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Please Help. Tiny 3 Month Old w/Acid Reflux

My son just turned 3 months (13 weeks). He now weighs 11.8 lbs.

He was born early (37+4) at 5 lbs. 13oz. and went down to 5 lbs 4oz. due to latching issues. We went through 5 different lactation consultants, 7 different types of nipple shields and many various methods. I pumped exclusively 2 ½ months until my supply was basically nothing and supplemented with organic formula. So please don’t yell at me for not being able to breastfeed. I tried everything I could until the point of sobbing daily for feeling like a failure and my husband finally telling to me let go and give up. Interchanging breast milk and formula daily led to my son going through crazy digestive discomfort and he became colicky.

Since he was 2 weeks he had colic and it took until 2 months to get that under control with a 1:4 ratio of mild fennel tea mixed with formula (Baby’s Only).

Now at 3 months (13 weeks) he has been showing signs of acid reflux. The pediatrician recommended drugs and mass-market garbage formula (i.e. HFCS as the first ingredient) that he admitted he wouldn’t even give his own daughter. I refused. I tried rice cereal mixed in his bottle and while that has worked these past 6 days I’ve been giving it to him to relieve the acid reflux, it has also made him lose almost 1.8 lbs(!). I immediately stopped the rice cereal last night and I stopped the fennel mixture this morning thinking that is what gave him acid reflux but now his gas and abdominal symptoms are back and his acid reflux is in full force. I don’t know what to do.

Please help us. We are first time parents and live as organically as possible. We don’t want to change his formula or give him pharmaceutical drugs. I've seen the other posts about nat phos etc, but don't know how to apply it to my son because he is so tiny for his age: 13 weeks, 11.8 lbs.
  sstark88 on 2014-01-30
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please answer ALL these questions and I may be able to select a curative remedy. Leave the questions in place:

1. What is the age of the child (Yr & Months)
2. Physical appearance (Thin, Medium, Chubby)
3. Normally, how is the child mentally & emotionally (Happy, Irritable, Restless, Silent, Active, Slow, Weepy, Clingy etc)
4. During gerd/reflux, how is the child mentally & emotionally (Happy, Irritable, Silent, Restless, Active, Slow, Weepy, Clingy, Arches his back, Folds his legs, Doesn’t sleep, Wakes up frequently etc)
5. How can you calm the child (Can’t be calmed, only by carrying the child, by rocking etc)
6. What are the symptoms of reflux/gerd (Burps, Vomiting, Spiting up milk etc)
7. Any gas in stomach & flatulence
8. How is the child’s stool (Solid, semi solid, liquid)
9. Stool color (White, Brown, Yellow, Green, Greenish-Yellow etc)
10. What milk does the child take (Breast, formula, a mix of both etc)
11. How is the child’s desire to feed (Always wants to feed, no desire to feed, less desire etc)
12. Is the child teething (Yes, No)
13. Where does the child sweat normally (On head, feet, palms, back, neck, not applicable)
14. Child’s sweat Smell (No smell, garlic, onion, sulphur, can’t describe, not applicable)
15. Child’s sweat quantity (A lot, very little, none, moderate, not applicable)
fitness 7 years ago
1) 3 Months + 1 day

2) He is medium size, thin middle but chunky arms and legs

3) When not in pain he is a VERY Happy baby and very active. He wakes up with a smile always.

4) When he he has Gerd he keeps spitting up clear fluid and swallows it back up making faces like it hurts him. It wakes him up. His abdominal cramps (which I can hear) make him cry and then he won't eat. He makes himself super straight when there is pain.

5) I rock him and most of the time he can be calmed. But once in a while he cannot be calmed for 20 min or so.

6) Wet burps, sometimes projectile vomits (twice), throws up and spits up more often than not.

7) He has had gas since he was born and I can hear his abdominal cramps and intestines churning especially when I first try to feed him.

8) His stool changes every day. Some days solid, some days semi-liquid. Yesterday, for the first time he had true liquid stool.

9) Ranges from Green to Greenish yellow and occasionally dark green.

