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face and head as if blushing

hi doctor, since past one week, i have been feeling my face as if blushing or blood rushing thru it to the head. this situation is also causing some anxiety in me. my head was also feeling heavy so i thought it was due to cold, as in the past heavy head was always there when you get up in the morning and it used to go away after i take crocin. but now along with heavy head, i get this face flushes feel like blod rushing thru to head, so i think this is something else. i looked up the symptons and got glonoin and took 30c 3-4 times and feel better, but dont know. what is the issue here. please suggest. thanks a lot for your advice, you are doing a great job. thank you Murali
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  abcmurals on 2014-03-03
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Pl take
1. Belladona-30 6 pills twice a day
2. Ferrum Met-30 6 pills twice a day

Pl keep 30-40 minutes gap between 1 and 2
Pl take this treatment for 15 days and then give feedback

R.P. Tamhankar
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shouse_nsk 7 years ago
also, i wanted to to add that it feels as if getting tension similar to if you face some serious problems and deeply worrying about it.
when this happens, the matter becomes even worse as i start to imagine bad things are happening to my health and it becomes even more as kind of panic with head hot and face skin heated. however, i divert myself and things get a little normal but still i dont know why this is there.
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abcmurals 7 years ago
Pl start the treatment, you will not get fear

R.P. Tamhankar
shouse_nsk 7 years ago
You can give feedback when you start having reactions
to the remedies, better or worse.

Everyone's body reacts different to remedies and you may
not need these remedies for 2 weeks, or 2 days-
it depends on how you react.

RP- I fail to see why you keep telling people to take things
for 2 weeks with no feedback. Obviously it is possible to
take too much, overdose and then start having problems
and bring back the illness.

It is very simple to ask the person to report in when they
have a reaction- and adjust prescription as needed.
simone717 7 years ago
thankyou for a quick reply. i will start this immediately. will post back after few days. thanks a lot.
abcmurals 7 years ago
i think i see a slight improvement as of today. i will continue with this.
abcmurals 7 years ago
another problem which i have is that i had fear anxiety issues. i think like a hypochondriac, i worry about my health especially, i have a fear of everything related to heart like BP, hypertension heart attack. these words also scare me and make me tense/panic. can you please suggest something for these. i get these thoughts and get tensed and feel my BP is increasing and due to that i get even more worried and panic. especially, last night i saw a movie in which one person said anxiety is bad for heart and thats it i started feeling scared. this fear then turns into anxiety/panic and i feel the rush, head warm, face warm, tips of hands and legs cold. midnight somehow i woke up and these thoughts again started continuing and didnt allow me to sleep. i think i felt slight palpitations also. i had to walk went to balcony outside trying to forget. i had this panic similarly 2 years back after which i visited the doctor for one year and stopped. later anxiety was there but was very little and somehow i control myself with help from homeo medicine Aconite 30 and Ars Alb 30. but last night after that movie i dont know what triggered, it was bad. maybe was it because i was not taking Aconite 30 since 2 -3 weeks. i dont want to go to the allopathic doctor now, kindly help in suggesting some remedy. i am in office now and even now i feel a little tense/fear, dont know how it will be by evening.thanks a lot for your help. i am 38 years old.
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abcmurals 7 years ago
If you got slight improvement on 3-7- that means the remedies were helping and

That means at that point you should stop taking them and wait to see what goes on
next for a few days.

Otherwise when you keep taking something after it has a reaction- you overdose

Everyone has different levels of sensitivity and a time length of a prescription
in homeopathy can never be - take xyz for 15 days straight. Each person must
go by when and how much and what type of reaction they have to the medicine.

I would stop taking this today and then it should wear off a bit. I would report
in tomorrow how you are doing.
simone717 7 years ago
oh ok, then i will stop the medicine today and will report by tomorrow. but since it is just a small improvment shouldnt i continue for few more days until the symptoms are gone completely?
abcmurals 7 years ago
No. this is not like allopathy where you keep taking medicine till the ailment is
gone ( or in other words until you have suppressed all the symptoms)

You took the remedies- then had a tiny improvement, but last night you
got very tense- so one does not know if you had too much of the remedy or
if it was just seeing that movie.

If it was due to the remedy then tomorrow , or the next few days you might
feel that you feel much better.That would mean the remedies were working,
gave you an aggravation ( more tension) and then started relief.

