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please help-acid reflux in 2.5 months baby

my baby is 2.5 months old, was perfectly fine till she turned 2 months with healthy weight n normal feeding schedule (completely breastfed).
but now
1) she refrains from feeding,she would latch ,take a sip n arch back n cry,would do several times n finally give up n sleep
2) her wet diapers have lessened,although hungry she is unable to take milk.it seems as if it hurts her when she starts feeding,
3)she has spitting small amount lately-the reason why we think she has silent reflux,
3)she at times would suddenly start crying loudly as if in pain
4)she doesn't latch to the bottle also, i have been pumping n feeding her with the spoon.
5)while in sleep she takes feed for 3-5 min...er total intake has reduced to 1/4th.

please suggest for the same,its very hard to see her crying in pain n hunger.Thank you so much. Appreciate your help.

from a helpless mother
  vara123 on 2013-11-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please give her a pill of Pulsatilla 200 in the morning and evening for 2 days and see how that affects in few days.
kadwa 7 years ago
thank you for your help,i have started with the med u have prescribed,just wanted to confirm if it has to be given before or after the feed and also if it has to be given in water or in powder form....
also,i wanted to add to her existing condition:

1)only feeds when half asleep, else being fed by the spoon. when hungry she comes to latch but refrains and if she does take a sip or so she arch's and cries. after not being able to feed she falls asleep and starts sucking her thumb.
2)she struggles to take a burp after the feed and relaxes after burping.
3) the spit ups are very less,but are very thick usually and at times curdled.
4) I can hear her breathing and she has some dry cough.
5)restless at night, doesn't cry in hunger at night rather sucks her thumb.
6) she sleeps on a wedge after we encountered this problem.

My elder daughter had the same problem at the same age but was on zantac then prevacid but she never started drinking the bottle while being awake, she became a dream feeder and would only take bottle after being put to sleep. i had very rough time with her for the first 3 years and scared if might not have to go through the same with my younger one too.
vara123 7 years ago
Hi Kadwa has not been on every day lately, so you can take the
one pill, let it dissolve in a teaspoon of water and then spoon
it in - once in morning, once in evening. Do this a half hour
before or after a feeding. Do this for 2 days.
simone717 7 years ago
thank you so much, i have started the remedy,will post the feedback soon.
vara123 7 years ago
hello doctor,
I wanted to give you the details of her present condition,today is the day 2 of her medication(by mistake I gave her pallets 30c ,3 in count for morning and evening yesterday,but today morning I gave 6 in count to make total 180 potency):-
1) she is very restless today,hasn't pooped today.
2) she did try to latch to take the feed yesterday night and today in the morning ,took a few sips and arched back and cried and did this a couple of times and then gave up. After that she slept with her thumb in the mouth...when she woke up I tried to feed her again and she wont latch and even won't come in the cradle position and would cry in that position and wont latch, i had to pump to feed her through spoon...in the evening i again tried just after she woke up and she took a little but after that wont latch or even come in the cradle position,she has been restless,won't let me sit ,she wants to be held upright with me in standing position.
3)noticed temp of 99.3 in the afternoon,the head was a little too warm today,now the temp is 98.3.

please advise.
vara123 7 years ago
i wanted to add that she wants to be held in the arms and wants me to move around the house at quite many time,but sometimes is happy while lying on the wedge also.

in nutshell,she has tried to latch a couple of times to take the feed,only twice she took a little n rest of the times she was very uncomfortable in the cradle position,she wont feed with me in siting position ,i have to stand n feed....before this problem started she was comfortable feeding in my lap,since this started she would only latch when i'm standing and holding her then she wont even come in that position.
vara123 7 years ago
Also to add that she swings her arm (started doing few times after this problem started) while taking feed in sleep.
vara123 7 years ago
sorry for flooding with so many details....please respond doctor, I'm only counting on you for my baby's well being...heartily Thankful for your help.
vara123 7 years ago
do i have to continue with the medicine,today is day 3 morning time...please let me know.Thanks.
vara123 7 years ago
it is very heartbreaking to c no reply....i have trusted you all n given the medicine prescribed to my little one n now i'm in a fix to continue/discontinue or do what at this point....please help.
vara123 7 years ago
Hi Vara,

It seems Kadwa is not able to respond on here every day and
you need some help now.

