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GERD, Allergy and sinusitis problem

Hi I have GERD (gas, acidity and indigestion), Allergy (snizzing, runny nose and some time breathing trouble due to allergy and cough) and sinusitis (due to allergy) problem from last several years. Allopathic medicine is just giving temporaray relief. Can any on e advice me any medicine for that.

Please find below Q&A in advance :
1. Your age & sex
Age 34 yrs and male
2. Describe your appearance i.e. weight, height, body type (thin, medium, chubby, fat etc)

• Weight : 73 k.g.

• Height : 170 c.m.

• Body type (Very thin, Thin, Medium, Chubby, Fat, Obese) Medium

• Any significant feature (e.g. sunken cheeks, stooped shoulders, thin chest etc.) No

3. Your profession : IT professional (software engineer)

4. Describe your personality in at least 20 words (e.g. stubborn, lazy, suicidal, don’t want to work, always in a hurry etc.)

Angry man and always plan and dream to big but cannot start whatever has think due to family problem. Not happy with wife behavior and frustration when at home with wife.

5. If money was not an issue and you had a month of vacation, what would you do

I will visit to my parents and will love to spend quality time with them as well visit any hill station and natural places like forest and etc..

6. How is your relationship with your parents, spouse, siblings, children etc.
With Parents ok. Wife worst , in last 7 yrs of marriage she has made my life hell. I even do not want to live with her but due to kids I am living with her.

7. If relationship is not ok, what’s wrong and how is it affecting you

Wife wants me to part away with my parents, my sister and all my relatives. She is very lazy women and only wants to keep relation with her parents. How I can accept this. How I can leave my parents.

8. Do you smoke/drink/drugs, if yes, details of why & since when

I use to chew tobacco from last 16 yrs. No drink, No smoke, No drugs.

9. What is your main health problem & its symptoms

I have GERD (gas, acidity and indigestion), Allergy (snizzing, runny nose and some time breathing trouble due to allergy and cough) and sinusitis (due to allergy) problem from last several years. Allopathic medicine is just giving temporaray relief.
10. When did this main problem begin

11. What is the cause of this problem in your view .

I am not sure but may be allergy, sinusitis. Because I have also very strong allergy (cold and dust) due to that I always have runny nose, sneezing.

12. What non-medicinal actions make the main problem better (e.g. massage, warmth, cold, lying down, sitting etc.)

13. What makes it worse (e.g. massage, warmth, cold, lying down, sitting etc.)

When sneezing, runny nose, sinusitis it is very much trouble some

14. How do you feel mentally & emotionally during this problem (e.g. weepy, irritable, restless, sad, hopeless, fear of death etc.)

Sad, irritable.
15. What other health problems do you have

Acidity and gastro, sinusitis, allergy, some time breathing trouble due to allergy ,

16. List down all health problems and when did they start (approximate month & year)

Allergy, breathing trouble:- 16 yrs back
Gastro:- 16 yrs back.
Acidity:- 3yrs back
sinusitis:- 4 yrs back
Bump is upper jaw:- 5 yrs back
Pain and irritation in bump of the jaw:- 4-6 month back.

17. What non-medicinal actions make these other health problems better (explain each problem)

Precaution and when I am happy then these problems get no effect on me and also whenever I visit my parents’ home I get relaxed and much better. Like acidity and gastro is much better when I visit my parents. May be due to much better environment, water etc. currently I am living in a metro city when lots of pollution..

18. What makes these other health problems worse (explain each problem)

Acidity and gastro : when I eat any spicy and oily food or change my food habit.
Allergy and breathing trouble: when tense, when high acidity the breathing trouble, from perfumes and dust.

19. What animals or insects are you afraid of

Snakes, dogs I mean which all are life threating. I am very much scary person for any disease and anxious for bad think happening to me.

20. What situations are you afraid of (e.g. heights, closed spaces, ocean, darkness etc)

Height and huge water, and always anxious that some think bad can happen to me or when I have any health related issue I starts assuming the worst think might happen to me. So I frequently visit to doctor.

21. What occupies your mind mostly

Right now fear for something worst, and rest of the time money.

22. How do you respond to consolation & sympathy

I like but did not enjoy.

23. Do you want to stay alone or with people

With people but who are good people.

