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Anal Fissure

Have been treated for hemorrhoids via laser and thermal treatment. The first doctor treated me with a laser but was unable to insert probe unless numbing cream was administered. We did this about every 2 years for 3 times. When I visited him last he had no numbing cream, and was unable to insert probe because of the tremendous pain, he referred me to a surgeon, not for an anal fissure but the hemorrhoids. I went to a different doctor about 6 months later and he was able to use the thermal treatment on the hemorrhoids via a sigmoidoscopy. When I returned for a follow up treatment is when the real problems started. He was not able to examine me due to the pain. I went back to him for a couple of more visits all the while using suppositories, pills, and cream. I finally went to another doctor who immediately diagnosed me having an anal fissure close to the rectum anus junction. Doctor started me on Nifedipine-Lidocaine 2%-3% Ointment. This relieved the pain and discomfort within a very short time. I am also taking 3 tablespoons of Mineral Oil per day. 1-2 Ginger Root per day right after dinner with 1 fiber Laxative. I also take 2 stool softeners per night and 2 /30C Sedum, 3 times per day. Symptoms, pain, discomfort are almost gone but I do have spells,
Would like to consider 200C of Graphities. Not sure how many to take. My wife and I both have trouble with nail fungus and Graphities were recommended so maybe it will help both my ailments.

230 lbs
Climate Moderate SW Virginia
Diagnosed with Anal Fissure August 2012
I think this problem has been recurring for a few years.
Non Diabetic
No different desire for salty/sweet foods
No change in thirst
No change in tongue
BP-ranges from normal to 160/90
Discomfort in morning after BM’s but subsides. Has been better with hardly any pain since I started taking the ointment. I have been trying to determine what diet makes it worse.
I really want this to heal verses considering surgery and possible incontinent
I am afraid sometimes of leaving until the symptoms have subsided.
It feels like pressure/pain and sometimes it is difficult for me to get comfortable
I wonder how long I will be dealing with this pain
I am a teacher and on my feet most all day. I work a great deal outdoors with my garden, hunt and fishing, golfing, cutting wood.
I have always been a big eater and love spicy hot food but have avoided the hot & spicy since having trouble
I am high energy and have a temper but this issue has made me much more irritable and edgy.
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  cjsva on 2012-10-03
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please take three doses of Lycopodium 200 as follows and see how that affects in next 15 days (only 3 doses in 15 days).

day 1 morning
1st dose

day 1 evening
2nd dose

day 2 morning
3rd dose

One dose means
If the medicine is in pills form 2 pills. Don't touch pills with hand. Use cap of bottle to take pills.
If the medicine is in liquid dilution form, 2 drops in some 20 ml water. Sip up slowly.

Please follow homeo restrictions like no coffee, no raw onion/garlic, no strong perfumes, don't eat or drink anything within 30 minutes before or after taking medicine.
kadwa last decade
Thanks for your recommendation. 200C? Do I continue with all other products.
cjsva last decade
I forgot to ask. No coffee for how long. I do drink a lot of coffee in the am Cooked onion and garlic okay?
cjsva last decade
Yes 200C. Please don't take ginger roots.
kadwa last decade
Thanks kadwa. I want to make sure I do nothing to alter the healing possibilities. When you say not to take the ginger root for the time I am taking the dosage or for the entire 15 days??? Cooked onion and garlic is okay as opposed to raw??? Coffee restricted for 30 minutes either side of taking the dosages,more instructions about the coffee, please.
One other product I use is Oregano Oil diluted 3-1 in water. I also use the Oregano oil topically on my toes for nail fungus. Will this interact with the Lycopodium???
cjsva last decade
When you say not to take the ginger root for the time I am taking the dosage or for the entire 15 days???
Ans. For 7 days. This is a fresh answer and it is not implied in what i said earlier.

Cooked onion and garlic is okay as opposed to raw???
Ans. Yes.

Coffee restricted for 30 minutes either side of taking the dosages,more instructions about the coffee, please.
Ans. One hour gap. This is a special concession as you like it much.

One other product I use is Oregano Oil diluted 3-1 in water. I also use the Oregano oil topically on my toes for nail fungus. Will this interact with the Lycopodium???
Ans. You can use that.
kadwa last decade
Thanks again kadwa. My wife and I both are fighting nail fungus. You have guided me to a remedy for my anal fissure, and my wife to a remedy for her female problems http://www.abchomeopathy.com/f.php/cjsva/360576

While ordering those remedies I wanted to consider also ordering a remedy for our nail fungus but do not want to counter act with our main concerns and remedies. I have seen that the Lycopodium works with the Graphites and my wife is going to take the Sepia 200.
?--Is Sepia compatible to take with Graphites.
?--I have used the Remedy Finder for toe nail fungus and it brings up Silicea so not sure which one or a different one you would suggest for us.
We both have been using an herbal foot soak for fungus as well as topical oregano oil with some success but still have presence of fungus. We have tried Vicks Vapor Rub, Listerine with limited success. You may suggest that we not try to solve multiple problems at a time but thought I would ask. If you suggest the remedies above what potency would you suggest for Silica and or Graphites
cjsva last decade
You may also buy Graphites 200 and Silicea 200 for future use.
kadwa last decade
You are patient and I thank you. I ask a lot of questions.

