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Rishimba or Evocationer: Looking for constitutional remedy for 3 year old

Hi, I was hoping to get some help in getting a constitutional remedy prescribed for my 3 year old. I would like to give background on him, but wondered if there was a specific question air I could fill out that would help. I know Rishimba has one, but I wasn't sure if this questionaire was also to be used for finding one's constitutional remedy.

I am requesting either homeopath to work with. I answered Rishimba's questions, but I also see that Evocationer has some experience working with children.


Thanks in advance.
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  aprilm on 2014-11-22
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

you can work with Rishimba again if
you ask for him. He is a homeopathic

Use the edit button and put his name in
your headline.

Rishimba uses the form http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/188925 to start out with and will
ask specific questions after getting
simone717 8 years ago
Ok. Thank you. I tried to answer Rishimba's questions as best I could. Here they are:

Patient ID:

Male, 3 years old. Very light golden thin blonde hair, blue eyes, pale complexion, not a meaty baby or child, on the smaller end of the spectrum compared to his peers weight wise, about average in height.

Describe Main Suffering: (Even though he is sick at the moment, I am seeking his constitutional remedy)

At thé moment, he is sick with a runny nose, slight rashy redness on cheeks and chin, torso, and back of legs (like eczema), hard barking sounding cough sometimes, no fever, and extreme crankiness. Anytime he gets sick with any kind of catarrh, he gets a spasmodic croupy sounding cough. Anything that causes him to cough hard brings on that spasmodic croupy sounding cough (like there is too much air being forced out of his airway at one time) Depending on the severity of the illness decides how often the cough is. Main sufferings can also be found in the next 2 sections.

Physical Sufferings:

Is prone to eczema break outs and skin rashes during illnesses and teething, prone to coughs and runny noses, had a bout of either pertussis or RSV when he was 11 months old (treated with homeopathic Spongia successfully), had the flu and bronchitis at 12 months, saw a classical homeopath at 12 months old due to lingering cough and illness and was prescribed 200C of Borax constitutionally, very dry skin in the winter as soon as we turn on our heat, his skin gets a sandpaperish texture, was exposed to mom's IV antibiotics during labor and as a result suffered an extreme yeast rash all over his belly and pelvic area during the first week of life. At 18 weeks in utero, ultrasonic technicians found what they referred to as a bronco pulmonary sequestration, which is an extra piece of lung tissue that had a blood vessel attached to it, on his left lung. After many ultrasounds, they couldn't find it anymore stating that the blood vessel had dissipated killing off the extra tissue, and on 2 x-rays performed after birth, they could not see anything abnormal. They say he still may have it, or may not, and if he does it is too tiny to see, but it is only detectable on CT scan, and just to watch because if it is still there, he may be more susceptible to pneumonia than the average child. He has never had pneumonia.

His ears always have large amounts of dark wax in them.

Mental Sufferings:

He has always been a very calm baby, very clingy to his mama, easily satisfied when offered to nurse, loves to cuddle and be held, needs to feel security and usually looks to his mom for this, does not like to sleep alone, sucks his thumb for comfort, traumatic birth using the vacuum, traumatic pregnancy due to mom suffering from extreme anxiety over an ultrasound finding at 18 weeks (they found something they referred to as a bronco pulmonary sequestration on his left lung that they couldn't find on ultrasound or x-ray by the time he was born), now he will be turning 3 in a few weeks and his pleasant demeanor has suddenly turned into a very discontent, agitated, emotionally unstable demeanor. He cries over everything. He does not want to cooperate with anything we need him to do, such as diaper changes, clothing changes, getting in his car seat, etc. At his worst, he cannot go even a minute without crying and getting upset. Lately, he has been experiencing nightmares in the middle of the night, saying they are about a 'fiery tinker bell (a fairy) that he sees outside his window, and she is throwing fire at him'. These dreams are very disturbing to him, he wakes up screaming, and runs into his parents room wanting to sleep with his mother.

