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Dr Kadwa......please help on allergy sinusitis

Need help .....suffering from sinusitis and breathing problem

Hi Doctor,

I am 35 now and suffering from Sinusitis (turbinate swelling) from childhood. I sneeze a lot that sometimes lead to hay fever. At the age of 22, I also developed wheezing at right side of chest and urticaria. I started expereining breathing problem at the age of 30 which now comes and go, also eczema,mild psoriasis and slight discoloration in skin at right cheek (not much visible). Now I think the allergy has aggravated and I feel breathlessness with urticaria. While I sneeze there is no breathing problem but If i stop sneezing i experience breathing problem with stomach upset and frequent bowel movement. I feel chest congestion and breathing problem on right side of chest as well as right nostril blocked. Could you please help me with right medicine. I am taking arsenic album 200 with few ayurvedic medicine for last 6 months. There is little bit improvement and condition stable.

Could you please help.
  bhelpu on 2017-07-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please take the following remedies twice a day for 10 days and report back.

Sulphur 30
Natrum Mur 30
Causticum 30

Please stop Arsencium Album 200. You may continue with your herbs.
kadwa 6 years ago
Thanks for your response Dr Kadwa. Just wanted to check if below medicine need to be taken in pills form or liquid form and in how much dosage.

Sulphur 30
Natrum Mur 30
Causticum 30

bhelpu 6 years ago
2 pills each at a time, so 6 pills at a time will constitute a dose.
[Edited by kadwa on 2017-07-27 06:38:39]
kadwa 6 years ago
Hello Dr Kadwa,

I am reporting after 10 days and have taken medicine suggested by you. I have stopped taking aresnic album 200.

1) I felt aggravation initially after taking medicine; still there is little bit aggravation after 10 days and looks like breathlessness or shortness of breath has worsened as well as there is now tightness and congestion in chest with burning sensation in skin. I experience these symptoms more on the right side of body and weakness also on right side. Also urticaria on chest and stomach has worsened.It seems old symptoms (I used to experience before using arsenic album 200)has returned. I felt these symptoms during day or night for an hour or two and also after eating food.

2) There is improvement in pain in stomach and indigestion; also loose motion has stopped.Less exhaustion is there

3) discoloration (yellow spots on skin) and eczema is stable; little bit aggravation in cystic or nodular acne on face.

4) sneezing and watery nose is still there with right nose blocked but intensity is less.Once sneezing stops I start experiencing symptom no. 1

Please advise.
[Edited by bhelpu on 2017-08-03 04:22:33]
bhelpu 6 years ago
Please take the following remedies twice a day for 10 days and report back.

Sulphur 30
Natrum Mur 30
Carbo Veg 30

Causticum is replaced by carbo veg.
kadwa 6 years ago
Thank you Dr Kadwa, Please also advise what would be the time gap of administration between these three remedies. I am maintaining the time gap of 30 minutes between each remedies, Is it fine or Do I need to take all these remedies together at a time.
[Edited by bhelpu on 2017-08-05 05:53:57]
bhelpu 6 years ago
You can take all remedies at a time.
kadwa 6 years ago
Hello Dr Kadwa,

I am reporting after 10 days; Below are my observation and current condition in detail-

1)I went out of station for a week and sneezing was worse there; Now I have returned and sneezing is stable but not getting better(worse in morning when I wake up with improvement during the day), watery nose,occasional itching in eyes. With sneezing I feel headache in night with mild fever feeling (not everyday only if sneezing increases). It's worth mentioning that there is no breathlessness during sneezing. Once sneezing stops, I start feeling breathlessness (which is stable and not much improvement, sometime I feel better and next moment it gets worse) with below symptoms.
(i) nose gets blocked (mostly right side) and I feel breathlessness and chest congestion on right side and need to clear my throat with occasional weakness in right arm and right leg with grip issue; also very mild dizziness and can hear wheezing deep down the lungs if I exhale forcefully.
(ii) burning in skin and excessive sweating with urticaria on chest which also moves to stomach (and other area) if I feel pain there.

I feel above symptoms more in closed room, theatre,while I go outside and with exposure to dust. Also if I eat bread, rice, curd and any other cold items. Everyday I feel these symtopms for 4-5 hours in morning around 11 Am till 1 PM and night around 7 PM to 9 PM; sometime I do not feel these symptoms at all and next moment it gets worse.It comes all of a sudden and go. But its always there in very mild form through out the day.

2) Stomach and digestion better than before but now a days I feel burning for few hours below the throat to stomach after taking food. Also mild pain in stomach occasionally for few minutes during breathlessness but better than before (Earlier, feeling of breathlessness used to end with stomach pain but now this is not the case.)

3) palmoplantar psoriasis better than before, Old eczema had appeared on right middle finger which is getting better. Discoloration or light spots (which was first visible on right cheek in March 2016 and few doctors told me that it is early vitiligo but other doctors failed to confirm it as it is light patches, not very prominent and not much visible to eyes, I am taking ayurvedic or unani medicine for it suggested by an Ayurvedic doctor in past ) are better, I would say old spots getting better and new one is deveoping and spreading (which was stable with the use of arsenic album 200) or there is change in shape.

