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New to homeopathy - help for my son's eating issues.

To select a homeopathic remedy for any health problem, the patient has to be like an open book. As if talking to oneself and alone. Explain with detail what your problems are. Example answers are given in front of the questions. Please take guidance from these examples and reply in detail accordingly.

Remember, we don’t know and will never know your identity so be fully truthful when answering these question so that we can help you towards regaining full health.

1. Describe your appearance & age. My son is 8 years old. Is tall and skinny. Not to skinny, just thin and normal.

2. What are the symptoms of your health problem. My son has loss of appetite.
I also wanted to add that I have had eating and toileting issues with my son since he was little. When I started to potty train him, he developed a fear of doing number two on the toilet. So much that for several years I had to give him Miralax, by doctors orders, to help him in that area. He has been fine since he mastered using the bathroom. His eating habits are not the best. We try to give him as healthy foods as possible. He tends to eat the same food for months on end until he gets so bored he won't eat them for a long time sometimes not ever again. We do not eat fast food and we don't eat fried food. Actually my husband and I are on a gluten free diet because of my husbands health. Also lately I have noticed a different scent on my sons head even after a bath, his head doesn't keep that nice soapy smell as before. It's not a fowl odor just different. You can only smell it if you put your nose to his head. Also he doesn't understand why he can't eat the foods he has loved. He can't explain to us what is going on. We need help!

3. How & when did this problem begin. He got the stomach virus a couple of weeks ago and has not regained his appetite since then.

4. What makes the problem better or worse. Breakfast makes the problem worse.

5. How do you feel emotionally. Really can't speak for him, but he is a happy kid. Doesn't like to disappoint his parents. Doesn't understand why he can't eat what he used to like. Cries when he tries to eat it but doesn't have success.

6. Describe your personality. I think my son is a perfectionist. Likes to keep his room picked up. Tends to be shy. But very loving.

7. What occupies your mind mostly. Football and math.

8. How do you respond to consolation. He doesn't like to be corrected because he always tries to do things right.

9. Do you want to stay alone or in company. He doesn't like to be alone and enjoys company.

10. How is your sleep. He sleeps great. He has an internal alarm that wakes him up every morning at the same time. He is awake in the morning and gets sleepy fast at night.

11. Do you have any recurring dreams. He tends to have scary dreams.

12. What type of weather do you like and how it affects your complaints. He likes sunny, cool days.

13. Do you fight or flight. He is not a fighter. Just his normal sibling issues with his little sister.

14. What are your fears. It seams like he fears eating breakfast!!! This was not the case before the virus. He can only eat an apple and eats some dry Cheerios in the car on the way to school. He fears the dark in the house at night. He can't walk into a room at night when the lights are out.

15. Do you normally feel hot or cold. My sons temperature is normal throughout the day but gets really hot at night while sleeping.

16. What foods you love & hate. My son likes pizza and chicken nuggets and fries. He doesn't like hamburgers. His go to food now is lentil soup, plain rice with salt, plain pasta with salt and meatballs on the side with red sauce and chicken soup with carrots and celery. I make pancakes every Sunday morning, which he LOVED, now he tries to eat it but he gets disgusted by it. He's LOVED apples and now he can't it the peel of an apple. He liked vegetables like, green beans, broccoli, zucchini but now doesn't want them.

17. How is your thirst. Not really have an issue with thirst, but my son drinks a lot of water.

18. Any coating on tongue. Tongue is fine. Although my son has always had issues with textures in his mouth. Meats have to be juicy for him to enjoy.

19. Any skin problems. Skin is normal.

20. Any problems with respiration. No problems.

21. Any problems with stool/urine. No problems in this area.

22. Any sexual problems. My son is not sexually active at 8 years old.
  sandrapc on 2013-10-31
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Will analyze and come back
Zady101 8 years ago
Kadwa, please reply to this post.
sandrapc 8 years ago
Your kid needs

Alfalfa q, 4 drops in some water twice a day ( for 5 days ).
Zady101 8 years ago
Small correction:

5 drops twice a day for 5 days and then you update me. Sorry for the late response!
Zady101 8 years ago
Morning, can i get the alfalfa q in pellets and how much would I need to give him?
Thank you so much,
sandrapc 8 years ago
It is in liquid form. It will solve your problem:

5 drops in some water twice a day for 5 days.