24. How is your sleep, if not good, why

30% good, but due to kids they always disturb me in night as my wife did not entertain them in night for any of their
25. Do you have any recurring dreams


26. Is your complaint affected by weather, if so, which weather affect & how

In rainy season problem increase

27. Do you normally feel hot or cold

Normal as usual. Not anything special. In summer feel hot in winter feel cold. Though I love summer bcs it give me relief from cold allergy.

28. What foods you crave & love (not what you eat due to health or other reasons, rather what you love)

Dairy products, (like curd, Ghee, paneer)

29. Is there any food that you hate and can’t tolerate

Very oily and spicy as it increase GERD problem

30. What taste you crave & love (e.g. sweet, salty, sour, bitter)


31. Is there any taste which you hate and can’t tolerate

32. Do you like warm or cold food
33. Do you want to eat indigestible foods (chalk, lead pencil, mud….)

No . never

34. How is your thirst (less, moderate, excessive)


35. Do you have excessively dry lips or mouth or both

Yes my mouth and lip is dry but not too much.

36. Do you have any coating on tongue first thing in the morning, if yes, details

• Is coating thick : yes

• Color of coating : white and yellow mix

• Where exactly (back, middle, sides etc) all above the tongue but more on sides.

37. Any taste in your mouth first thing in the morning (e.g. bitter, sour)

Some smell I fell like mouth order sweet kind of test but not always.

38. How is your skin (dry, oily, rough, acne, pustules, boils, psoriasis etc), upload here or email me a picture of the skin problem
No . normal skin.

39. Please upload here or email me a close up picture of your hand nails (without nail polish or any treatment done). Picture should be of nails, not hands. Click my username for my email address.

40. Details about your sweat, answer all these points: where mostly, how much, smell, does it stain, if yes what color

Joints of hand, forehead has most sweating, no sharp smell, no stain.

41. Any problems with eyes/vision, if yes, since when :

No. as per Eye specialist it is perfect.

42. Any problems with ears, nose, throat (e.g. nose always blocked, runny, discharge color)

I feel my right nose is always blok. Due to allergy I have most of the time like 10-12 days in moth has runny nose. When discharge it has white color.

43. How is your stool, answer all these points: how often, consistency, any blood, any particular smell etc.

Twice daily, consistent, no blood, no particular smell.

44. How is your urine, answer all these points: color, smell, any blood etc.

Yellow or white, normal, no blood.

45. How is your sex desire (e.g. no desire, low, moderate, high, very high)

46. Are you satisfied with your sex life, if no, why not

No my wife is main reason and her behavior.

47. Do you masturbate, if yes, how frequently


48. Are you satisfied after that or want more

49. Males genitals (any problems with erection, any pain, any itching etc.)


50. Females menses details (reply to all these points)

• Regularity (early, late, irregular, duration of cycle)

• Flow (low, moderate, high)

• Clots (none, some, a lot, huge clots, bright color, dark color)

• Any discharge (color, consistency, smell)

51. What illnesses are running in your family

• Mother’s side Sugar, blood pressure, asthma, allergy
• Father’s side Sugar, blood pressure, Asthma, allergy

• Siblings (brother/sister)

52. Are you taking any medicines (allopathic, homeopathic, supplements, acupuncture etc.)

Yes, rebel iT (allopathic for acidity and gastro)

53. Have you had any surgeries or implants, if yes, give details .

No .

54. Have you had any long term treatment (physical or psychological), if yes, give details (what, when, where, why, the list of medicines used)


55. What homeopathic remedies have you taken in the past (potency, dosage, approx. time frame)

Not remember all, but nux vomica 200, bryonia 200 , spongia200, kalimore 6x, but these medicines I have taken long back like 10 yrs back or so.
  raviranjan on 2014-09-15
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Are you willing to leave tobacco.

Have you tried quitting tobacco, if so, what happens.
fitness 6 years ago
I have quit tobacco almost 3 months back..
raviranjan 6 years ago
No amount of treatment, be it homeopathic or allopathic, can cure if the persistent cause is not eliminated e.g. if you keep moving a broken bone repeatedly then it will never heal since you are not giving it the required break to heal and set the bone. The same logic applies to constant immense stress (don’t confuse it with daily life stress which is necessary to survive).
Extremely unhappy relationships are toxic in nature and only breed more contempt & ill health unless they are addressed and proper remedial measures are not taken.

