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Please help find my Constitutional Remedy

1. Age & Sex: 70, Male
2. Describe your appearance: Weight: 150 Lbs., Height: 5’6”, Body Type: Medium, Any Significant feature: None.
3. Profession: Office Manager
4. Describe your personality: Workaholic, Easily offended, never get late to school, work or functions. Take responsibilities, prefer not to go around except important and unavoidable functions or activities.
5. My children, their welfare and their future are very important to me. I watch them closely, I love them, and they too love and respect me.
6. None
7. I do not smoke or drink, do not take any drugs.
8. Main Health Problems and their symptoms: High Blood Pressure, Taking prescription medicine, noticed a dizziness lasting 3-4 seconds when rising from floor, working under hot sun.
9. When did this started?. 20 years ago.
10. What is the cause of this problem in your view?. I think the basic cause for this problem was my worries and fear. I left my wife and children back home in a hostile environment. It took two years for me to get them down to the place I live. I do not have that kind of worries or fear any more, but my HBP remains the same.
11. What non-medical actions make the main problem better? None was noticed.
12. What non-medical action make it worse? Hot Sun..
13. How do you feel mentally & emotionally during this problem? I was irritable and restless.
14. What other health problems you have?.:
a. Sinusitis
b. Arthritis
c. Cholesterol
d. Constipation
e. Eyes trouble – I have a macular hole in my left eye and a membrane in my right eye. As per my Retinal specialist, I have Retinal Degeneration.
f. Allergic
15. Sinusitis: 40 years or more.
Arthritis: 12 year.
Cholesterol: 10 Years
Constipation: Ever since I know.
Eye Trouble: 45 years
Allergic: 40 years or more
16. Sinusitis: Warm water, physical activities- make better
Arthritis: Warm application, message – make better
Cholesterol: None
Constipation: Regulated by in taking of high in fiber cereal, nudes, fruits and drinking a lot of water every day.
Eye Problems, None notices.
Allergic: None noticed
17. Sinusitis: Anything cold, cold water, ice cream etc. a couple of drop of water on my head is more than enough to disturb my sleep, my nostril will get blocked I am not comfortable breathing through mouth. Warm room make worse.
Arthritis: Cold, winter season, pain in shoulders when raising hands, lying down on sideward, swelling of ankles in evenings – make worse
Cholesterol: Addition to food things like butter, cheese, bad fat etc.
Constipation: Nothing noticed.
Eye Troubles: Watching TV, or working with hand held devices for a prolong time make worse, eye become watery.
Allergic: Hard spices, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Clove, Tomato Eggplant, see food, and dust make worse. For some food I will get boiling on my lips and tongue for others I will get itchy, mostly where my cloths touches my body, around waist, legs where socks cover, itchy start after taking off my cloths.
18. What animal or insects are you afraid of?. None, I would say snake.
19. What situations are you afraid of?. None
20. What occupies your mind mostly?. Future of my children and their welfare. I retired already, but continue to work, I must work for life, I could not help my sisters and brothers. None of my children help me or take responsibility.
21. How do you respond to consolation and sympathy? Do not make any effect.
22. Do you want to stay alone or with people? I would like to stay with people.
23. How is your sleep?: My sleep is undisturbed and refreshing.
24. Do you have any repeating dreams? Yes I do.
a. I dream of water, sea, river or flood water
b. I dream that am in an enemy territory. They are not my enemies, enemies in general, they act friendly but I think they would do helm to me.
c. I am in a situation of embarrassing, I appear in half naked
d. I can fly in air, over houses, in between trees etc.