If you took another dose and got even more tense, then you would actually
know you have had too much- your symptoms could increase not decrease.
simone717 7 years ago
oh ok, i am stopping that today. and i feel the tension last night was not due to the remedies suggested. i had these issues earlier also, it was due to the statement in the movie which struck me bad i think and triggered which i had experienced long back. but will wait and let you know. thankyou.
abcmurals 7 years ago
i stopped since saturday. but the fear anxiety issues i had on satuday and sunday full day was very bad, just could not control and i felt it was high whole day/night. later monday somehow i managed to comfort myself and it reduced and went to homeo doctor who gave some bach flower remedies did not give any names of the pills though. i am taking them since then. but like i said when i come across those words, it frightens me and the fear is very much from the abdomen just below the ribs and my imagination starts and i feel the rush even on my face and ears feel blocking etc...i get more afraid because of this and it gets even more worse, dont know how to stop. i am ok since 3 days, but i want to know what do when the fear starts any remedy you suggest? as SOS she told me to take aconite 200 when panic attack happens.
abcmurals 7 years ago
Yes, that is correct advice on the Aconite for panic( but you cannot take Aconite more
than about 3 times without long gaps- it won't work)

The Bach flowers will
start to calm your thoughts.

Don't be afraid of panic attacks, that creates more panic attacks. When you have
a lot of anxiety or panic it starts from a sensation or a thought. If the sensation
was even a tiny sensation associated with prior fear then you have a
split second thought of something like- am I dying? or similar.

What this does is reroute your brain chemistry in two seconds. Blood starts
to be withdrawn from your front brain ( cognitive and logic center) and go
into the base brain , called the reptilian brain which signals other brain
parts to release adrenalin to keep you alive- ( fight or flight syndrome)

Once this is set off you are in for high anxiety and panic bc your front brain
is offline and cannot OVER-ride this wiring set up. It is set up for humans
to survive bc in survival situations you don't have- the luxury of 2 or 3 minutes
to decide what to do.

The body records all sensations - 24/7 and it remembers sensations that
you were anxious about before and will set this entire thing in motion-
heat to the face and spine and adrenalin making rapid heartbeat etc.

You need-A. Constitutional treatment- your whole case taken to help
you with anxiety.
B.What you are getting now is kind of a stop- gap. This could work if
you start to understand the mechanics of how this works- so when you
have a sensation, you can take a deep breath and Stay in your front brain,
don't go into the 'DISASTER thinking' and calm yourself down.

Anxiety states - like just general daily anxiety, need to be recognized.
They are like repeating tapes of ' what if' and they are always Negative.
Many people think this way and do not realize this is coming from a
hyped up nervous system and a hallmark of the hyped up nervous system
is fear and negativity. Once you realize this, then when it appears,
you Stop doing 'what if' , distract yourself asap into some other task, and
learn new thinking habits.

Make sure you exercise 45 minutes a day and work up a sweat bc this
resets the body chemistry- and make sure you eat well, sleep well and
get enough B vitamins bc they help the nerves.
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simone717 7 years ago
i think it is due to depression i am not able to come out of the negetive thoughts about my health and which causing the anxiety issues. i think the root cause here is the depressive nature of my mind. i have been very depressed about my work since last 3-4 years
abcmurals 7 years ago
I am sure you are correct bc anxiety and depression go

Can you go back to your homeopath and talk to them about
this-the right remedy will help you make changes.

Even so, studies have shown that daily exercise starts to
lift depression and anxiety better than the allopathic
drugs-it just takes more time.

I wanted you to understand the panic mechanics so that
you don't start adding more layers of things to be nervous
about- bc once you start going into panic about sensations
the memory of the sensation gets stored with different
chemicals and it becomes a trigger point to start anxiety./
simone717 7 years ago
thank you for your advice. i am trying hard to avoid negetive thoughts. when i am busy, i dont have anything and feel like normal person. it feels like a good break e.g. i had to do some travel recently and arranging taxi and taking bus etc have diverted and kept me occupied so much that i forgot about myself for few hours and later felt it was a good break from the constant worry/thoughts about my health. i have been going to the homeo doctor and she has been giving some bach flower remedies dont know the exact names of the medicines as she does not give prescription and there is no name on the medicine. i have been taking 4 pills 4 times a day and 15 drops tincture in half cup 4 times a day. and 4 pills one time on empty stomach. are there no standard homeo pills for this? am i in the right direction? when i hear the dreaded words like heart attack and related terms like BP , ecg...etc i still get a jolt and then i have to immediately divert myself else i slip into it. isnt it a case of hypochondria? it is a daily struggle for me. i think i need to find more work at office to keep my brain busy and occupied, else it is always trying to scare the hell out of me by imagining and throwing bad thoughts at me.
abcmurals 7 years ago
Of course, I have no idea what the homeopath is giving you.
You should ask exactly what it is-maybe she is one of those
who don't want to tell you what it is- but I do not agree with that.

