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Eating disorder

If someone could so kindly look at my case and advise, it is very long standing and very unusual. I have tried many homeopathic remedies, healed myself naturally of a deadly disease worked on diet etc with no permanent clearing.

I have a compulsion to eat...hungry or not. I eat very well and love vegetables. my appetite it very low, lots of digestive issues that even with cleansing, healing, parasite cleansing, liver cleansing, persist. I feel it's the eating when not hungry creating the digestive issue.

With it I get a feeling of 'racing'...i eat fast, think fast, feel very tense nerves inside. I have cleared it many times with colloidal silver, NLP, NAET...it leaves for about 4 weeks during which I am a completely different person..calm, relaxed, peaceful, no urge to eat when not hungry. Then it returns. I have had a very stressfull life. very lonely and lots of sadness.

It began in my late teens after a very traumatic fall and becoming bulimia for a few years. I am now 50. It makes my life very difficult.

I am very grateful for any help!

  angelicam on 2020-09-20
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hi Angelica Guess you are a female of 50 years age
Your present illness is too much eating
Please tell you are fat or thin ,Dark complexion or fair skinned ,You eat too much if you start eating anything even if you don't fell hungry?
Please tell about these things to help me help you by selecting some Homoeopathic medicines
A.Singh last year
Hello A. Singh

Thank you so much for your help!

I am 50 yr old female, 175 cm in height, 75 kg, I am fair skinned. I have the desire to eat if I am hungry or not - if it is dinner, I must eat or I have anxiety. I will look constantly for food even if not hungry...even if very full sometimes. I have to be very careful as I cannot digest well a lot of food (volume). It is a constant struggle. When I have 'healed' it before - it goes away in a second - it seems out the top of my head feeling hard to explain...it is gone for about 4 weeks - NO DESIRE to eat when not hungry at all. Then it comes back. Possibly nerve related, I hit my head in the fall, though it was my back that was injured.

If I ignore the eating it makes me very uncomfortable and sometimes like I am having an anxiety attack. I get thoughts about particular things I want and have anxiety if I can't have it - less now than in the past.

Thank you!!!
angelicam last year
What things you crave for to eat Salty, sweets , sour , Spicy or any other specific food by name ?
Your body reactions to weather You feel too cold or heat or sensitive to both heat and cold
Your persistent thoughts may be any?
Your Gynaecology/ obstetrics/ menstual history etc
Any illness in past apart from fall on head or back ?
Personal history from childhood Your occupation , relationships?
What you want from your life
Have you checked your blood glucose levels, blood pressure or any other medical tests?
Please give as much details as possible about yourself without any hesitations. Your thoughts ,your feelings ,your reactions to differnt conditions will lead me to a specific Homoeopathic medicine to cure you. It may take a day or two
A.Singh last year
I crave spicy and sweet - but the craving is SOMETHING - the eating or drinking. I don't particularly like food or eating anymore. It's the craving to calm the FEELING.

I have no reaction to hot or cold but prefer hot. Persistent thoughts of food. I have a very high tolerance for spicy food and enjoy it of all things.

BUT - when this FOOD ISSUE is gone - I don't care about spicy or sweet - I eat slow and I breathe calmly.

right now with this issue - I have to constantly remind myself to breathe while I eat.

My cycle is usually 28 days though is a bit off last 6 months possibly peri menopause. My cycle when young was terrible - on this site it was suggested Lycopodium and was 28 days thereafter that was 10 yrs ago.

I had lymphoma at 36 I healed it naturally. Scarlet fever, pneumonia, croup as a child.

I am a holistic nutritionist. MANY worries whole life - money, weight, food issues, lack of friends, lack of success with work, lack of good relationships. Lack of close family, severe lack of fun and enjoyment in my life. Terrible marriage - very angry husband. Married 13 years. I am divorced with 2 daughters ages 10 and 14. I have always had to be the strong one.

Severe tiredness and fatigue throughout life.

Blood sugar, BP all good - all medical tests good and show nothing.

I have had severe digestive pain for 5 years - started at 18 or so - digestive weakness - I suspect Vagus Nerve (gastroperesis symptoms) medically they find nothing. The severe pain began after my divorce - felt like a gallbladder attack - everything medically good. I have done MANY liver gallbladder cleanses. Pain improved somewhat. If I eat..sometimes even water - I get pain right side going up chest to neck and right ear. I went to the emergency many times pain was so bad. This last year it is more tolerable. I do many natural things to try to heal. I cannot figure out what the problem is. What I eat doesn't seem to matter. Although my diet is mostly organic and very healthy.

If the eating issue - whatever it is would stop - this would allow the other things to heal. It's the overeating that is aggravating everything i feel.

