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Carcinosin for Aspergers Syndrome

I have Aspergers Syndrome. I have made a note and searched extensively this forum and the internet for it's homeopathic cure. I have seen more than 30 case studies, and CARCINOSIN always cured ASPERGERS/AUTISM without exception.

It seems logical also because if I enlist Aspergers symptoms, and Carcinosin mental picture, they match exactly.

I am very much hesitant that Carcinosin being a nosode and deep-acting remedy may hurt irreparably.

I want to do Carcinosin dosing as follows. Alternatively use LM1 and LM2 bottles, not going above that. It may take longer to cure, but its ok. Each day, take one drop from the bottle into a cup of water and take a teaspoon from there.

Also, that my Aspergers is genetic. My mother's side has it in bulk. If homeopathy can cure me, it would be a miracle.

Homeopaths please comment on my reasoning, and dosage frequency/potency.
  awaisnaz on 2013-08-29
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Carc is one of those remedies where repetition should be avoided irrespective of potency.
kadwa 9 years ago
Hi- it is not wise to use LM potencies without supervision.
Normally one never 'alternates' between LM 1 and LM 2, you start
with one, and then move UP the scale when indicated.
If you are treating yourself, you can easily overdose

If you want to try this, find someone who has had a lot
of cases of doing it this way, with cure and no effects
of proving this remedy.

Perhaps you have heard or read Amy Lansky's book-
'the impossible cure' she has a site with homeopaths
listed having results, that is verified by her. There is a homeopath
in Mountain View, Calif, named Deborah Olenav who does a lot
of these cases and actually she is Amy Lansky's homeopath ( I
saw a testimonial on the site.) I cannot put the link on here bc it is
too long, but google 'nosodes, homeopathy and Autism' and it
will take you to the article on her site- She has been using the
carcinosin, medhorrinum quite a lot over the last 11 years, and
this is a very educational article about nosodes /miasms in general
and those two in particular.
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simone717 9 years ago
I want to start with carcinosin Lm3 potency, which is the minimum potency available at Helios.

I am at touch with a local homeopath, but I want to take second opinion here. I want to heal rather than derail the case.
awaisnaz 8 years ago

In order to give a second opinion that had any
worth, your case would have to be taken in detail.

If you are working with a local homeopath, I would
first ask that person if they have 'cured' cases
of Aspergers before.

I would get a second opinion from someone who
has had success in this area. This forum has
only around 4 real homeopaths who have an
actual practice and you need to know who you
are getting advice from if given. Also, no two
homeopaths hardly ever agree on an exact same

The Amy Lansky site 'impossible cure' has a list of
homeopaths who have had real results with Autism/
Aspergers that you could email.


simone717 8 years ago
Amy Lansky gave her son LM doses of carcinosin from LM1 in first month, LM2 in second month, and so on for atleast a year. She gave 1 or few drops in a cup of water, and stirred, and gave a tea-spoon from there. She gave daily doses.

I have heard that nosodes can't be given regularly. Don't Amy and her homeopaths know this? or what am I missing?

My local homeopath said that nosodes are dangerous, but said that I may take 1M dose of carcinosin only once, and leave this medicine. But, I will never take such a high dose.

I am at loss.
awaisnaz 8 years ago
Amy Lansky is a homeopath and before that she was
a Dr. working for NASA. I don't think your homeopath
is comfortable using LM potencies. LM potencies
are safe to give daily if needed. Which is why you need
supervision by a qualified person who has done this

See these two links- the first one at bottom talking about
Hahnemann's use of LM potencies at the bottom..http://forums.hpathy.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=10518

The other is google www.drhomeo.com and search for
the Autism and Homeopathy case he has on there
using Carcinosin LM potencies.
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simone717 8 years ago
simone717, thanks for clearing my hesitations. I think Amy Lanskys method will be good along the condition 'don't dose if you feel well, and only dose if you are improving but not upto the mark'.

can someone here take my case.

I saw similar case taking by sameervermani at here: http://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/172059/2

and similarly by David Brisbanehomeopath.

what's the procedure?
awaisnaz 8 years ago
btw, I have a very embarrassing situation but I think it is important to discuss that also. I have a very strong sexuality. It is like addiction. I have to masturbate 3 times a day, otherwise anxiety is so great that life seems like meaningless. It wastes great time of mine, and making me anti-social.

