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To JOE: Re: Arnica 6C for Erectile Dysfunction

Dear Joe,

I just read in one of your arnica posts about using arnica 6C for erectile dysfunction. I am currently writing a book on well known and little known natural remedies for both ED and libido enhancement. I have collected data from all over the world and much of it is traditionally-based, sometimes tribal knowledge, found nowhere else. I am intrigued about your arnica 6C remedy for ED as I've never run across this in my studies. Can you tell me if the info is proven and if you have seen cases personally where this worked? I also need to know what type of person arnica 6C would work for in the case of the emotional profile of ED (of which there are many). Does it also work for waning libido in all ages of men? And how long does it usually take to work for the "average male?" I will be compiling the data into an easy-to-read volume that is very user-friendly and all of these questions are part of each remedy profile in the book. My main point is to separate the rumor and wive's tale remedies from the real stuff.

Thank you very much for any and all information you can offer me on this subject.

  Jane525 on 2005-08-11
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
The use of Arnica for ED goes back many years to the remark in Dr Clarke´s Dictionary of the mat med -- "Sexual desire increased with erections".

First published in July 1900
walkin last decade

Thank you. I will research this. Does this text outline the type of individual it helps the most in connection with ED (i.e., emotional profile.)?

Looking forward to any info Joe can offer as well.

Thank you.

Jane525 last decade

I can confirm that I have used it experimentally on 2 cases of ED and they have both responded very positively judging by their big smiles the day after !

Here again I recommended it as I did not know when I was consulted what remedy I should suggest and it worked !
And How !!!

It is good that know that Dr Clarke has also recommended it. This is the great advantage of a forum such as this where those of us who are interested in the subject can share our thoughts with each other instead of indulging in the recent Homeopathic warfare that I have been subjected to which I hope will stop from now on.

Joe De Livera last decade

Thank you very much. From your response, may I assume that the remedy took only one dose or overnight to work? Is this the split dose method? I want to be precise in my book so people can have all the information they need to try the remedy. Again, is there a certain type of emotional profile with ED that arnica seems to fit to a tee?

Thank you again.

Jane525 last decade
The dose is usually twice daily preferably in the wet formulation.

In this case he used it thrice on the day he saw me and achieved success. He now takes it twice daily and cannot do without it as he too has discovered that it helps him in other ways like sleeping deeply and waking up refreshed.

As you know I consider Arnica my Miracle Remedy. It really amazes me how it can help in so many ailments.

If in doubt, Use Arnica !
Joe De Livera last decade

I came up with five questions that I'd love an answer to:

1. Once you make the remedy in the plastic bottle and shake it up each time and deliver the remedy, I assume you are raising the potency each time? Okay. So, what happens when that bottle is empty and you start over with a new bottle with your three globules of arnica 6c added to the water? Are we not going backward in the remedy dose?

2. Is the split dose method the best, most effective way to take arnica 6c for erectile dysfunction? Can one still benefit from taking simply one teaspoon from the remedy bottle?

3. If one cannot refrigerate the remedy bottle, is it okay to add a teaspoon of brandy to the water as a preservative? I know that some live in hot, humid climiates and preservation might be an issue.

4. Using the split dose method, once the teaspoon is placed into the 4 oz. of water and then one teaspoon is taken from this, must one throw this out and add another teaspoon to another 4 oz. of water to give another dose to another person or can they take two doses from the first glass?

5. Keeping question four in mind, if one is able to dose from the same glass, can that be set aside in the morning, covered and then another teaspoon dose be taken that evening?

I also wanted you to know that my editor (a man) decided to give this remedy a try to "test its effectiveness." He took three doses in one day and said that he was "amazed" at the results. I look forward to mentioning this remedy for ED to someone who is seriously affected by ED and see how long it takes to work.

Oh, one more question from my editor: Do you think this remedy (taken two or three times a day) is a suitable replacement for Viagra or other types of drugs used for ED? If so, would it need to be taken daily or only on an as needed basis, ala the drug Viagra?

Thank you again for your help.

Jane525 last decade

If possible, could you shed some light on the above questions regarding erectile dysfunction and the use of arnica. Thank you.

Jane525 last decade
I did not see your post till now as there seems to be some problem on the forum which I hope will be quickly cleared up.

