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2 yr old cat w/ chronic diarrhea- Please help


I probably need to have my head examined but I rescued the sickest cat from a lady who was overwhelmed trying to take care of 30 cats that were dumped on her as the original care giver abandoned all the cats one day.

Anyway, this cat has had diarrhea for at least 2 months and had a protruded anus (rectal prolapse). His anal area looked like a baboon. He'd only been given dry commercial cat food and water. I've had him since Monday afternoon. The last dry food he may have eaten was that morning. During the hour long drive here he leaked a little diarrhea. It is green and watery. I fixed some high calcium chicken broth from a cat care book I have and added some acidophilous and started giving him a good brand of Colloidal Silver. He ate about 2/3 of a cup. He peed and had dribs and drabs of diarrhea that would leak out his anus or come out perhaps during flatulence. The color was still greenish. Midnight that night he'd had some blood come out.

When I saw the blood and examined his anus which did seem red and protruded a bit, I searched on ABC Homeopathy for diarrhea, anal prolapse or rectal prolapse, bloody diarrhea and Arsenicum Album came up. I gave him a dose of 30 c. That seemed to calm him down and the anus looks more normal. Stool color has changed to brown but is still watery.

I began giving Slippery Elm yesterday before meals as I've had luck getting rid of stomach problems and diarrhea in the past with it.

Last night with his chicken broth I made the mistake of giving him about a teaspoon of chopped organic raw chicken meat to see if he could tolerate solids and he still has brown diarrhea.

Today I gave him some sovereign silver and some Slippery elm. I'm going to hold off on the solids until he stops leaking. It seems he has the worst leaking or incontinence late at night. He usually can get to the litter box. Sometimes he seems to strain to try to go but nothing comes out. Other times, perhaps while he is sleeping or late at night he'll have a touch outside his litter (maybe because he associates trying and not succeeding with the litter). Otherwise he is in good spirits. He is very affectionate and talkative.
He must only weigh about 3 to 4 pounds.

Do you think the Arsenicum is helping? As I said, the anus no longer is red or protruded. Since I gave 30c I was thinking I should wait for a week. At least this is what Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs says to do. Should I switch to something else?
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  emilybh on 2013-05-29
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
1 give you cat aloe 200, 5 tabs three times a day.

2. nux vom q five drops in an ounce of water three times a day.

3.bio combination 8 five tabs three times a day.

fed back after 3 days.
anuj srivastava 7 years ago

IMHO the ars alb is working- the anus area looks better and the stool
went from green to brown.

I have a homeopathic vet book at home ( I have cats)

:The classic method of timing the dose is to give a remedy , wait for a response,
and as long as there is improvement, do not repeat the dose. Especially
with high potencies like 200c.
Repeat low potencies, as you deem necessary, altho there can be a roller coaster
effect if not often enough, but if it is the right remedy thepatient will improve
overall. As she/he improves reduce the frequency until you can stop, bc the
cure has momentum. And you can use 30c 30x or 12c repeating only when
she slips backwards.

The vet book lists conditions as

A.Intense-shock, collapse ( get vet help)
B.Moderate-gastro illness like parvovirus,severe respiratory, milder diarrhea,
vomit - ( get vet help)
C.Slow-milder diarrhea and vomit, upper respiratory
D.chronic slow moving cases like asthma, seizure, skin disease thyroid disease ,
ear infections autoimmune/

Potency and repetition on

A.Intense-6x -every 5 to 30 minutes, 6c 12x same, 12c 30x 5 minutes to one hour
30c5 minutes to 90 minutes
B.Moderate- 6x 1 to 4 hours, 6c 12x 3 to 6 hours, 12 c 30x 8 to 12 hours, 30c
12 to 24 hours
C. Slow 6x 3 to 4 times a day, 6c 12x,2 to 4 times a day, 12 c 30x 2 to 4 times a day,
30c every 1 to 4 days
D.chronic-6x 1 to 4 x a day, 6c 12x every 3 days and upt 4 times on that day
12 c 30 x every 1 to 7 days
30c weekly or monthly or less.

so if ars alb helped and this disease is moderate, then I would do 30c every 12 hours
and observe for right now. The cat is so tiny, and ars alb has had an effect
already. Also , I would not be using
the C. Silver- it is not 100 percent safe
and could cause more problems and
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simone717 7 years ago

Aloe low potencies is used for knocking down constipation,hence not recommended in low out here.
anuj srivastava 7 years ago
Hi anuj,

I do not consider 30c a low potency. My book says,
'Classically, the midpoint between high and low potencies is 30c.' and
that a weak individual simply cannot handle the jolt of a high
potency. I am just thinking of the size of the animal here, and that
the ars seemed to have a good effect, so why not try it a few more
times with a gap of 12 hours..Anyway, we all have our opinions on
these things. :-)
simone717 7 years ago
I thought for a cat this size that 30c should only be repeated once a week. 30x you can do more often. I have homeopathy books too. Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs is the main one I use.

Anyway, his anus still is inflamed and dripping watery brown discharge. I caught him licking it. He isn't hungry enough to want his food in the AM. Today I got some Slippery Elm in him and some Sovereign Silver 10 ppms. the silver only stays in the system for two hours supposedly. My Naturopath swears by it.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm bringing him in to an allopathic vet today for an exam and blood work and to get his tail shaved. Hopefully he will eat lots of his broth tonight. He still seems happy affectionate and in good spirits with a surprising amount of energy considering he has nothing in his stomach and passed up his broth this AM.
emilybh 7 years ago
Hi Emily,

You have the same book as I do. I would say his illness
comes under moderate. ( and also says see a vet under
moderate) and the 30c under moderate is ok to do 12
to 24 hours.