10) He was taking breast and formula until two weeks ago and now he is only on formula, Baby's Only Organic.

11) He will eat when he is hungry, but when I did the rice cereal his appetite slowed and he lost weight so I stopped that as of yesterday. His appetite is back and he is eating every four hours or so, but if he eats and his intestines start he will stop eating and skip that meal.

12) He is not teething, however he has started to salivate a lot more now and is chewing on his hands.

13) He is a VERY sweaty child. He sweats from his palms and feet a lot and occasionally his back. I thought it was because he is like his dad, had no idea this matters!

14) No smell.

15) He sweats more in the heat, but daily its just slight. Its been chilly only for the last three days finally (southern California) and his sweat is just minimal.

Thank you so much.
sstark88 7 years ago
Your remedy is: Calcarea Carbonica 30c.

One dose is made by dissolving one pill of the remedy (or one drop, if you have liquid remedy) in half a glass of cooled, boiled water. Stir it and take one tea spoon from it.

Please take two doses 12 hrs apart. Just two doses. Not daily.
Report back with changes observed.
First dose: ASAP.
Second dose: 12 hrs after the first dose.
Don’t take any more dose or any other remedy unless I tell you!

Give a break of at least 10 minutes before eating/drinking anything before or after taking the remedy.

A good example of how to report your progress is by giving %age improvement for all your health problems e.g.
Headache: 30% better
Low energy level: 50% better
Anxiety: 40% better
Sadness: No change
Depression: Worse
And so on list all your complaints.

If you don’t hear back from me within 24 hrs, it is likely that the forum’s email didn’t work. You can send me an email by clicking my username.
fitness 7 years ago
I wanted to say thank you. My son is completely better! I saw an immediate change after the first dose. He's been a happy, healthy baby all day and has an appetite I wish he had since day one. He's so happy!
sstark88 7 years ago
You are welcome. Don't give any more doses now.
fitness 7 years ago
Hi. It's me again. He was fine for about a week, had no symptoms and now it has started all over again. He is skipping meals now because he is so gassy. There is nothing else wrong other than he get trapped gas and his stomach gets hard until it goes away. He has no more acid reflux symptoms but he does a little spit up now after feeding. He is just really bloated after eating. To repeat the questions:

1) 3 Months + 12 days old
2) Medium size baby
3) Normally very Happy.
4) When he has gas its almost impossible to calm him until I make him burp or he passes gas and it takes a long time.
5) I calm him by holding him when he can be calmed
6) His symptoms are a little spit up after eating (which he used to not do) and a hard stomach after each meal. Its hard to burp him and he is uncomfortable.
7) He has flatulence when he is able and that relieves him but has a very hard stomach after each meal and it is very hard to burp him.
8) His stool is solid or he gets diarrhea.
9) Greenish yellow.
10) Organic Formula
11) He always wants to eat, but when his stomach starts he stops eating because of the pain.
12) Maybe. He's very young but he is starting to salivate and chew on things.
13) He sweats from his palms and his feet.
14) There is no smell.
15) Moderate amount to a lot depending on weather.

He wakes up from sleep crying sometimes because of his gas. Every time I feed him, I can hear the milk go into his stomach and start churning and then he starts crying. He gets super bloated after each meal and is gassy and hard to burp.

This has been going on for only three days now.
sstark88 7 years ago
Give him one dose and report back.
fitness 7 years ago
I forgot to mention that I gave him one dose yesterday and it did not help him this time. I thought it would because it helped get rid of his acid reflux, but it has not helped with his gas.
sstark88 7 years ago
Give him three doses with a gap of 12 hrs as follows and report back.

Dissolve one pill of the remedy (or one drop if remedy is in liquid form) in half glass of water. Stir and take one tea spoon. That’s one dose. For the next dose, stir the mixture and take another tea spoon. Keep using the same mixture for every subsequent dose. Stirring everytime before taking the teaspoon of dose. Don’t refrigerate, cover the glass and put somewhere away from direct sunlight.
fitness 7 years ago
Logging in to observe progress.
Joe De Livera 7 years ago

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