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Help with OCD, erectile dysfunction, depression, tonsils e.t.c.

Hello everybody
1) I'm 20 years old
2) Male
3) 70 kg weight
4) 180 sm height
5) Russia, Moscow
* first problem - suffer from erectile dysfunction. Morning erections not, at the sight of a naked woman or erotic fantasies penis does not move, or at most slightly swollen. It can pick up only having contact with him (manual stimulation for example), when he rose, he still does not tverdny and if you stop to encourage it to fall. Last good erection I had somewhere in 13 years. I examined all possible doctors, urologist, andrologist all the tests were excellent, made kaverdezhkt, a member with him just lay there swollen and reached its peak and was lying, then made a Doppler, all too well, they all said, psychogenic, prescribed Levitra. I have tried Viagra, Levitra and Cialis, erection of them is not improving, remains the same.
* depression, obsessive thoughts and actions, ADHD, increased anxiety, vegetative dystonia and hyperhidrosis, self-critical, lazy, a hypochondriac, passive
* itching of the scrotum, perineum and anus
* Allergies (spring and late summer, flowering), vasomotor rhinitis, stuffy nose constantly, especially the left nostril (curvature partitions), chronic tonsillitis (purulent plugs), always a sore throat, hoarse voice sometimes
- Appetite is weak, if you want to eat, then lazy to chew
- Constantly think about the disease and seeking a cure
- Tired, I can not concentrate on something, the constant internal and mental stress. I can not relax
- Thirst is moderate, like eating in restaurants or fast food, I love ice cream
- irritable, impatient
obsessive movement - jerking his neck, left knee, shoulder, lips, nose and eyes. is doing rituals - for example to turn off the program at the definition of a second, then everything will be fine, or need to fix or rearrange some sort of object. If I'm not doing this, it may happen that something bad
Ed, I have about 6 years of age, illness, throat about 4, and disorders of the nervous system which is 10 years old
** Now taking Strattera and 40 mg Paxil 20 mg
--Treated by a homeopath for a year but without result, took various medications during the period where it once a month - of silicon, phosphorus, likopodium, Argentum nitrikum, Nux vomica, kalkareya karbonika, others do not remember the last was in 1000 Arsenicum album
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  Ipohondric on 2011-02-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

We would need more details. It is important to describe all your problems in as much detail as you are able. One word answers and short sentences are not particularly helpful. For meaningful Homeopathic prescription, we need to understand all the problems, physical as well as mental in as much detail as possible.

Discuss each problem one at a time, providing (as a minimum level of detail) the following information.

1. What exactly happens?
2. Describe all sensations and pains. Each pain or sensation should be described in such a way that allows us to imagine having the same pain.
3. What causes the problem to get worse after it has started occurring?
4. What creates some relief for the problem?
5. What triggers the problem into occuring?
6. What time of the day or night does the problem occur?
7. When did the problem start? What was happening in your life at that time? Did some specific event or treatment take place just before the problem started?

Move from one problem to the next, doing the same thing.

As well as this, please describe any traumatic indicidents that have taken place in your life. Discuss anything that has had a lasting impact on you mentally, emotionally or physically.

Discuss the way that you manage or deal with your problems, or any problems that occur in your life.

Discuss any patterns you have noticed in your behavior.

Discuss any part of your life where you feel stuck or unable to change and grow.

Describe your childhood and the kind of environment you grew up in, with reference to your relationships with your family, your school experiences, and any serious childhood diseases.

If your earlier discussions have not mentioned these already, please describe:

1. The specific foods that you crave (not just like) or hate
2. The specific drinks that you crave or hate
3. What your sleep is like
4. How the weather and the temperature affects you
5. What kinds of things in the environment you are particularly sensitive to
6. What your general level of energy is like
7. What your level of sexual energy or desire is like?