He has also become very destructive lately, ripping up papers, throwing toys, writing on the walls with pens, getting into every and any drawer in the house he can find and throwing all the contents out on to the floor, etc. He enjoys humming and says he wants to fight in the army one day. He likes watching superheroes fighting on TV. He loves Spider Man, and anytime anyone asks him his name, he says he is Spider Man. He gets noticeably angry if you contradict that. He is Spider Man…end of story! He likes playing with flashlights and playing with anything that has a lot of small pieces, puzzles, legos, building blocks, etc. However he gets bored with them within 2 minutes and starts pretending like they are space ships, banging them together, and throwing them around the room. He likes to climb and jump, and if you don't have your eye on him constantly, he will climb up on a chair or any other slightly high place and jump down. He has always been afraid of rain and thunder. He seems to be worse with emotional symptoms early in the morning and late at night. Also worse upon waking from naps, or anytime he wakes up.

He is also very obsessive over things. If he gets an idea into his head, he will not let it go until he is satisfied or has what it is he wants. he will repeat what he wants over and over and over and over again until he is satisfied in some way. Also, he gets VERY angry if you refer to him as a baby. He is a big boy, and that's what he wants to be referred to as.

What does he feel when he is at his worst?

He is VERY whiny and cannot be satisfied. He is very fickle, he wants one thing one minute and then something else another. He wants to do things that are not age appropriate, such as use knives to help me cut vegetables, or climb on top of the counters to get into the cupboards, and gets VERY angry when he is told he is not allowed to do these things. He will hit me and throw himself onto the floor in anger when he is told he cannot do or have something.

At his worst, his mom, (me), cannot walk two steps away from him. He comes running toward her trying to get her to either sit back down, or lay back down. If his mom walks from one room to another, this separation is almost too much for him and he starts crying and running after her.

When did it all start?

The clinginess has always been there. When he was an infant, only mom could hold him. It took about a year or so before he would let dad hold him.

Which time of day are you at your worst?

Anytime upon waking. First thing in the morning, after waking up from nap, and in the late evening if he is tired.

What are some things that aggrevate?

Mom walking away, waking up, big brother coming into the room, mom getting a shower, mom sitting down to eat a meal, after bath if he is cold, after a nightmare, upon finding out it is nap time, etc.

What are some things that ameliorate?

Nursing (he still nurses in the morning), being near mom, being allowed to do what he wants, or play with what he wants, if he has a good hearty meal.

What weather do you feel better in?

I don't know. He definitely doesn't like to be cold. He seems to tolerate the heat moreso than the cold. And he does better in humid weather more so than dry.

General mental set up:

Moody, weepy, angry, discontent, easily offended, changeable. (during his bad moments) cuddly, silly, happy (during his good moments)

How do you feel before or during a thunderstorm?

Totally scared of rain and thunder

Do you like to be consoled during your tough times?


Are you sensitive to external stimuli?

Yes, he hates when mom turns on the loud blender or vacuum

Typical habits or gestures?

He bites and picks his fingernails and toenails sometimes. He also went through a phase where he would pick at a pimple on his face when he sucked his thumb. He also likes to hum.

Fears and repeated dreams?

He is afraid of being without mom, afraid of rain, and afraid he is going to have nightmares at night. His repeated nightmare is of a fiery tinker bell standing outside his window. This morning he told me that he had a dream his brother's hands blew up.


Cheese, milk (which he is slightly reactive to dairy….his bum gets red if he consumes too much dairy). craves sweets and candies

Aversions: Vegetables, fish

How is your thirst?

He always wants water. Especially at night, he has to have a zippy cup of water nearby. He asks for water a lot.

Hunger? Normal

Any food your body cannot stand?

He has a reaction to excessive dairy. His anus gets red.


Head sweats at night when falling asleep. Normal amount of sweat. He is definitely a more sweaty child (when it is hot and appropriate to be sweating) than my other child.

Bowel movements: Regular. At least once per day. Some stools softer than others. No history of constipation. Has had diarrhea a few times.


None, except his exposure to Zofran (anti nausea med) in utero and also exposure to IV antibiotics during labor and birth. He also had one round of antibiotics when he had the bout of pertussis/RSV at 11 months.

