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Enlarged Adenoids


My 5.5 years old son has enlarged adenoids. In winter or dry season he feels slight difficulty in listening and we have to speak everything loudly. Moreover when he has this problem he also speaks loudly unintentionally. In other seasons he is fine.
In addition to this he almost always feels constipation. We give him warm milk + honey and sometimes Ispaghol husk but even then his bowel habit does not become normal.
I would be really thankful if you can suggest some good homeopathic remedy for him.


  zulqarnainhabib on 2013-11-18
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please answer these questions and I may be able to select a remedy. Answer in front of the questions leaving them in place:

1. Age, weight, height
2. Physical appearance of the child (features, complexion)
3. Milestones achieved and what age (teething, standing, walking)
4. Symptoms of the health problem
5. What makes the problem better
6. What makes the problem worse
7. How is the child behaving during this problem
8. How long the problem has been there
9. What is the reason of the problem in mother’s view
10. How is the stool & urine
11. How is the child’s sleep
12. What is the child afraid of
13. Where does the child sweat normally
14. Any problems with nose, throat, ears, chest
15. Describe the nature of the child (shy, headstrong etc. give details)
16. Is the child chilly or hot
17. Was it a planned pregnancy
18. How was the pregnancy of the mother (morning sickness, bleeding, happy, sad, tense etc)
19. How is the relationship of mother & father
fitness 8 years ago
Here are the answers:

1. Age: 5 years:7 months, Weight: 17.5 kg, Height: 105 cm
2. Physical appearance: Normal body neither thin nor fat, fair complexion
3. Milestones: teething: first teeth before at 7 months age, Standing: 8-9 months, Walking 11 months
4. Symptoms: Less hearing, constipation
5. What makes the problem better: Hotter weather
6. What makes the problem worse: Cold/dry weather
7. How is the child behaving during this problem: At age of 3.5 years
8. How long the problem has been there: for last 2 years
9. What is the reason of the problem in mother’s view: Enlarged adenoids
10. How is the stool & urine: Stool sometimes hard sometimes normal, urine always normal
11. How is the child’s sleep: Sound and sleeps immediately after going to bed
12. What is the child afraid of: Loneliness
13. Where does the child sweat normally: Head and back
14. Any problems with nose, throat, ears, chest: Increased adenoids, low hearing in Winter/dry weather
15. Describe the nature of the child: Shy
16. Is the child chilly or hot: Normal
17. Was it a planned pregnancy: Yes
18. How was the pregnancy of the mother: Sometimes happy and sometimes tense
19. How is the relationship of mother & father: Very Good


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zulqarnainhabib 8 years ago
Q-7: I want to know how is he emotionally & mentally e.g. irritable, restless, Headstrong

Q-16: Is the child normally cold or hot (what temperature he likes, how is his body usually warm or cold)

Is the child afraid of any animals & insects, if so, which.

How is his thirst

Has an ENT doctor verified that its adenoids.

What about his tonsils.

What foods he likes

What foods he dislikes

What taste he likes (salt, sweet, sour, bitter)

What taste he dislikes
fitness 8 years ago
1. He is irritable sometimes when he wakes up from the sleep. Always want to do something. Gets bored if do nothing.

2. His body temperature is little warm. He likes cold temperature.

3. He is afraid of almost all animals and insects except goat and never likes to be near any animals.

4. Yes ENT doctor and X-Ray report has verified that he has enlarged adenoids.

5. Tonsils are not enlarged as per the X-Ray report.

6. He likes fast food, ice cream, sweets, chocolates

7. Does not like vegetables

8. Likes sweet taste

9. Not sure if he dislikes something but may be bitter is something he may dislike.


zulqarnainhabib 8 years ago
Thirst: He drinks more water than other children do.
zulqarnainhabib 8 years ago
I believe your remedy is Calcarea Carbonica 200c.

Please take two doses 12 hrs apart. Just two doses. Not daily.

One dose is one pill. Dissolve the pill under the tongue.

First dose: At night before sleeping.

Second dose: 12 hrs after the first dose.

Report back with changes observed.


If you have liquid remedy and not pills, then put one drop of the remedy in half glass of water, stir and take one tea spoon from it. That’s one dose. Use the same mixture for subsequent doses, if required. Don’t refrigerate the mixture. Put it anywhere covered, away from direct sunlight.
fitness 8 years ago
Thanks for suggesting a remedy.

I will buy that and give as suggested to my son and report back.
zulqarnainhabib 8 years ago

I gave two doses of Calcarea Carbonica 200c 12 hrs apart. After two days we saw improvement in constipation. Hearing also improved a little bit. But now it has again become the same as before the remedy.

Can you please suggest something now?

zulqarnainhabib 8 years ago
Please repeat the dose, just one dose.
fitness 8 years ago

After repeating the dose, the things are better now. We feel improvement in both the issues. Thanks a lot for your help.
What's your advice for the future in case this happens again or anything else you would like to say?


zulqarnainhabib 8 years ago
Please keep repeating the dose (just one dose) every 15 days till full cure is obtained.

You can keep me posted about the progress so that I can advise if something else is required.
fitness 8 years ago
Ok, I will. Thanks
zulqarnainhabib 8 years ago
You are welcome.
fitness 8 years ago

My child again had the same issue after 3-4 days of the last doze so I repeated the remedy again and he is fine. You suggested to give it every 15 days but I had to do it as the problem occurred again. I am sorry for giving it without your instruction.

Do you suggest a more frequent doze as per the given situation?

zulqarnainhabib 8 years ago
You did right.

Sometimes the effect of dose can be nullified due to any number of reasons.

If the improvement stalls for more than 2 days, repeat the dose.

You can ask me in case of confusion.
fitness 8 years ago

My son has got Constipation again but hearing is good. Can you please advise?

zulqarnainhabib 8 years ago
Is he eating well and drinking enough water.

What does he eat on an average day.
fitness 8 years ago
He is drinking good amount of water but is not eating good these days. In general his diet is lesser than that of children of his age but for last week the diet has been very low. He skipped the meal for some times during the week.
Even before that he used to take 2-3 glasses of milk. He never does breakfast, only takes a glass of milk. Takes one bread/roti or some rice in lunch and dinner.
zulqarnainhabib 8 years ago
The cause of constipation is evident, he doesn't eat well.

Does he eat yogurt, if so, give him 1/2 cup plain yogurt daily, preferably home made. This will resolve the constipation within 1-2 days and improve his hunger dramatically.
fitness 8 years ago

Wouldn't yogurt create cold in this season? He is already having little cold and cough these days.
zulqarnainhabib 8 years ago
If you give me info in bits & pieces I will not be able to precribe successfully.

Yes, if he is having some cold & cough then don't give him yogurt, rather give him orange or fresh orange juice. This will help with the cough/cold & appetite too.
fitness 8 years ago

One Orange a day has solved constipation issue.
However the hearing issue remains fine only for 4 days when we give him a dose. From 5th day his hearing becomes weak.

Can you please suggest?
zulqarnainhabib 8 years ago
Please give a feedback on all symptoms.
fitness 8 years ago
Hi fitness

This remedy worked always for my child.

Calcaria carb 200 always work for him in almost all his problem. I am grateful to you for suggesting such a great remedy.

He often has pain mainly in foot. Calc Carb works for the pain too and the pain is gone in a few hours. But thsese days he gets it back in about 3-4 days.

My question is should I continue this remedy for long period and how often can I repeat it? He is almost 10 years old now.
zulqarnainhabib 4 years ago
I think fitness isn't available.

I would be thankful if someone else could help me.
zulqarnainhabib 4 years ago

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