Stop Giving the pulsatilla. I think you need to switch remedies.

What was the babies stool like before you gave Pulsatilla?

Was she having regular bowel movements? Is her abdomen bloated
and full of gas?
Does she sweat a lot on the head?

I know she likes being carried around and that helps, what
else helps?

rubbing or warming her stomach with a blanket?

Does the baby wake in the middle of the night and cannot burp?

Thank you.
[message edited by simone717 on Tue, 19 Nov 2013 23:12:51 GMT]
simone717 7 years ago
As Simone is aware, I believe that I have fine tuned the therapy for Baby Gerd which I hope will help baby too.

The remedy that has proved to be very effective for Baby GERD is:

Nat Phos 6x dose 1 tablet dissolved in milk given immediately after a feed. You will not exceed 6 tablets in 24 hours.

You may like to try to reduce the quantity of milk you give for each feed to enable baby's digestion to stabilize. You will however feed more often. It is essential that you burp baby immediately after each feed.

You will avoid eating all food that can cause any distress to baby.You must know that they are passed on to baby through your breast milk.

You will also take Arnica 30c which you will order in the Liquid Dilution as per instructions below. Please note that the Arnica is NOT for baby.
You (the mother) will take Nat Phos 6x dose 2 tablets after each of 3 meals daily and Arnica 30c in the Wet dose taken twice daily. The idea is that your milk will pass the effect to baby. You may like to know that Nat Phos 6x will help to reduce your weight by 1kg per week very safely.
Report progress in 24 hours and as often as you wish on this thread.

If you discover that baby does not respond to the Nat Phos 6x alone and this has occurred in a few cases, you will contact me again and I shall then prescribe another remedy to reinforce the action of Nat Phos 6x.

The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

Order the remedy in the Liquid pack in Alcohol, also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper arrangement.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard at least 6 times before you sip a capfull of the bottle or a large teaspoonful which is the dose.
Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this enhances the effect of the remedy on the user.
Joe De Livera 7 years ago
thanks for responding...
my daughter has had regular bowel moment except for one time when this problem of arching n refusing feed started...at that point she went without pooping for 3 days...
yesterday she didn't poop but today she has pooped 5 time till now-yellow colored,liquidy ,normally its seedy n liquidy. not sure if she reacted to almond milk i took yesterday evening n today morning with cereal.

i did give her another dose - 6 in count,30c potency of pulsatilla.

no she doesn't sweat on the head...her temp now s fine,it was only yesterday in afternoon that i it was 99.3...i monitored last night also,temp was fine.

when she is hungry she is not able to feed, carrying her around helps n she also puts her thumb in mouth to ease herself n sleep n i try feeding her once she is about to close eyes n sleep then shew will latch cry n sleep..
vara123 7 years ago
Hi Vara,

if you want to click my name and email me with any
questions, feel free to do so.


simone717 7 years ago
i didn't c the post from joe...thanks for responding
vara123 7 years ago
Hi Vara,

I think you should try Chamomilla 30c.

Dissolve 2 pills in a tablespoon of water and give
a half hour before or after feeding.

If you notice improvement in 5 or 6 hours then wait
till symptoms come back before another dose.

You may try this up to 3 times to see if there is
a result. Once you know the remedy is having
an effect then you always wait to give another
dose only when symptoms come back. When the
remedy is right, this can be resolved fairly quickly.

Report back in on progress 24 hours after you
have tried this. Take a look at your own diet, and
eliminate any gassy or acidic foods, like onions,
beans, cabbage and so on.


simone717 7 years ago
hello Simone717 and Joe

Thanks for your responses....
As per the first post I gave my daughter pulsatilla on Sunday and Monday (twice) Tuesday(only morning)...

today,before I could begin with any medication I tried feeding her ,she did latch to my breast for the feed and she did take some sips...

