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6 month old infant with reflux

Hello all,
I have a 5-month and 3 week old baby, who is my second child. He is breastfed, no formula. His older brother had reflux as a baby, and he has it too. I first took notice of it around 1 1/2 months old. Here are his symptoms.
Very poor sleeping--wakes crying every 1 to 2 hours all night long, wanting to nurse and then goes back to sleep.
Aversion to eating--will cry before eating, sometimes I can convince him to eat with distraction, other times he will refuse altogether. Sometimes he will cry after eating, or part way through. He eats well when he's halfway asleep---such as for his night wakings.
Very fussy all day. Constant need for motion like walking, rocking, needs constant distraction with noise, and gets more fussy when tired or hungry. Usually happy for about 10 minutes after waking from a nap or sleep. Sometimes is unhappy right away when waking up.
Difficult to put to sleep. He will show overt signs of being sleepy--rubbing eyes, putting his head down, yawning, but will fight sleep.

Some incidental health info---
He inherited from me, a double kidney on the right side. It's basically one large organ with two inner functioning parts. (I have it on both sides, but he only has it on one.) This is on his left side. The right kidney is normal. He also has one undecended testicle on the left for which he may need surgery.

I went with medication first, we tried Zantac, Prilosec, Prevacid, and Nexium. None worked very well, and most had side effects (of course). Since I was at the end of what I could try for medicine with him, I had the thought to try homeopathics.

From researching on the internet, I started homeopathics 3 days ago.
Nat Phos 6x, Hyland's
Mag Phos 6x, Hyland's
Arnica Montana 30C, Boiron
Lycopedium 30C, Boiron
Nux Vomica 30C, Boiron

The Hyland's are tablets, the Boiron are pellets.
I've been giving the Arnica, Lycopedium, and Nux Vomica once per day, dissolving the pellets in water and syringing it in baby's mouth.
The Nat Phos and Mag Phos I've been giving multiple times a day around when the symptoms are the worst, usually about 5 or 6 times a day. Today I've been supplementing with Mylanta (a kind with no aluminum) because he got much fussier today. I found out that it takes about 3 days for the Nexium to get out of his system, so today we are truly medication-free and relying solely on the homeopathics. He's been really doing poorly today and I wonder if there's anything I should change, or any advice. Thanks in advance.
  alaskamom on 2013-10-29
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
PS I forgot to mention another symptom of his reflux, is he will cough and sputter during feeds, and also will make sounds like he is urping up in his throat and then swallow it, while making a bad face like it tastes bad. He will then cough and cry. Sometimes he will have visible spit up, but more often it is 'silent'.
alaskamom last decade
You are giving him too many remedies.

You can try the nat phos 6x , a half tab after feeding , no more
than 5 tabs in 24 hours and see how that works. Dissolve the half
tab in a tablespoon of water.

Babies that need constant motion often - being carried, often need
Chamomilla. You can try that in 30c. Dissolve 3 pills in a
quarter cup of water. Spoon it in and then wait and watch.
If you notice any improvement after 4 or 5 hours then let it work
and don't give more unless he gets worse again.
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simone717 last decade
Thank you for your reply.
I was wondering if I was using too many but was desperate for some change and thought maybe I could just cover all the possible remedies at the same time! I guess it doesn't work that way.

I will have to go get some Chamomillia. I had some before but ran out.
I do have plain chamomile tea in my cupboard, could I use this in the meantime? I'm pretty sure you'll say no, but I just thought I'd check.

By the way, is it possible my own problems are affecting him? I have depression and anxiety which I am taking medication for and just started going to therapy. A major symptom for me of the depression is irritability, I wonder if I'm passing that on to him.
alaskamom last decade

Well I am sure you know that whatever medications you
are taking are going to be passed on to him. in the milk.

And of course until getting near two years, the child has
no conception of separation from the mother, and
experiences your emotional states without a boundary.
And the cognitive front brain does not make sense of
things in a logical way until around 7 or 8 years, so everything
in the child is processed and stored in the amygdala, the
emotional brain. This is why, in later years when a person
needs therapy they cannot get things resolved thru talk
therapy bc the problems are stored as emotional info
and the emotions have to be released, and a person cannot
make sense of them as they come out as uncomfortable
feelings or irrational fears.

Why don't you try the homeopathy for yourself on the depression
and anxiety-it works really well on that.

The reflux etc is a common thing with kids that they grow
out of. They do not know the cause of it. Please do not
blame yourself for that. One of my kids had it , the other did not.
It is considered an acute condition.

You can actually try giving a cup of that tea - like one cup
with extra dilution, it is not going to cure it tho. More than
two cups of chamomille however, will make a person have
the opposite reaction.

I want you to know there are two very good master homeopath women you
can work with by phone. They would consider the baby as an acute and this
costs $50 , probably your issue needs a full case, but these people are Moms
and they they have over 20 years experience and I consider them a valuable
resource. One is Mary Aspinwall in Santa Barbara ( she has a free pdf book
under free resources) the Other is a Nurse homeopath, Lia Bello in New Mexico.

You may want to go that route. On this site we have no Md's and only a few
practicing homeopaths,you can click peoples names to see their profile and
experience. But if you want you can put your case on here, fill out the form

You can try the Nat phos until you get chamomilla.


simone717 last decade
Thanks so much for all the info. I thought about homeopathy for myself, but was primarily concerned with my son, and so started with him first. For myself I just started therapy, which has been helpful for me before.
Thanks for the link for the form to put my case on this forum.
And for the info for those homeopaths that do phone consults. I will look into it. Have you had personal experience with them, or are they referred from others who have used them?

