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chronic bronchitis and sinusitis

I am 76 years old male. My biggest problem is chronic bronchitis and chronic sinusitis. It appeared when I was 62 years old. When I start to cough, when the state is in acute condition, my sputum is dark green, otherwise it’s yellow. From nose the nosal discharge is green. Every slightest cold are going immediately on bronchi and then I get fever and I’m always sweating. The doctors always gives me an antibiotic.
In my 25 years I suffered from rheumatic diseases. I stiffened the spine vertebrae . Since then I had constantly anginas. In my 40 years I was tonsillectomy.
I would like to alleviate some problems that would not be necessary every time to receive an antibiotic.
Thanks in advance, I thank you immensely.
  amandy on 2013-11-02
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Pls fill out the questionnaire. Copy ques from below link and answer them here.

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Zady101 9 years ago
1. Chronic bronchitis
a) Chronic bronchitis
It has appeared in my 62 years. I was on a cycling race. When we ride down at the downhill I was sweating, it was cold and I’ve got a bronchitis. Since then it has become a chronic bronchitis. During this time I also had a strong allergy for dust mites and grass.
b) Chronic sinusitis
It has appeared at the same time as a chronic bronchitis .
c) Behterem (inflammation of the vertebrae which causes hardening of the spine)
It was beginning in my 25 year. I was actively involved in sports- cycling. Once I fell on the spine. Maybe this has resulted in a change.
2. I have a feeling that something in a neck will be locked in a place.
The cervical vertebrae were not healed because of intense stretching.My backbone is completely hard. It’s always irritates me to cough.

2. I do not have mental health problems .
4. Because I can not deal with the sport and I'm forced to be mostly time in the house, sometimes I feel depressed .
5. Bronchitis and sinusitis –these sufferings I connect with sport - cycling. When you are on bike, you are hot and when you're getting into the hill it's cold.
Inflammation of the vertebrae (Behterem ) is associated I connecting with a fall in cycling .
6.)In the morning, until I do not do my exercise I am worst.
7.) Aggravate: change in the weather to rain or moisture or fog
Ameliorate: when I can be active in sport, when it’s nice weather
9.)I feel better in dry weather.
10. )I am temper,quickly offended, argumentative, nervous, suspicious , quarrelsome.
- A little scared,a little embarrassing
- Yes, I like being consoled during my tough times.
- No.
- No.
-I'm not a loving father, I have a lot to do with myself. I don’t like my grandchildren because I don’t like their mother. I like my wife, I always had other woman.
11.) I have a fear of heights. I do not dream of any situation repeatedly.
12.) I’m crave for the pasta, I have a resistance to potato.
13.) normal
14.) normal
16.)My sweat is Excessive. I sweat everywhere, more after trunk
17.) Normal . Stool type is in brighter colors.
18.) I sleep good. I sleep on the left side wink, sometimes on the right wink. I would prefer that I wouldn’t sleep , because I like living. When I sleep I think that I do not live. I'm a night kind of guy..
19.) Yes.
20.) Sometimes I feel that I am different from others. I think I'm a little more of them.
21.) For bronchitis and sinusitis I’ve taken an antibiotic.
For Behtren I’ve taken Naklofen or bufren (strong pain pills) .
Specific reactions to medicinal products I haven’t had..
22.) After my mother's side were mental disorders – depression, one of my children had rheumatism.
23.) I am satisfied with my appearance. I’m high, lean muscular body, I have a nice body for my age. I look old in my face, wrinkled, have a larger nose, dark hair - gray now, I’m bald with brown eyes.
Sometimes I feel younger half as I am.
25.)In my 25 year- Behterem (inflammation of the vertebrae which causes hardening of the spine)
-betwen my 25 - 40 years I had a chronic inflammations of tonsils
-in my 40 year the doctors removed me tonsils
-in my 62 year I had constantly a chronic bronchitis and chronic sinusitis

Thank you in advance.
amandy 9 years ago
Tuberculinum 200

Take a disposable cup. Dissolve 2 drops in 3 tablespoons water in this cup, stir a few times using a spoon and drink. Do this ONCE only.

Update me after 1 wk.

Restrictions: Coffee, raw onions, drugs.
Zady101 9 years ago
I'm from Europe and I would like to order Tuberculinum 200 at this link ..
I don't know which remedy is right: Is it
1. Tuberculin. Bov. or
2. Tuberculin. Bov (Kent)or
3.Tuberculin (Koch).
Can you help me please? I'm very grateful to you.
amandy 9 years ago
I prescribed Tuberculin. Bov. 200C

But we have Tuberculin. Bov. (Kent) there as well.