(An example of dream last week – I was in an enemy territory. I escaped from them was running towards a sea. I looked back and saw a guy walking towards me with a shotgun. I look over the sea, there I saw an island. I can fly into that Island, but I think that guy with gun would shoot me down before I reach the Island)
25. Winter season is not comfortable to me, my arthritis get worse. I have swellings (noodles) on my fingers joins except the middle fingers of both hands. I get pain in those finger joints.
26. I feel normally hot.
27. What food you crave or love? None,
28. Is there any food that you hate?: None, may be red meat, cheese & butter
29. What taste you crave & love? None
30. Is there any taste which you hate? Sour taste.
31. Do you like warm or cold food?: Warm food.
32. Do you want to eat indigestible foods?. Not at all.
33. How is your thirst? Moderate.
34. Do you have excessively dry lips or mouth or both?. I have dry mouth during winter. My mouth get very, very dry. I wake up every hour to moisture my mouth, drinking water. ( use of humidifier minimize the dryness of mouth but nostril will get blocked)
35. Do you have any coating on tongue first thing in in the morning? None,
36. Any taste in your mouth first think in the morning?: None
37. How is your skin? : Dry skin
38. Details about your perspiration: Mostly back of my head and face only while doing my exercise, the perspiration is moderate, no notice of unusual smell.
39. Any problem with eyes?; Yes, I have opened a separate threat “Problem with my Eyes” Dr. detkersaab gives me advice on that issues. ( I had an accident, a stone throw, during early 1963, my left eye was hit. Since then my eye sight was affected. I can’t see any object in its shape, The shape of object, my eye look at, will be bend or curved. Reading, letters missing or not in order. My eye doctor examined my eye said that my left eye has a macular hole and the right eye has retinal membrane in it. According to my Retinal Specialist, I have Retinal degeneration).
40. Any problem with ear, nose throat?. Ear – I hear a noise or sound for over 3 years non-stop from my right ear heard well while sleeping.. Nostril get blocked, it happens between mid-night and 4am. No much of discharge, if I blow my nose, I will get a little of white colored string discharge and sometimes one or two flakes of yellowy discharge. Throat – noticed irritation while sitting on a vehicle, mostly on the day I had a shower (head bath). I have to adjust my throat, also my eyes will become watery.
41. How is your stool?: 3-5 times a day, not in large volume, not hard or too loose, no blood, no unusual smell noticed. (I was constipated 15 years ago. Regulated by food. High in fiber cereal, fruits, nuts and drinking a lot of water daily.
42. How IS your urines?: normal, no unusual smell or color noticed.
43. How is your sex desire?. normal
44. Are you satisfied with your sex life? Yes.
45. Male genitals; No problem other than early ejaculation.
48. What illness are running in your family?. My parent died of natural cause. One of my sisters had breast cancer, cured. Other than that nothing I can think of.
49. Are you taking any medication?. Yes, Taking Novasc 10mg for my HBP. .
50. Have you had any surgery or implants? Yes, Cataract surgery in 2010.
51. Have you had any long term treatment?. No.
52. What Homeopathic remedies taken in the past?.
No record available for remedies taken prior to 2009.
January 23 – Rhus Tox 1M, 1x per day for 2 days.
February 2 – Sulphur 1M, one dose only
March 13 – Myristia 200C one dose only
September 20 - Lacheses 200C, 2 doses at an interval of 30minutes
March 20 – Thuja 200C, one dose only
June 6 – Calc carb 200 One dose only
December 22 – Nux 200C, one dose only
January 01 – Ars alb 200C One dose only
March 01 – Silicia 200C one dose only
July 9 – Staphy 200C one dose only
October 29 – Calc carb 1M, one dose only
November 30 – Lyco 200C – 3 doses at an interval of 3 hours.

