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Testicular pain

Hello ,

I am 25yr male. After my last post( http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/272610/ ), everything was fine for quite sometime, but I had weakness in my legs which I found very threatening. So, one day I went to a hakeem( in Hamdard Dawakhana) telling him my problems, and so he gave me some medicines like metocine, Kushta Qalai, Jawarish Zaruni Ambari,Majun Chobchini,Jawarish Zaruni Ambari,Chandraprabhavati etc etc ... After taking these medicines I had pain in my left testicle while running in morning. I stopped taking these medicies went to hakeem again and started taking revived medicines which I took for 20 days(neglecting pain). After these 20 days its been one and half month and my pain(which is in both balls now) is not cured.I have seen two urologists, one of them after my fine scrotum ultrasound suggested me to wear tight undergarment.While after having pain, the second time I went to another urologist, went for another scrotum ulrasound and found that there is slight impression of hydrocele on my left testicle and a tiny cyst on the right one. This doctor again said it's alright to have some impression of liquid as the machine are highly sensitive these days to detect anything and gave me some pills which I find a litle bit helpful. I sometime feel soft pain(specially in time of high urine pressure and after running 3+ kms) which really causes discomfort. Please help me.I shall be highly obliged to you.

Thank you so much.
Looking for your help.
  justaguy on 2013-06-09
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
1. nux vom 200 half an hr before dinner, 15 drops in an ounce of water,three times in a gap of 15 mins.

2. ferrum phos 6x ,5 tabs three times a day from next day.

feed back every three days.
anuj srivastava last decade
Thank you Anuj !
I have heard that there is no side effects in Homeopathy .... Just wanted to confirm, is it true ?
justaguy last decade
To an extent yes , i have given you homeopathic combined with biochemic.they are the best medicines to have because of their miraculous curative action.But aureveda and homeo dont gel well together , so do not have what you were having.
anuj srivastava last decade
Thnx Anuj !
I'll be away from Ayurveda now.
Could you please explain a bit more the first one ???

1. nux vom 200 half an hr before dinner, 15 drops in an ounce of water,three times in a gap of 15 mins.
[message edited by justaguy on Sun, 09 Jun 2013 18:29:18 BST]
justaguy last decade
You got it right,mix 15 drops nux in an ounce of water, sip it 3 times in a gap of 15 mins three times 1/2 hrs b4 dinner.
anuj srivastava last decade
Thnx anuj !
I'll get back to you.
[message edited by justaguy on Sun, 09 Jun 2013 18:40:09 BST]
justaguy last decade
Hi Anuj,

I think I feel a bit relieved now as I'm that much obsessed everytime.
Should I continue this ?

Thanks for your help.
justaguy last decade
nice to hear from you ,please continue ferrum phos 6x ,5 tabs three times a day.
anuj srivastava last decade
Hi Anuj,

I have been taking the pills but with no further recovery.Actually, I feel quite normal whenever I have nightfall(ejaculation). But as the days pass, I begin to have same discomfort.Also, I feel some discomfort in one of my testicle if I remain excited for some time .
Yesterday when I was feeling too distressed, I took some allopathic pills (which I had stopped with Homeopathic). I also suffer from anxiety like palpitation, chest tightening, chest pressure, thinking too much etc

Do you you have any other suggestion ?

Thanks a lot for your help so far.
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justaguy last decade
Include kali phos 6x along with ferrum phos three times a day and feed back after three days.
anuj srivastava last decade
Hi Anuj,
I feel better even without any ejaculation/nightfall/masturbation except sometime I have soft pain.I will also start running and let you know for any discomfort if any.

I have finished one whole container of ferrum phos 6x.Should I continue same ??

Thanks a lot.
justaguy last decade
please continue.feed back every week now.
anuj srivastava last decade
I feel better now even after physical excercises but not completely cured.
Just wanted to confirm - Should I avoid tea or coffee while taking Homeopathic medicines ?