I shall answer your queries point by point.

1. You are quite correct. I advice those who use this method to succuss the new bottle the same number of times they have banged the old. I do not believe that they do so to the letter but the remedy does not seem to stop working even if the bottle is not exactly succussed to the old level.

2, All I can state it that the wet dose (not the split dose) works for ED. I presume that it may also work with the dry dose but this will have to be experimented on and hopefully reported.

3. Yes but a teaspoonful may be an overdose. About 30 drops will do.

4. The split dose can be used for 2 or more patients but it is not recommended that the balance is preserved as I believe that it is necessary that a fresh tsp is used on the following day.

5. If you mean Arnica 6c for ED you cannot use the Split Dose. It must be the tsp from the bottle succussed every time it is used.

6. Suggest your editor does not exceed the twice daily dose as there is a possibility that it may aggravate. I mean that it may cease to work !

7. I really cannot answer this question as it is up to anyone who reads this post to experiment with it. Your editor has already confirmed that it is indeed effective and it is by spreading the work around that Arnica 6c can be used for ED successfully. It is just the fact that I happened to experiment with the remedy as I was at a loss to prescribe any due to the fact that I did not know of any. I have always use my inner voice and it just prompted me to say Arnica 6c and I was absolutely flabbergasted with the first case reported Success the day after. I have now prescribed it to a few more and they too confirm that it is fabulous.

Please spread the news to others so that another common ailment like ED can be helped with Arnica 6c. I cannot post it on my Arnica the Miracle Remedy list till I get more confirmations about its abilities to overcome ED.

Please keep me posted with your research as we are both doing something that can help many millions throughout the world. This is similar to my discovery that Nat Phos 6x helps to reduce weight at the rate of about 1kg per week.

I cannot help but harp back to those so called classical homeopaths who vilified me last week purely because I refused to kow tow to their pompous classical methods of diagnosis and treatment of ailments. I presume that you read all about it on this forum.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you, Joe, for your point by point answers. They will be put forth into the text so that others may benefit from arnica 6c for ED. I will keep you posted either by email or via this Forum re: any further "success" I learn from those I recommend arnica 6C to for ED. Good to know about the use of it in the non split dose method.

One more question: FOR SLEEP, is split dose or is one teaspoon from the remedy bottle the preferable method for effective use? I've been doing the split dose method and getting good results. Last night I tried it straight from the bottle and was decidedly restless (I was concerned about some writing deadlines and couldn't get to sleep). However, once I calmed my mind (about 4:30am!) I slept very soundly and dreamt some odd dreams.

Thank you again.

Jane525 last decade

I find your research on the Split Dose Arnica 6c fascinating. I must use it myself and check the difference tonight.

This is where I believe I get into confrontation with the "classicals" as they have closed their minds to any experimentation with existing remedies which they feel has been done by Hahnemann and others who are long since deceased. I have always maintained an open mind to my use of Homeopathic remedies and as a result I came a cropper as you no doubt are aware.

I pay my respects to Hahnemann for his original discovery of Homeopathic philosophy but this does not mean that others including you and me and thousands of others must only use H's yardstick in the use of H Remedies.

I do wish that you are here in Sri Lanka as I feel that jointly we can do a lot for Homeopathy. Incidentally where do you live ?

Joe De Livera last decade

I live in California, USA but I am presently in New York to visit family and see my editor re: the book project.

Re: the split dose: this question is more for me and not the book. When does one choose to use the split dose method versus the normal teaspoon from the remedy bottle? Is this more for chronic or acute problems? From reading your older posts on this Forum, I see that one uses 6C potency always when doing split dose. Is this correct? I've used 30C in the split dose method for experimenting on other problems and I feel its effects are gentler and more profound on the psyche from an energetic point of view. I've used the split dose method with arnica, belladonna, ignatia, nux vomica and sulphur.

Read a post somewhere on here regarding Calc Carb in the 1M dose for thyroidectomy patients to regulate their thyroid output. Someone else mentioned iodine (I think walkin). My sister-in-law had a partial thyroidectomy years ago (stupid surgeon took out way too much and now she suffers fatigue greatly. She's better lately since I encouraged her to use virgin coconut oil and seaweeds to supplement her endocrine system). Anyway, Joe, I was wondering what you feel or know about Calc Carb for helping a partial thyroidectomy? I'm nervous about telling her to take a 1M dose without further research on the matter. Maybe split dose? Or does one NOT split dose a high potency?