I tried Staphysagria to cure this addiction, but it gave only temporary relief, and I replased. I know Staphysagria should have worked, because I matched its picture perfectly. Now, I think Carcinosin is needed to unblock this addiction also (along curing my Aspergers).
awaisnaz 8 years ago

I think you have to be supervised by someone who has
used LM's before. Brisbane is not on here anymore,
and he also talked about trying LM's in his practice and
did not think they were of much use.

Sameer does not take any new cases on here. You can click
his name and email him and ask him if he would take it
on here? I don't know the answer to that.

Whoever took your case would handle the second problem
as well.

What country are you in? You know if there is a financial
issue, that India homeopaths like Dr.Homeo and there
are others ( I am thinking of a German homeopath in Ireland)
not sure about the LM's tho. But you can work on Skype
with them and their cost is reasonable - around $150
for the first appt for the Ireland one and don't know
what Dr.Homeo charges.
simone717 8 years ago
i think that a single dose of Apis 200 may help here.
kadwa 8 years ago
Following are the symptoms regarding mind for Apis Mellifica at webhomeopath.com

Apis mellifica treatment for Mind ailments: Apathy, indifference, and unconsciousness. Awkward; drops things readily. Stupor, with sudden sharp cries and startings. Stupor alternating with erotic mania. Sensation of dying. Listless; cannot think clearly. Jealous, fidgety, hard to please. Sudden shrill, piercing screams. Whining. Tearfulness. Jealously, fright, rage, vexation, grief. Cannot concentrate mind when attempting to read or study.

According to Kent, mind symptoms are primary indicators to choose a homeopathic remedy, and physical symptoms are secondary.

I don't have these mind symptoms of Apis Mellifica:
Apathy (I am very emotional),
indifference (I am very much concerned about others),
unconsciousness (never happened)
drops things readily (I don't).
Stupor (I am not in states of unconsciousness), with sudden sharp cries and startings.
Stupor alternating with erotic mania. (I have erotic mania, but not alternating with stupor)
Sensation of dying. (I am not hypochondriac, but my health is down due to excess masturbation so due to that)
Listless (opposite of that I am full of energy always, always great aims and busy),
Jealous (I don't consider myself as one),
hard to please (I am very contentful, and never complain).
Sudden shrill (never make sounds, as I dislike having attention to myself),
piercing screams (never do it).
Whining (Never do it. I never express my emotions).
Tearfulness (never do it. I never express my emotions).
Jealously (want good of myself and others also),
fright (just fear of future because I can't plan, otherwise no fright),
rage (There is rage, but I never express it. I have suppressed emotions),
grief (I am optimistic).

But I have these mind symptoms of Apis Mellifica:
Awkward (Yes by body posture, and mental thinking is very awkward),
cannot think clearly (I agree, I can't think clearly),
fidgety (yes, I am restless),
vexation (I agree that yes, I am always irritable),
Cannot concentrate mind when attempting to read or study. (I agree with this)

I fact, I searched mind symptoms of about 100 most popular homeo medicines especially regarding Aspergers, and my current mind state as primary indicator and physical symptoms as secondary indicator.

Now, I have given more information about myself. I don't think Apis Mellifica is for me. Am I missing something?
awaisnaz 8 years ago
It has erotic mania in it. You don't have to have all the symptoms in
the materia medica to take a remedy. Apis could be a partial cure of
some aspects and then you see what is left after you take it.

Kadwa will comment on this.


[message edited by simone717 on Tue, 01 Oct 2013 02:09:57 BST]
simone717 8 years ago
this is an interesting interaction.