Thank a lot.
justaguy last decade
coffee should be avoided,and also the exercise till the pain vanishes.start nat mur 6x one dose with FP.KP can be stopped.
[message edited by anuj srivastava on Wed, 03 Jul 2013 03:34:08 BST]
anuj srivastava last decade
Hi Anuj,

You're right I shouldn't have done exercise.I still have some feeling of anxiety (palpitation etc.) though I've stopped KP.
I've got Natrium Mur. 6x of which I take 5 tabs in morning.
Also, FP is continued with three doses of 5 tabs everyday. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Thanks a lot !
justaguy last decade
Hi Anuj,

I don't know why I was feeling same discomfort again today though I'm taking the (changed) prescribed medicine as I mentioned above.I stopped every kind of exercise too.Any thoughts on this.

justaguy last decade
continue for two more days and report.
anuj srivastava last decade
Its not working :(

Thanks for your efforts!
justaguy last decade
continue with the old medicines stop the new one.pls dont strain till completely cured.you had mentioned palpitation,when do you have it ,do you have it when you lie down,and in what position does it aggravates.
anuj srivastava last decade
I'll get the 3rd container of FP.
I do feel palpitation when I lie down, i feel a lot when I get up from toilet seat(wired).When I think about anything which concerns me a lot e.g interview, even when there is any critical situation etc.Also, sometime even when I am sitting ..

Thank You.
[message edited by justaguy on Tue, 09 Jul 2013 07:46:56 BST]
justaguy last decade
start with the same prescription of KP & FP three times a day.

also let me know when do you feel the palpitation,lying on the right or the left side.
anuj srivastava last decade
well, it is felt much when on left side then on right....If i try to ignore it I could ... it is just randomly shows up anytime when I feel it.Even I feel sometime breathing shortness.

Thank You.
justaguy last decade
when ever you get time pls write yes or no in front of the undermentioned symptoms.

do you sweat? which places?do you wet the pillow at night due to sweating?

how do you drink water,in gulps or sips>

any burning any where in your body?

answer in yes or no

Sudden, intense ailments from fright.
Anxiety and restlessness with complaints.
Fears that do not subside.
Faintness or dizziness upon waking up.
Sudden fever with one cheek red, the other pale
Intolerance of pain.
Painful urination with anxiety
Pains followed by numbness and tingling.
Eye pain and injuries
Throbbing headache.
Unquenchable thirst.

Emotional upset
Extended period of unusual or continued mental exertion
Craving for sweets and salt. Craving for strong flavors.
Enthusiastic and suggestible, with a tendency toward peculiar thoughts and impulses.

Anxiety associated with later stages of head cold, with sneezing
Asthma worse after midnight, fears suffocation while lying down
Sleepiness but insomnia
Thirsty for frequent small drinks
Weak and exhausted
Desires air but sensitive to cold
Vomiting with or without diarrhea after eating and drinking

Increased perspiration
Night sweats
Cold hands and feet
Ravenous hunger
Aversion to fats
Craving for eggs
Eyes sensitive to light
Pale face
Large appetite with slow digestion

Anxiety prior to an examination or public performance
Fatigue and aching of whole body
Limbs, head, eyelids heavy
Scalp sore to touch
Sore throat
Lack of thirst
Dizziness, trembling, fatigue, dullness

Sensation of a lump in the throat
Chills with fever
Thirst during chills
Chills relieved by warmth
Cramping pains in the abdomen or back
Headaches that feel like a nail driven into the side of the head
Skin very sensitive to drafts
Rejects company
Insomnia from emotional distress
Nausea relieved by eating
Eating intensifies hunger

Deep anxiety and inability to cope
Jumpy and oversensitive
Startled by ordinary sounds
Nervous digestive upsets

Shakes head without any apparent cause
Facial contortions
Gassy, constipation or diarrhea
Sour belching
Digestive upsets with gas and bloating
Craves sweets, warm food and drink
Night cough
Wants to be alone
Cranky on waking
Bullying tendency
Fear of failure
Breaking down under stress

Tongue feels dry
Mucous membranes dry
Migraine headache
Pains around eyes
Craves salt and dry foods
Weepy but won't let others see it. (Wants to be alone to cry.)
Consolation aggravates them
Angry from isolation
Fright, grief, anger
Nervous, discouraged, broken down

Associated with hoarseness
Tight heavy chest
Dry rasping cough
Burning pains in stomach, abdomen, between shoulder blades
Thirst for cold drinks that are vomited
Night sweats

Wants attention and sympathy
Changeable symptoms and moods
Craves open air
Sensitive to heat
Dry mouth with lack of thirst
Rich food upsets stomach
Insomnia from recurring thought
Head colds
Loose cough, worse at night
Delayed menstrual period with scanty flow

Difficulty concentrating
Overreact and devote attention to tiny details
Low stamina
Frequently catch colds, sore throats, or other illnesses.
anuj srivastava last decade

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