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Premature Ejaculation



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premature ejaculation

-sorry for my bad english-
can anybody suggest a remedy
for premature ejaculation?
in the last 30 days I have taken lycopodium clavatum
at a potency of 30c,
but without any result.
sulphur may be better?
  julio on 2003-05-06
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Have you tried Graphites (30C)? Graphites is normally given for premature ejaculation than sulphur.
maria 2 decades ago
try daimiana Q 30 drops morning and 30 drops evening.
shahid zaman 2 decades ago
ZAFAR BUR 2 decades ago
i got married very recently. can u pls advice me what to use for PREMATURE EJACULATION :

I need it urgent basis/ pls do help.

akash last decade
Dear sir,
Iam 36 years old .
I got married 10 yrs back.Iam having premature ejaculation from my teenage onwards.Iam not getting satisfaction due to this. Can u please suggest me a medicine for this.Iam having 30 millions total count and 40% motility as per my semen analysis.Iam yet to get a baby.If you want more details please inform me.It is very urgent.Hope you will suggest me a remedy immediately.
with regards
Ramesh swathy last decade
A man who has premature ejaculation becomes aroused but ejaculates either before or very soon after he penetrates into a woman. The man immediately feels betrayed by his manhood.

For a man to enjoys sex, he should last long.

What makes a man climaxes too quick? Well, the male organ has so much thought and needs so much strength to do its job.

The causes of premature ejaculation are many amongst them is fear.

Fear is real. Most men racked with fear as sex time approach.
If you are full of fear, shaking, you won’t last long. You are stuck in the past, frozen up over fear of what if “I cum too quick” that you actually cum too quick. Having sex and ejaculating quick is better than not having sex at all.

Ejaculating too soon is terrifying. Premature ejaculation may also be caused by biological and physical factors but it is not beyond your control. You can control it. Lasting long and enjoying sex requires training and instructions. You need to know what’s the cause and apply the appropriate formula because the problem isn’t the effectiveness of the cleaner but the source of the stain.
Go to http://www.sexualattitude.com for free techniques and exercises to combat premature ejaculation.

will last decade
Ejaculation problems

Rarely due to any physical disorder, although Spinal cord injury, urethral stricture (see Penis problems), or surgical removal of prostate gland or testis may interfere with ejaculatory mechanism. Ejaculation can occur without orgasm, and if refractory period (time between one climax and the next) is short orgasm can occur without ejaculation; capacity for repeated ejaculation decreases rapidly after puberty - only 5 per cent of 40-year-olds are capable of ejaculating more than once during a love-making session. Ejaculation during dreams, ‘wet dreams', is quite normal.

There is nothing abnormal about 'premature' ejaculation - climaxing before or as soon as penis enters vagina - but it does suggest anxiety, however caused, lack of concern for partner's satisfaction, and perhaps ignorance of female sexual response and of techniques for delaying orgasm.

If it happens regularly, it can lead to profound sexual dissatisfaction for both partners; woman begins to feel used, cheated, angry - all of which may depress her desire for sex (see Lack of desire for sex); man begins to feel self-conscious; dreads climaxing too soon, and may become so anxious about his sexual performance that even erection becomes difficult (see Erection problems). Rapid orgasm and ejaculation is common at beginning of many relationships; as trust and affection increase and anxiety wears off, timing of orgasm is easier to control. In isolated cases urethritis (see Penis problems), prostatitis (see Prostate problems, or a nervous disorder may make it difficult to delay orgasm and ejaculation, but if early ejaculation is causing problems and has no physical basis, try the self-help measures in Self Help / Remedies section; if you still feel you need expert help, ask your GP about sex therapy; it may be necessary for you and your partner to attend sessions since problem is seldom one-sided. Constitutional homeopathic treatment is strongly recommended; in the meantime, the remedies in Self Help section are useful dissolvers of anxiety and tension.

Specific remedies to be taken even 12 hours for up to 5 days:

-Feeling short-tempered and impatient, craving excitement, use of drugs such as cocaine- Nux 30c

-Increased desire for sex accompanied by lack of self-confidence and expectation of failure -Lycopodium 30c

Self-help: Relax before you make love, and don't make love when you are tired or in a hurry. When orgasm is near, you or your partner should firmly squeeze penis just below glands; this will not affect erection, but will delay orgasm and ejaculation. Try wearing a condom to reduce sensitivity. Try frequent tensing of the anal muscles and cold showers. Take strenuous exercise. Try masturbating before intercourse. As a last resort, try anaesthetic ointments or creams.

check this site: http://www.drlockie.com .there you will find the same information about your problem and others more.

good luck.
gabituca last decade
need more info. ?
John Stanton last decade
hello ..i m abhishek chandra ...i was having premature problem and then i went for the yoga therapy to have a healthy sex.you to follow the following excercise and dont go for any pills and medicine..
drink much water a day atleast 7 litre...go for urination(toilet) when u feel much pressure urination..while urinating try to stop ur urination in between slowly till it stop.do it for atleast 5 times in a period of urination.
reason:- when u stop urination in between then a muscle thats penile muscle starts to stop the urination by doing such the penile muscle get strong..like the hand muscles when u excercise daily...so this penile muscle help to prevent premature ejaculation..and u last much for the sex period....for more querries mail me at windows1524@yahoo.com
bib9666 last decade

Im Dr. ajaz. You can try a combination of remedies or acid phos q. If u need further advice pls feel free to post.

bradshaw1 last decade

Is Viagra good for premature ejaculation????
charlie last decade
Have u tried phosphoric acid q or combination of damiana and yohibinium- very effective for impotence.
Dr Ali
37 Bradshaw St
kalibrom last decade
Hey try phosphoric acid q 5 drops morning and evening.