I am VERY SAD every day of my life. I feel like I have spent 30 years trying to figure out how to heal this. I have no loving relationship because my life has been all about healing and being unwell and tired, I am very pretty but feel my body is too unattractive and no one ever shows interest in me. Everyday i try to just keep working and doing what I need to and trying to find the solution to what is causing this.

I don't metabolize drugs very well. Someone gave me a small piece of THC in chocolate for sleep - I had to call a nurse and poison control and was told to go to the hospital because I stopped breathing - my body doesn't react normally. I drink coffee without issue though.

I appreciate your time!!
angelicam last year
Take Anacardium 200 three doses only one day each at the interval of 15 minutes. Report after one week.
Pramod Jha last year
Thank you!

To be clear - I take the Anacardium 200 3 times in 1 day 15 minutes apart each dose?
angelicam last year
I have read about this remedy - almost 80% of it describes me exactly! I will report back thank you so very much!!
angelicam last year
Ok. Most Welcome. Take it as prescribed.
Pramod Jha last year
To be clear... You have to take three doses in total and that only one day and not onwards. And those three doses each at the interval of 15 minutes. Okkk
Pramod Jha last year
Thank you so very much I am going to pick it up now I will update you in 1 week:))
angelicam last year
Hi Pramod,

I am wondering if you could suggest a remedy for my daughter?

I am not sure if I need to post to the forum or if I can ask you directly...

She is 14, 162 cm 72.5 kg
She had a difficult birth - stuck in the birth canal, emergency C-section
sleep and stool difficulty as a baby - magnesium helped
always a very good eater - would eat anything - I raised her organic and lots of natural good food
weight always at the top of the medical growth chart, always slightly heavy
low energy whole life
as a child her legs would hurt when walking
lack of coordination - couldn't swing on a swing - couldn't figure out how to do it.
her dad and I divorced - lots of stress with her dad
started breast development at 9
Menstrual cycle at 10
lots of stress at 12 and her breasts grew to size E cup and she gained lots of weight.

Emotional state - Anxiety, can't communicate to people, very self conscious about her body, reads a lot, has no friends.

Prefers warm doesn't like hot or cold

Never has any energy - would sit all day if I didn't push her.

She is being treated by a natural practitioner working on her Hypothalamus and adrenals.

She has always had a strange weight pattern - fat all over her body - scalp thick with fat, her fingers since little very fat, her whole body. Her appetite growing up never matched her weight gain - her little sister (4 years younger and 50 pds) would always eat more than her. The last year her appetite increased. her fat pattern seems glandular / hormonal to me. We are working on balancing her hormones.

She is very unhappy about her weight, her body, no friends.

Thank you so very much for you time and efforts!!

angelicam last year
Baryta Carb 1 M Single dose.

While taking any homeopathic Medicine, avoid eating anything half an hour before and after the remedy.

Wait and report after 15 days. It takes time to cure depression.
Pramod Jha last year
Hi Pramod,

I gave my daughter the remedy - I trust your judgement but I want to confirm - I read up on this remedy before and after giving it. The fear of people describes her - but everything else it describes is the opposite of her - she has always been mentally very advanced speaking full sentences at 11 months old, very good in school.

The only thing is physically very low energy, less coordination than usual, with her excess weight being the main issue. Is this what the remedy is focused on?

I am just curious your thinking of this remedy for her.

For me I will update you on Sunday one week after taking - but so far have had wonderful improvements!!

Thank you again!
angelicam last year
Paresis is found everywhere, mentally, physically, society, behavior in Baryta Carb. Keep on . And report then.
Pramod Jha last year
Hi Pramod,

Update on my remedy taken 1 week ago:

Food compulsion issue:

there are 2 parts to this issue - the actual food thoughts desires and fixations and the raciness in eating and actions.

scale out of 10 - Thurs the raciness and compulsion down to 3/10

Saturday up to 5/10

Raciness is minimal now, the food thoughts and compulsions still strong but probably down to a 7/10 overall maybe a bit less

DEFINATE noticeable improvement with the raciness - much better

Other symptoms in my body:

tiredness and weakness very bad
I have 'pimple's' in my mouth - upper cheeks beside my teeth - almost always there, I can sometimes pop them then they go away, eating will trigger them.

I feel I can't loose weight - if I eat less I get bloated and my digestion feels very slow.

Emotionally feeling very tense and strained this week, snapping a lot.

Thank you!!

angelicam last year
Don't worry. You will feel very fine after treatment. You didn't inform about your likes, dislikes, when and how You have been sick ? What do you like to eat, your desires ? What's going on in your mind ? Have You got your blood sugar tested ?