Jane525 last decade

You have answered your own question precisely as I would have done. You can use both potencies 6c and 1M in the same manner but in the case of the 1M it is usually taken straight and diluted in 200ml water and succussed. Its effect is more pronounced and is only used for acute ailments while the 6c is for the chronic ailments and is usually taken in the Split Dose as I have detailed.

It really makes one wonder how this Split Dose works as it does seem to be beyond human comprehension when just a drop is used in the 400ml water and a teaspoonful is taken and diluted in half cup of water from which one teaspoonful is sipped !!! I have discovered that it really does work in a wondrous manner and do not question the rational of how it does, any more.

I am not able to give you an opinion on your sister in law's thyroidectomy and it is indeed a great pity that she has been subjected to this misadventure by the surgeon. Don't you seek redress and damages in your part of the world ? Damages are never even thought of here in Sri Lanka and right now we have had a spate of deaths in the maternity hospital as a result of the government medical stores supplying syringes that were contaminated by bacteria that caused meningitis which was strangely labelled as being of "fungal" origin. So far 12 deaths have been reported for this month. It was only today tha they are calling these infected syringes back !

This is Sri Lanka for you where medicine is free and as a result it is practiced on a mass production system when the doctors at the OPD see about 300 patients each daily. A patient is only a number and he takes what he is given, usually the wrong drug which brings him near death. All free and on the house !

I cannot believe that in the US you still have to contend with this type of carelessness on the part of your surgeons. I believe that your SIL should be taking Thyroxine which may perhaps help her to overcome her tiredness.

One question to you:
What first prompted you to write a book on ED and how did you locate me ?
Joe De Livera last decade
Just a by blow but I had a patient many years ago who had too much of the thyroid removed and I eventually found that Carcinosin cm every 16 weeks corrected her problems .

But Have NO idea why!.
walkin last decade

I just discovered that my SIL is doing Armour Thyroid and having some good benefit from it. Her ND thinks that with time, she will feel better than she does now. A lot of her trouble, from an outsider's point of view, is her thyroid but it's also boredom with life in general. This can cause that kind of core fatigue that one finds difficult to treat and that can easily transform into depression, which she is aware of.

I didn't choose to write the book on ED; the editor found me after locating several other health articles and smaller booklets I wrote on herbs and nutrition. I'm in the research phase of the book and I intend to make this book much different than all the others out there that tend to plug the same herbs and homeopathics but don't offer much of hardcore, firsthand proof. I've just finished doing extensive research on Rainforest remedies and what the Amazon healers used in their traditional brews. VERY interesting. After homeopathy, I'll delve into Chinese tonics. I actually already know a lot about them as I contributed a chapter or two to a book on Chinese health tonics years ago for another writer's book (I "ghost wrote" the chapters and she got the credit...but I got the pay). I've learned that there are so many men who suffer from ED in silence and so many marriages that are compromised or outright ruined by the problem. As a woman, I guess I have great compassion for anyone who feels he must suffer in silence because of his pride rather than find something easy and effective that will work.

I located you by doing a simple search and discovering this Forum. After doing some checks on the archives, I found your posts on arnica and ED.

Walkin, interesting about Carcinosin cm. I'd love to recommend it BUT since you have no idea how or why it worked, I'm leary. If you have any more ideas or input as to why you think or feel it worked, please let me know and advise if it's worth a try. I know that she has taken high doses of homeopathics before and gotten some fairly severe mental aggravations that scared the heck out of her. I'd rather not put her through that again if possible.

Jane525 last decade
Hello Doctor Joe.

I am suffering from a problem, and my problem is that i am sexual sensitive. when i see a picture or some a text relating to sex or some body talks about sex infront of me the erection starts in a few seconds. and then some discharge of drops after urinations. I have seen that you are experience and helped too many people.

I also suffer from wet dreams dreams earlier.

I am mostly depressed, thinking and sad. and really much worried about my health.