Also combination of damiana q and Yohibnium.
37 Brdashaw st
bb9 9bw
kalibrom last decade
Viagra is very expensive and alot of side effects. Consult your local homeopath about other remedies.
DR ali.
kalibrom last decade
Dear sir,
I am 24 years man. From last 3 years I am suffering from semen discharge at night. previously it was happening 2-3 times in a week. now I am getting this problem 4-5 times in a month. sometimes it is happening with bad dreams and sometimes with out dreams. this is happening at night .
i am getting a thick emission during day time. mostly this is happening when I am talking with any girl. this is happening with out sexual excitement and without sex feelings. sometimes without talking with woman also this problem prevailing. i am getting very feared to talk with girls.
For this problem my health condition going on decreasing. i am not in sound health. i am very thin and physical condition is not attractive. I am getting very much depress in my mind due to this problem. because I am not getting encourage to do any good work.
From last 3 years I have taken so many allopathic and ayurvedic medicine but I have not got any result.
Please give me a right medication and suggestion by which I can be cured for those problem and I can regain my good health condition.
Thanking you.
With warm regards.
himtech last decade
hello Himtech
ur remedy is Selenium 1M
daily for one week only
hdrms2000 last decade
[take china 200X once a week 2 drops directly on tongue,better in morning,]

acid phosQ-5 drops in some water, and seleniumQ-5 drops in some water, alternately at intervals of 3 hours

in ayurveda one medicine is also good for ur symptoms- Veeryashodhan vati

but take one therapy at a time
either homeo or herbal
selenium last decade
Nash in his Leaders says that "Use lycopodium high.If you use it low and it doesn't work,don't blame me"

bandarbabu2000 last decade
I had been facing premature ejaculation for the last 5 months b4 that i wasn't aware of the fact, i came to know about this when i started masturbating, but recently i am also having erection problems, the member remains soft and i ejaculate prematurely.
Is masturbation the cause?
abasyn last decade
Hey bib9666 i tried to mail u at
windows1524 but it bounced back. need help
abasyn last decade
many remedies are written in materia medica but none of them is capable to solve your problem but you can try selenium3x one tablet four times daily for atleast 30 days i hope it will help you.
sajjadakram635 last decade
Happily there are remedies capable to solve this problem, I know. Super P-Force is a wonderful remedy for Premature Ejacultion problems. I use it for some time now and I've increased my ejaculation time from 2 min to 6-8 min. It really works good in such cases.
As I cannot get Super p-Force in my country, I order it online from viagra-freeonline com and I'm very pleased with the online service, it's easy to order and discreet.
william5sole last decade
Baryta Carb 30 is almost specific remedy for quick ejaculation, continue to take it once a day only, you will feel the improvement from the very first day,continue taking it untill you are completely cured.

Dr Syed Zaair Husain Rizvi

[message edited by Dr Zaair Husain on Sat, 21 Jan 2012 20:46:27 GMT]
Dr Zaair Husain last decade
Continued premature ejaculation causes one or both partners to feel sexually dissatisfied and could take toll on relationship.
Premature ejaculation often caused by anxiety, guilt and other psychological factors. You really need to relax and practice. Before you use pills and gels, why don't you try the 'stop and start' method instead.Start doing it with your partner until you feel you're about to blow then you stop for about 30 seconds. Try to make her happy while your trying to relax yours and then you start again(woman love this part). Repeat this technique until you are both satisfied then you can blow everything. Guys should learn to relax.
annecomento last decade

I have already disclosed its miracle cure for the first time in this forum on 21st of January 2012, the link is given below


All those who used this medicine were shocked to see the quick result of Baryta Carb 30, the very first dose of this medicine will show you the miracle of this remedy in premature ejaculation. You can use 3 drops of Baryta Carb 30 in a glass of water once daily and continue taking this remedy untill you reach the desired results. It may also be used in 6th potency with same results. Baryta Carb is also known as Barium Carb, Barium Carbonicum, Baryta Carbonicum etc etc, is not only the cure of Premature Ejaculation, its the wonderful cure of Erectyle Dysfunction i have always cured my patients of Premature Ejaculation successfully and never needed any other remedy, all those suffering from such problems may experience and observe the magic of this remedy.

Dr Syed Zaair Husain Rizvi
Jaffar-e-Tayyar Society Malir City Karachi Pakistan
Dr Zaair Husain last decade

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