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Hirsutism and acne


I´m 31 years old female and I have had acne since I was a teenager. My skin was better for years (some acne but I could live with it from the age of 21 to 29). In the recent year my skin has gone worse and it really bothers me a lot. I have had hirsutism for some years ( under naval area and around nipples). Now I have also sterted to see some dark corse hairs in my chin and more light fienr heir in the upper lip area).

I also sweat a lot from armpits and my sweat smells very bad easily. I sweat even when feeling cold, and iI think it has something to do with anxiety and social events.

My periods have allways been quite painful and coupious.

I have had vaccinations as a child (last ones at school at age 13-14). I am not in any medication, no birth control pills (never) and I have not had any antibiotics for the last 6 years. My weight is normal (I´m quite thin though I have allways had a good apetite) and I trye to eat healthy vegetarian diet. I have had some eating problems, eating a lot and then trying to throw up, put not anymore. I still eat a lot and food is an issue to me.

thank you for all the answers.
  adream on 2005-11-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I forgot to mention that I have acne mostly in my cheeks and chin but it is much worse in the right cheek. The pimples in my jaw, mainly in the right jaw, are often painful and take a long time to heal.

I also have a lot of moles. In the resent year or so I have had acne also in my chest and back (this is something I never had before).

I studied abroad for couple of years over 10 years ago. At thet time my eating got out of hands and I gain about 10 kg (in under 6 months) and my skin also went really bad. I then seeked help fron TCM therapist. With herbs and acupuncture my face cleared and I lost the weight without really dieting, just sterted eating normally again.

I feel that my current problems have something to do with hormons (PCOS?) but 10 years ago I was just stressed by liveing in a forgein country and feeling alone. Now I am married, have been with my husband for about 9 years now. My life is good but I´m always dissatisfied with something. That is just my nature. I also get easily angered by no real reason and I can´t stand everything not going the way I want.

I have gone to a homeopath a couple of years ago. I didn´t have problems with hirsutism then or I think I was getting some unusual hairs but didn´t think of them at that time. The homeopath gave me Calc phos C200. I dont remember feeling any changes after that remedy.

Now I´m starting to feel desperate with my current problems. Appearence and looks are important to me and the facial acne really gets me in to bad mood almost every morning, I also get easily depressed and just stay home if I don´t have to go to work. I am ashamed of the hirsutism problem and have not been able to talk about it to anyone, I just keep plucking the heirs out as they grow (wich is very fast). So I would be very greatful of any suggestions you might have.

Thank you.
adream last decade
Hi Dream,
I have been a sufferer of acne too, but it rarely happens anymore since I discovered some root causes.
Get the yeast factor in check by all means! yeast overgrowth will definitely yield new and painful acne eruptions.Try parasite cleansing too as they also produce toxins as by-product which the body will have to purge one way or another. And try probiotics like Primal defense as well as the major ones like acidophillus, baccilus bifidus, etc.
I don't know if this is the case for you, but pasteurized, non-organic, and not 'raw'/fresh/live dairy caused most all of my acne since adulthood. Dairy in the U.S. across the board (ice cream, pizza, fresh or sour cream, cheese of any sort...) (especially in more recent years) is infected with somatic cells (commonly referred to as 'pus') that result from the infections from burst blood vessels due to mastitis of cows' udders, caused by hormone/steroid injecting of milk cows to dramatically increase milk production for profits. You may already know all of this. I didn't. and my acne was horrible, and nothing I bought to put on my skin would stop it from finding it's way out of my body.