A couple of questions. What
schedule do you suggest on the Graphites/Silicea. 2 pills, 3 times per day. You said 'future use' what are you suggesting??? So it okay to use either Graphites/Silicea with our other remedies?? Using the Silicea if the Graphites doesn't work??
cjsva last decade
You should not take Graphites or Silicea for the time being. We will consider these remedies in future on the basis of your response to Lycopodium (and your wife's response to Sepia).
kadwa last decade
I have received both the Lycopodium and Sepia. Reading the directions on the label are different than you have instructed and I am sure you know why you have recommended the schedule you have. You tell each of us to do 2 pills, 3 times only in 15 days. I have taken herbs for years and homeopathic remedies recently for a couple of years and I am curious how those few dosages will show benefit. We will follow your directions and I guess we get back with you within 15 days? I found the following Dosage directions in the remedy description for Sepia: for Twelfth, 30th and 200th potency. Should not be used too low or to be repeated too frequently. On the other hand Dr. Jousset’s unique experience is that is should be continued for some time in strong doses. 1x twice a day.
cjsva last decade
Please report after 15 days. There is no dearth of conflicting materials in homeopathy!!
kadwa last decade
Reading 'Beyond Flat Earth Med' As I discover more and more I realize I should have told you about vitamins and other herbs my wife and I are taking. We both take: Ginseng,Fish Oil, Ginkgo Biloba, Low dose aspirin, and multi vitamin. She also takes Calicum, D-3, E, and Magnesium. I take Saw Palmetto. We have started our initial dosages yesterday not sure if any of the above will be adverse to the Lycopodium or Sepia. This was my wifes thread http://www.abchomeopathy.com/f.php/cjsva/360576

Thanks again
cjsva last decade
There won't be any problem due to these items.
kadwa last decade
I know you said to get back in 15 days but it has been 7 days and I am concerned. I continue to have a burning pain, discomfort similar to pressure and or tenderness. Most mornings have been smooth until the last 2 days which demonstrated pain coming after bowel movements lasting most of the day. Traces of blood in stool in last couple of days. I will wait another week if you feel it is necessary but wanted to update you
cjsva last decade
Please take a single dose of Sulphur 200 and see how that affects if things won't improve on their own in 2-3 days.
kadwa last decade
I had the worst day in almost 2 months feel like I am back to square one. I am sold on homeopathic remedies. My concern is that I am going to have a cabinet full of homeopathic remedies. I have to order a bottle of 160 pills plus shipping and take one dose to see how that does. So this is the frustrating part. I wished the companies had blister packs of like 10 pills you could order.
cjsva last decade
My experience with Acid Nitric 200 is very good and inspite of varied symptoms sulpher and acid nitric work best for burning during and after stool,It also has a good sex desire which this patient is having.
You Rightly said that your shelf is full of Homeo remedies.But dont worry these remedies dont have any expiry date and hance give the same effect even after 100 yrs..yes I say Hundred years so you can calculate the cost of treatment,the grandson of your grandson can use these remedies with the same effect of cure so a remedy bought is never a waste of money because any time in life you,your wife,or any other relative can use it and relatives,friends will always be greatful to you,that way relations are also built and maintained,I am telling this to you from my personal experience,offcourse its up to you how you take it but i feel it 1000 times better to keep these remedies instead the allopathic medicines.
bapu4 last decade

Appreciate bapu4's input but I prefer to stay with your input and not to confuse the issue. What are your thoughts about the response bapu4 gave? I was mainly venting my frustration in my last response.
Lets stay focused on the correct remedy to help my anal fissure. Yesterday was a lot better no significant pain,discomfort, a little blood after about 9am. This am some slight discomfort so far. I think I will see what the remainder of today and tomorrow brings. Let me know Sulfur or/and Acid Nitric with dosage and frequency

cjsva last decade
So you know the anal fissure is located right at the junction of the anus and rectum. The cream the doctor supplied is supposed to let the anal sphincter relax as it tends to stay tense and doesn't relax. This is important so the fissure will heal. Upon application of the cream I can feel the fissure and today it is easily detectable. I guess that is why I feel like there is a small marble in my rectum for lack of a better term. WHY CAN I NOT USE THE LYCOPODIUM LIKE 3 TIMES A DAY FOR LIKE A WEEK??????
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cjsva last decade
You can't use the remedy like that as it is already acting internally. Unnecessary dosing disturbs action of the remedy.

There is no need to take Sulphur 200 if the acute episode gets resolved on it's own.

You should notice carefully whether Lycopodium made you feel better overall other than this acute episode.

Nitric Acid is a good remedy and you should have Nitric Acid 200 too with you.

I understand your uneasiness about the homeopathic treatment. But this is how the treatment goes!!
kadwa last decade
At first I felt pretty good after taking the Lycopodium. I do not have Nitric Acid or Sulphur on hand. I am in some serious pain and considering ordering some topical natural oil that patients report no pain etc in a short time-advertised on ABC's web site. I am also calling my gastroenterologist for a surgeon's referral. I am not sure at this point what I am going to do. Was uncomfortable all nite as well. As you can I am a little desperate.
cjsva last decade
Please take a single dose of Graphites 200 and see how it goes in next 2 days.
If that doesn't help take a single dose of Lycopodium 200.
kadwa last decade
Hi again. Mornings are still tough. Doing some research about diet with anal fissure's and have found that I should eliminate dairy, wheat, and sugar. Once reading this I traced back to last Thursday when I started having real problems-I got into the Halloween candy about that same time. Last nite was the first I started monitoring my intake of those taboo items. I also started again using the Oregano Oil as a topical which seems to fight the pain. I also ordered H-Fissure from Healing Natural Oils I am desperate. Do you still recommend the Graphites 200 one dose??
cjsva last decade
Please repeat a single dose of Lycopodium 200 and see how it goes in next 7 days.
kadwa last decade

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