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Lycopodium help

Hello -
I've been undergoing treatment for ~ 1 year with a homeopath. My history is long, but involved symptoms of poor sleep (waking at 3 am feeling thirsty with an urge to urinate), constant fatigue throughout the day relieved only by taking a nap, irritability, low libido, loss of muscle strength, hair loss, and grating hair. I am a 36 y/o male.

My homeopath started me on nux vomica 200 and acid phos 1m and my mood did improve. I felt happier and less anxious. After this, I was instructed to start lycopodium 200 twice daily. Almost immediately, the symptoms worsened, first I was constantly thirsty. Then, my hair started to fall more and gray more, then my appetite started to disappear. Finally I became constantly nauseated and had no energy and no libido. My homeopath first instructed me to decrease the dose to once daily. Then she asked me to take tubercullinum 1m once weekly, i felt better with this therapy with better sleep and better vision. but my appetite was not there and i kept losing weight. Finally, after 4 months, the homeopath told me to stop lycopodium. Almost immediately, I had a surge in energy and my appetite increased. I was told to take pulsatilla 200 and my mentation improved so much. I could think clearly for the first time in years, and, my libido was as good as it was as a teenager. That lasted for about 3 days. Then, all my gains were lost. I was told to increase pulsatilla to 3 times daily, but I continued to get worse. My appetite diminished. I felt constantly cold. My strength and libido were lost. I was losing more and more weight, I was sleeping 12 hours per day.

I got lab tests which showed I was now anemic likely from not eating properly for weeks. I was told to stop all meds and my appetite did improve somewhat. Enough to maintain my weight, at least. Then I was told to take nat mur which has made me feel overheated at night and worsened my sleep. That's where I am now,

Does anyone have any thoughts on what has gone wrong? I felt I was so close to a breakthrough a few months ago. Did I stop lycopodium too soon? Did I take pulsatilla too long?

Thank you for any help you may provide,
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  Hogaa on 2013-09-19
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hi, you cannot take two advices at the same time.

Your choices are- Switch homeopaths. Or put your case on here
and follow someone on here.

I think the homeopath took a wrong turn giving you the lycopodium and
continued to have you take it even tho you were continually proving
the remedy.

If you are in the usa, I would suggest working with Mary Aspinwall
, a master homeopath in Santa Barbara who will work with you
by phone. I think your homeopath was going by some type of
protocol and not going by regular homeopathic prescribing.

Your case has to be retaken, and I hope you are eating what
you need to eat now. You must have a certain amount of protein
a day for your height and weight and enough fiber and vegetables-
so even if you do not have an appetite you can make drinks in the
blender and get what you need. No homeopathic meds are going to
heal a person, if they do not eat correctly.
simone717 9 years ago
Thanks for responding. I still don't understand how a homeopath distinguishes aggravation from proving. I posted on this forum to find out if any practitioner had experienced this sort of response before lycopodium showed a positive effect. The week after stopping lycopodium, I truly felt better than I have for almost 20 years. Why is that?
Hogaa 9 years ago
Dosing and potency strength are called posology.
Your homeopath has a very odd- to me incorrect way of doing this.

First, she gave you too much Lyco to start out with. Homeopathy
is like cures like with minimum dose. So, then you started off
aggravating right away. When a remedy has action- good or
bad, you are to stop taking the remedy and wait and watch.

She could have given you a couple doses of Lyco and watched,
maybe you would have had a much less aggravation and then
it would start to improve. Then according to homeopathic rules
you do not take another dose until symptoms return. Then you
see how long the improvement lasts for. If it is not long,
but had good signs, like mental improvement first, you might
go up to a higher potency.

You got way too much, aggravated badly then felt better,
then you were overdosed with it again. I have seen naturopaths
who practice homeopathy do things like this bc they don't
use homeopathy enough or have minimum training.

Your prescriptions did not go by normal homeopathic dosing rules.

If you want to know more- read up on http://wwwdrluc.com
on dosing and aggravations.
simone717 9 years ago
Thanks... I'm beginning to think lycopodium was the right therapy, but dosed or monitored improperly.

I also believe that pulsatilla was prescribed to reverse all the effects of lycopodium, which suppressed or delayed healing further.

So, am I correct to believe that a single medication can both be a cure and cause of disease in an individual depending on the dose?
Hogaa 9 years ago

This is very unfortunate, I have seen lyco being prescribed more than usual and in cases where it is not even required.

Long continuation of any remedy will cause proving. If you read lyco, it is clearly mentioned that 'treatment should not be started with lyco' and 'must not be repeated once there is improvement'. Your case cleqrly indicates that presently you are proving lyco.

If you tell me which was the last remedy you used, so I can prescribe you to antidote ill effects of lyco.

Best regards,
mani_jee 9 years ago
Hi- One remedy can cure a disease if it is a close enough match.
Sometimes the match is close and it is partial healing , so the case starts
with one remedy and then needs a second prescription. Sometimes things
go in layers of remedies. For example people with Lyme disease don't
do very well on just one remedy- too many acute things going on that have
to be attended to. And you have people with Cncr etc where Md's like
pbhrfindia.org use a different approach, using remedies in an allopathic way.
There is a lot going on in homeopathy today-different ways of prescribing.

Remedies do not cause a disease-unless a person was repeatedly abusing a
remedy over many months/years. They do not stay in your system.

You had a lot of remedies and you were overdosed on them- I have no clue
why? When you began aggravation from Lyco, the person would continue
to say to take it. They must be going by some type of 'formula' which is
not how homeopathy works. They were disregarding your symptoms and I have
no idea what they were thinking doing this.I recently got another woman on
here a good homeopath, bc her homeopath who was in practice for years,
gave her Arsenicum ( she had a severe illness) she aggravated and he told her
to take it 5 more times, and she aggravated even worse. The homeopath got
nervous and then switched remedies and she aggravated and he again told
her to take more! She was on the 3rd remedy with same type thing happening
and was going to give this person one more try-I advised another homeopath
who found One remedy- not even close to these others and she took one dose
and is improving.

You need a professional homeopath to retake your case, and look at all you
have taken and go from there, using the real principles of homeopathy.
Meanwhile read Dr. Luc's site to educate yourself.
simone717 9 years ago
Ok, thanks. I'll try to reach out to Mary Aspinwall. If you know if another qualified homeopath in the USA ( west coast) please let me know.
Hogaa 9 years ago
There are a lot of them. Mary is from the UK , has over 22 years experience,
teaches, has a best seller book on homoepathy for free on her site- under
freethings- is endorsed by people like Jeremy Scherr another famous
homeopath, who had his own school, is famous for his proving of new
remedies, and awhile back moved his family to Africa, where he works
for free taking care of people with Aids using one remedy at a time,
You can google his site and see those cases.

If you want to go to someone in person, let me know where you are
and I can come up with options for you.
simone717 9 years ago
I live in the sf Bay Area. Areas in the north bay or east bay are closest (such as Oakland, Berkeley, etc)
Hogaa 9 years ago

Try http://www.berkeleyhomeopathy.com
This homeopath has years of experience, also teaches, and she
has several main focus areas, one of which is digestion. She is on
a list recommended by other experienced homeopaths and I
think this would be a good choice for you.
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simone717 9 years ago

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