Major diseases run in immediate family:

Tourettes, hyperactivity, acid reflux

Over all appearance:

See above.
aprilm 8 years ago
He looks to be a CHAMOMILLA child for now. After a few years his homeopathic constitution will definitely change.

If he is not able to sleep well because of frequent nightmares, try a dose of CHAMOMILLA 200C on a single day.
rishimba 8 years ago
Thanks Rishimba. I will give it a try. A couple questions before I do:

1) I have Chamomilla 30C here. Is there a way to make 200C with that and possibly some water?

2) I gave him 30C of Chamomille about a week ago with no notable difference. Do you still advise to go ahead with the 200C potency?

3) should I wait until he is past the runny nose to give this, or should I give immediately?

Thank you again!
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aprilm 8 years ago
You can't convert 30C to 200C at home. Suggest you to buy the stuff and wait for his runny nose to get over.

If Chamomilla 200C fails, let me know.
rishimba 8 years ago
Ok. So last night (before I heard from you again) he was unbearably irritable and cranky, so I have him a dose of chamomilla 30c right before bed. He fell right to sleep, but woke around 2 a.m. crying about a bad dream, so I gave him another dose of 30c. He then woke at 7:00 a.m. crying again. He became very obstinate again so I have him a third dose and he seems to have calmed a bit. Also his skin looks a little better today.

Should I still proceed with the 200c?
aprilm 8 years ago
Get hold of 200C but don't administer right now. Wait to see how long this potency holds. Wait and watch a few nights. If you see his symptoms relapsing, give him a single dose of 200C.

Its expected 200C would hold longer.
rishimba 8 years ago
Ok will do. Thank you!
aprilm 8 years ago
Hi Rishimba,

My little one got sick a few days ago, slight clear runny nose, diarreah a few days ago (gone now), but still complaining about his belly hurting, pressure and pain from loose wax in his right ear (had then checked today), and also very potent smelling urine (like ammonia). Also he has been very tired and whiny and cranky. Also he keeps complaining that his butt hurts. (Not sure why)

He seems better when I am holding him, however I cannot leave the room or he starts to cry.

Any suggestion on an acute remedy? I have been treating him, but I don't think I am getting it right.

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aprilm 7 years ago
Try a few doses of CHAMOMILLA 30C once every 6 hours, 6 doses maximum. If he responds just after a couple of doses, don't give the rest of the doses.
rishimba 7 years ago
Hi Rishimba,

Just wanted to give you an update on my 3 year old. He is no longer sick, no more earache.

We've still got some chronic problems going on here though. Every once in awhile his nose will run clear, he has still got a loud barking cough sometimes (mostly when he is running around and very active...almost like an asthmatic kind of thing?), and he is very moody and clingy with me still.

When he was sick, I gave him a few doses of the chamomille 30C like you suggested. I also gave him a few other things, like Ars Album and Nux Vomica for diarreah and stomach update, and belladonna for fever.

What would you suggest? It's the barking cough and clingyness that is the most problematic at the moment.

Thank you!
aprilm 7 years ago
Try ANTIM TART 200C two or three doses, each dose 12 hours apart.

Wait and watch as his symptoms change. If they do change in the next two days, we also need to change the remedy.
rishimba 7 years ago
I will have to order it. Is there anything else I should order for follow up remedies just in case?

Also it is a dry barky cough not a wet one. Just FYI
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aprilm 7 years ago
Hi Rishimba,

Just want to be sure Ant Tart is the one you want me to order, I don't think I originally said in my post that his cough is a *dry* barky cough…..I have always thought Ant Tart was for rattling coughs that you could hear in the chest.

Also, I think I forgot to mention that he is still complaining of belly aches all the time.

Anyway, I will wait to hear from you before I order. It will take about 5 days to get the remedy in, so is there anything else I should order in terms of predicted follow up remedies?