September 20 – Sulphur 1M one dose only

March 10 - Petrolium 200C – 2x a day for 3 days.
June 8 – Ars alb. 200C 3 doses only
July 7 – Ars alb – Repeated.

June 27 – Nat mur 200C, 3 dose4s only
October 13 – Symphytum 30C and Bellis 30C, 2x a day taken each every other day for 10 days..
November 16 – Symphytum 30C & Physostigma 6C, 2x a day each on alternate days for 10 days.

Note: I have to mention something I noticed:
While I wash my hands or plates, I get an urge to go to pee. Once I done with washing the urge will go away.

Thank you every one for your time and effort.
Looking forward hearing from you soon.
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  Samel on 2014-12-19
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
you appear to be Sulphur patient. i notice that you had taken sulphur previously. please inform what effects you experienced after taking it.
telescope 8 years ago
Thank you telescope.
Yes, I did use Sulphur morethan one occation without any benefit. I think am exhausted. Please take another, a little bit of deeper look into my case.
Waiting for your response.
Happy Holidays.
Samel 8 years ago
Happy New Year Dr. telescope. Hope that you have enjoyed your Holidays.
I am waiting for your suggestions, if you have a little time, please help me to get out of my chronic troubles.
Thank you.
Samel 8 years ago
please give some more information:
1. are you suffering from any skin disease?
2. is there any history of tuberculosis in your parents or close blood relatives?
telescope 8 years ago
Thank you for your immediate response.
1. Skin Disease - Yes, I have itchy around my waist and lower limps after undressing. Mostly after I ate some hot spices like, cardamom, cinnamon and other food items as I discribed under item 17 above.
2. History of tuberculosis - My parents or any close blood relative had this diseases.

I will answer any more question you may bave. I understand the difficulty of choosing a remedy when well chosen remedy had failed. I need to get to the bottom of my choronic troubles.

I wish you, your family and friends a Happy New Year.
Samel 8 years ago
happy new year.:-) about the tuberculosis question what I was asking was
whether any of your close relatives had suffered from tuberculosis. this information is very necessary.
telescope 8 years ago
Sorry for not giving a clear answer.
I am sure that none of my parents or any of my close relatives had suffered from tuberculosis.

Thank you.
Samel 8 years ago
you have taken a lot of medicines but did you not get good action from any of them? if you remember any good action from any remedy let me know. please try to recollect if there was relief from constipation from the medicines used so far.
telescope 8 years ago
Thank you for your response.
I had misplaced my notebook, I found it last night and am sure I have the necessary information that may help you to make an informed decision.
1. Sept. 20, 2009 – Lacheses 200C 2 doses at interval of 30 minutes at empty stomach. Repeated on Oct. 21, 2009.
Oct. 29, 2009 – Experienced flu like symptom.
2. kali bitch 6C 4X a day for 3 days – worked well
3. Jan. 21, 2010 Sulphur 200C 1 dose only – noticed some nerve activities on right hand next day.
4. June 6, 2010 Calc carb 200C 1 dose only – noticed some effect on nose and bowel – loose motion and thick mucus from nose.
5. July 11, 2010 Calc carb 200C 1 does (repeated) July 15 - left nose started bleeding & head was sweating, these symptoms continued until July 18. July 19 – noted light headache in the afternoon.
6. Jan. 13, 2011 – Ars alb 200C – 1 dose for food allergy, Jan 19- itchy almost disappeared.
7. June 10, 2011 – Ars alb 200C 1 dose only – left nose started bleeding heavily at 9.40am. June 20 – light headache and nose bleed continued.
8. July 9, 2011 – Staphysagaria 200C 1 dose on empty stomach – Headache on top of the head around noon, at the back of the head by evening, headache disappeared by 9.45pm
9. July 16 Staphysagaria 200C one dose (repeated). July 24 – headache at night, pain in throat noticed.
10. Nov 30, 2011 – Lyco 200C, 3 doses at an interval of 3 hours in between. Dec. 9, 2011 – Gum was bleeding while brushing, nose was bleeding when blowing the nose.
11. June 8, 2013 – Ars alb 200C, morning, evening and next day morning 3 doses altogether. 2 weeks after my bowel got better, loose and volume. June 16 I had a undisturbed and refreshing sleep from 10pm to 5am never had before. Next day some pain felt on the right side of my back, the pain disappeared flowing day.

