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Evocationer - for my son

Hi Evocationer,

My younger son who is under your treatment for Asthma now doing well. He did not require any more dose. I will update you in his thread.

I would be grateful if you can take my elder son’s case.

Describe each physical complaint/associated set of symptoms in detail. Please include the following when doing this:

1. Appearance
2. Sensation or pain
3. Situations/events/triggers for making it worse
4. Situations/events/triggers for making it better
5. Event that seemed to start the complaint
6. Other sensory features – smell, sound, taste, tactile etc

Make sure each complaint is done separately. Do not group them together. This is for physical complaints/diseases.

He is skinny child at his age of 7 his weight is only 20 kg. He does not have muscle, you can see the bone in the chest. He eats like the other child but his growth is slow. He started walk at age of 15 months, his speech was 2-3 months delay than the usual. He had convulsion due to fever after fallen from crib when he was 2 year old. His tonsil is big, no pain though. His family doctor told us some children have bigger than normal if there is pain then he needs to do the surgery for his tonsil. When he takes cold water, ice cream his tonsil gets bigger. His body temperature usually hot
At the age of 6 month we spotted he has squint (strabismus), his right eye turn to point upwards. Now we don’t notice. Last two years we have been visiting eye doctor to see any improvement. He has been diagnosed myopia and prescribed spectacles (-2) last month. He does not want to wear the spectacles.
He has got cavity, Two of his front teeth is breaking, two of the teeth have brown spot, left side gum is spongy, one of his tooth gum is swelling, sometime pus coming from that gum.
He bites his nail occasionally now but earlier stage he used to do whenever he is sitting idle.


1. When the physical complaint is active, what is his/her emotional state like? What does he/she do? What does she/he want you to do?
He gets angry and fight with his bother.

2. Does he/she describe any unusual sensation or pain in the body, especially when they are complaining of something?
He sometime inform us he gets pain in his neck. He also claim for his leg pain sometime.

3. What fears does he/she have? How does she/he react?
He always fear if someone criticize him. When he wear his spectacle in school some of the students lough at him, he did not continue to wear for next 10 days. We are pushing hard to wear his prescription spectacles. He said I will only wear at home not in school.

4. Was there any incident in the past that had a great impact? What happened at the time? Is there any ongoing reaction to this event? How does he/she talk about it?
Two years before his school bus fallen in accident (minor, just hit by another car), he stopped going to the school for a week. We had to take him here and there with our car and convinced him. But now I don’t think he remember that accident.

5. Is there any story (book, fairytale, cartoon, movie etc) that seems to really resonate with her/him? What does he/she say about it?
He likes to watch TEENAGE M. NINJA TURTLES cartoon and act to play like them. He wants to fight a lot like RAPHAEL.

6. What kind of fantasies does she/he describe to you? How does this translate down into play, games, toys? Does he/she tend to draw particular things over and over? If so what are they? If you point to these images, what does she/he say about them?
He likes fighting what he watches in cartoon, always like to play fighting games in Computer

7. Does he/she describe any dreams or nightmares to you, and what are they? How does she/he react on waking from them?

He is alone and Monster chasing him, trying to eat him, he tries to fight with the monster. But he forgot what he dream when he wake up.

8. How is he/she when interacting with other children? What about sports or games? How about obeying rules or social conventions?
He is friendly wants to make friendship with other children. He joined with them in sports.

9. How is she/he when interacting with older people? Is there any difference between family or friends and strangers in terms of reactions and behavior?
He is shy to talk to the older people and any new one. He tries to hide himself from them.

10. What kind of activities does he/she enjoy doing? Which of these do she/he spend the most time at?
He plays with his younger brother most of the time.

11. What qualities seem to make your child different from other children?
He can easy learner, catch it first.

12. How does your child cope with school, school work, study, deadlines, speaking in front of others, following directions etc?
He is shy to speak in front of others. Try to finish his home work within time frame.

13. What kind of questions does he/she tend to ask you or other adults?
If he sees sometime he is curious to know more about it.

14. What makes her/him laugh? What makes him/her cry?
If someone do some funny things. If someone does anything against him.

15. What makes him/her angry or irritable?
If he is criticized, if someone take his own stuffs.

16. What does your child do when alone?
Play with his toys, watch TV, game.

17. Is there a particular person or type of person that he/she reacts to, and what kind of reaction?

He does not like angry people, if anyone sought. He is fear and keeps quite.