I posted almost the same message in your other post too, you need to figure out a way of handling the stress caused by your wife.

How do you plan to do that as without it all remedies will fail.
fitness 6 years ago
yes. i know that. i am also trying to reduce my unnecessary stress from family side.let hope for the best but that can not be done in couple of days. i am trying my level best. but medicine is also required side by side as i feel. so if possible suggest any medicine for my GERD, allergy and sinusitis. Will be help full for me.

Thanks to fitness for replying my queries and best possible support.
raviranjan 6 years ago
Your remedy is: Natrum Muriatricum 200c.

Please take two doses 12 hrs apart. Just two doses. Not daily.
Report back in 7 days with changes observed.

If remedy is Pills/Pellets:
One dose is one pill.
Dissolve the pill in your mouth.

If remedy is liquid:
Put one drop of the remedy in half glass of water, stir and take one tea spoon from it.
That’s one dose.

First dose: At night before sleeping.
Second dose: 12 hrs after the first dose.
Don’t take any more dose or any other remedy unless I tell you.

If there is significant worsening of symptoms (called homeopathic aggravation) after the first dose, then don’t take the second dose.
Don’t take any other homeopathic remedy during this treatment.
Give a break of at least 10 minutes before eating/drinking anything before or after taking the remedy.
During the treatment, don’t eat anything which you have never had all your life.

Sometimes the symptoms for which treatment is being done can worsen after taking the homeopathic remedy. This is homeopathic aggravation and a good sign. It usually dies down within 24-48 hrs. During this time you can use any non-medicinal means to keep yourself comfortable. If the aggravation seems excessive, you can use any & all means necessary (including taking allopathic medicines) to keep yourself comfortable. Keep your homeopath fully updated if this happens.

A good example of how to report your progress is by giving %age improvement for all your health problems e.g.
Headache: 30% better
Low energy level: 50% better
Anxiety: 40% better
Sadness: No change
Depression: Worse
And so on list all your complaints.

If you don’t hear back from me within 24 hrs, it is likely that the forum’s email didn’t work. You can send me an email by clicking my username.

If someone is giving several remedies, without waiting to see the effect of one remedy, then it is totally against the core principles of homeopathy. Such an approach is unlikely to give permanent cure, rather it may distort actual symptoms making subsequent cure even more difficult.

You can get the remedies from this site or various other online sources, use Google search for it.

Use common sense in following these guidelines and ask me if unsure. Homeopathy is not magic and it can only work when all other supportive strategies are also used. To make sure you are cured as fast as possible and stay that way please change your lifestyle to include the following:

1. Start eating half cup of low fat, plain, non-flavored yogurt with live cultures daily in the morning or with lunch. If you have homemade yogurt that’s the best. Yogurt can cause increased mucus generation in some individuals, if you are like that, don’t eat yogurt. Rather start eating roasted black chick peas (also known as Bengal Gram) daily.
2. Stop all processed foods e.g. white bread, white rice, white burgers etc.
3. Eat whole foods only i.e. whole grain bread, brown rice, brown burgers etc.
4. The bread should be high in bran content & the flour should be coarse ground.
5. Start eating a small bowl of salad at least once a day e.g. it should contain cucumber, carrots, salad leaves, tomato and any vegetable you like. Put a dressing of olive oil & raw apple cider vinegar and put some salt & black pepper to your liking.
6. Eat at least 1-2 fruits per day e.g. apple, orange etc.
7. Drink enough water so that your urine is clear. Yellow colored urine is a good indication that you are dehydrated.
8. Eat only when hungry and when eating, don’t overstuff yourself.
9. Focus on food only when you eat i.e. don’t divert your attention by watching tv etc.
10. Exercise:
• Aerobic activity e.g. Start walking at least 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week with your spouse/friend and achieve your target heart rate.
• Strength training e.g. Start weight training at least 20 minutes 3 days a week.

No amount of treatment, be it homeopathic or allopathic, can cure if the persistent cause is not eliminated e.g. if you keep moving a broken bone repeatedly then it will never heal since you are not giving it the required break to heal and set the bone. The same logic applies to constant immense stress (don’t confuse it with daily life stress which is necessary to survive).
Extremely unhappy relationships are toxic in nature and only breed more contempt & ill health unless they are addressed and proper remedial measures are not taken.
fitness 6 years ago

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