(As per my notes, I took Sulphur 50M 1 dose only on March 25, 2012 – no effect was noticed).
Please feel free to ask questions if any to clarify information. I am happy to answer your questions.
I hate taking chemical, for this reason I ended up using Homeopathic remedies whenever I suffer from medical problems. I need your help to get out from my chorionic. problems. I can't do it myself.
Again, thank you and wish you and your family that the new year will be the prosperous year.
Samel 8 years ago
I think I see some light now. you need Arsenic. I notice that you had nose bleed after several medicine including arsenic. did you have nose bleed prior to taking homeopathic treatment? arsenic is followed by thuja or medorrhinum in most cases. you may have to follow quickly so collect both in 200 potency before taking arsenic. also you will have to stop all other medicine including the ones for high BP. you cannot travel in two boats at the same time . however you need not worry as that will be taken care off by the remedy if chosen correctly. it is important that you measure your BP next day morning. if you decide to take the medicine take it at bed time
telescope 8 years ago
Respected telescppe.
It’s a better choice.
The nose bleeding, it’s an old symptom of mine. I had this symptom since I was young. Hot sun caused me this trouble. It disappeared about 30 years ago, mostly after I avoided being exposed under hot sun. It re-appeared for Calc car 200 when I repeated on July 11, 2010. And again for Lycopodium 200 taken on Nov. 30, 2011 and the bleeding stopped by Dec. 10, 2011. The symptom appeared again for Ars. Alb taken on June 8, 2013. together with a few other little pains and relieves.
My surprise is that, I can understand the Lycopodium, Thuja and Medorinum, most of my symptoms agree with these remedies, but none even close to Arsanicum album. I randomly selected this remedy for my allergic troubles. It responded well? I do not know how, and have no knowledge to understand this remedy.
Anyway, I will follow your suggestions. So far I was using remedies mostly by Boiron, This time, I am going to try Helios. It may take 2 to 3 weeks for me to get these remedies in from London. Please help me with dosage details.
Thank you and have a wonderful day.
Samel 8 years ago
the reason i prescribed arsenicum album was that you had benefitted most from this remedy. when old symptoms come back after the administration of a remedy it means the choice of remedy was correct but in your case the nose bleed came back after three different remedies which is interesting.i could not find anything to suggest calcarea or lyco because both of them have severe acidity and lyco in addition has severe gas problem.ars is the acute of thuja and medorhhinum so it may be giving temporary relief only which we will know only after seeing its action. any way there is a rule of practice that we should not leave a remedy that was beneficial without trying it at least once in a higher potency. i have not gone higher because you had taken the remedy only a few times and that too with big intervals. it is not necessary to change brand so long as what you are using is from a reputed compamy. take the medicine 4or 5 pellets or if in liquid form 1 or 2 drops dissolved in half a cup of water preferably at night. you are to take one dose only.
telescope 8 years ago
Respected telescope, I totally agree with you, never meant to dispute your suggestions. My homeopathic knowledge is only academic and keep it as my hobby. I test it on me following suggestions made by experience practitioners one like you. I am prepared to follow fully your suggestions until we accomplish our goal, cure my chronic troubles.
I already have placed my order from Helios for Arsanicum and Thuja. I will take one dose of Ars alb as suggested (I like the wet dose method)at bed time and will update you the outcome time to time.
Thank you for your time and concern. Have a wonderful day.
Samel 8 years ago
Respected telescope, Hope that you are fine.
This is an update for your consideration.
I took Arsenicum album 200C on Saturday, 17th, at bedtime as suggested. I stopped taking my regular BP medicine.
My BP on Saturday morning was 114/77, nextday, Sunday morning it was 128/85 (no medicine taken) Next day, Monday morning
it was 140/90 and kept going up and up day by day and I went back to my BP medicine. My BP now is normal as before.
On Wednesday, 4th day after Ars. alb there was a light headache between 3am and 4am was noticed. The Headache slowly
disappeared. The same day morning between 8am and 12.30PM a nasal discharge was experienced, The discharge was
white like elastic string, not heavy. The same day at 8.30pm, when I was trying to clear my nose I got a few yellowey
flakes from my nose. On 22nd my nostrills got blocked around mid-night. The blockage was heavy, I could not breath through
my nose, I ended up applying Vicks around my nose and neck. Thereater no reaction of the remedy was noticed. The Vicks
may have hindered the progress of the remedy. I can repeat the Ars. alb if you think that may help or go to the next step.
I have Thuja 200C ready. I am waiting for your further suggestion.
Thank you for your time.
[message edited by Samel on Mon, 26 Jan 2015 14:18:59 GMT]
Samel 8 years ago
