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4 years old boy with autism disorder

Hello, I'm writing from Mexico.
First of all, excuse my english.

I have a 4 year old son and he is suffering autism.

I want to try homeopathy because I have read some successful cases on the internet with this medicine.

I am a single father, I separated from my wife when my son was 1 year and 3 months old and his autism problems started when he was 1 year and 8 months

after vaccination. His mom agreed that my son stood with me because she said she had to live her life. I don't think that she was a happy pregnant

mommy. After the separation, I had the feeling that my son was not agreed that he was separated from his mom.

Phisically, my son is a thin boy, his skin is pale and has rings under his eyes because he doesn't sleep well.
His head is bigger than his buddy and is bigger at the top.
He has a big belly.

About his behaviour, like I said, he has sleep disorders, he sleeps late night and wakes up early in the morning, some times he takes a nap during the

day but some times he doesn't. And there are some times that he doesn't sleep all night long until the morning, when the light of the day starts. Or

some times he sleeps at 11:00 pm and wakes up at 3 or 4 am and he doesn't sleep again until 2:00 or 4:00 pm.

He doesn't like to go away from home, he screams frightened. He throws my hand to take him back home, and he cries all the time he is outside and calms

down until he is back home, and after that, he stays one or two days without going out from his room. If I take him out of his room, he goes back

inmediately. After one day or two, he starts to go out from his room little by little.

He has speech problem, he doesn't say a word, he some times repeats words he invents, but they are three or four only. He doesn't pay attention when I

try to teach him words. If I start to repeat words in front of him, he turns arround and leave. He doesn't pay attention for more than 3 seconds. If I

try to show him some speech game or something in the computer or the ipad, he leaves after 3 or 5 seconds, he doesn't pay attention when someone tries

to teach him something. When he wants something, food, water or a toy he throws my hand and takes me to the place where the thing he wants is. He

doesn't play with toys by more than 10 seconds.

He likes to bath a lot, some times he takes two baths a day because he asks a second one.

He still uses diapers because he doesn't has sphincter control, I have not been able to teach him because he ignores me when I try to do it. I have not

been able to teach him nothing. I tried to teach him to ride on his tricicle but he doesn't pay attention when I show him how to move the pedals.
But he is able to play throwing a ball to me and receiving it. Usually he removes his diaper and makes pee on the floor, I think he doesn't like the

sensation of wet diaper.

Since about 3 months ago to day, he started to eat his pee from the floor, so I have to stay alert when he makes pee to clean it because if I distract I found him taking the pee with his hand and sucking it. Yesterday my mom told me that it could be because of the salt in the pee.

If he doesn't gets what he wants he throws a tantrum, goes to his room crying, sits in his bed and moves upwards and backward until his angry passes

away. If I try to calm him, he removes my hands from him, he doesn't like if me or someone else talks to him trying to calm him down.

He is a gluttony kid, he is eating almost all the day and drinking water. I don't give him milk and his derivatives since a year ago. Some times he is

constipated but the papaya juice helps him to evacuate. He has got diarrea like two times in his entire life.

He likes candy a lot.

Some times he starts laughing from nothing and some times he cries from nothing goes to his room sits on his bed and starts his movements backwards

and forwards while crying.

Well, thats all.

I wish you can help me.

Thanks in advance.
  DylansDad on 2012-07-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hello, Varun.

Thanks for the replay.

I am collecting the videos, I have some already.

I will send you an email when they are ready.
DylansDad 9 years ago
Hello, Varun.

I just sent you 5 links to videos I uploaded to youtube and two pictures from Dylan to your e-mail.

DylansDad 9 years ago
Hello, Varum.

Thank you for your reply to my e-mail, but I really think that my son is suffering autism. There are different levels of this desease but the constant is, absence of interest in living life. These kid's minds are away and it seems they are angry and reluctant to receive love. They don't like hugs!! The rest of the symptoms tend to be different, and that's where each case is different.

I read another thread in this forum where someone recommended natrum muriaticum and I am going to give a try. I read the description of nat mur and I think it fits my son's description.

If this thread still remains I'll go back later and write what happened with my son.