So do you want me to hold on for further medication to observe how it goes?

I will keep in touch with the updates to cross check how i need to proceed further.
Please let me know.
again my concerns that I need to resolve are:

1) she should be able to feed while awake and for somewhat same time/quantity as she used to before.(her feeds and feed time per feed have decreased).
2) show no signs of discomfort while feeding especially in the start of the feed.
3) no arching back in cradle position or while feeding.

Heartiest thanks.
Your help is truly appreciated.
vara123 7 years ago
You should hold off. 200c is a high potency and normally
when given, people are told to wait for 2 weeks to see
the effects. Hard to do that wait with babies in distress, but it can take time,
so you should have no further meds given right now of anything. Just wait
and watch for a couple days at least to
see if further improvements are going
to show up.
[message edited by simone717 on Wed, 20 Nov 2013 20:36:39 GMT]
simone717 7 years ago
unfortunately the symptoms are back,now she is uncomfortable taking the feed while half asleep also...she latches,takes a few sips and arch and swings her arm and cries as if its hurting her..

1)today during the day she easily latched to the breast twice whie being awake.....

2)3 times when she wanted to feed and was rebuking back i had to just forcefully have her start the feed and then she took it.

3) now,she is hungry,wants to feed but is not coming in cradle position ,she took a few sips and arched and swinged her arms and cried,refused to drink.even in half sleep she is doing the same.

also i gave her pulsatilla dosage:

on sunday- twice- 3 in number- potency 30c palettes.

on monday - twice - 6 in number- potency 30c palettes

on tuesday- once -6 in number- potency 30c palettes

le me know if i have to wait for 2 weeks to start anything else or what should be my coarse of action.

vara123 7 years ago

Stop giving pulsatilla-

You can try Nat Phos bc it is a low potency cell salt and
not a 30c or 200 c potency.

You can try the Chamomilla 30c if the Nat phos 6x does not
work out for you-so if the Nat Phos 6x treatment does
not work after 10 days you could start to try Chamomilla 30c.

You may go over to Joes site- http://www.joedelivera.com

and talk to him directly on there and get supervision from
Joe on doing his Nat Phos protocol.

come back on this thread if it does not work out for you.
[message edited by simone717 on Thu, 21 Nov 2013 05:32:23 GMT]
simone717 7 years ago
hi ,
sorry for responding late...its crazy with 2 kids especially when the younger one is not eating.
her symptoms are back,she is arching back,swinging arms on taking feed and refraining from taking further.she is even started arching on taking feed while asleep.

i have a concern:

is pulsatilla 200c a high potency for 3 months old? should we wait for 10-15 days before giving any other med so as not to overdose ? ( i donot mind waiting if its for her well being,i can manage to keep feeding via spoon instead).is there any other med i can take instead? can waiting for a few days aggravate the condition to higher degree?

apology if im asking same thing again but as a mom i need to double assure everything..i don't want to push for medication when a gap is required.
thanks and sorry for bothering.
vara123 7 years ago
Nat phos 6x is a cell salt. Cell salts are safe to give
and are often given along with a homeopathic remedy,
so you can give a cell salt after the Pulsatilla.

It is safe to do this. Joe has his own protocol with
Gerd, you can read it on his site.
simone717 7 years ago
As suggested , i ahev begun with Nat.Phos. 6 but did come across another remedy by the name Belladonna for arching back...Please I wanted to know if it is safe to give Belladonna with Nat.Phos. 6 to my 3 months old?

Thank You for all your help...
vara123 7 years ago
Are you working with Joe on the Nat phos?

Yes you can give another remedy with a cell salt- it is safe,
but the Nat Phos should take care of the entire thing,
or if it does not work then another remedy needs to be
chosen to cover all the symptoms, including reflux,
arching back and so on ( and Belladonna is not going
to be a match for all the symptoms)
simone717 7 years ago
which is the other remedy that you would suggest other than Nat. Phos.6? Yes, I did seek advice from Joe and have started Nat. Phos.6 for myself and the baby. Please let me know which is the other remedy that would cover all the symptoms.
vara123 7 years ago

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