Thank you
aprilm 7 years ago
ANTIM TART was suggested based on his 'clingy' nature at present. It covers rattling as well as dry cough when it looks asthmatic.
rishimba 7 years ago
Ok. Thank you.
aprilm 7 years ago
Just wanted to update you, I was just able to order the Ant Tart today, so I'm looking at another 5 days before it arrives. I will update you on how it works. Thank you!
aprilm 7 years ago
Just wanted to update you that I am giving the Ant Tart today. Just FYI.
aprilm 7 years ago
Hi Rishimba,

So I gave the ant tart 200c yesterday morning and he was doing fine, then I gave a second dose right before bed. This morning it's like every single mental symptom he has is amplified. I can't walk away for even a second because he freaks out and he is so whiny. I think maybe the second dose was too much? What should I do?
aprilm 7 years ago
Yes, I too feel the second dose aggravated his condition.

For now, just wait and watch. This will subside in another 48 hours maximum. Then hopefully, the curing process will start.
rishimba 7 years ago
Ok. Thank you. He already seems a bit better.
aprilm 7 years ago
Hi Rishimba,

It's been 10 days since I gave the Ant Tart 200c twice to my 3 year old. I wanted to report on what's happening and possibly get another recommendation on how to proceed from here.

So, as you know, I feel that the two doses were too much, as he had a pretty bad aggrevation the morning after the second dose.

That aggrevation subsided, but some of the aggrevation symptoms remained, which I will get into in a moment.

First, I would like to report on the physicals.

The cough....It has definitely lessened since the Ant Tart. Not completely gone though. Anytime he has to cough hard (like if he is taking a drink, and it goes down wrong and he has to cough hard, it comes out sounding barky and dry, or if he is crying really hard, the hard cries come out sounding dry and barky), it's definitely not as often, and is not happening as much when he is running around. But it is still there.

He is still daily complaining that his belly hurts. I'm not sure what this is all about, but he complains the most when he gets upset and when he is hungry.

Onto the emotionals:

As far as his emotional state, it has gone downhill since the remedy. He is a lot more emotionally unstable. He gets angrier easier and faster. He is still very clingy, if I walk away from him unexpectedly, he screams and screams until I come back and pick him up. His cries have gone from being weepy and sad to angry and demanding.

He is having intense cravings for bread, to the point where he doesn't want to eat anything else but bagels. He also craves sweets. And his sense of smell has been heightened since the remedy. He smells everything, and he thinks everything smells gross.

He has an extremely hard time transitioning from one thing to the next without getting angry. For example, if you tell him to stop doing something that he is doing because it is time to do something else, he gets very angry.

He also gets fixated on things that he wants, and he will not let up until you give it to him, or he is satisfied in some other way. The satisfaction never lasts for long before he is onto the next "want".

He also likes to pick at his skin. If he gets a scab, he will pick it until it opens back up again. He has had a scab on his nose since December that he will not let heal.

He also wants nothing to do with potty training. I have been trying to get him to go on the potty for months now, and even will put him in underwear. He will just pee his pants rather than go into the bathroom.

He's still extremely touchy and overly sensative. If someone says the wrong thing to him, he starts sobbing. For example, when his big brother (who instigates fights with him all the time) calls him a baby, he comes running and screaming to me that his brother called him a baby.

He is touch and go with emotions. One minute he will be fine, and the next he is in emotional crisis.

So, what do you think he needs?

Thanks Rishimba!
aprilm 7 years ago
He needs CHAMOMILLA 200C single dose just before he sleeps at night.

Give him his evening feed et least 2 hours before he takes the dose.

Let me know after a few days how long did the remedy hold.
rishimba 7 years ago
Ok thanks. Just gave him the chamomilla 200C.
aprilm 7 years ago
Hi Rishimba,

I gave the 200 C on March 13th, and I've seen an improvement in moodiness, clingyness, and sleep.

He is not as emotionally unstable. He has been sleeping well through the night, and I am able to walk away from him without him having a melt down. All positive changes. Also, he hasn't been complaining about his belly hurting either.

However, anytime he has to cough real hard (like when food or drink goes down wrong) he still has that hard dry badly sound to it. The cough that sounds like a horn. It's definitely lessened since beginning treatment, but it's not completely gone and it startles me when it happens.

Do you have any suggestions? A repeat of the last remedy? A new remedy?

aprilm 7 years ago

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