Then, I seriously fasted for a week, on advice, ten years ago, and after an entire week of only water and teas, my skin was perfect. For two weeks following that fast, I ate a vegan diet. NO DAIRY OR FLESH FOOD!!!! Then, oops, I had pizza with some friends. BIG wake up call!!!---I woke the following morning with all the old symptoms that I thought were my normal life prior to fasting and eating right: I was tired upon waking, woke up 2 hours later than I had been, and achy instead of refreshed, with greasy/oily skin, and by the next day, the acne returning in blister form. I learned then what I never knew before--dairy was causing my breakouts. What a sad realization for me. I loved eating cheese, cooking with it, ice cream. etc. I have since learned about the 'somatic cell count' allowance in industry standards (if you can call them standards at all anymore) in dairy production, and have looked seriously at the unique deviation we humans have taken from a natural approach to diet. Does any other mammal on the planet eat cooked (chemically altered for safe consumption) flesh, dead dairy, or synthesized preservatives, etc? Not unless humans feed it too them, or they rob our waste containers for it they don't! Ironically, milk from a chimpanzee would be more wise for our bodies--IF(!!!!!!!!!), we were meant to consume any kind of different animal's milk as adults--though we are not (nor is any other mammal on the planet!), other than milk from our own species. I want to actually paint a picture about this issue: picture an enormously-large-breasted woman hooked up to a milking machine, with organic milk labeled bottles being filled in the background. Absurd as that image is--wouldn't that be the RIGHT milk for our bodies IF we were supposed to ingest any kind of mammalian milk after a year or so of our being born? It is hard to concieve the true absurdity of what we think is healthy eating. only becuase of cultural tradition and a love for the taste of it--but to look at the painting brings up that absurdity. And seems a timely thing to do. But of course Ok, enough of that subject!
UT (urine therapy) topically applied, has been my other acne solution. It gets rid of those imbedded infections in the skin, that seem to recur over and over. Read up on this if you haven't. (google UT and acne cure, etc)
These are my findings and solutions. They may not work for you.
Do you also know that when the body isn't getting enough water intake, that it will draw toxic water from the bowels in an effort to keep things functioning properly? This is also a major cause of skin break outs. Remember, the skin is the largest organ of our bodies, and is meant to flush out toxins. If your underarm odor offends you--well, it is time for a cleanse for sure. I would try scientific fasting, increase water intake, go vegan for a month, get in the sauna or sweat out any way you can, bathe in salts, and read up on urine therapy, and try it if you haven't. Urea is really good for the skin. that is why urea (someone elses!) is an ingredient in just about every commercial skin cream being produced today. Strange but true.
I use sea salt dilution to wash my fac e sometimes too. Salt can dry out the skin though, so afterward, I will use peeled fresh aloe spear to rehydrate my skin too. It feels great and is basically a freebie if you can keep an aloe plant or two around. I hope this is helpful.
sky17 last decade
Thank you for your reply Sky,

I have tried fasting and detoxing. I was on an all vegan diet for about 2 years, but have slipped from that now. I didn´t see that much change in my skin during that time. But I have to say I eat a lot of carbohydrates in place of milk products. So too much sugar.

At the moment I try to eat healthy, mostly whole grain and organic. I do eat some diary and eggs, also mostly organic. Pizzas and other "junk food" I eat rearly. I don´t drink softdrinks, only water, tea (herbal or green) and 100% fruit and vegetable juices. I drink too little and that is something I have been working on, it is just hard for me to drink a lot of water even when I try to. I´m not easily thirsty and only 1/2 class of water takes my thirst away.

I agree with you on the diary issue 100%. Ethical issues are important to me and that has been the reason for being vegetarian for over 10 years. It was because of ethical reasons that I was vegan, and I´m not that proud that I have been slipping from that now. Drinking milk is not for adults and even children should drink the milk of their mothers not cows!

Because of your remainder I will start fasting for a couple of days and try to cut milk products from my diet once again. I just feel that my problems at the moment are not all to do about what I eat. I feel that there is something going on with my hormons. I´m not keen on allopatic drugs and view them as the last resort (they rarely help with the root of the problem, just take away symptoms and by that worsen helth in the the long run) and that is why I would like to hear if any homeopathic ramady comes in to someones mind when reading about my situation. Constitutional remedy would be best but anything to get me started would help.