ok. take only one dose thuja 200 and observe your bp again.
telescope 8 years ago
I will do and update outcome.
Thank you and have a wonderful day.
Samel 8 years ago
Respected telescope, Hope that you are doing well.
As per your suggestion, Thuja 200C one dose was taken on January 28 9pm.
My BP reading on that day was 127/83/77
2nd day - 130/90/81
3rd day - 130/90/82
4th day - 131/90/89 and the reading is almost the same up to date. (I am on prescription medicine)
On Saturday 31, 3rd day after Thuja, an unusual bowel activity was noticed. I had a bowel at 9.30am, dark brown, little higher in volume and bad smell.
The same day at 1pm, I had a running nose, white discharge like elastic string, lasted for a few hours.
These are the symptoms that were noticed so far.
Since Thuja fits most of my symptoms, I was expecting a positive outcome from this remedy. I am thinking of giving more time for this remedy to work. Hope that you will agree with me.
Your advice is very much appreciated.
Thank you.
Samel 7 years ago
yes you should allow sufficient time for the medicine to do its work
telescope 7 years ago
I will do.
Thank you.
Samel 7 years ago
Respected telescope, Hope that your are doing well.
It's over one month waited for Thuja, noticed nothing much to date. All my symptoms stay the same except the followings:
On 18th February, that's 20 days after Thuja, a sensation of burning on my left face and sole was noticed at 3am, and this sensation continued on left face only for a few days at bed time. Following it a boiling (pimple) appeared on the lower back of my ear (pinna). disappeared in 4 days. An another boiling appeared in the middle of pinna two days ago. It's painful to touch.
It looks like my arthritis is taking place, pain at the first step on right sole, in the mornings, cannot sleep on either side, pain on arm sockets, both side, cannot sleep on back either, nose get blocked, Dry mouth and nose at night during winter, for dry air. Dry mouth is very bad, need to moister every hour. no mucus from nose, looks like inside swelling, disappears in the morning.
Please take took and suggest a remedy.
Thank you,
[message edited by Samel on Mon, 02 Mar 2015 13:51:46 GMT]
Samel 7 years ago
please see if there is any change in the bones of the places that pain. you can do that by feeling with your fingers.
telescope 7 years ago
The you for immediate response.
I have pain on my right sole, pains upon first 2 or 3 steps in the mornings.
Also have swelling angle in evenings. I feel no changes in these regions. This is an old trouble. I use an extra cushion on my shoes to minimize the pain, I can't walk bare foot. I also have pain on my finger joints of both hands, except middle fingers. The joints have swelling. The ligaments of those joints have dried out, causing pain. I used to message every day to control the pain. I tried Rhus tox. a couple of years age with no luck.
My nose trouble also a chorionic problem. I haven't had a single night that I slept without a discomfort. It's worse during winter reasons. As I mentioned before, there is no discharge or mucus of any sort, only a blockage at night. I checked this out with a ENT surgeon who told me that I have a bent bone in my nose that he wanted to perform a surgery, to cut the curved bone and straight it out. I have no idea how my nose bone curved. I do not wanted to go for a surgery to correct it. I only wanted to breath through my nose without any problem. I noticed that, when I attempt to sleep on my back, something like a shutter come down and block the passage. I am not comfortable breathing through my mouth, I can't do it. I rather wake up and walk a little or get on my Treadmill for a while that will clear the trouble.
For your attention, I hear (already noted on my questionnaire) a noise from my right ear, started over 3 years ago never stopped.
Anyway, Take it easy,
Thank you again.
Samel 7 years ago
if you have Calcarea Carb in any potency take one dose and see how it affects now.also if possible measure bp before taking bp medicine.
telescope 7 years ago
Thank you telescope,
Calc. carb is one of the right remedies for my symptoms. I tried this remedy several times in the past, It gave me same relief.
April 30, 2010 - 30C, 3 doses one day only - no reaction noticed
June 06, 2010 - 200C 1 dose only - Some effect on nose and bowel noticed, loose motion and a thick mucus was thrown from nose - happened one day only and repeated on July 11, 2010 - After repetition, my nose stared bleeding when blowing the bleeding lasted for three days. On the 4th day I felt a light headache in the afternoon. And I tried it again one dose on January 01, 2011 - nothing noticed.
And again on February 18, 2011 - 30C, 3x a day for 3 days, after this dose my nose troubles got better compared to the previous year. On October 29, 2011 - 1M one dose - no effect.
November 06, 2011 1M repeated - no effect. Again April 28, 2014 - 200C one dose - no effect.
This is my past experience with Calc. carb.
I can still try Calc carb if you think worth trying again.
Please let me know.
Thank you again.
Samel 7 years ago
I think it is worth trying. take one dose at night. do measure your BP next morning before taking BP medicine.
telescope 7 years ago

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