Please advise.
[Edited by bhelpu on 2017-08-17 06:14:39]
bhelpu 6 years ago
Please take Arsenicum Album 200 twice a day for 10 days and report back.

Please avoid food that aggravates trouble.
kadwa 6 years ago
I have Arsenic album 200 in liquid form, how many drops do I need to take with water?
bhelpu 6 years ago
2 drops.
kadwa 6 years ago
Hi Dr Kadwa,

I just completed 10 days of Arsenicn album 200 C, I feel my breathing and wheezing has improved. There is no improvement in sneezing and skin problem. I started taking raw garlic for last 3 days which always helps me to overcome sneezing and hayfever, It helped me and sneezing is better. Can I take raw garlic with 30 minutes gap?

I have observed that I have arsenic album characteristic.In past I have take arsenic album 200C for 6 months single dose with slow improvement.
I sneze while waking up in morning and in night around 8 PM -9 PM While I sneeze my breathing problem disappears with urticaria but it eventually leads to hay fever and finally breathing problem and wheezing is affected.

Once sneezing stops all problem appears like breathing problem on right side, stomach mild pain right side, weakness in right hand and leg.

Once again thanks for reviewing my case; Please advise further.
bhelpu 6 years ago
day 1 to day 3
Calcarea Carb 200 twice a day.

day 4 to day 7
mag mur 200 twice a day.

One dose means 2 pills.
kadwa 6 years ago

Shall I stop taking arsenic album
[Edited by bhelpu on 2017-08-28 12:37:27]
bhelpu 6 years ago
Yes, you should stop. Doesn't matter if you have continued it before receiving this message.
kadwa 6 years ago
Hello Dr.Kadwa,

I have completed 7 days course of medicine advised by you. Status of my condition is as below

1) Respiration- Day 1 to Day 5- aggravation with Breathing worse but now stable but while lying down on bed in night unable to sleep well and woke up in night due to breathing problem. Chest congestion deep down on right side with very mild pain.

2) Sneezing- still there but with less intensity

3) urticaria- Better than before (less redness), now it's moved to stomach area

4) skin condition stable

5) Mild stomach pain started on right lower side on day 5th and continued till day 6th and 7th. Loose black stool with bowel irritation. I would say indigestion and other symptoms aggravated.

6) right side hand and leg weakness better

very Mild fever with body weakness and restlessness started on day 6 and 7 and not able to feel the taste in food while eating. Now Feeling sick whole day

I would ike to mention that after reading calc carb characteristic in detail, I feel that it's very close to my character or symptoms.
[Edited by bhelpu on 2017-09-04 04:35:17]
bhelpu 6 years ago
Please take Rhus Tox 200 twice a day for 7 days. Only one remedy.
kadwa 6 years ago
Thanks for your response; I have a question in mind. I heard that in homeopathy, a remedy need be taken for a longer period of a time in order to cure a disease.
Here,are we not supposed to use a single remedy for a longer period of time
Is changing a remedy too often is good and does it work in a week time?
[Edited by bhelpu on 2017-09-04 09:40:08]
bhelpu 6 years ago
[Edited by ArifMalik1 on 2017-09-05 17:15:49]
ArifMalik1 6 years ago
ArifMalik1 said Dr Kadwa

Should not bhelpu take thuja 1M or 10M and wait for a month for further prescription?
ArifMalik1 6 years ago

There are conflicting views on the use of homeopathic remedies.
Classical diehards believe in single remedy and single dose.
Clinically physicians use remedies in all different and possible ways.
There is success and failure associated with each style of dosing.
The suggestion by Arif is also a valuable one.
kadwa 6 years ago
Hello Dr. kadwa,

I have completed the 7 days course of rhux Tox 200 as suggested by you. The condition is better than before but during hot and humid weather I felt constriction, heaviness in the right side with less sneezing and feeling of dry cough unable to come out with breathing problem but with less intensity,feeling tired and slept for 10-12 hours, weakness on right side of body- limb, hand and throbbing pain sometimes at the ball of left and right foot. Also skin conditions and stomach pain stable.

[Edited by bhelpu on 2017-09-11 04:08:56]
bhelpu 6 years ago
Please take Rhus Tox 200 and Carbo Veg 200 twice a day for 10 days and report back.
The remedies may be taken at a time.
kadwa 6 years ago
Hello Dr kadwa,

I have completed 10 days course. Initially there was lot of aggravation with stuffness in chest, breathlessness with sweat in palm, feet and feel like infection in chest with pain,throat itching, lot of coughing up jelly like balls of clear mucus. Aggravation is less but still heaviness and stuffness deep of chest with feeling of dry cough, need to cough or clear my throat a lot which ease the congestion in chest, It starts with sneezing and nose block.Bout of breathlessness do get relieve by remedies but condition is not better than before. Also urticaria has worsen than before, Stomach pain and skin condition stable.
[Edited by bhelpu on 2017-09-21 04:37:26]
bhelpu 6 years ago
Please take a single dose of Thuja 200 and report back after a week.
Only one dose, not daily.
kadwa 6 years ago

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