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Hi Rishimba,

I gave the 200 C on March 13th, and I've seen an improvement in moodiness, clingyness, and sleep.

He is not as emotionally unstable. He has been sleeping well through the night, and I am able to walk away from him without him having a melt down. All positive changes. Also, he hasn't been complaining about his belly hurting either.

However, anytime he has to cough real hard (like when food or drink goes down wrong) he still has that hard dry badly sound to it. The cough that sounds like a horn. It's definitely lessened since beginning treatment, but it's not completely gone and it startles me when it happens.

Do you have any suggestions? A repeat of the last remedy? A new remedy?

aprilm 7 years ago
Sorry for some reason it won't let me edit a post. I meant to say "dry barky cough" not dry badly.

Also, I don't know if I mentioned this in previous posts, but he is so destructive. This isn't a new symptom. He likes to disassemble things like rolls of toilet paper, tear things out of drawers and cupboards, rip up paper and throw the pieces everywhere, etc. don't know if mention of that kind of behavior will help at all.
aprilm 7 years ago
Its better not to change the remedy at this stage. If his physical symptoms are better with Chamomilla, let's not disturb its action.

A repeat dose may be given once his mental symptoms relapse.
rishimba 7 years ago
Ok, so we are just going to watch and wait the ?

Also I forgot to add a new symptom that has emerged since we started tx, excessive yawning. Even when it is not nap time or bedtime.
aprilm 7 years ago
Hi Rishimba,

I gave the last dose of Chamomilla 200C on March 13th. It's now the 29th, 16 day later.

After the last dose, he evened out a bit emotionally. Wasn't as moody and unstable. He still is sleeping better, but his moods are now quite obstinate. And I am still hearing the deep barky cough every once in awhile.

The cough has definitely lessened, but every once in awhile, it comes out of nowhere. We just went 4 days without the cough, and then last night he got real cranky, was yawning a lot, and then the cough happened. So I don't really know what's happening and what exactly triggers it. It seems that it is worse when the air is really dry and/or he has been running around a lot, but I'm not 100% sure about it. Last year around April, I remember he had this same cough after an illness, but then it went away all summer until he got sick again this winter, and an illness brought it on all winter. He also had this same cough at 11 months when he got very sick with a suspected case of pertussis. That was first time he got the cough.

Any idea what could be happening to cause the cough?

He's also developed quite a mean streak lately, where he says things like "I hate you", "you're stupid", etc. his big brother picks fights with him a lot, so I know some of it is his reaction, but he is starting to show the mean behavior with others around him too. He will hit and yell if he doesn't get what he wants, and he fights me on everything. If I want to change his diaper, he fights me, get his jammies on, he fights me, come to the table for dinner, he fights me, turn the channel on the TV, he fights me.

He also gets obsessed with things and won't let up until he either tires out or gets his way.

A new symptom since the remedy is excessive yawning. It was at its worst a couple weeks ago. He will yawn and yawn and yawn and it bothers him.

Another fairly newer symptom since the remedy is extreme silly behavior. He was silly before but it's extreme and inappropriate now.

Another new symptom (since the Ant Tart remedy) is heightened sense of smell. He can smell everything and he thinks everything smells gross.

Another fairly newer behavior is he is extremely destructive. He knocks things over, tears things up, scribbles all over the place if he gets ahold of a marker or pen, throws food on the ground, etc. you literally can't have anything in arms reach of him, he will disassemble or destroy it.

He's very hard to be around lately. He is very very hyper and is obsessed with doing and saying things he knows he is not allowed to do and say. He also craves sweets and desserts all day long, and whines to get them throughout the day. When I tell him "no" he whines excessively.

Also, he is always complaining about something. He seems to jump from complaint to complaint all day long, like he is never satisfied or content.

Hope this information helps to figure out what the next step is.

Thank you!
aprilm 7 years ago
I forgot to add, and I don't know if his will be relevant to helping you prescribe or not, but he talks about spiders all the time. He talks about the super hero "Spider-Man", and he talks about real spiders too. He talks about "webbing" people and spinning webs. He tells people he is a spider and his name is Spider-Man. I know quirky things like that can sometimes be helpful in homeopathy, so I thought I'd mention it.
aprilm 7 years ago
Hello Rishimba, just wondering if you had gotten my last posts. I kno you're probably very busy, so thank you again for taking my cases. 😊
aprilm 7 years ago
Sorry, I was busy for the last three days. Will see your case tomorrow and reply.
rishimba 7 years ago
Thank you, really appreciate it. Looking foutward to your thoughts.😊
aprilm 7 years ago
Does he have any problem being in the dark?

Does his face become flushed often when he is having these tantrums?
rishimba 7 years ago
Yes, he sometimes says he is going to have bad dreams when I walk out of his room at night, and he is satisfied if I agree to turn his light on brighter for him.

As far as the face flushing, I would have to say yes, it flushes up a bit. His skin color is very light to begin with, so any kind of exertion flushes him.
aprilm 7 years ago
Please try STRAMONIUM 200C one dose on a single day.