1. What position does he/she sleep in?
Bend his leg, sometime bending whole body, seems he is feeling cold
2. Is there any position he/she seems unable to sleep in?
He cannot sleep without bending his leg, but sometime straight while sleeping.
3. Any unusual behavior during sleep?
4. Any problems with sleep?
Longer time to fall in a sleep

5. What foods are craved (cravings are strong desires) What foods are hated?
crave: sweet chocholate, grape, ice cream
Hate: Egg, apple, tomato, onion, muffin
6. What drinks are craved? What drinks are hated?
Like coke beverage, mango juice
He hates tea, coffee
7. How does he/she react when hungry, or hunger is prolonged?
Just ask for food, hunger until he finishes his food
8. How does the weather affect?
Sometime nose bleed in summer, during the winter his lips crack, burn.
9. How does the temperature affect?
He feels better in warm weather.
10. Are there any other environmental influences negative or positive (season, noise, music, moon, light, dark, day, night, time, smells etc.)
He does not like noise, like music, not scare of dark
11. Problems with stool or bowel habit?
Go for toilet as soon as he finishes his lunch
12. Where does he/she sweat most? Does it stain or smell unusual?
He sweat mostly in head. No unusual smell.


1. What kind of health problems occurred while you were pregnant with your child?
There wasn’t any health problem.

2. Were there any other stresses or traumas that occurred?

3. Did the birth itself have any problems?
He born at 36 weeks pregnancy, premature, 2 days was in incubator.

4. Do you remember if any symptoms occurred suddenly during pregnancy that then vanished after your child was born? Especially important are any emotional or mental changes during this time.
I don’t remember any major symptoms except constipation.
  Shaki7 on 2014-12-18
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I will look at this tomorrow.
Evocationer 8 years ago
Thank you for your kind consideration.
Shaki7 8 years ago
So I have worked through this case. If I look at the various symptoms, mostly physical, I think that he needs one of the Calcarea salts. Calc-carb certainly seems the most indicated remedy if I consider his general state as well. Calcium is extremely valuable for children with developmental problems, especially of the bones, teeth, and in learning.

Interestingly, Phosphorous actually scores slightly higher. My first instinct was to prescribe Calc-phos, and these two remedies coming up so strongly might also support this idea.

I will show my working. Those symptoms with * are considered very strong indicators for that remedy (keynote symptom):

Emaciation in children (Calc, Phos, Calc-phos*)
Slow growth in children (Calc-phos)
Slow learning to walk (Calc, Phos, Calc-phos*)
Slow learning to talk (Calc, Calc-phos)
Chronically enlarged tonsils (Calc, Calc-phos)
Brittle/weak teeth in children (Calc, Phos)
Nail biting (Calc, Phos)
Spongy gums (Calc, Phos)
Aversion to school (Calc, Calc-phos*)
Quarrelsome (Calc, Phos)
Dream/fear of monsters (Calc, Phos)
Shyness with hiding (Calc)
Desire ice cream (Calc*, Phos*, Calc-phos)
Desire chocolate (Calc, Phos)
Aversion to eggs (Calc *, Phos)
Aversion to tomato (Phos)
Aversion to onion (Phos)
Epistaxis in summer/hot weather (Phos)
Aversion to music (Phos)
Perspiration mainly on head (Calc*, Phos, Calc-phos)
Urging to stool after eating (Calc, Phos)
Dreams/fear of monsters (Calc, Phos)

So this is what I would suggest - First remedy to try would be Calc carb 30c. Second choice would be Calc-phos 30c. Obtain the remedies in liquid dose.

1. Hit the bottle 5 times firmly against the palm of the hand

2. Place 3 drops into 100mls of clean fresh water

3. Stir very thoroughly

4. Take 2 teaspoons out into the mouth and hold for 20 seconds, then swallow.

Give him 3 doses, one each day, stopping if anything noticeably worsens.
Evocationer 8 years ago
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

Thank you for your time to find remedy for my son.