Bach flowers, if you have them the way they are originally made-
Such as those sold in Whole Foods or online are very mild,
and they give you some space to feel a different energy and a gap
before normal panic reactions go off, so you have time to decide

They don't work at all on some people. And now they are being made
into homeopathic potencies - which is different than just a bach flower
essence. So I don't know what your homeo is actually giving you -
original Bach flower, or homeo bach flower?

Why are you worried about your health? Have you had your BP
checked and had a physical? If you have and all is fine then
it would be easier to dismiss those thoughts.

Sometimes people experience panic at the start with rapid heartbeat,
or constriction etc- and the thought of the heart gets mixed up
with past sensations of the heart when you were stressed. Like I said,
the body records all your sensations- so you see how those two
things can get linked up? This is not hypochondria.

If you know your bp etc is ok that helps you stop the sequence.
This is all a habit and you are doing better- it takes some time
to get everything not to stimulate you into panic.
simone717 7 years ago
thanks a lot for your time. actually to start with a short history will give you the background. last year, my father had a heart attack (it was delayed so no stent etc)..so when i visited him one night suddenly 3:00 AM i woke up with fear and anxiety, palpitations.. had no idea what it was, what was happening went into emergency checkups without informing anyone in the family, they do ecg and discharge me saying there is no issue..nothing to worry, but still again after two days again another hospital i went. then after few weeks like this, i understood these was panic attacks and it was all in the mind. then i went to pychiatrist for few months, but since it was very expensive, somehow stopped for almost 6 months somehow trying to control myself without any medicines, i started praying a lot, started to feel as something will happen to me or has already happened to me, started thinking about my family their future ..oh it was becoming bad like a person who has only few more days left(maybe i slipped into the trap which my brain had set). i started linking every small sensation/pain to heart and getting worried. then i felt homeo will have a good remedy and wanted to try out. i am much better compared to then, and also when i am very busy/occupied like last week i was travelling and hence missed out the medicines many times still i havent had any thoughts or worries. it was a good break i feel. coming to BP etc, i dont know i get some fear as soon as i see/read some articles/advertisements, as those early days, when i felt the pressure during panic attacks, i thought it was my BP increasing. but even earlier like before these things happened, i remember when doctor measured, my BP was always at the higher side so that also is in my mind. even few months back, when i was in line for BP check, i could feel the anxiety go up and finally the BP also showed high. so thats the history. i am all normal when i have lot of work and busy. problem is i dont have work nowadays. i think she is giving me homeo bach flower. i dont know why i am worried about my health i feel normal when i am busy/occupied, but yes i dread these words, even if someone utters these around or even if i hear on TV, i try to run away as i feel it triggers something in me (especially something sqeezed in the upper abdomen and face gets warm etc) and i get into the mode. maybe i fear getting into that panic mode.
abcmurals 7 years ago
This is a common thing with panic attacks. Many people feel the anxiety in
the heart area.

So bc of your father, you are thinking very quickly ( like in one second)
do I have a problem? The thought is so quick you don't know you have it.

That sets off the heart symptoms. Obviously you do not have a heart problem.
This is an anxiety problem. Many people also have high BP readings when
they go to get BP Checked and then a normal BP reading when they are at home.

Realize that if you distract yourself, there is no problem going on.
Try to get that into your head very strongly so that when you hear or see
anything about hearts- you have the Space to stay in your front brain and
calm yourself down.

The panic happens when the thought or sensation goes off so quick that
the blood flow is shut down to the front brain and you cannot be logical then-
bc the panic system overides and releases adrenaline.

When you have the space to keep in your front brain, then the panic overide
cannot go off- anxiety will go off but that is way less than a panic attack.

Distracting yourself and having a plan to distract yourself is very good,
bc it stops the repeating tape and eventually it is not there anymore.
simone717 7 years ago

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