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Migraine (Sepia?)

Hello! And thank you in advance for any help.

I had been seeing a homeopath for help with migraines. It did help but then the headaches started to get worse again which I suspect was hormonal (I am 50 years old) and at about that time--last fall--she retired. I went on a low dose birth control pill last winter in order to help the headaches and it has helped a lot. Then came an extremely stressful time in February and my beautiful dog died unexpectedly, then I had a root canal that resulted in extreme pain for over a month and then my husband's business failed. It has been an extremely stressful time and I was surprised the headaches did not recur--I only had one every once in a while and they weren't that bad.

The weather is beginning to change here where I live, getting cooler, and I caught a cold that has lingered for a few weeks. I had to cut my morning walks from 3 miles to maybe 1, then I get tired and go home. I always seem to have trouble in autumn. I remember mentioning this to my homeopath in the past, I catch cold easily and start feeling tired.

Anyway, I don't know if all the stress caught up with me or if it's the season, or what, but I'm back to feeling very tired every afternoon, unable to get much done, and I feel a headache that comes on almost every day. Headaches have been starting in the mornings sometimes or in the early to mid afternoon. Sometimes they start as a congestion type headache in the forehead above the nose and sometimes they start in the left temple. I have one now that started as a congestion type headache yesterday afternoon then moved to just over my left eye in the night and then to my left temple in the very early morning which is when it became a very intense migraine with pain localized intensely in one spot at the hairline to the left and above the eye. The pain was also in the back of my head above my neck and my neck has been very stiff throughout. When it was over the left eye it also presented with a lot of flatulence. That stopped when it moved into the temple. I still have the headache in my left temple and a stiff neck, though the pain in the back of the head has gone and it's starting to lessen in the temple.

I get very pale when I have a headache. A cold cloth (I wet it to keep it colder) helps the pain when it's in the temple. I'm very sensitive to light and noise when I have a headache. It becomes hard to breathe through my nose and my neck is usually very stiff.

I had asked my homeopath what she had me on before she retired and she said SEPIA. So I looked that up and saw that it does indeed fit a lot of my symptoms (though I do not feel sad/depressed which seems to be a major Sepia symptom--I feel very stressed, anxious and worried). So I decided to try it on my own. I bought 30C and took it two times a couple of days ago and then yesterday morning. Then in the afternoon yesterday when I started getting the headache I decided to try Belladonna because that seemed it might be good for a congestion headache and I thought it worked for me for that type of headache before.
If I eat a rich meal I get a terrible pain in my right side which I've been told is the gallbladder. Last week I went to lunch with friends and had an Italian dish with a cream sauce which made that pain come on very intensely. Along with it comes strong pain in my right shoulder (which does not hurt at other times but I have an old injury there). I took Sepia under the tongue when I got home and the pains went away almost instantly.

I also have white expectoration in the morning, which has come on again recently with the weather change. That symptom had been gone during the summer.

I am a very head-based person, anxious and over-thinking, and also, a lot of computer work makes it more likely I'll get headaches in the afternoons (I've been doing this lately, which does not help). Even before our recent troubles, I have tended to be an anxious, nervous person. I bite my nails and have never managed to stop this habit.

I also saw that Spigelia seems to match quite a few of my headache symptoms. I haven't tried that one, though. Ignatia, too, seems fitting in many ways--I'm very sensitive and anxious and can get a headache instantly if something upsetting happens (though that's not what caused these recent headaches--I cannot point to a cause).

My homeopath said she had me on Bryonia before the Sepia. But when I look that one up, though some of the headache symptoms match (stooping aggravates it, pain is on left side, frontal sinuses involved--though sinuses are not always part of my headaches) it doesn't seem as close a fit as Sepia.

I felt good physically all summer, was able to walk the 3 miles every morning just fine, had good energy all day and few headaches--the anxiety and worries over finances and the tooth problems have been my major issues for the past months, until now, with the return of tiredness and headaches.

So--after all of that--is it wise to go on with the Sepia? Should I stick to just that remedy and not try any others? I have 30C. What is the best way to take it? How often and for how long? Is it possible that taking some Sepia this week brought on this really bad headache? This is the worst headache I've had in months. I am not sure how to do this properly. I don't know what strength my homeopath had me on before. I don't want to make things worse! My family's under a lot of stress right now and I hope to get to feeling better so at least I can be more of a help than a burden. For the past week or so I'm so fatigued in the afternoons, pale and tired, that even when I don't have a headache it's hard to rouse myself to cook dinner even.

Thank you!! I appreciate any help.