You can order either one of them.

Simone: Do you have any idea?
Zady101 9 years ago
Please go ahead with Tuberculin. Bov.
Zady101 9 years ago
After taking Tuberculin 200 for 7 days I'm feeling much better.
There is much less coughing and expectoration. I have less sputum and it is brighter colors, less secretion from the nose - snot is more fluid.
Generally I feel much better.
There are no other new symptoms visible.
What do you recommend for the next?

Thank you in advance.
amandy 9 years ago
This was to b taken ONCE only and not for 7 days continuously?
Zady101 9 years ago
yes. only once.
amandy 9 years ago
Ok, very good, let Tub work. Please update me after 1 wk.

No coffee, colas etc
Zady101 9 years ago
I'm 60 years old female. My bigest problem is that all the time I feel very tense, nervous and excited. It wraps me in the head at slightest excitement
My hands are shaking. I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
On my hands are fingers around the joints deformed. I have reumatism.
How can you help me?
amandy 9 years ago
sory for my last post. It was wrong.
amandy 9 years ago
After another one week of observation I cough less than before. There is less sputum from the lungs and nose. A slight pain appeared in my chest and some blood in sputum from lungs and nose which previously did not exist. Pain in chest is slowly subsiding. The blood in the sputum have decreased too. Generraly I’m feeling much better than before.
What do you reccomend for next?
Thank you in advance.
amandy 9 years ago
We need to wait. Tub. is deep-acting and long acting. Please update after 1 week.
Zady101 9 years ago
After one week there is much less coughing and expectoration. The blood which appered in the sputum have disappered. The situation has stabilized, it's better, but it is not yet OK. Generrally I feel good.
What do you recommend?
Thank you in advance.
amandy 9 years ago
Please wait 1 more wk as Tub. is still working. Update me after 1 wk please.
Zady101 9 years ago
After another one week of observation the sutuation is better. . There is less sputum from the lungs and nose. There is much less coughing. The blood in the sputum have disappeared.
Last 10 days I’m having a dry throat and nose, mucous membrane of the nose and throat is a little sore.
The pain in the cervical vertebrae are still present.
It happened an unusual event to me. During walking in forest I lost all memory and orientation for 1 hour ago. After 1 hour the situation has normalized. I was scared and I felt lost.
In general, I’m feeling good.
What do you recommend?
Thank you.
amandy 9 years ago
When did this happen? Memory gone for 1 hr?

Did you have these symptoms - memory issues, dryness in throat/nose - before. Pls clarify?
Zady101 9 years ago
I had a minor problems with orientation, but it was never so strongly.
I had never experienced such loss of memory. Generally I have a very good memory form y age. I can connect all together with the fact that these week I had more sharply painful in the neck (in vertebrae) »Behterem« and I was doing strongly exercise for the neck. There may have been a pressure on a nerve that has emerged this situation- loss of memory.
I've had a problems with dry throat earlier, but I've got a feeling that has never been so dry. Alternatively, it can be just a viral.
amandy 9 years ago
The situation is changing.We should wait 1 more wk.
Zady101 9 years ago
I’m still coughing, but less I was before I took Tuberculin. The mucus from the lungs and sinuses occurs more strongly in the mornings. During the day is less mucus. The sputum is more dense in the mornings but during the day is bright.
I have a problem in my throat. I’ve a feeling like I have a lump in the throat or to have swollen upper throat .This problem is present a month. Otherwise, I’m feeling good.
Kind regards.
amandy 9 years ago
Color of mucous?

Type of mucous? Round, long, sticky, watery, blood stained or any other kind?

Type of cough? Rattling, barking, whooping, etc?

Is there a rattling sound coming from lungs?

Are the mouth and throat dry?

How are the motions?

How is the skin?

How is energy in general?

Any other issues?
Zady101 9 years ago
1 The mucus is in bright colors.
2 The mucus is around, sticky and there is no blood in it.
3 I cough when I’ve got a felling that it’s necessary to give out mucus.
4 It sounds like a wheezing. It’s mostly wheezing when I’m lying.
5 The mouth and throat is dry. It first appeared after taking this remedy Tuberculin.
6 The motions is less painful and I move easier than before.
7 On the head, especially on the forehead I have less eczema. The rest of the skin is normal.
8 I have more energy than before.
9 I haven’t other problems.
amandy 9 years ago
What color exactly? Green, yellow, greenish yellow, yellowish green, brown??
Zady101 9 years ago
it's bright green-gray
amandy 9 years ago

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