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possible ADHD remedy

My 6 year old son lives with me and my husband and my 13 year old daughter in Toronto. He was very hyper since he was small. He is restless. He loves to move and talk by himself while playing since he was small. He is not destructive or forgetful. he talks a lot. He sleeps well at night. But whenever he wakes up in the morning can not stay in the bed. In the school , the main complain started with his childish, impulsive behaviour. He wants to do whatever he likes. he can read very well. But he has some difficulties in his fine motor skill. He does not like to write. He knows all the alphabets well. Does not like to write by himself. Needs adult's help all the time. It's difficult for him to sit in the classroom quietly. He can not finish his tasks in time. He gets distracted easily , can not concentrate in school work. Making him write is a difficult task. He likes to do challenging activity books. Does not want to give effort in thinking. But he is very intelligent. He likes to study science a lot. I need some help to make him calm down and to increase his concentration. He is very playful. Wants to play with his friends. Because of his immature behaviour kids do not want to play with him. He can not run fast, so kids don't take him in play. Sometimes girls play with him.
  Trinak on 2014-02-21
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hi Trinak,

Would you be able to expand on some of the things you have mentioned. Try to give all the observations you can, anything that is interesting or peculiar about it. For homoeopathy, things that make it worse or make it better are particularly useful.

Can you describe more on 'restless, loves to move'?

Can you describe more about the 'talking a lot'?

Can you describe more about 'do what he likes when he likes'?

Can you describe more on 'difficulties in fine motor skills'?

Can you describe more on 'Needs adult's help all the time'?

Describe more on 'cannot finish tasks on time'?

Describe more on 'likes to do challenging activity books'?

Describe more on 'very playful'?

Describe more on 'impulsive behaviour'?

Describe more on 'immature'?

You may also want to add some information on his history, including medical. It may be helpful to talk about the pregnancy and birth also, as well as some general medical information about both yourself and his father.

Some additional useful symptoms for us would be

1. Food cravings and aversions including those for drinks
2. Sensitivity to the weather and the temperature
3. Sensitivity to anything in the environment
4. Dreams or nightmares if he has described them
5. Position he sleeps in
6. Relationship with animals
7. Relationship with sister
8. Relationship with either parent
9. Any other physical problems
10. Any significant events in his life
11. Fears and anxieties
Evocationer 7 years ago
Thank you so much for guiding me.
I shall try to describe his behavior here according to your questions.
1.restless, loves to move...Does not want to sit quietly other than watching TV or playing games. Plays by himself at home, by moving around the house, mostly plays pretend games, he fights with his imaginary enemies, in his soccer club he needs reminder all the time to be focused but during the real play he can concentrate and plays pretty well. In the chess class or while we were talking to his teacher, he moves around the class room, looks at the shelves. But if I scold him he listens and stays with me without moving.
2.talking a lot...He talks a lot. whenever he is awake he is talking. But does not talk while watching TV. When I make him study after coming from the school he can not focus on writing and gets disrupted and starts talking. He talks very well with the adults. All our friends are amazed by his talking skill. But in the classroom he talks so much for that his friends get distracted by his talking, so teacher make him sit in an isolated spot.
3. do what he likes when he likes...when he was younger this was more prominent. He does not want to follow school rules. Now, he understands a little bit better. Before he spends more time in wash rooms by playing himself or spends more time in the library, as he likes to see the books and teacher complained that he did not come back with his class to the class room. I spoke to the Gym teacher recently, he said this is getting little bit better.
4.difficulties in fine motor skills...this was noticed by the teacher, occupational health came and found out that his pencil grip is not proper thats make him difficult to write. For that reason his writing is not neat. He will suffer from pain when he needs to write more. I am practicing him printing every day at home. Writing skills got better, But he does not want to write sentences. Other than that, he can zip up, can button by himself.
5. Needs adult's help all the time..I need to sit with him to finish his home work. Other than that he does not sit and do his works, he does different other thing sitting on the table. In the class same thing happens. He needs reminder to finish his works. Sometimes, teacher's aid sit with him all the time and make him finish his works.
6. cannot finish tasks on time...this already explained above. I tried with timer, but he does not understand the importance of timer. he starts playing with the timer.
7.ikes to do challenging activity books...likes to do activity books with word search, maze, coding words etc. rather than reading paragraph and writing answers.
8. very playful...wants to play all the time. very friendly with the kids. very happy to see people in the house. whoever is giving him time, he can play with him. wants to make friends but he finds difficulties in making friends with his same aged kids. Kids do not like to play with him, because he wants to impress them, wants to make them laugh by doing silly things, he is childish some time, he disrupts their play , he can not run very fast so in the tag he always got caught by others and other kids want to make him fool, he is not violent at all. he likes to play with the girls too.
9.'impulsive behavior... he does not think the consequences and do the work. mainly in the class room he wants to catch attention so he disrupts the class with saying something inappropriate,
10.immature'...he is very intelligent but at the same time he is very child like. he wants to play with his toys while his friends are in the house want to play with ipad, I think for his immaturity he has difficulties in making friends. On the contrary he has senior friends at school. mostly he plays with kids of grade 2. he is also good at playing with younger kids.

11. He loves to eat rice, chicken. He loves sweets, chocolate. He can eat cupcakes endlessly. I do not allow him sweets in his school days that much.
12. he is not that sensitive to weather
13.he likes to watch nature, likes to watch the season changes, loves to see sky, moon, birds.
14. he sleeps well.
15.he likes animals, wants to have a pet all the time
16. sister is 14 can not play together but watches TV and listens to music sometimes together.
17. his dad is his idol. likes science a lot as his dad is a scientist. knows a lot about scientific stuffs, talks with dad about science, wants to play with dad a lot. I work with him with his studies, food, school's matter all the time. we have a neatly bonded family.
18.we moved to Malaysia for a year when he started his school over there. He came back to Toronto and started his JK in a French immersion program. Now he has been moved to another school in grade 1 in a regular English program. He can read very well, but as a grade 1 student he should be able to write down few sentences on his own. He can think a lot but its difficult for him to print them on the paper. He cannot get focused while writing. Can not make up his own sentences. His main problem is his focusing.
Trinak 7 years ago
Does he like to be kissed, touched, caressed or massaged?