I feel it must be hormonal because of my moodswings, hirsutism and acne that is unchanged with whatever treatments I use. I have tried facials and chemical peels that normally help with acne (in a place specialising in problem skin). I am not ready to try any drugs (bith control pills, antibiotics or medical creams that would suppres my symptoms).

About the urine therapy: have you used it topically or internally? I started to put it on my skin this morning! Hope it helps. Drinking urine would be hard for me to do..

I have also used special salt on my face. I have also been using green clay masks, tee three oil, neem oil you name it I have tried it. But nothing topical really seems to help a lot.
adream last decade
Hi Dream,
I believe that hormonal changes can be brought on by the dairy you consume, but also, if you crave sweets there are two likelihoods: you may be lacking in protein--eat more fresh greens, legumes/grains combined, seeds/nuts--sprouted is best for assimilation/enzymes to build them up, and the other likelihood--a candida condition. I don't question for a moment anymore that I have a candida battle going on in my body. Every time I eat sugars I get itchy around my head and chest, and my sinuses and tonsils also react, and my skin erupts in various ways too.
Urine therapy is important to know about. read up on it by googling, then look into the natural medical websites that aren't focused on selling products as much as they are into helping people get their health in order. I have used my own urine in dillution internally as well as without dilluting at times--but each time it was after getting my diet/body clear of excess salt, unnatural foods and flesh foods. It is important to read up on this practice. I wouldn't reccomend ingesting urine without having read extensively. It just isn't something to try for kicks, that is for sure. but it is valid and immeasurably healing for many who try it. It is up to you to look into it more. I hope you will. By the way, when you drink sufficient amounts of water, avoid animal flesh and eggs/dairy, and are not suffering any kidney issues, etc., there is little taste to be concerned about. My skin is very sensitive and has benefitted greatly through topical washing with clear urine. It is important to read up on the actual breakdown of what is in urine. It is a sterile solution of compuonds from the bloodstream, not toxins. it is the opposite of what most of us are conditioned to think. It isn't even comparable to excrement. If not for modern plumbing, we might not think about urine the way we do. God knows the western medical institution hasn't been of any help in that regard.
Try Showering to get the pores opened up first, then topical application, sit and forget all about it in the privacy of your space, watch a movie or read or whatever, then shower off again, or don't. there will likely be no noticable odor to bother you, and I guarantee you will feel positive changes in your skin. I wouldn't rule out the possibility of yeast issues in regard to possible causes. Yeast produce their own toxins that can manifest as skin problems. In fact, before I used urine to heal an old recurring pocket of acne, I would smell a sour cheese-like smell when inspecting the nasty stuff that I could get out of those pores (2 large pores specifically). Gross to write about, but I will tell you, urine is the only thing that stopped that cycle of over ten years! I still remember when that pocket began manifesting sorely in '92. It doesn't get infected anymore.
Again, read up on urea, it's use in skin care, and more importantly, Urine Therapy topical or otherwise.
Be Well
sky17 last decade
Hi dream, I just reread your posts. So, now i want to say to you: drink water as medicine--not just when you feel thirsty. Drink as many ounces as you can, and be sure you always pee clear. the water you drink oxygenates the blood supply to the brain and tissues as well as hydrating you properly. Read up on the toxic water drawn from bowels during dehydration in relation to skin outbreaks and such. It may have been a leading cause in my early acne problems as I never drank enough water then, and when I did, it was chlorinated tap water. Chlorine kills.
I also noticed what you said about fasting, and throwing up food. If you lack a strong supply of "probiotics"-healthy intestinal flora, you will not gain sufficient weight, and yeast can overrun the flora you have. Parasites of other varieties too happen to inhabit about 90% of us. They can get way out of control, and cause significant problems that will mainfest in skin outbreaks too. There are plenty of solutions for that issue. I suspect this is relevant for you. Fasting as well as smoking, induced throwing up, and inadequate nutritional supplementation all have likely dramatically decreased your supply healthy intestinal flora, and may be keeping you stuck in a cycle that results in most all of your present symptoms.
I think you would do well to use 'Primal Defense' 3 times daily for a month or two, and continue to eat less sugars, alcohol, yeasted foods, fermented foods, etc. It isn't necessarily homeopathy, but it is of primary importance too! Candida is a very big problem in our culture and causes a huge range of problems, but it CAN be put in check. It requires discipline like no other. Even if a candida takeover isn't what is going on, it sounds like you might do well to pump up with probiotics, including acidophillus (not necessarily in yogurt or other dairy) and drink pure filtered water like it is going out of style. Oh, and get out in the green realms and do focused deep breathing--that will also do wonders for healing. I hope this helps you. And I hope, no matter what, that you see positive changes in your experience soon.
sky17 last decade
again, I reread and... I apologize for addressing only the acne, etc. In regard to the possible hirsutism--is there a heredity to consider? If you feel this is suddenly onsetting, I feel it would be wise to try and have laproscopy on your ovaries to be sure there isn't anything serious going on. i don't mean to cause you concern, but your 'hormonal' theory may be relevant and there could be something else going on that laproscopy can reveal.
sky17 last decade
As someone who also suffers from hirsutism and acne, I can say that detoxifying will not solve your problem. I fully believe in drinking lots of pure water and utilizing an organic diet with limited dairy (no milk/cheese but yes to organic eggs). If it is hormonal, which is the case with hirsutism, then you must address the hormones.