ADDITION: The headache worsened again, becoming extremely painful in the left temple, pain also in the back of the head, neck was very stiff. I started to feel very nauseous. Decided to try Sepia again (or Naratriptan, which I didn't want to take). I took three 30C pellets under the tongue. There was definite improvement after about 20 minutes and then near-total relief after an hour. So it seems like a good remedy for my headaches but I don't know how often I should take it or how much. Please help!

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  ChrisKM on 2013-08-19
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Sepia is right for you at this time. You take the 30c and when you get improvement
you do not take anymore until symptoms return.

You might find that you don't need anymore for 3 days and then need a dose and
then go for a week or more and then need one more- and on like that. The gaps
become longer when it is working.

If you find you have to keep doing 30c every day and it does not work as well,
then you probably need to go up to 200c.

go have a scan of the gall bladder/liver and see what is going on
there, and you can get remedies based on what the facts are there.

For now, just do the Sepia, it works, don't switch things around.
simone717 9 years ago
Hello Simone, thank you so much for your reply. I will do as you suggest.

I apologize, I just noticed I had a big repeating in my post of several paragraphs, I thought I'd fixed it before posting. Sorry!

Thank you again, I will follow your suggestions.

One more question: should I continue taking three pellets under the tongue as I did?
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ChrisKM 9 years ago
Yes, that is correct.
simone717 9 years ago
Thank you! Will do as you say and hope I get back to a better place. I'll let you know if any further questions.


P.S. Not sure I'll be able to get the gallbladder scan--I'll ask my doctor but our insurance isn't great and so I'll probably have to wait on that.
ChrisKM 9 years ago
If you have an HMO you have to tell them the right
things to get what you need. And you can even
google getting one outside your health plan and
have the dr. order it for you even if the health plan
won't pay for it. I think you can get one on your own
for anywhere from $150 to $250. ( ultrasound)

I don't know what you have but my experience is you
have to outwit the system for your own good.
simone717 9 years ago
Unfortunately, I have a PPO with a very high deductible. :( With our financial situation, the scan will have to wait a while. Is there a general remedy good for a very sharp gallbladder pain? My doctor said surgery was the only fix (of course) if it was gallbladder.

One more question: I have a pain that's started in the past month in my lower left leg and sometimes the bottom of my left foot. It reared up again last night. Happens in bed and gets better once I'm up in the morning and walking. It's intense and located right above the ankle in that space between the front and back muscles, and last night, it was also in the bottom of my foot on the very left edge. The pain is gripping, like a cramp, but it's not a cramp, and does not feel muscle-related.

Is this something I would take the Sepia for? Leg pains aren't listed on this site in the Sepia info, so I'm not sure. I've never had this before--it's a totally new thing.

Thank you, again!
ChrisKM 9 years ago
The leg pain could have to do with the gall bladder and liver.
Seriously, you need a check up by the MD. It is just not smart to guess about
some things and not get the facts.

There are remedies that address the gall bladder , liver, etc but they can be
different depending on the actual pathology if there is pathology. Please
see the Dr. You can always come back on here when you find out what is
going on.
simone717 9 years ago
When I've mentioned this to my doctor, she seemed to think it wasn't a big deal. Perhaps because it's so intermittent. She didn't suggest a scan or anything. I've had it for many years and it is much better than it used to be--probably because my homeopath was helping me with it (though I have no idea what remedies I was on other than Sepia and Bryonia). In fact, I seldom get the pain anymore, which is why I was surprised by it last week. Maybe the Sepia will help, perhaps I'd just gotten too out of whack with all the stress.

Either way, I will definitely talk about it when I see the doc again and ask about getting a scan. Thanks for your suggestion!
ChrisKM 9 years ago
It is a big deal, if you eat certain things and get the pain you are
getting. Just tell the Dr. that, she can do a blood test and check
things that way, but that type pain can get very severe and you
do not want to be taking the wrong remedies for something out
of guesswork when you could be taking the right remedies and
curing it.
simone717 9 years ago
Makes me wonder why she was so flip about it. I wish I'd pushed it now, I had better insurance when I first told her about it. I will have to arrange for a physical and bring it up with her again. Thanks for your help.
ChrisKM 9 years ago
I don't know why you have to have a physical. If me
I would say, I am having bad pain after I eat a lot of

This is not normal for anyone! Have her do what needs
to be done to give you an idea of what it is- fatty liver,
gall bladder, whatever, she should know what to do.If
you think she does not care, find another person, this
is not rocket science for them.
simone717 9 years ago
The reason for the physical is that it's free and I can bring up the pain again and ask her what we can do, scan, bloodwork, etc. I can also have cholesterol checked while I'm at it. That's the one thing my plan is good for--free check-ups.
ChrisKM 9 years ago
Good. On my plan once you have one, they tell you to come
back in 2 years! Whatever, works, did not want you to have
to wait.
simone717 9 years ago

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