What did you do for your child that had reflux? Did homeopathy help him/her?
alaskamom last decade
Hi, I have used homeopathy since kids were toddlers. I did
not know about it before and so had to stick out the reflux/colic
the old fashioned way, which was wait it out at that time. There are several
remedies for reflux, when you get it right it can be gone in a few days.
You can put reflux, gerd, into the search box on top of forum and
read the many cases that have been on here.

I first tried homeopathy for me, due to allergies I got after
pregnancy and it took a year to clear them bc I had had them
for4 years, but one day they were just gone. After that I got
a homeopathy kit from my homeopath and learned to use
remedies for acute things and hardly ever had to go to the
doctor or the pediatrician.

I am studying homeopathy now for the last two years, and due to that
I know of experienced homeopathy teachers, Mary Aspinwall is
also a teacher and very well regarded, and I know people who
have used Lia Bello ( she teaches also) and the fact that she is
a nurse too is great- you get both perspectives- and they make themselves
available for acute things-and you can develop a relationship with
them same as your family doctor.
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simone717 last decade
Thanks again. Interesting to hear about how homeopathy has worked for you. I am sort of new to it, although I knew about it and used it some--like Hyland's Calms for Kids and Boiron Ocillococcinum--but wasn't sold out on it. I guess I will have to find out first hand if it works for us! Does it work for everyone or are there people that homeopathy just doesn't work for them?
alaskamom last decade
Hi- if you get the remedy correct- it is the principle of
'like cures like' and it works. When there is advanced
disease in the tissues, then sometimes it can restore
functioning to a person but is never going to bring
back the health of what it should be.

There is also acute and chronic prescribing- acute being
something sudden that just came on or in the last
couple weeks. In acute you can match the symptoms
to the remedy, in chronic you have to take the totality
of a person, mental, emotional, physical, food preferences and so on.

Today there are some homeopaths prescribing
remedies in an allopathic way, take this for that.
in cases of cncr there is a clinic in India with 3 generations of Mds focused on this and they are
quite famous and work with the MD Anderson Center
in texas, the largest usa cncr center. http://www.pbhrfindia.org, they also treat for free
people who cannot afford.

For flu, colds, cramps, injury etc I have used remedies
on friends and family and people are well within 24 hours- even the people who don't believe in it.And I have
used it on my pets, other family pets.

In your case, you need to fix the reflux problem first,
and then go on to the testicle issue. You need
a very experienced homeopath for the testicle issue.

So I would either use one of the people I told you about,
or I would email Maheeru At Rocketmail dot com who
is doing the testicle problem on the other thread. He
has been on the forum a long time but very busy these

It would be good for you to check mary Aspinwalls
site and on the right under free resources, read
her homeopathy book.
[message edited by simone717 on Wed, 30 Oct 2013 01:07:27 GMT]
simone717 last decade
Thanks again!
alaskamom last decade
I'd suggest giving two doses of Cal-Phos 30c, 12 hrs apart.

I believe its the right remedy and should show results within 12-24 hrs.

You already have tried a lot of remedies on him, my suggestion is to STOP all of them and just give Cal-Phos 30c.

Please bear in mind, non-judicious use of homeopathic remedies creates its own set of problems.
fitness last decade
Fitness, thanks for the input.

So far I believe the Nat Phos and chamomile tea is helping him. I've been diluting the tea way down and just giving him small amounts mixed with water. I think it's working, not perfect because he's still having some fussiness with feeds and sleep is still horrible, but his daytime fussiness has gone down a lot. I am grateful!!
alaskamom last decade
That is great. Keep it up for a few more
days and see if things gradually
keep getting better.


simone717 last decade
Hey there, seems like we've kind of plateaued in his reflux. The daytime is pretty good, but sleep is still awful (waking up almost every hour at night to nurse). Any thoughts?

PS he does have a cold today, so I know of course he will wake more because he feels bad. And I know I can use homeopathy for that, but I can't afford to go buy more right now so I need to just let it run its course. However, the sleep was still bad even when he was well.
alaskamom last decade
Did you ever get the chamomilla and try it?
simone717 last decade
No, because it seemed like the tea was helping during the day. Would you recommend that?
Also I have 'Calms for Kids' by Hylands, but it has more than just chamomile in it. Do you think it would be good to use or better to use chamomile by itself?
alaskamom last decade
On combo remedies, I do not like those bc
you cannot tell what is doing what.

The crude substance ( tea) is not the same
effect as a remedy. I would give the baby
one dose of the 30c and see if there is
any improvement tonight- give it in
the early evening. Dissolve a couple pellets
in a couple tablespoons of water. Since the tea
is helping in the daytime, obviously it has a good
effect. Be sure not to overdo with the tea and hopefully
the tea won't be needed after the remedy.
[message edited by simone717 on Sat, 02 Nov 2013 17:37:17 GMT]
simone717 last decade
OK I will have to go get some, might not be able to get out today but I will let you know when I am able to dose it to him and how it works.

I'm definitely going easy on the tea, I take just a half teaspoon of the mug of brewed tea and mix it with a teaspoon or more of water, then shake and administer.
alaskamom last decade
Oh and I only give about a quarter teaspoon of the mixed amount when I administer it.
alaskamom last decade
Ok, if the remedy is right, you won't need to do that
simone717 last decade
All right, thanks! Keep you posted.
alaskamom last decade

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