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Anxiety in 9 year old boy

Ok school has been on at us about Ethan having ADHD for about 3 years. However outside of school we don't have the same issues. Yes he does not come first time he is called and is in his own world sometimes. So this summer we decided to see a social worker under the advice of his general doctor as she was concerned he had anger and fraustration due to bullying at school. The social worker suggested psychiatric eval just to rule in or out ADHD. To our amazement he agreed with us and diagnosed anxiety. Which considering his history with moving countries, being pinned down by 4 adults for vaccinations and bullied at school , it makes sense. My issue is he is recommending we continue with the social worker and maybe start medication just before school. The social worker agrees. I am not happy with the risk of the side effects of these drugs and want a homeopathic remedy. We have been to a naturopath who wants his stools tested , as he also has stomach pains, to rule out a parasite. I was hoping he would take the homeopath route but he hasn't and I don't have spare $100's to pay out of net work fees. So if any one can help please do.

He has quite a long medical back ground of ear infections and hearing loss and operations for tubes aidenoids and tonsils removed. He has had strep this year. Stomach pains and sickness started early spring , he has been pinned down and punched at school and threatened to be stabbed in his heart, his pains then got worse. He was a happy go lucky funny kid. Now very down , clingy, can't sit still scares easily , acts constantly silly , wants to stay home. Will make freinds easilly at McDonald's with kids he's never met yet at school he struggles. Does not do group sports or team sports. Loves water... Loves diving loves just floating and gliding like a dolphin inthe water. Loves showers. Loves animals. Hates trying new foods. Likes rolls with ham and chicken with vegetables. Does not like food that looks different.

My pregnancy was awful. Sickness and vomiting 9 months and depression. Emergency c section. 5 days later I was back in hospital for a pulmonary embolism. Ethan taken home with dad only. Back with me for 24 hrs then away from me for 48 hrs as I had radiation so he was never really breast fed. So maybe a lot of anxiety came from this.

Has younger brother best friends and then they hate each other.

Sleeps with fan vibrating next to his head , wets bed every night has been dry maybe one month only.

Does not get social cues not very good eye contact...

Has had tuerculinium in the past and calc carbonica.

Let me know what you all think!!!

Many thanks in advance
  Englishmumof2 on 2012-07-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
One person who can help you with this is
Revav6 AT gmail dot com she is a homeopath in USA from
India. Right now she is traveling but still responding
to new cases and patients- altho with a day or two
delay. Please email her you are on here and your
browser link, She does a lot of cases of ADHD. You
can put her name in search box RevaV and look at
her profile and posts.

Aside from this help-the school allowing this bullying
to go on is horrific. No one should be in that
environment and exposed to that kind of stress on
a daily basis. I think you must change the school asap
and get him into a SAFE environment.

simone717 9 years ago
Thanks Simone717. The main issue is anxiety which displays as ADHD so I need the anxiety helped with. The school say sometimes Ethan causes the bullying as he struggles socially so he will keep bothering kids to play with him and they get fed up and hit him. To change schools we would need to move house as the school say that the bullying is not that bad. I am going to present the psychiatric and social workers findings when school starts and see if that can help us to get him moved or watched for every hour at school. Thanks for the information I will try and contact your recommendation.
Englishmumof2 9 years ago
I agree varun, I am after a remedy that is Ethan. My family has dabbled in homeopathy for years and he had seen a homeopath before coming to the USA. His behaviours had not been like this till we came to the USA even though no one believes us. He also has a spech problem and balance issues and sensory issues along with transitory hearing loss related to glue ear . I am looking for that constitutional remedy and I am happy to pay as long as I have the right person seeing Ethan. Unfortunately I always pick the wrong people and not only at a financial cost but to Ethan's as he no longer trusts me or medical people we see.. Hence the anxiety. I did think calcarea carbonica was his constitutional remedy but did not want to give it on my own instinct just incase I was wrong, plus the anxiety has only recently been diagnosed. Please let me know your thoughts!!

Many thanks
Englishmumof2 9 years ago
Also Varun, he says he doesn't want to feel happy, he wants to be bad. However I think he says this as he always gets the blame at school and if he is getting told off or being silly he is getting attention . His actions also show the opposite as he is always helping the under dog or kid that does not fit in. He also will talk to people even those he does not know just to share his wealth of knowledge . Let me know if you can help and what you need me to do !! Thanks
Englishmumof2 9 years ago
Hi- Many homeopaths work in layers, asking the question
how many diseases are going on? If you want please check
out minimum books .com and click on Andre Saine- he is a
very famous Dr., head of Canadian Homeopaths, and is a traditional homeopath, has cured MS and has two interviews to read for free if you click his namen see MS papers and a violet line
that will upload the interviews. He talks about a woman coming
in for a 'constitutional' remedy, but has gotten pneumonia before
the visit and then falls and hits her head coming down the street
to his office. He says, what are you going to treat first? The
constitutional remedy is not going to cover her head injury or
the pneumonia.