rub 1 - mind; excitement, excitable
rub 2 - mind; sensitive, oversensitive; mental impressions, to
rub 3 - mind; insanity, madness; erotic, sexual
rub 4 - generalities; energy, lots of
rub 5 - mind; quick to act
rub 6 - mind; contented
rub 7 - mind; secretive
rub 8 - mind; benevolence
rub 9 - mind; anxiety; future, about
rub 10 - mind; intellectual

sr. no. remedy occurence marks rubrics
1 phos 9 21 r-1(4),r-2(1),r-3(4),r-4(1),r-6(1),r-7(1),r-8(1),r-9(4),r-10(4)
2 aur 8 16 r-1(4),r-2(3),r-4(3),r-6(2),r-7(1),r-8(1),r-9(1),r-10(1)
3 op 7 17 r-1(4),r-4(1),r-5(1),r-6(3),r-8(1),r-9(3),r-10(4)
4 nat-m 7 15 r-1(4),r-4(1),r-6(1),r-7(3),r-8(1),r-9(4),r-10(1)
5 germ 7 7 r-1(1),r-4(1),r-5(1),r-6(1),r-7(1),r-9(1),r-10(1)
6 nux-v 6 18 r-1(4),r-2(3),r-3(3),r-8(2),r-9(3),r-10(3)
7 lach 6 16 r-1(4),r-4(1),r-5(3),r-8(1),r-9(3),r-10(4)
8 plat 6 16 r-1(4),r-2(1),r-3(4),r-4(1),r-9(3),r-10(3)
9 sulph 6 14 r-1(4),r-3(3),r-6(1),r-8(1),r-9(4),r-10(1)
10 bar-c 6 13 r-1(1),r-2(1),r-7(3),r-8(1),r-9(3),r-10(4)
11 bell 6 12 r-1(4),r-3(1),r-4(1),r-6(1),r-8(1),r-10(4)
12 agar 6 9 r-1(4),r-4(1),r-6(1),r-7(1),r-8(1),r-9(1)
13 tax 6 9 r-1(4),r-4(1),r-5(1),r-6(1),r-9(1),r-10(1)
kadwa 8 years ago
LMs are used for the sole purpose of being able to be repeated frequently (daily). Handling patients on LM is a totally different ballgame.

I have never seen them used in nosodes. Anyways.

Serious & genetic diseases are best treated & handled by professional homeopaths but if some limitation prevents your access to them, then these forums are a good alternate.
fitness 8 years ago
I sent email to Dr. Homeo (Dr. Vikas Sharma) because he is specialized in autism cases. But I didn't got any response. Maybe he is too much busy, and will not be there when I will really need him. Others fees are too high. Is there any reliable homeopath in Pakistan? who knows LM potencies and nosodes well?
awaisnaz 8 years ago
I noticed for a lot of homeopaths in India, that
if you want a response you have to sign up as a patient
and pay the fee and then they will start working with you.

This is bc I am sure they get 100's of emails a day asking
about problems, and they would not have any time
to do their work, so if someone pays the fee to retain
them, they know the person is serious about treatment.
Dr Deoshlok Sharma who has been on this forum for years,
and Dr. Tahira who used to be on here,also respond if
you pay the fee , they do not respond to emails.

Many Western homeopaths will respond to an email,
or do a free consult for 15 minutes, but I know they
do not have the email amounts of these other people.

Do you want to go ahead and pay the fee to Dr. Sharma?
Obviously he has done those cases.

Or would you like me to look for you in Pakistan?


simone717 8 years ago
Yes sure. I live in Islamabad, Pakistan. It would be best if I can communicate in person. thanks simone.

regards. Awais Nazir.
awaisnaz 8 years ago
Dear Awais,

Hard to find good information about LM dosing in
Pakistan thru the internet.

I found Dr. Suman Ali at the doctors Clinic in Islamabad
who specializes in the Autism Spectrum but have no
idea about her use of LM's.
Site is http://www.doctorsclinic19.wordpress.com
09-92-323-5744134 ( you can call and find out their

Another site called http://www.drmas.org
Dr. Mas seems to be a famous homeopath in Pakistan,
teacher, etc. On this site look at the top and call or email
the Dr. listed there, ask who they can refer you to regarding

I found two more Abc posts with people using the LM
Carcinosin and I thought you might be interested to read

It may be Dr. Sharma is your best option bc he is already
doing the treatment you want and knows what it is.

Good Luck to you,

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simone717 8 years ago
I have read every post on this forum which had 'autism' or 'aspergers' or 'carcinosin' in its title. That's why I have lots of expectations from CARCINOSIN as Aspergers cure, because it always came at the top.

Thanks, I will check the above homeopaths.
awaisnaz 8 years ago

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