Take Thuja occ. 200

Three doses and in only one day, each at the interval of 15 minutes.

From the second day
Natrum sulph 12 X 6 tabs BD

Report after a week.
[Edited by Pramod Jha on 2020-09-28 14:29:47]
Pramod Jha last year
One thing more, Do you have bearing down sensation ?
Pramod Jha last year
I am very grateful for your support and guidance:)

No bearing down sensation...

The sickness is tiredness - it has varied between tiredness, fatigue, lately it's a weakness that is relieved by lying down for 20 min. The tiredness has turned into a feeling of laziness lately (last 4 months) - I don't feel like doing ANYTHING. I push myself constantly to do things. I love going for hikes...even that I have to push myself. This started around 21 - I am 50.

The digestive issue - I was bulimic from 13 - 19 not solidly and severe only about 2 years maybe. I always felt like food doesn't leave my stomach. I have had a lot of pets so keep coming back to parasites and do cleanses - energy and digestion don't really improve long term. I don't go a day with feeling good with digestion. Only when I was free of the eating compulsion and I ate very little - then I would start losing weight - and my gut would swell and bloat and I would feel horrible - that part started about 5 years ago. When I was 22 I did a 5 week juice fast - I was very overweight (about 70 pds - 32 kg) I lost about 15 pds then while still fasting i gained back about 5 - in the end after 5 weeks I lost about 10 pds total. This is how my body has always worked. I worked out with a trainer shortly after then - I did extreme cardio for hours a day - after 2 months I lost 5 pds and my trainer was so shocked at how it was possible to lose so little and I was eating well.

I haven't felt GOOD physically since I was a teenager - mostly the low energy - feel it A LOT in my head and neck - head always tired, heavy feeling. many times strange feelings in my neck going into my head. Relieved by rest, sometimes taking silver.

My bowels have been loose and trouble with constipation since I was 27 - after taking antibiotics. I have taken endless probiotics I could never fix it. I started a very strong ionic silver 2 months ago - 3x/day - and suddenly I had formed bowel movements 2x/day - this lasted about 6 weeks - now it stopped again after I lowered the dose to 2xday.

I just feel very unwell every day. I am a single mother, self employed I feel mentally emotionally and physically exhausted. I have a house and it's all too much to manage. I worry constantly about money and how I will manage especially bec I feel so unwell.

The pain in my chest has improved with taking Betaine HCl. to increase the hydrochloric acid in my stomach - if I don't take it - much more pain...I just ate a small bowl of cauliflower soup and forgot to take 1 and I feel the pain building in my right chest.

I feel the eating when not hungry is triggering so much of this unwell and I can't see what is really the issue unless that clears.

With the eating compulsion - i crave coffee and wine. The wine to stop me from eating food in the evening as it upsets my stomach. If the food compulsion gone - I have no desire for either.

I crave eating a lot because I'm tired and want something to stimulate me - sometimes it helps, mostly it doesn't.

My blood sugar is good - I crave most spicy and cheese. Though don't need either every day and could live without either if I have to. I seek emotional satisfaction with food - comfort. I don't really crave anything else specifically - I eat chocolate - but same thing - it's sweet I crave and it's easy on my stomach. I don't eat a lot of sugar - I have a healthy diet. It's an emotional craving more than anything.

I am very stressed. I very restless and bored with my life. I have spent 30 years trying to understand and heal what is wrong with me, healing myself of Lymphatic C and now this chest pain. instead of enjoying life and having fun and creating relationships. Most days I feel like crying, from frustration, from sadness, from exhaustion.

Thank you!!
angelicam last year
You gave

Natrum sulph 12

what does the BD mean?
angelicam last year
Which weather do you like, or feel comfortable with ? You like to eat warm or cold foods ? You feel better in room or in open air ?
Pramod Jha last year
I like hot weather better - though not too hot. I like hot foods better...much prefer open air
angelicam last year
It is Natrum Sulph 12X

It's a biochemic salt

BD means two times a day
[Edited by Pramod Jha on 2020-09-28 15:58:01]
Pramod Jha last year
what does the BD mean after nat sulph?
angelicam last year
BD is indication of doses. BD means two times a day. It indicates You have to take Natrum Sulph 12X two times a day.
Pramod Jha last year
Just to be clear...

When i click on the name nat sulph in your reply it brings me to abchomeopathy remedy site and it's the homeopathic tubes..is this the biochemic salt? I am trying to get it from my health store as they can get it much sooner for me - it's the cell salt nat sulph 12x vs the homeopathic remedy? Is this correct?

Thank you!!
angelicam last year

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