One thing i mentioned that i don't, intentially watch sex movies, nor i musterbate or it before. It just the sexual thoughts earlier that has created the problem.

I also suffer from backache when i have a problem of wetdreams and after a few days feel better. stomach function is not good and i feel that my digestive system is week.

Kindly suggest me something and help me out of this trouble.

kashifjan last decade
To: Kashifjan

Please note that I am not a Doctor. I am person who has been fascinated by Homeopathy since 1968 and have studied it.

I am sorry that I have not treated the reverse of ED. I shall however do some research and if I get any information I shall post the remedy.

You should consider yourself fortunate that you have what is really not a problem and I can suggest that you do regular exercise to condition your body which I believe is hyper activated by the lack of regular exercise which can lead to your problem.

May I suggest that other more experienced Homeopaths suggest a remedy for this "ailment" ?
Joe De Livera last decade
Would you please repeat the method of making the remedy for erectile dysfunction.I have been reading the posts but cannot find the exact method.Many thanks - Ahmed
ahmedbayat last decade
You insert 3 globules or 1 drop of the Arnica 30c into a 500ml bottle of Spring water and shake the bottle up to create bubbles which are essential for the remedy which you must shake up before each dose taken twice or thrice daily.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you Joe. I note that's the same method for diabetes although you previously said use 400ml spring water. Will it affect the potency if I use 400 vs 500ml? Since I am taking 1 tsp twice daily for diabetes do I have to take another 1 tsp twice daily for ED i.e. 2 tsp twice daily for the problems? Thanks again - Ahmed
ahmedbayat last decade
No you dont.

I had not remembered that I had already asked you to take Arnica for your Diabetes. It will help both ailments and you have to stay with just 1 tsp twice daily.

Please report response in a week.
Joe De Livera last decade
Its really surprising to note that Arnica 6c is useful in erectile dysfunction. It may have worked on some people but for me it is none of use. I am suffering from ED for quite some time. I used Arnica 6c for about two months for no effect. Although it have improved my sleep pattern and feel healthier than before but no effect on genitals as such.
I have got some good effects using Sulphur 30 followed by Lyco 30 in this regard. But I would request to stop prescribing Arnica first up as this is misleading.
manoj last decade
I note that Arnica 6c did not help with your ED although you used it for some time.

As you have seen from the unsolicited posts above, it has worked for those whom I suggested it on a experimental basis.

You have requested me not to prescribe Arnica as according to you "this is misleading". I do not agree with you in the light of the other posts above where it has helped.

I am pleased to note that it has helped with your sleep pattern and that it has also made you feel better and healthier.

You may like to know that I have used it since 1996 on a nightly basis and it has definitely helped me to avoid the pitfalls of old age with low BP and a good quality of life.
Joe De Livera last decade
I've used the liquid dose of Arnica for several weeks now Joe and as you requested that I advise you of the progress, I'm afraid that it did not work for me. What do I do now?
ahmedbayat last decade
There is a possibility that the higher potency 30c may help you and it may be worth using it if you still wish to give it a try.

It has worked for many as you would have seen from testimonials which I copied above and I do admire your patience using it as many would have give up long ago.

There is a possibility that there may be some other causative factor for the Arnica not helping you but I am not an expert on this subject except that I recorded that it worked when given to a few persons.

If you wish to discuss this matter further you may contact me by email where we can analyze the problem further in detail.
Joe De Livera last decade
Respected Joe

Please read the post by ahmedbayat and manoj, both have used Arnica for ED as suggested by you, and it hasnt worked.

Would you share your thought as to why Arnica hasnt worked with the above mentioned gentlemen.

You also agree that there maybe other factors hindering arnica to help these patients, and you are not an expert on this subject. If you are not an expert on this subject (i believe you are talking about ED), then how come you can recommend Arnica to each patient with ED, without asking his detail sypmtoms.Just because Arnica has worked for some people, would not make it a universal remedy for cureall purposes, as you believe. This is not the right approach to treat patients, and in order to cure serious sickness such as ED, one must be very experienced, thorough and extremely careful as what to advise the patients.
If the patient keeps on taking a wrong medicine for longer period of time, the after effects can be irreversible as well.


sazim last decade

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