My personal preference on naturopaths is to have one
that also has the homeopathic 'complete'education,
not just a few courses. I have seen a lot of strange
prescriptions from naturopaths on many things.
I think there is a danger in having missing information,
bc if the digestion -eliminatory organs are not right,
who really knows how long the stuff stays in the system,
regarding the silver. The body is wise and shunts things
off to fat layers and other places when eliminatory organs
cannot handle something.

Anyway, the vet is a good move to make here. Best of
luck to you.
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simone717 7 years ago
Hi Simone and everyone. I just got back from the rip-off allopathic vet who did the blood work and it pretty much came back pretty good considering where he had been living.

I was disgusted that they wouldn't shave off the fur on his tail tho. I'm going to have to find some 'cat person' to help me hold him while I shave his tail I guess because no groomer around here will do it(probably) unless the cat has had his Rabies vaccine -- which you all know is devastating to a sick or weak cat.

He weighs 5 pounds. He did have an above normal EOS level (certain white blood cells indicating allergic or parasitic conditions).

I bet worms are the cause. They tried to force some fecal matter out of him to test his stool but he wouldn't let them. He probably didn't have any left in him.

I noticed a blood stain on the paper in the carrier I put in which probably got there around 2:30.

Darn. Now he doesn't want his High Calcium chicken broth. It doesn't smell strong enough. Do I dare give him solid food? They gave me some Iams 'intestinal plus' veterinary formula. I still also have raw organic chicken.

[Does anyone know if taurine would transfer from a raw animal to a broth made out of one? This vet said she 'worries about cats not getting cat food due to lack of taurine'. I don't think Dr. Pitcairn would write the forward for a book with advice that would harm a cat do you? Anitra Frazier in The New Natural Cat and in Natural Cat swears by this broth. Do you think there is enough taurine in it?]

Also they charged me $35 over the maximum they said it would be on the phone. That really tics me off.

I wonder if I should be giving him LDM-100 Lomatium Dissectum. I think that is an anti-parasitic. Are there any homeopathics that address parasites?
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emilybh 7 years ago
Hi Emily,

There are no homeopathic vets on this site. You sound
like you know a lot and if you have Dr. Pitcairns book he also
has a site which lists homeopathic vets, etc.

I would advise that you talk to someone online who knows as much
as you do. Too bad you did not like your vet, I have one who just
does cats, and she thinks friskies turkey or chicken is fine and
the rest of stuff is a bunch of hogwash. I had trouble finding
a vet I trusted, due to them wanting to test for all kinds of things
that were not needed, etc.
simone717 7 years ago
Guess what Simone? First of all I was worried because he started to turn up his nose at the high calcium chicken broth. However, I figured out a way to make it more enticing. I just added a spoonful of the Iams commercial cat food the vet gave me --- really only about half a bite was enough. It was so smelly. Then I swirled it around and mashed it a bit to let the flavor mix into the really nutritious natural broth. THEN I took it out of the soup as best I could.

Then I could add all the extra supplements recommended by Anitra Frazier without making the flavor more bland.

He chowed down on it and even took 3 helpings!

But guess what my biggest happiest surprise/reward was when I went in to see how much he'd eaten of the 3rd helping? I checked the litter box and there was a bona fide HARD STOOL there! YAY! This was just from one dose of Arsenicum Album and about 5 doses of Slippery Elm and the same for Sovereign Silver.

I also added Kombu Broth; Vitamin A,D and C and acidophilous and sometimes chlorophyl and Nutrtritional Yeast when I could.

I did this with NO professional help other than calling in to my Naturopath's radio show in Boston who said to start with colloidal silver and acidophilous.

Cool! I'm SO HAPPY! Thanks to everyone for your comments and encouragement. If this case proves anything, there are places for Homeopathics AND herbs. If you choose the right ones and take them so they don't interfere. They work!

Now I'll gradually put him on
TC Feline Raw food and I'll have to be creative as to how I come up with a solution to find someone to help me shave off his tail fur since all the groomers insist on making sure all animals are vaccinated to the HILT!

He's fine wrapped up in a towel with someone holding him while the other person carefully shaves off the mats. But I guess the vet tech couldn't figure that out at the vets.

Then there are fleas I have to get rid of but with a strong immune system, they'll go away. I'm not worried about them.

This only took 2.25 days and he's had the diarrhea for 2 months or MORE!
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emilybh 7 years ago
Hi Emily,

Happy that things are going better-that little cat
is very lucky you adopted him.

Hope all continues to improve-

best to you both,

simone717 7 years ago
One thing though... he still dribbles watery stuff out his butt. It seems like 98 percent water and 2 percent stool. I wonder if I just made a poultice of Slippery Elm and held it against his butt for as long as I could as often as I could, that would suck out the discharge and toxins. I know it works for sores. It makes them heal a lot faster plus it removes pain and itch.

Rescue Remedy Cream might help too but I bet not as much.
emilybh 7 years ago
Well the dribbling used to be the worst at night or pre-sunrise... but when I checked this AM the dribbling seemed to stop AND there was another formed stool in the litter. Yippee! LOL.

I think I'm going to continue with the broth and just add in solid food to it.

Next I have to get rid of his Milliary (sp) dermatitis and fleas. I wonder since I gave him the Ars. Alb. if I need to wait before addressing this problem with a homeopathic especially.
emilybh 7 years ago
With homeopathy you don't switch remedies while something is working.
Let the Ars alb work on the current worst problem and give him more if the
diarrhea starts to get worse. His vital force is being stimulated to heal
himself , it is best to do one remedy at a time.
simone717 7 years ago

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