Niel Madhavan last decade
I wrote about an erection at the beginning
also add, I masturbate, but I think it's a compulsive act, I'm doing when it has nothing to do or want to get an orgasm.
My erections are not as solid in 14 years, while sluggish and not solid. The penis just weighs. Premature ejaculation and weak shot. Previously, when I ejaculate shoots at 2, 3 meters
- Compulsions appeared about 9 years old when I suffered a severe flu. Then I'm not very worried parents called the neurologist and designated anti-depressants, I did not drink them specially. With 15 years of appearing erection problems and underarm sweating (sweating is almost always) and with exercise I start to heavily sweat from head to toe. With 17 years joined the throat (ulcers), and when I spoke at length also starts to hurt. With 17 years of age and I realized that I did not have such an erection as it was before and not like at all, from that time became depressed. I suffered from whooping cough, mumps, chickenpox, from what I remember.
- Obsessions - I'm doing them throughout the day, probably better in the morning, because not yet fully regained consciousness. Twitching of his left knee left and right movement of the neck up, shoulders back, etc etc. I understand that this is pointless, and when I try to do to become not nice when I'm doing them too often it gets bad. doing rituals - for example to turn off the program at the definition of a second, then everything will be fine, or need to fix or rearrange some sort of object. If I'm not doing this, it may happen that something bad
- Sweating - as soon as I put on a shirt or jacket, underarm immediately become sweaty, because of this I am wearing clothes wider. Even in winter I had some sweaty armpits of the jacket. With aerobic exercise, I sweat as though weigh over 100 kg
- Throat and nose - a nose is stuffed up, I almost always nose to breathe normally can not, in the morning when I wake up, he scored and we should blow his nose. Snot like crust and tough, and sometimes I can not blow his nose, snot does not come out, have them pick out. Very easy to catch cold. Sore throat for a long conversation in the morning hurts more. When the silent and drink something hot it becomes easier.
- ADHD and lazy : I can not concentrate on anything else, always distracted by extraneous things. In my head all sorts of thoughts, challenges, I recall that have not yet had time to do and it makes it difficult to work with. I can not do anything as long, time runs slowly and does not have enough willpower. When I ride the subway, I do not know what to do, time runs slowly, can not stay relaxed.
- Anxiety: I have a problem that sometimes I can not pronounce the words aloud (perhaps due to fear of stuttering). When people ask me I'm starting to worry that suddenly I have not come out and say the same for telephone calls. It started somewhere in 13 years
- Depression. Depression in me because of my illness and because of weak erection. Generally I am very impressionable, I may even disturb the other person's problem, which I do not know. The mood at me throughout the day me if I'm in good company then it makes me happy. The mood is dependent on external factors. I have a jealousy that is all around sex, and I with a weak erection can not. I did not like love success of others. I criticize myself, my height, weight, voice, skills, etc., I would like to change things, to be better and more. I do not like when someone better than me. I do not believe that I can recover, because trying for more than 2 years. When the disease (throat, obsessions and etc) becomes stronger, the negative mood increases.I'm annoyed if I do something does not work. Generally, I'm irritable.
- In general, I love talking to people. On the side I'm sociable person and people can not think that I have a problem. I do not like when people try to command or control me. Even when I'm asked a task, I do not want him to do, because it's not my choice. I do not take the initiative because it makes me worried and anxious. I also shy, always imagine how I would look like from the outside. It seems to me that people think I'm stupid or mentally ill.
1 - of the products I like anything spicy, such as acute burgers with tomatoes. I eat sweets in moderation, eat a lot I can not. I love dark chocolate 100%. I eat lots of ice cream. I do not like fish and seafood, especially oysters and the like.I love fruit and is always happy to try something exotic
2 - - from beverages like juices, especially freshly squeezed (not very fond of vegetable juices), do not like coffee, I love Coke. If it were not for the disease throat, then drank to cold drinks. When the throat is not sore, I drank ice water and ate a lot of ice cream.
3 - I sleep poorly, sometimes I can not sleep because of the influx of ideas (problems, dreams, imagine the good) and the inability to relax. I wake up with difficulty, in the morning feeling overwhelmed and not slept
4 - I was chilly. I love warm weather and also love the cool windless autumn, when the temperature is + 15. When the temperature is - 5, I'm starting to have to freeze
5 - I love those things that look good on me. I have good taste. I dress warmly in winter, two pairs of pants, two sweaters and T e. In the summer I dress like everyone else, shirts and vests. I love when clothing fits the torso, to show shape
6 - energy that is not what it used to
7 - I can not define it, but I think in recent months I have reduced libido
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Ipohondric last decade
nux v 30
mani_jee last decade

Let me go over the details and come back in sometime.