Reva V has her own way of treating this by making sure the gut
flora are working right first and then going on from there to the
rest and she is a 'real' homeopath. Please click on the poster's
name and see their profile and what has been going on in
their posts before you choose who to work with.
simone717 9 years ago
Just for your information Varun is not a licensed homeopath. He has written a book with an entire NEW theory of homeopathy that he 'discovered'
thru healing himself. Anyone is allowed to post and offer advice on this
forum, so be aware of that.
simone717 9 years ago
Thank you both! I will read up on everyone and decide from thier!
Englishmumof2 9 years ago

You present yourself as one for Cure. But there is something called the
SIN of OMISSION. You sound as if you are doing Classical Homeopathy.

You are doing your own theory, and there is no one on EARTH doing your
theory and method of practice, except you.

That is fine-What I do not like is the way you present this to new people.
It comes off as A. you are practicing CLASSICAL homeopathy-you never say
this is my own theory - and it is not classical homeopathy,it is not clinical homeopathy,
it is based on your totally unique theory. People can easily think this is normal
homeopathy and it is not.

People should take the time to research who is going to treat them anyway- on here
or anywhere. But saying you are for CURE and NOT SAYING- anything about your
methodology being different than any other homeopath on the planet should be
upfront. If people then CHOOSE to work with you- so be it- but I think you do not
educate people as to your method bc you are afraid they won't try it. I am not for
patients thinking they are getting one thing, when they really are getting another.
Be upfront and you won't have to deal with me.- saying anything.
simone717 9 years ago
And also these are not attacks, they are about a person
making an INFORMED DECISION about who they choose.

Also this stuff about this is a one layer, this is a two layer,
this layer stuff is not what people think- it is your
own discovery of LAYERS that you think people have-

You act like everyone understands this is a one layer- two
layer , etc- No one understands this unless they READ
your book. It is not what people think it is ie, they think
it is probably layers of diseases. And you present it as
this is a established way to look at a case, so it sounds like
other homeopaths also UNDERSTAND what you are saying,
and again- they do NOT.

Like I said earlier, you don't see ANYONE on forum ever do
two 10M's together etc- new people need to KNOW how
your theory works- they need to be informed.
[message edited by simone717 on Fri, 27 Jul 2012 05:33:45 BST]
simone717 9 years ago
Again thanks for all the information .. I think I will probably just try and find a local homeopath as unfortunately this is turning into he said she said and I always look into people I use even on forums and it seems there is an under lying issue between the two of you. Which really is a shame as it really puts me off using abc forums again even though in the past I have had good advice and help with homeopathy .... I hope you two sort it out. I just think if Varun keeps giving advice simone717 will have a comment. Not that it is bad I just think for what I have seen posted some disagreement about treatment somewhere down the line and it's getting bantered on this forum. My old homeopath in the uk was great as he showed me how and why he came to a remedy and what to expect and my step father also did homeopathy so I have used it quite a few times and really was after a bit of guidance on a constitutional remedy!! So thanks again. I wish you both well!!
Englishmumof2 9 years ago
Best of luck to you and your son!

simone717 9 years ago
It's too bad that the world has not yet recognized
that you are one of the few people on earth that
can cure people - after 250 years of homeopathy
you finally have the answer for all homeopaths.
All that studying and getting degrees, a total
waste of their time.
simone717 9 years ago
Varun- you do not get what I am saying.

I don't have a problem with your theory or new discovery of how
you healed yourself and your construct of 'deteriorating layers of
energy' and how one deteriorating layer then points you to another
layer etc which may have 'NO SYMPTOMS' ETC.

You invented this approach and as of now- you are the only person
who can do this approach and you also need cases to show that it works.
Aside from this- the cases should be documented and before and after
videos you should have to prove yourself and also a length of time
to show that the 'cure' holds ( this is for scientific proof and would
make other homeopaths take you seriously.

If you truly believe in your work ( which I know you do) then STAND
up for it. Do not try to get cases by MISLEADING people ( especially
NEW people) by using words of Classical homeopathy that make it
appear that you are using a Classical homeopathy approach. When
you say ' layers' that is not what other homeopaths mean and you know it--- but the new people do not know it-same for CURE and
one remedy fits all- when you use and mix two remedies of high
potency etc.

As I see it - be very honest here- !. Either just say I can help and here
is my prescription-just like others on here.
2. If you want to say- one remedy for a layer or two layers etc-
then EXPLAIN your deteriorating energy system concept and do not
let people think this is layers of disease etc-do not mask your system
with a lot of talk to convince people that gives a FALSE impression.

Stand up for your theory-explain it or just prescribe. And you also
might check in your own layers a layer having to do with humility and
its opposite- bc it is way out of balance.--And the case you mentioned-
is another example of your distorting the TRUTH-
BC THAT person had already made an appt with a local
homeopath before I wrote- And she did it bc she
felt 'not right' about your questions to her- so I did
not spoil your case, you did. This is what I mean about
your sins of omission-- you left that part out.
Stop being a victim all the time and just prescribe.
[message edited by simone717 on Tue, 31 Jul 2012 22:52:24 BST]
simone717 9 years ago

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