You should try sabal serrulata or serenoa repens which is better known as saw palmetto berry. Use the lowest possible dosage that works. I have not had success with it homeopathically but I have had success using it herbally. Men use lots of it to reduce DHT in their bodies which affects the prostate gland. It is sold in 160 mg capsules but this is usually to strong for women. It builds up in your system and has a long half life so utilizing the lowest possible potency is best. It will reduce your hirsute condition and improve your acne dramatically given that it is DHT driven. I stress to use lowest potency possible because if too much is taken it can disrupt your other hormones, which is what I have discovered for myself.

I do not have elevated testosterone levels otr other hormonal abnormalities as detected by blood or saliva assays, instead my skin receptors are just very sensitive to the little bit of DHT and testosterone that I do make so I can feel just awful do to this anomoly. I hope that you post any success that you have if you decide to try it..... I would like to hear how you make out. I would either try it in tincture for from Herb Pharm because they have superior standards for their tinctures or try it homeopathically in a low potency like 3 or 6x 2 times a day. Good Luck and also detoxify like mentioned above
-it will help your liver which will also will help your endocrine system.
jentoun last decade
Thanks you for your replies.

Jen, I have tried sabal once about one year ago but I think I didn´t give it enough time to see if it would work. So I went and bought it today. Problem is that I found only one product (intended for men with prostate problems) and it has 320mg (9-12:1) sabal in it. These are capsels by Bioforce (Vogel) and men should take 1 capsel per day. I live in Europe, so we don´t have the same products that you have in the States. Hope this product is not too strong for my use. I will keep you posted on how I´m doing.
I have also done some reaserch in the web about herbs for the problems I have and I have found a few: vitex, wild yam, chinese angelica, tribulus, damiana, white peony and cimicifuga. Does anyone have any thoughts or experianses with these herbs? At least cimicifuga is also widely used in homeopathy.

Sky, you suggestit Primal Defense, I have taken probiotics (and will start again) and I also take Purely Greens (wheat grass, barley grass, oat grass, alfalfa, spirulina) with juice 1-2 times a day. So I think these together would be close to the product you siggested. I will look into it more closely from the websites that sell it.

I know I should go and get bloodworks and maby ultrasound (ovaries) done, but I just hate going to doctors office and I have this thing about needles.. But maybe I can come up with enough courage. I have to, if my problems keep going this way.
adream last decade
Im an Arab lady 28 years old ,
I was amazed when I read your post dream , because I have the exact same symptoms
The exssesive hair , the acne , the mood swings , I even have so many moles in my face and body

I cut the consumption of dairy products , and eat a little meat
But still have my problems
please let me know if you found a cure for this
Delia last decade

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