Update me after that.
Zady101 8 years ago

Alfalfa Q is what they call a mother tincture- it is what
all other remedy potencies are made out of.

If you are in usa/canada you cannot order the mother tincture.
Q means mother tincture. You can order off this site
remedies shop in 3x liquid and use that the same way-
unless Zady says otherwise.

Zady-please comment.
simone717 8 years ago

Possible to order from Germany? It is way too expensive on US sites. On this site, WHP is a better bet but prices are too high. In India, we get German imported Alfalfa bottle of a reasonably big size for $2.

Checked on Helios https://www.helios.co.uk/cgi-bin/store.cgi?uid=18895&act....
Zady101 8 years ago

I am talking about getting the Q vs. getting 3x

You can get 3x liquid from Boiron, Hylands, 4x fromWHP,
all liquid for around the same.

Or you can get the 3x or 4x in pellets which is then
around $9 instead of $16. ( Helios Uk is similar to usa
liquid when you add in shipping and takes 10 days and only
has lowest 6x)

So can she use the pellets and dissolve them?
I am sure price is not the issue, it is the non availability
of Q.
[message edited by simone717 on Wed, 04 Dec 2013 06:07:42 GMT]
simone717 8 years ago

3X pellets would be fine.

1st priority - WHP
2nd Bioron - Boiron

So pls guide her accordingly.
Zady101 8 years ago
Hi Sandra,

Please order the Alfalfa 3X pellets from Boiron. Go to front page of forum
and see the top button 'Remedies Shop', takes 3 to 4 days.

Zady- please tell her how you want her to prepare the remedy.
simone717 8 years ago
Let Alfalfa arrive, i will tell her how to take it.

In the meantime, her son needs arsenic alb 30C. Can she find that at whole foods?

Arsenic Album 30C
Dissolve 2 drops/5 pills in 3 tbls water, stir using a spoon and drink. Do this ONCE only.
Zady101 8 years ago
Yes, that is at Whole foods in 30c.
simone717 8 years ago
My son took the alfalfa for 5 days as indicated. I found that a couple of days after he started taking it, the smell in his head was not as strong. He had a better appetite while he was taking it. But for some Reason that he can't explain last nite he couldn't eat his pasta. He wanted too but he could only eat one small piece of pasta at a time. Like it was torture for him to eat. This morning I made homemade pancakes that he always loves and he ate a whole pancake but VERY small bites at a time. He normally will eat 2 1/2. I did notice that while he was taking the alfalfa he would say he was hungry. I know it wasn't suppose to be a miracle cure but I feel he has had a set back. I also think a comment his little sister made yesterday may have something to do with it. She said her stomach hurt when she really meant she was hungry! My sons eyes opened up BIG TIME. I think he now thinks he may be getting sick but he's not. Should I give him another round of alfalfa or what should I do now? Thanks so much, Sandra
sandrapc 7 years ago
Did you give the Arsenicum Album 30c?
simone717 7 years ago
No, i did not. When I went to Whole foods they were out of the Arsenic album and it would come in within a week. A couple of days later the Alfalfa came so I just gave him that for five days. Should I still try to get some and give him the Arsenic album?
sandrapc 7 years ago
Yes. Only 1 dose.
Zady101 7 years ago
My son is doing much better with his eating habits. But my concern now is my 7 year old daughter. We went for our routine teeth cleaning and she has 6 cavities. Of course I feel like a horrible mother!!! But we brush twice a day and do mouth wash in the morning!! MAYBE, we miss a teeth brushing once or twice a week cause she happens to fall asleep. But not enough to cause this. My 9 year old has GREAT TEETH!! I have done everything the same but they r night and day when it comes to their teeth. Is there something I can give her to help fortify her teeth? Could she be having some kind of vitamin deficiency I'm not aware of? She will be having some procedures soon to take care of them. Is there something I can give her before and after the procedures to help with the healing process? We drink water as a staple everyday. Juice sometimes maybe once a week, literally!! Soda every Friday night with pizza as a treat. She eats lots of apples and not a lot of sweets! She would live on sweets if I let her, but we don't!!! My husband and I eat Paleo so our kids do so to to an extent. Please help! My poor little girl!!
sandrapc 7 years ago

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