Does he feel happy when someone hugs or cuddles him?

What are the ailments he has suffered since his birth?
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rishimba 7 years ago
Hmmm...I don't believe I would be classing this as a disorder. I see a lot of children who have been given this diagnosis, and I believe it is certainly over-diagnosed.

I am out an about today without my repertory. I will have a look at it once I return to my office.
Evocationer 7 years ago
Dear rishimba

He feels very happy to be adored by others like any other kids. He is very outspoken and charming kind of a kid. He likes to be kissed, touched and messaged.
He was hyperactive since he started to walk. We didn't pay attention for the first couple of years. Now when he has started schooling , he has having difficulties sticking to his class room rules as he sometimes moves around the class, easily gets destructed during class work, destructs his friends by talking a lot. can not focus in writing because of his restlessness. please help me if you have any remedy for making him calm..
Trinak 7 years ago
Dear Evocationer
we do believe that this disorders are over diagnosed these days. But if anything helps him to focus on his works a little bit more, that will increase his productivity a lot. He is a very smart kid, but he needs to be focused to do better in his work..
Trinak 7 years ago
Of course, I believe he does have a problem. Homoeopathy has a very broad understanding of disease. I am always suspicious of the overuse of this particular diagnosis though.

I have a few gaps in my diary today, so I will have a look at what kind of remedies might be indicated here.
Evocationer 7 years ago
No fears at all in him?
Evocationer 7 years ago
No not that much. Sometimes scared of insects such as spiders and cockroaches. We do not punish him that bad, only for time outs or taking his toys, not letting him watch TVs like that.
Trinak 7 years ago
My apologies for the delay in getting back to you, I had a few crisis cases this week than needed my attention.

It is difficult making definite prescriptions through a forum like this. I see a lot of children with the diagnosis of ADHD, and you get to know them by sight as much as by symptoms, so that part of my diagnostic process is missing here.

I believe Rishimba may be considering Phosphorous here as the remedy based on the questions he asked, and I also believe that overall the case does show a lot of similarity to the general character of this remedy. I wonder if he would look like a Phosphorous child to me if I saw him in person?

One of the things I try to do is consider what is to be cured in any case. While it is true, sometimes the nature of the remedy can spill over into other aspects of a person's life, one has to be careful not to attempt to treat things that are not part of the disease.

So I repertorized the case based on the information you provided. These are the symptoms I chose:

Desire to play
Concentration difficult when studying
Concentration difficult while writing
Loquacity in children
Speech prattling
Mistakes, time, lost conception of
Writing aggravates
Writing aversion
Writing inability
Foolish behaviour in children
Desire rice
Desire cake/pastry
Desire chicken
Desire chocolate

A number of remedies show prominently for this set of symptoms. Phosphorous strangely was not high on it, although it did show for about 40-50% of them.

The remedies I felt might be suitable from the analysis are:

Lachesis (showed for the most symptoms)
Sac-alb (Sugar)

I think by looking at the central state for those remedies, I would have to say that Phosphorous should be tried first, to avoid missing an obvious choice.

Then I think I would be considering Saccharum. Saccharum is an excellent remedy for those children who don't want to grow up, who suffering problems with focusing and learning, and who love attention, and who would eat sweets all day if given the chance. These children, like Phosphorous, love affection. We all know now the connection between sugar and hyperactivity/ADHD conditions.

Lachesis is interesting and repertorized very well, but the central state of this remedy is around competition, winning, enemies, jealously, possessiveness, suspicion. While I have seen adults in whom this side is quite well hidden, I would be surprised to see it so well hidden in someone so young.

My advice would be to give him a single dose of 200c. Remember that a well selected remedy will almost certain aggravate him first, and this aggravation should not be suppressed in any way.
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Evocationer 7 years ago
Agree with Evocationer. Phosphorus may be low in the list but the central state of the patient is closest to the essence of phosphorus. Should be tried first.However, I am not of the opinion to start treatment on him now. These symptoms are not very strong so still cannot be classed as ADHD. I feel, he may get over these soon as he grows.
[message edited by rishimba on Wed, 26 Feb 2014 04:22:59 GMT]
rishimba 7 years ago
Thanks rishimba and evocationer

I would be more than happy if his symptoms gone with his age. But as evocationer suggested should I start phosphorus 200c? You are expecting that his symptoms would aggravate with the medication..can you anticipate at what extent this aggravation can go? should I start in the holidays?
Trinak 7 years ago
I agree with Rishimba they might be associated with his age and could be something he grows out of, but one of the other reasons I have chosen Phosphorous is that it is one of our frequently indicated developmental remedies. Such remedies often come into play to help children move through stages that might be natural, but where they are stuck or having some kind of problem.

It is up to you when you start the remedy. If you wait too long, the case may change and we might need to retake the case again. Children especially are subject to frequent, even sudden changes as they mature, and the remedy they need can change just as rapidly.

There really isn't any way to predict the degree of aggravation he might have - this relies on many factors that may not become evident until the remedy is taken. Once you get the remedy I can give you instructions on how to administer it in order to minimize potential aggravation.

Aggravation is part of the cure though, so to some degree we want to see it. It just needs to be kept at a reasonable, manageable level.
Evocationer 7 years ago

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