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3 week old has reflux

My baby is 23 days old and has been having reflux since 2 weeks old. He spits up a lot, and has trouble burping. After doing intensive research and also a few friends have successfully treated their children with Nat Phos 6x recommended, I have decided to try (I refused to put my baby on Zantac as the ped prescribed). My LO is exclusively breastfed. I just tried the first dose of half tab NP6x dissolved in breast milk about an hour ago. LO spitted up a lot in big amount. Is it possible he spitted up the dose I gave him immediately after feeding too? He's still crying hysterically I had to give him the pacifier to calm down. He's still arching his back and squirming around and is not able to go to sleep. Please help! Do I wait for the next feeding to give another dose? Should I administer before feeding to prevent him spitting everything up?
Thank you so much!
  phi0630s on 2014-03-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You are trying Joe DeLivera's method for baby reflux -gerd.

I find that people using that method- it is easier to dissolve the tablet or half tablet
in a tablespoon of water and spoon it in to baby's mouth or dropper it in.

That way you know for sure it is absorbed. Try giving him another dose dissolved
in water now. You can go over to Joe's site www.joedelivera.com

Fyi- there are many remedies for reflux/gerd /colic, so if this does not
work for you, come back on here and get a prescription based on individual symptoms.
make sure you are not eating gas producing foods, like onion, garlic, etc.
simone717 7 years ago
Hey there, I just wanted to encourage you. I don't have the experience or knowledge to tell you whether your remedy is right or the right dose or frequency or any of that jazz. However, I just wanted to say great choice to try the homeopathics first. My son is 10 months old now and does pretty well, thanks to homeopathics.
However, I did want to say that in my own personal experience, it took a little while to see improvement with the reflux. I would give it 1 or 2 weeks to start seeing some improvement, then it should keep getting better from there. By 1 month my son was so much improved, I was able to take him on a 3 hour car ride and he was great the whole way. Normally he would scream after about 5 minutes in a car seat because the buckles pushed on his stomach.
Anyway just want to say keep at it, don't give up, and it should help but might take a little time. Even regular medications, they don't start working for about 2 weeks (although the Zantac was a little faster). So even if you went on the regular stuff, you'd still be playing a waiting game.

Something you could try, is Alkaline Water. It's plain water where they put it through a special filter to take out all the acidic minerals, so that only alkaline ones remain. It's sort of like a very mild antacid. You can give it any time you need to, to try to help reduce the acid in his throat and stomach. So while you're waiting for the homeopathics to help, maybe this could be sort of a 'rescue' in the meantime from the acid.

Good luck!
alaskamom 7 years ago
PS I did want to say, not to give a ton of Alkaline Water, since your baby is so little they need breastmilk primarily, because they need the calories. But, giving a little of the alkaline water is ok, maybe try 1/4 tsp at a time to start and see if it makes a difference.
You can give more than that if you need to, so long as baby is getting the majority of their intake as breastmilk. (I'm sure you know this but just wanted to say it as sort of a disclaimer.)
alaskamom 7 years ago

I fed him a little bit more and administered another dose of half tab dissolved in expressed breast milk. He, however, pushed most out with a spoon so I stopped and used a little syringe with a thin long hook as the tip from the hospital so it comes out very little at a time rather than a whole bunch from regular syringe. Little guy still spitted up a little and still arching his back but I kept him upright for almost half an hour and he is now sleeping. Still squirming in his sleep but to me that's already so much better than crying and screaming non stop.

My question. To prevent spitting up any nat phos 6x, can I administer the dose right before feeding? Would the remedy still work or be still effective?

Thank you!
phi0630s 7 years ago

Thank you so much for the encouragement. It breaks my heart seeing my little guy in pain. I literally feel physical pain when I see him like this or hear him cry even when someone is holding him for me. I just don't want to introduce medicine to him and the pediatrician didn't have any other word of encouragement or any other remedy but just prescribed Zantac right away. With my little guy nothing seemed to work before: colic calm, gripe water, gas drops (some people suggested jarro dophilus probiotics for infant that I've not tried). I really am having high hope that joepathy will soon work for him
phi0630s 7 years ago
I so understand what you mean. It is so, so hard to see them in pain. I have also lost a lot of faith in traditional doctors after seeing how they turned a blind eye to my son's pain. They figured, well, he's gaining weight appropriately, LOOKS healthy, and growing like he should. But can you imagine if doctors applied that same rule to adults?
'Hmm. You have come to me complaining of severe migraines that completely impair your normal daily living. However, I don't see a problem, as you LOOK healthy and are not losing weight.' Yeah, that doctor would be fast out of business!
I am so glad that I found homeopathics, because they really helped my guy to let his real personality shine through. Instead of a crying, fussy mess, he has been happy, playing quietly by himself, and not needing to be constantly held. It's also great that you're catching it so young in your little guy, because if they continue having constant pain, they begin to associate eating with pain and sometimes begin to refuse feeds. My son started to do that.
Anyway, I spent about 4 months of his life bouncing around on adult medications that are not meant for little babies, before I found homeopathics. Within 2 weeks, things were improving, and by 4 weeks, a marked difference from when I started. Hang in there...don't give up if the remedy you're using now doesn't seem to work, there are others to try.
alaskamom 7 years ago
I visited the ABC today which I do not do daily as I once use to do some years ago and was interested to note that you have used the therapy I have pioneered in using Nat Phos 6x to help your Baby’s reflux.

