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How is his cough symptoms now?

Do you think his coughing has reduced but skin itching has increased in its place due to Pulsatilla?

Did he have such rashes earlier in his life? If yes, how was it treated?

I need to know all the above before suggesting anything. Whatever be the case, avoid any creams, lotions or allopathic medicines to suppress these hives. Its possible Pulsatilla has acted and now old symptoms are surfacing due to it.
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rishimba 7 years ago
His cough is just as bad, just as hard, a little more dryer, but still just as hard.

He has a history of eczema. And I have seen a couple hives appear on his face in the past here and there, but never anything this bad.

His disposition right now is extremely irritable and fickle. He wants thing a certain way and will accept no other.

I think I only gave Pulsatilla 30 C once at the beginning of the illness. He has had lots of other remedies since.
aprilm 7 years ago
And I have never used anything to suppress his eczema in the past.
aprilm 7 years ago
Sorry I keep forgetting to add things.....do you think Nat Mur would help considering it seems these hives come on the worst after an emotional upset?
aprilm 7 years ago
I feel in this case the best would be to repeat Sulphur 30C a few more doses, once every 4 to 6 hours till the itch reduces.
rishimba 7 years ago
Ok. He was doing really well today with the hives, then he took a nap and when he woke up, he instantly became covered. So I have him the sulphur. Seems like it's at its worst when he first wakes up, either in the morning or from nap.

His cough is still pretty bad too. And he's got thick yellowish green mucous coming from his nose.
aprilm 7 years ago
Amazingly, such skin symptoms just after waking up are only covered by Stramonium and this remedy is also used to treat bad effects of suppressed skin eruptions.

I am beginning to think, this may be a curing sign of some suppressed skin symptom in the past..that has surfaced due to Stramonium.

So, treating it homeopathically would be best in this case.

If Sulphur does't work, you can look up Bryonia.
rishimba 7 years ago
That is interesting. Maybe it is the Stramonium acting then. The Sulpher didn't seem to take the itch away the next time I gave it, so I gave Chamomille based on his mood, and it has seemed to help all day today. I did this before I saw your suggestion about Bryonia.

He broke out a little about an hour ago, so hopefully the worst of it is over. He is still coughing pretty hard.

Do you still recommend the Bryonia of the Chamomilla continues to work?
aprilm 7 years ago
Keep Bryonia handy. Don't use if he is under Chamomilla and if this remedy seems to be working. Chamomilla is said to be an antidote to Bryonia, so they must not be given during the same period.

I suggested Bryonia as it seems to cover hives, dry cough and your child's behavior as you have presented here. Look up Bryonia in any case...you may need it any time later as it is a wonderful remedy for cranky children.

Bryonia works when child doesn't like to be carried and wants to be left alone.
rishimba 7 years ago
Hello again.

The hives are gone. (thank goodness, that was awful!) He still has a really hard barky cough and a clear runny nose. Sometimes it seems that taking a breath will trigger a coughing attack. In the morning, the cough is productive upon first waking, but after he gets all the mucous and phlegm out, it is back to that hard, dry, barky sound.

Sometimes it comes in fits, like he can't stop until he gags.

His mood is back to extremely clingy. Like I can't even walk from the living room to the kitchen without him crying like it's the end of the world, and he wants to be held and carried all the time.

He also gets VERY angry when he doesn't get his way. He will hit, kick, spit, and say things like "I hate you". However, once the mood passes, and it usually does within a few hours, he is happy go lucky, playing super heroes, jumping off furniture, humming and singing, and sweet natured.

His bad moods are mostly in the mornings and when he wakes up from nap. Or anytime he gets tired or hungry.

He is VERY picky about what he wears. He needs to always be wearing "cool" pajamas, and he is also VERY picky about what toy will satisfy him. If he has a toy in mind that he wants to play with, and it's no where to be found, watch out. He won't let up about this specific toy until everyone is ready to go crazy.

He also gets very worked up about his brother (who antagonizes him all day long). He can't stand when his brother comes invades his space, comes into his bedroom, touches his stuff, etc. It's just contestant fighting between the two of them ALL DAY LONG. They are both very territorial, and they will pick at least one toy to fight over all day long. And it's a different toy every day.

He has also become pretty picky about what he will eat. He craves bagels with cream cheese, flavored yogurt, and snack bars. He also asks for candy all the time too.

His moods are SO unstable. SHould I redoes him with Stramonium? I felt like he was doing pretty good there before he got sick and I treated him acutely.

I really hope we can kick this cough!

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aprilm 7 years ago
No, don't give him Stramonium now. If he was doing well with Stram, he should do well with Belladona as well as their minds are close to each other.

Belladona will also cover his barky cough. Give him Bell 30C once in 6 hours for two days maximum. In case you see a reaction on the first day, leave the rest of the doses.
rishimba 7 years ago
Did you mean once "every" 6 hours for 2 days?
aprilm 7 years ago
Yes, once every 6 hours and note changes in his symptoms. If you notice his coughing has improved, stop dosing.
rishimba 7 years ago
Ok, sounds good, thank you. Quick question (because I'm studying homeopathy and try to understand the "why's" behind everything)

Why not redose with Stramonium?
aprilm 7 years ago
Barking cough is better covered by Belladona.

Stramonium is more intense in mental symptoms but we have seen it has not cured his barking cough. I hope Belladona will.
rishimba 7 years ago
Ok I will report after 2 days. Thank you.

What makes you decide on 30C instead of 200C?
aprilm 7 years ago
Symptoms are physical in nature, so started with 30C.
rishimba 7 years ago
Ok. So I calculated out 2 days worth of dosing 6 hours apart, and it comes to 9 doses in all. This is with me waking him up in the middle of the night to dose him to continue the dosing. Is this correct?
aprilm 7 years ago
No need to keep awake at night. You can give one dose at night before you go to sleep and the next one early morning.
rishimba 7 years ago
Hi Rishimba,

So I gave the Belladonna like you prescribed and his cough is SO much less! It appears it has done a good job. I only ever hear the cough now if he has taken food or drink down wrong and he has to cough really hard. I am very pleased with the results.

His mental symptoms are still the same, however, very clingy, will not sleep alone, wants lights on, wants me to carry him up and down steps, wakes up extremely cranky and grumpy all the time, still saying very mean things, cries if I walk into another room, etc.

He also has developed a newer symptom where he is extremely picky about what he wears. He wants to wear pajamas all day, but they have to be matching, super hero tops and bottoms, with matching super hero socks. He literally flips out if you try to get him to put something else on.

He also has become very picky and unsatisified with his toys. He has to have specific toys or he gets extremely angry, and kicks and hits to get his way.

If you give him the wrong toy, he flips out and starts crying.

He also thinks everything smells gross. This symptom started after we gave him the Antimonium Tart.

What would you recommend at this point?

aprilm 7 years ago
Looking at these we may be able to choose a remedy for his physical problems.

Most of what you have written is more or less part of his real personality at this stage..which cannot be changed.
rishimba 7 years ago
I felt like he was doing really well mentally on the Stramonium before he got sick.
aprilm 7 years ago
You can repeat Stram, it will address the abnormalities in his personality that are not natural to him. Any trait passed on to him by his parents through DNA is natural to him. That cannot be cured or changed.
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rishimba 7 years ago
200C dosage still good?
aprilm 7 years ago
Yes, he hasn't taken much of 200C potency. It would still create a response in him.
rishimba 7 years ago
Giving Stramonium 200C today.
aprilm 7 years ago

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