Let me know how long did the dose hold. Based on your feedback you will have to give this remedy once in a while for as and when symptoms return.
rishimba 7 years ago
Thank you Rishimba, I will purchase.

As you know, I am interested in learning about homeopathy. I am wondering, what particular symptoms led you to the stramonium prescription?

And what led you away from giving a second dose of the Chamomilla 200 C?
aprilm 7 years ago
Please read Kent Lectures on Stramonium to understand the essence of this remedy. It is used in children when they are destructive, tear and throw things, use abusive language and most importantly fear to stay alone in the dark.

Chamomilla is used more on irritable children who are fickle-minded, have nightmares, get up from sleep crying and always want to be carried and rocked.

There is a subtle difference between the two.
rishimba 7 years ago
Just for my records and yours, I have the Stramonium 200C today. I will let you know how it goes.
aprilm 7 years ago
Hi Rishimba,
I gave the Stramonium on April 7th, and I felt it was working quite well. I hadn't heard the barky cough in awhile, maybe once a week if that, and the bark hasn't been too "barky". He also has seemed much happier and adjusted to being on his own more.

Yesterday, however, along with his older brother (who you are also advising me on), my 3 year old got sick. He woke up with a croupy sounding cough, fever, and severe ear pain. He had a runny nose 3 days prior and still does.

I treated him with Aconite 30C for the croupy cough, and then have followed it up with a few different remedies according to his needs. (Belladonna, pulstilla, etc). Today has still has the runny nose and cough, and like always when he gets a respiratory bug, we are back to square one with that hard barky cough. His cough is wet for the most part, but when he coughs super hard, it sounds dry and tight and barky. I just gave him a dose of Spongia 30C. Is there anything else you wold recommend at this time? And should I redose home with the Stramonium when he recovers?

Thank you for your advise.
aprilm 7 years ago
Yes, you can repeat Stramonium when his original mental symptoms and behavior relapse.

For acute symptoms you can keep Chamomilla 30C handy. You can give him if he has cough with ear pain. Don't give Chamomilla and Pulsatilla at the same time. Either Puls or Cham would help in ear ache.
rishimba 7 years ago
Ok. I gave him Pulsatilla this morning, and then Spongia about an hour ago. Should I still give the Chamomilla?
aprilm 7 years ago
No, Pulsatilla and Chamomilla are inimical to each other. They would cancel each other's effects.

A child, based on his nature would either be Pulsatilla or Chamomilla. So, in your case, if Pulsatilla creates a response in him during cough and ear-pain, you don't have to give Chamomilla.

Pulsatilla child is shy, soft, weepy and clingy, has less thirst, greenish sputum etc.

While Chamomilla is cranky, loud, irritable, stubborn and wants to be rocked.
rishimba 7 years ago
Hi Rishimba,

Yesterday my 3 old broke out in hives. We got scared and took him to the emergency room. They said it was most likely from the virus (which he is getting over but still has a really nasty, junky, hard cough).

I gave him Apis 200C right away when I discovered the hives, and by the time we got to the emergency room, the hives were almost all gone. However, after they discharged is, the hives came back. I gave another dose of Apis 200C but it didn't seem to work as well.

This morning he woke up and the hives have begun again. I gave him a dose of Apis 30C, not sure how that will work. Am I treating this right? His cough is still just aweful too.

Thank you
aprilm 7 years ago
Is your 3 year old son able to communicate a bit as to how he feels?

There are a few more remedies that you can try based on his sensations and modalities.

I feel APIS would be more useful when there is pricking or stinging and burning kind of sensations which is worse in warm application or environment and better with cool application or environment.
rishimba 7 years ago
Yes, the Apis does not seem to be working. He is very itchy. And also very wound up. Like he cannot sit still. He is scratching his scalp also. The hives are primarily on his thighs, around his knees, on his face, on his neck, and on his belly.

He is very very wound up and itchy.
aprilm 7 years ago
Also, he is very ornery. If he doesn't get what he wants. He gets very angry, and when he gets upset, the hives get really bad all over his face and head. I am going to try to include a picture.

He just started crying and his whole face broke out in tiny hives. A ton of them. He's very irritable. He will walk from room to room throwing things at the walls.
aprilm 7 years ago
Ok so I gave him 30C of Sulpher, and the hives went down and he fell asleep. Would they have gone down anyway? I have no idea. Would he have fallen asleep anyway? I don't know because he hadn't had a nap yet today.

So, what would you recommend if they come back?
aprilm 7 years ago
They are back. :( and they are really bothering him. And ache Ike he gets upset, he gets covered with them and it makes them worse. I gave him Benedryl for now.
aprilm 7 years ago
How is his cough symptoms now?

Do you think his coughing has reduced but skin itching has increased in its place due to Pulsatilla?

Did he have such rashes earlier in his life? If yes, how was it treated?

I need to know all the above before suggesting anything. Whatever be the case, avoid any creams, lotions or allopathic medicines to suppress these hives. Its possible Pulsatilla has acted and now old symptoms are surfacing due to it.
[message edited by rishimba on Sat, 18 Apr 2015 09:18:03 BST]
rishimba 7 years ago

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