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Premature Ejaculation



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Severe Premature Ejaculation

I am mentioning my problem in detailed clinical form so that you can easily take up the case and suggest best suitable medicine according to my given symptoms below.

kindly have a look at the below description and advice.

i will be really grateful to you.


1. Age/Sex/Country/Climate:

2. Current complain - from how long:
Severe premature ejaculation since young age but now facing it after marriage (9 months ago), cannot hold the climax during intercourse and release semen as soon as enter..
i suspect its because of long masturbation history since childhood having a fear by being caught which developed a pattern to ejaculate in hurry,although have no erection problem but discharge by just entering into my partner which is quite distressful. Also i noticed that the pressure of my semen coming is not too good as i had in past which can be a problem in conciving baby if we plan to have in near future..

3. Current medicine you are taking:
Have taken few homeo medicines like Sulphur 200, lycopodium 200(one single dose),titanium 200 but no result at all..

4. Sign & Symptom of disease:
Very early ejaculate during Coitus even at the time of entering.. sometimes takes only 2-3 strokes due to over sensitivity on penis head and fail to hold my semen from coming out with in seconds

5. Breif medical history:
have allergy problem for so long and prone to catch flu and sore throat,slight pain in lower back.. slight pain in joints after intercourse.. i have geographical tongue (cuts on tongue which irritates while taking some spice food), excessive urination after drinking water or any liquid, dont have any other major problem! only concern with this PE matter on priority

6. Family Back Ground:
Blood pressure runs in parents
father has allergy problem as well

7. Education and Nature of Profession of Patient:
Graduate and IT professional

8. Desires and aversion of food:
like every kind of food, but bar b q type food and any food which has some sweetness the most, dont like too much spicy food,

9. Mind-behavior, anger, irritability, hurry..etc.:
Angry at times, dont want to loose the arguement at any cost, tend to do hurry, impatient,feel shy,very conscious about looks, friendly and very kind in nature, loving and caring person.

10. What makes it worse and what makes it better:
Whenever think about what is being done during intercourse, it makes me ejaculate too early, while distracting from the situation help a bit

11. Thirst/Tongue/diabetic...:
Thirst is quite low,have so many cuts on tongue as if someone made cuts on it using blade cant eat much spice food, not smooth tongue, no diabetic
  Buqraat on 2012-08-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
r u still following this thread?

Dr. Showrav
Dr. Showrav last decade
Yes but you have not responded for long time so i just checked it..
Hav u read my case?
Buqraat last decade
Mr. Buraaq
try baryta card 30 as per Dr Zair instruction.
i start the med from friday. i take 2 dose of that med and last night i easily insert in vigina and stroke for 1 min.
before the med i was unable to insert and at the time of insert i ejeculate.
i will reply after 15 days about the result of baryta.
FrustratedPerson last decade
Take Calc Carb 30c at morning and evening one dose each time 30 min before meal and Agnus cast Q 5 drops at morning and evening 30 min after meal with a cup of water.

Report me every week.
Avoid all kind of oily, masala foods and sweet and all kind of milk made food and milk during the medication for good work.

Dr. Showrav
Dr. Showrav last decade
Dear Frustrated

This is amazing that you succeeded to penetrate and stayed at least for 1 min.. this is very brillient improvement only in 2 doses! impressive! i have the same problem like yours..unable to stay in vagina and ejaculate right after entering or at the time of entering..Thank you very much for your update.. i will start using Baryta card 30 too.
Kindly post your feedback about ur condition so that we can help eachother to cope up with this PE prob.

Thanks once again
Buqraat last decade
Dr. Showrav

If he stop eating, oil, masala, sweet, and milk.
then what left to eat? only boiled vegetables??

is that possible to eat boiled vegetables only?
FrustratedPerson last decade
Dear frustrated,
brother wht an improvement!!! congrats ..can I use it too m suffering from PE &erection problem...does it helps to cure pe & erection both???
plzzz update your status continuously...

m suffering from PE badly tried a lot meds but no cure ..now i want to try brayta carb 30 after reading your post plzzz update whtever improvement u get by using this BRYATA CARB 30 ..thanks a lot....
sadanand305 last decade
i tried last night
sex duration is more higher than last time. and i also did twice in a night. before the medicine i wasn't able to do 2nd time. but right now erection is not as hard as i want.
1 more thing, i m affraid of the reaction becoz as its working very rapidly then may be this medicine also have a reaction. and other thing is that will it remain constant if i stop using medicine?