Niel Madhavan last decade
Tomorrow I'll take Nux vomica 30, I need to drink it?
I also wanted to write a symptom - my testicles with a scrotum is always compressed and elevated as in an erection. Previously, they were hanging down
Irritability: I hate when something is wrong somewhere and I need her to rearrange her. when the door is opened into the room, I need to close it. when in another room, make noise, I can not do my business
- I have swarthy skin, brown eyes and dark hair
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Ipohondric last decade
If you could get it in pellets form, take 4 pellets at a time = one dose preferebaly at night before sleeping, n wait for the response.
mani_jee last decade
Dear Mani Jee
I take Nux vomica once or every day? And how many days do I write a response?
PS sorry for my english
Ipohondric last decade
Please take only one dose and report after at least 3 days.
mani_jee last decade
I have not written here for a long time, this time I took Nux vomica 30 once in 10 days, no improvement is noticed. Recently I have noticed that I have no libido, but at the same time, there is compulsive sexual thoughts, which do not leave me.
Ipohondric last decade
Give me advise please
Ipohondric last decade
Start taking selenium 3x 1 tablet twice daily (morning and evening), report back in 1 week.

mani_jee last decade
At a dosage of 30C?
Ipohondric last decade
I will try tomorrow to find a dosage of selenium 3
Ipohondric last decade
I was able to get the selenium in the potencies 3C. Yesterday before going to bed, I put one pellet under the tongue
Ipohondric last decade
Now take selenium. Feel before, very intense itching all over my body, especially in the genitals and the anus, itching and bleeding and pain
Ipohondric last decade
Stop selenium and update me in two days.

mani_jee last decade
Hi, the changes until I do not have. I do a lot of nervous ticks, and sometimes there is severe itching in the area of the pelvis - the genitals, sometimes scale up the blood, now there redness. With sleep problems, sleepiness during the day, it's hard to sleep at night.
Can I fit one of these drugs: Mygale Lasiodora, Tarentula Hispanica, Cuprum Metallicum, Zizia Aurea, Agaricus Muscarius
Regards Victor
Ipohondric last decade
Just tried p-boost after reading some reviews about it. Worked good but pretty pricey. The trial was free but you have to pay for the shipping which was quick. Anyone know any coupon codes for p-boost?
ChuckTe last decade
There are a number of treatments for erection problems. Doctors usually start with lifestyle changes and medicines. They usually don't advise surgery or other treatments unless those first steps don't help.
Treatment can include:
• Making lifestyle changes, such as avoiding tobacco, drugs, and alcohol. It may also help to talk about the issue with your partner, do sensual exercises, and get counseling.
• Finding and then stopping medicines that may be causing the problem. In some cases you can take a different medicine that does not cause erection problems.
• Taking prescription medicine that can help you get erections. These include pills such as sildenafil (Viagra), tadalafil (Cialis), and vardenafil (Levitra). Check with your doctor to see if it is safe for you to take one of these medicines with your other medicines. These can be dangerous if you have heart disease that requires you to take nitroglycerin or other medicines that contain nitrates.
• Taking medicines and getting counseling for depression or anxiety.
• Using vacuum devices or getting shots of medicine into the penis.
• Having surgery to place an implant in the penis.

thebluepillstore dot com
Buy Generic Viagra, Cialis and Levitra for as low as $1.98
shanewarn last decade
hai, today night and tomorrow morning take nux vomica 30,5 drops or 5pills.

then caladium 200 , 4pills next day.
ramsri800 last decade
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friends55 last decade
Ipohondric, how are you doing? I have very similar problems.
aquafresh last decade

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