Big blessings to all the parents in search of the shadow of his/her son/daugther ( like peter pan's shadow ;) )

DylansDad 9 years ago
Who prescribed the nat mur? you
might want to have that person then
take your sons case. You can also send an email
to Revav6 At gmail dot com. another prescriber on
here who does many children. Put her in search box
and click her name and profile. She is a homeopath
from India in USA.

every child is going to need different remedies and
potencies and You do not have enough info to do that.
If you give too much nat mur, and child then can
exhibit proving symptoms of really really being
Out of their body for days.

Please have Reva or someone else help you on here.
If you like her , you can tell her your browser link,
but she will be able to tell you if she can proceed.
simone717 9 years ago
Thank you simone717, I will send an e-mail to Reva.

DylansDad 9 years ago

Thank you for all the details about your son. Your son's difficulties will soon be fine with His grace.

Kids having multiple vaccination on the same day, when thier immunity is low are very prone to get this disorder (whether it is called autism or not). This state damages the gut flora and every trouble happens consequently. Several good souls researched this and documented in several books and they are available for the public.

The first step is to eliminate the vaccination that still remains in the gut. Then rebuild the gut, followed by a few constitutional remedy.

Please give Apis Mel 30c, twice daily for 2 days and 3 times daily for the next 5 days and write back. If you find any difference, please stop the medicine and write back.

The suggested dosing is to put 4 drops of Apis Mel 30c in liquid dilution into 200ml of water. Give a table spoon ful as one dose. Make sure to shake the bottle really hard for 5 to 10 times before giving each medicine. If liquid dilution is not available, you can put 10 pellets in 200ml of water and use it.

Please make sure you dont give food or drink for 30 minutes both before and after the dose.

Apis Mel 30 is honeybee poison and it is gentle enough for little budding kids to trigger the elimination system to remove the layers of vaccination toxins.

The immediate follow up medicine is likely to be Ignatia 30 and Phos 200 in pellets.

Please do not hesitate to write back, if you have any questions.

With lot of Prayers,
Reva V
Reva V 9 years ago
I will be very curious to know the remedy you suggest. Please write when you get a chance,
Reva V
Reva V 9 years ago
Thanks Reva, that was quick!

Dylans Dad- Mexico ordering I am
not sure about? but you can order all
three from Helios Homeopathic UK
( to save shipping) takes about 5 days.

Apis Mellifica30c ( or ch or ck same thing-liquid - or pellets
Ignatia Amara 30C pellets
Phosphorous 200 C --pellets--

Many homeopaths like the liquid but
over here it is more money- so if you
can buy one liquid I would get the
Apis Mel in liquid.
[message edited by simone717 on Tue, 10 Jul 2012 05:40:41 BST]
simone717 9 years ago
Thank you for your kindness.
Regards, Reva V
Reva V 9 years ago
Hello, Reva.

Thank you for your kindly help.

I went today to buy the remedies and I will start the treatment by tomorrow morning. I'll write here if there are any reactions in Dylan.
I have a doubt; you didn't write the doseage for Ignatia and Phos.

Simone, last December I had an experience buying some vitamins in the US through a website. It was not possible to me to import the vitamins because we have to pay an importation fee, which is around US 150 dollars. It doesn't matter the quantity, the fee is a standard from the clearence agencies here in Mexico, and I was buying 50 dollars + shipping + fee it was expensive to me. The fee applies for any kind of medicines. This is why I prefered to bought the remedies from an homeopathy center I found in a city near my town.

Thank you and blessings for you all.
DylansDad 9 years ago
Hi- I did not know availability of medicines in Mexico. Here
in USA you can only get low doses of 6c and 30 c at the stores.
The rest you have to do online here. I am glad you could get
them-there are some large Mexico homeopathic Associations,
and I would think they would know if you have any trouble
in future.

Take care,
simone717 9 years ago
Hi- Reva is not on everyday- but I know that she wants you to have
the other remedies on hand, and will tell you when and what dose
after she sees how your child is doing with the Apis- the Apis is first
by itself, then reactions determine next remedies.