Dr. Zaair we need your comments.

but still i use that medicine for minimum 2 months for completely cure.
FrustratedPerson last decade
Dear frustrated,
1st of all thnks a lot for your status updation..it seems really the med is a miracle cure for PE

seeing your progress iam full of hope now that it will work for me too..rest GOD KNOWS!! but i will try it for sure..but plzz tell medoes it hamper your erection as u mentioned that its not as hard as u wanted..like wht?? means after using BRAYTA 30 u r loosing ur erection power ??? plz elaborate on this point...for how many days u r using it & plzz tell when i can use it and how many drops?? also tell me time that is before or after the meal...plz reply as before.. thanks yr!!...may god cure your problem completely!! all the best..
sadanand305 last decade
no Mr Sadanam
i got the improvement in erection but not full erect. there is some softness due to which i take a bit time to insert and i want hardness to insert easily.
one more thing which i notice, the erection is not permenant and fall down if i wait for a min to insert.
but the PE is improving and my partner is also happy with my this improvement.

may be it take time to fully cure that's y i decide to use that medicine for 2 months minimum.
FrustratedPerson last decade
Dear Frustrated,

Thts really amazing tht ur PE is improving day bt day after using Baryta Carb 30. This really will be a miracle as i have never seen or heard that some homeo medicine worked this Positively on PE. M glad to hear ur improvement MashaaAllah! and very hopeful that this will be cure for all PE victims inshaaAllah!

Keep on using and posting ur feedback so that everyone could get updated.

Also i would like you to tell us the timing on which you take the dose of Baryta carb 30, what time u normally take it and in how much quantity?
Please share it...
Thanks and best of luck!
Buqraat last decade
dear frustrated friend,,

thanks again for your response !! plzz tell me how to take the dose means when to take and how many drops in how much of water.. i hav bought baryta 30 and thinking to start plzz tell when i should take time??? and how many drops plzz reply bro as before.....

thanks a lot.. may GOD bless you...:)
sadanand305 last decade
dear frustrated,
one thing I forget to ask that which brand you are using means SBL??? OR GERMAN?? OR OTHERS PLZZ tell the name if others ...which brand of 'BRAYTA CARB 30 I need to buy plzz tell...

sadanand305 last decade

Yes Plz tell us the brand of Baryta carb 30 tht u r using so that we can buy the same brand.

Buqraat last decade
Dear Buqraat

use at a time of sleep.
i m using 3 drops per day only once at night with half cup of water. (Do not try to use it with cold water).
after 1 or 2 doses you will be happy to see your erection at morning.
FrustratedPerson last decade
Mr. sadanand

i got german made medicine and price is also very cheap just Rs. 160/=
FrustratedPerson last decade
Dear Buqraat
i try many medicines from homeo docs and pay huge amount to them but never get that result not even get 5% improvement after paying.
but this medicine is very amazing. and this is why i m a bit afraid that how this medicine works very fast and why other docs don't prescribe that medicine to me or other? and if it react this rapidly so did it react on our body after stopping medicine. for that we need the comments of Dr. Zaair that this medicine have any side effect or not?
FrustratedPerson last decade
Dear Frustrated

Thanks for your prompt reply.
Yes you are right i am quite amazed as well that this medicine works really well on PE while others had not been worthy and useful.. i had tried so many medicines too like Lycopodium 200,Titanium 200, Sulphur and others.. but none of them got any +ve result on PE.
Thts really good news if this Baryta carb working well.. dont take this rapid recovery as negative way atleast U r recovering and thts the important thing .. As far as the side effects are concerened i heard there is no side effects of homeo medicine so just relax and keep on taking ur doses until u think u r fully recovered..then stop taking medicine for some time and then if ur PE returns we will ask Dr Zair about it.

I will start using it once my wife is back as she isnt here with me..or may be i start taking it now but i will not be able to see the results without my wife.

But please u keep on updating us ur progress. May Allah gives u and all of us complete recovery from this PE. Ameen

Buqraat last decade
i think u also start the medicine so after your wife will come you will see the improvement easily. i think if you take medicine and avoid intercouse so the medicine will effect better on you. so start the medicine and test when your wife will come.
FrustratedPerson last decade
DEAR frustrated friend,
seeing your updates m full of hopes it feels like one big mistake is going to cure .O GOD!! FINALLY...:):)

brother thanks a lot for your updates keep it up...may god brings your dreams come true...

really impressed by seeing yours progress what a recovery gr8!!!

i too will buy german brand and would take 3 drops in normal water during sleep..
plzzz suggest other precautions regarding the taking of med..thans:)
sadanand305 last decade
Thanks FrustratedPerson for sharing with us.

But I will still request member doctor to confirm and suggest using if any change....
maaqm last decade
Dear Frustrated,

You are right i shud start using medicine there is no harm in it.. tell me one thing.. do u smoke? actually i smoke n wondering if this medicine doesnt effect due to smoking..
Buqraat last decade
no i don't smoke, not use gutka or pan. i just eat chalia.

may be, but u first try if it wont work on you then email to Dr. Zaair
FrustratedPerson last decade
I tried BART CARB30 for 15 days but no effect.
paraman last decade
Why is this that Its working amazing on Frustrated person and not effecting on other people??

Dr Zair plz answer this as you said you have treated and cured so many PE patients with Baryta carb 30. If its specific for PE then why doesnt it work on most of the people??

Frustrated You are Lucky that its working for you!!!

Lets see if it works for me or not :(
Buqraat last decade

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