It is unfortunate that NP6x is not used and prescribed more widely as it has proved to be absolutely safe in use and does usually help fix baby’s reflux starting in a few minutes, after the first dose. This is due to the fact that Nat Phos is not accepted for use by the classical homeopaths simply because it was not accepted by the founder of Homeopathy Dr S Hahnemann and students were brainwashed into believing that Homeopathy demands that prescribers follow a very precise guidelines in treating the “Symptoms of the Disease with a SINGLE remedy”. I have proved otherwise and use my own 'This for That” therapy which has been aptly termed “Joepathy” by the classical sect who seemed aghast that an unqualified ‘maverick’ would dare to challenge them on their own classical turf and CURE more cases than they could do and that, free of charge. I live in Sri Lanka where I give patients who consult me, the remedy in the Wet dose (Google for this term), also free of charge. I do so simply for the satisfaction I get to help suffering humanity. I am NOT qualified in Homeopathy as to me it is only Hobby to which I am dedicated and at my age of 85, I have however studied this Science using the same texts they used in college and have developed my own therapy which is now accepted as “Joepathy”.

I am convinced that the reason I am still around is due to my use of Arnica 30c in the Wet dose which I have taken just one dose nightly for over 18 years. Visit


You have only given him just ONE dose of half tablet and it is still too early to judge whether or not this remedy will work. You may increase the dosage of Nat Phos 6x to a full tablet and observe baby’s
response and if he is OK, you will continue with this therapy which is now being used by thousands of mothers whose babies suffer from Baby GERD.

I am glad to note that you have refused to give him Zantac which is a dangerous PPI drug which must not be confused with the Nat Phos 6x which is a Biochemic Cell Salt. Please do a Google for the 2 terms “PPI Drug” and 'Biochemic Cell Salt” if you wish to be informed of the vast difference between them.

Report progress in 48 hours.
Joe De Livera 7 years ago
ou could try it before feeding. Just make sure you do not go over 5 tabs or
1/2 tabs in 24 hours. Nat phos is an acid/alkaline balancer. If this works
for you after a couple days then keep reducing the doses until it is not
simone717 7 years ago
I'm having a little issue again with the last dose I just gave him. I fed him fine and thought he was done feeding. I gave him the dose and he took it but then he started getting really fussy and demanded more food (his hunger cues). I didn't understand why he could possibly be still hungry so I had to feed him a little bit more. So with this dose I basically gave him within the feed by not before or after. Is this still okay? I'm sorry for asking so many silly questions on just how to give the med. my little guy is just a very fussy and particular guy. He's sleeping keo and I noticed no more back arching or squirminess. Hope it stays this way
phi0630s 7 years ago
Yes- it is ok. The main point is that you know he
has had the remedy.
simone717 7 years ago
Thank you so much everyone. My little guy is doing a little better. He still spits up a lot which worries me that he spits up the medication but I try administer it now after I burp him a few times before offering the other breast and he seems to do a bit better.

Passing gas is still a Problem but I cut out dairy and eggs now hope in couple of weeks it'll get better.

He has to sleep on an incline so I let him nap on his Boppy lounger and sleep at night on a wedge. I'm doing everything I can so I can get good sleep. They say not to let them sleep rock n play or Boppy but poor guy with reflux I just wanna do anything I can to make it better for him
phi0630s 7 years ago
Did they say why not to let him sleep in the Rock & Play?
That is a great place for a baby with reflux. It has a nice incline that helps keep the stomach contents down where they belong. We used our Rock & Play until our little guy outgrew it. It's so handy too to have them right by the bed so you can keep them close and comfort as needed throughout the night.
Definitely keep going on the homeopathic remedy. The fact that you've seen some improvement is a great sign. Just because it wasn't an overnight cure, doesn't mean it won't work. Even regular reflux medications can take two weeks or more to get the full effect.
Reflux can irritate the esophagus, so even when the acid isn't burning anymore, the esophagus still has to heal. Also, spitting up ins';t bad in and of itself. Lots of babies spit up but only some of then have it cause then pain.
alaskamom 7 years ago

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