , weakness etc of thyroid
and or pituitary imbalance which can be the cause of low testosterone. You really need to get to the bottom
of this with your endo dr.
My opinion is that you need to ask for a scan from the endo dr. to determine if this is originating upstream
from the pituitary gland and rule out having a cyst or sometimes a benign growth that is causing these
problems as it has been going on for too long with no results.Then you could get the right remedies
=to deal with this, but get the pituitary ruled out.
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simone717 7 years ago
Dear Simone,
Thanks so much in getting so involved in my case and spending your invaluable time.
When I visit Dr I will talk to him in detail as you have briefed. Should I talk to him regarding anything else also ?

Best Regards
ibadat369 7 years ago
I think focus on getting that scan- you have to be single minded in getting right diagnosis.

I do not know what you have to go thru with Doctors there to get
the tests you want. Here, it is a nightmare most of the time.

Thyroid problems are very tricky in regard to right amount of medicine
( allopathic) and I have been reading some lectures by a University
of California head of pituitary problems that says it is often not
thought of or not tested, except when patient complains of headaches
and light sensitivity but it is a MASTER gland and can make many
things go haywire- so here in USA they would avoid prescription for
scan of brain unless you said exactly the right indicators.

I would begin by ruling out the pituitary gland-hypothalamus area and
thyroid with
a scan.If anything shows up it can be dealt with homeopathically.

I have seen too many people go around with wrong diagnosis and then
wrong medicines and finally get a scan and see they had a tiny cyst in
their sinus passage or whatever- problem solved. But they had to really
push to get what they needed.

There is an answer for you and I want to make sure you get it- and
get it soon.
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simone717 7 years ago
Mr Ibadat,

I am further researching for you on allopathic end of things-
and please help me out here on this.

Please list :

1. All allopathic medicines you are taking now-
what they are and dose and how long you have been taking
them- the start date.

2. List other allopathic meds you have taken in last
couple years- what they are and how long - that are
not on the first list.

That will help me out. Thank you.
simone717 7 years ago
Dear Simone717,
Thanks. Allopathic currently being taken by me:-

1. Thyroxine 25 from Mon to Fri and thyroxine 50 on Sat and Sun.

2. Dehydroepiandrosterone capsules 25 mg.
1 capsule twice daily

3.Losartan Potassium and Amlodipine tablets ( Losartan potassium 50 mg and Amlodipine 5 mg.
1 tablet daily

4.Calcium Citrate, calcitriol, Methylcobalamin tablets
calcium Citrate 1200 mg, calcitriol .25 mcg, Methylcobalamin 1500 mcg
1 tablet twice daily

5.Alparzolam .5 mg 1 tablet at night for insomnia

Medicines taken in last couple of years:-

RosuvastatinCalcium.p 10 mg for Cholesterol 1 tablet daily for many months

Testosterone injections 250 mg 3-4 injections some 6 months back.

Methacobalmin injection 5 injections 6 months back
Vitamin B 12, 5 injections 6 months back

Cefaxin 200 mg 2 tablets twice daily for 3 weeks at different weeks. First week for typhoid fever and then for two weeks for skin problem.

Various medicines for depression like mirtazepine 30 mg , daxid 100 mg, bupron 300 mg, Inspirol SR 20 mg, Combac 60 mg for 10 months upto Dec 2011 .

ibadat369 7 years ago

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