I will get the remedy soon.
Shaki7 8 years ago
Remember only one remedy at a time, and we do not move to the second remedy until I can properly assess the reaction to the first. We may never need Calc-phos if Calc alone helps him.
Evocationer 8 years ago
Sorry to post here. David you are an exceptional thinker. I feel my case is time bound. There is an improvement of situation after taking 2nd time cannibis indica 30c, less requirement of stress/ anxiety allopathy medicine. I seriously think we should continue treatment in the same line David is thinking. Happy new year. Bapi
yogiram 8 years ago
I bought both the remedies in pillet form and prepared liquid dilution only for Cal Carb 30.

I have given 3 doses of Cal Carb 30 on December 27, 28, 29.

I notice his appetite increased, his gum swelling reduce by 50%, no pain while touching the gum. He does not go for toilet as soon as he finishes his food.

Do you think his eye sight will also improve. As mention he does not want put his glasses.
Shaki7 8 years ago
The gum which was swelling before is now better by 75%. He is complaining that one of his front upper left tooth having pain on/off, the gum of the tooth also become spongy.
Shaki7 8 years ago
Alright the remedy does appear to be working. Give him one more dose exactly as you did the previous ones and let me know what happens over the next 3 days.
Evocationer 8 years ago

[message deleted by simone717 on Tue, 13 Jan 2015 07:48:24 GMT]
simone717 8 years ago
Administered a single dose on January 14. Pain in the tooth better by 70%, no swelling in the gum. The gum for other tooth appear to be spongy. Just for your info I found his both palm sweaty when he was playing with his toys (making small parts of toys to build dinosaur ). He seems to be active now a days.

Wondering his myopia will cure, control, or less progression. So that, he doesn’t need stronger glasses year after year.
Shaki7 8 years ago
Yes we can do that. He is young, and homoeopathy used at his age can perform wonders - things we as adults often never experience because we have stopped growing.

Anything not improved at all?
Evocationer 8 years ago
Thank you for giving me hope for his myopia problem.

Can you tell me what are the things I should follow to notice the improvement.

As I see the followings:

Improvement of lose of appetite, asking food when he is hungry.
Little improvement of energy, try to run fast, try to do other physical activities.still looking thin.
Reduce gum swelling.
Sleep straight left or right, less or not bending his leg.
Less urging to stool as and when he is eating.
Nail biting is not common.
Less desire of chocolate, ice cream.
He can eat egg only in the morning with his breakfast.
Bad dreams reduced.
He can now take little tomato but no onion.
Still quarreling with his bother and easily cry when cannot get his stuffs from him
Shaki7 8 years ago
Shaki7 8 years ago
Ok it has been awhile since he has been given a dose.

Repeat the Calc 30 as before. Also, obtain Calc carb 200c as the next step.
Evocationer 8 years ago
Just to clarify, should I give him single dose or 3 doses in 3 days as we started at the beginning.
Shaki7 8 years ago
I have given him a single dose of Calc 30 on January 27.

When should I start Calc carb 200c.
Shaki7 8 years ago
We don't change potencies until we are sure the remedy is no longer working.

What has been the reaction to 30c?
Evocationer 8 years ago
I didn't notice any reaction.
Shaki7 8 years ago
Give him two more doses, then wait until the end of a week and let me know if there has any further improvement.
Evocationer 8 years ago
I have given him two more doses of calc carb 30 last week.

His tonsils is reduce, before I could see when he open his mouth.
His gum swelling (spongy gums) is better by 80%.
He is still Quarreling with is bother and starts cry if he fails to get the thing that he wants.
Dream/fear of monsters better by 80%
Shyness with hiding better by 75%
Aversion to eggs better by 60%
Aversion to tomato same
Aversion to onion same
Urging to stool after eating better by 50%
Shaki7 8 years ago
Interesting. So it seems he hasn't been getting enough of the remedy. Give him one more dose now.
Evocationer 8 years ago
OK, I will give him one more dose tomorrow.
Shaki7 8 years ago
I have given him one dose last week.
Gum swelling is better by 90%
urging to stool after eating worse by 10%

He recently started making himself pretend to throw up while eating. He does this at middle of eating telling he is full or he does not like the food. He had this symptom 4-5 months before but last couple of months his symptom disappeared.
Shaki7 8 years ago
Yesterday he throw up all the food during his lunch, today is the same at dinner. He does not have any fever or any other stomach upset symptom. His appetite is worse by 40%.
Shaki7 8 years ago

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