I am curious about where you get remedies in Mexico-bc more and more people from USA and Canada are spending part of the year
there in Baja, and Punta Mita, Pv etc. I always bring remedies with me
when in Mexico.

Do you just go to the Pharmacia and buy them in there?
simone717 9 years ago
Thank you Simone.

Yes, as Simone mentioned, Ignatia and Phos 200 is for later use. You can optionally order now or can just buy Apis Mel and we can decide about the other medicines based on the outcome.

With Prayers,
Reva V
Reva V 9 years ago
Simone, Riva, thanks for the clarification.

Simone, I live far away from Baja, it is at north of Mexico and I live in the South, in a small town close to Acapulco. So I bought the medicines in Acapulco.
Here in Mexico, the common Pharmacies sell patent medicines only, but there are homeopathic pharmacies that specialize in homeopathic medicines and they sell all the potencies to customers. There are not many of them as patent pharmacies and is a little hard to find them.

I know a large pharmacy in Mexico City, it is right in the center of the city; they sell patent and homeopathy medicine; the only one I know that sells both. You can visit their web page at farmaciaparis dot com.

Thanks again.

DylansDad 9 years ago
thanks for that information!
simone717 9 years ago
Hello, Reva

My son's treatment with apis finished yesterday. There were no notorious changes but the third, fourth and fifth day with the treatment he evacuated a lot, he is usually constipated. And on friday night (third night in treatment) he had hiccups by around 3 minutes. I don't remember him having hiccups before in his life but it was only that night and I don't know if it is related to the treatment.

The rest of his symptoms have remain the same; sleeping disorder, glutony, no speech, scared of loud noises, etc.

Should we start with ignatia and phos?

Please advise.

Best reards.
DylansDad 9 years ago
Thanks for getting back. I suggest you to use Apis Mel 30c, twice a day for the next 7 days. After that,

day 1 to 3: no medicine. give a gap.
day 4: Phos 200 - 1 dose in the morning (4 pellets) for one day only
day 5 to 7: no medicine

please write back after this.
Reva V 9 years ago
I will follow your instructions.

I'll write back after two weeks when the treatment is completed.

Thank you very much.
DylansDad 9 years ago
Hello, Reva.

I just finished with your last indications. I have not seen changes in Dylan but I asked their opinion to the rest of my family and they said that there is a little bit of change in his response to some situations. But the rest of his behaviours remain the same.

Please tell me what is the next step.

Thanks in advance.
DylansDad 9 years ago
Hi-Reva is traveling- her response may be a day or
two delayed.You may also email her that you are on
forum, bc email alerts on forum have been erratic.
simone717 9 years ago
Thank you Simone.

I wrote Reva an e-mail.
DylansDad 9 years ago
Thank you for your understanding and patience. Please use Phos 200, once in 4 days for the next 2 weeks and write back. This will build the mental stamina required.

With Prayers,
Reva V
Reva V 9 years ago
Hello, Reva.

thank you for your kindly response.

I will continue with phos (once in 4 days) and write back in two weeks.

Thank you.
DylansDad 9 years ago
Hello, Reva.

We complete the 2 weeks with phosphorus today. I have not seen notorious changes or improvements in Dylan's behaviour, but he has been stable. He has been sleeping well and making poop daily. But he doesn't pay attention when someone talks to him yet.

Should we keep with phosphorus?

DylansDad 9 years ago
Thank you for getting back.

In your first post you described many symptoms. I have summarized below. Please let me know the progress you have seen on each of them. With 2 weeks into Phos, we dont expect a whole lot of change, but it is important to know, if you observe, even a small change.

Every time, you reply, please copy these symptoms below and give your response on each of these.

1) sleep disorder, does not sleep well, on time, wakes early
2) fear to go outside of a room/home
3) keeps repeating words that he invent
4) short attention: does not pay attention to words taught to him, does not play with toys long
5) likes to take bath a lot, sometimes even two baths a day
6) eats his own pee
7) constipated
8) eat almost all day
9) he likes candy a lot
10) sometimes laugh, some times cries by himself

With Prayers,
Reva V
Reva V 9 years ago

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