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Attn Telescope and simon717 Ovarian cyst and Weight Gain


I have a problem of ovarian cyst and weight gain.
I was prescribed Calcarea Carb 200 by telescope and return after three days. I have taken it for three days. Kindly let me know what do I do now?

And I think simon77 left a message on that post but unfortunately I couldn't get it, that post is unavailable somehow. Please reply asap.

Others are welcome for suggestions too :).

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  life.welcome on 2015-01-28
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
now u have to tell telescope what changes u are feeling in the same post in which he prescribe Calcarea Carb .THere may or may not be any drastic changes but even there is slight change in ur symptoms let telescope know it.

take care.
gaintrox 8 years ago
now you have to wait and give the medicine time to act. meanwhile observe if there is any change in symptoms and report after 7days.
telescope 8 years ago
If Telescope needs to have the original information
from questions, he will have to ask them all again-

If.. he needs the info bc the original info and
comments are not available anymore.
simone717 8 years ago
Thank you all for reply.

So by wait to see the meds act we mean I don't have to take the medicine anymore ? or do I take it for another 7 days ?

There is a slight change I noticed, my frustration and irritation is noticably less, my stomach feels less bloated. I didn't feel much heaviness on waking up since 2 days but it can be one of those days I don't know if its the medicine, I hope it is though. But I had joint pain my arms especially hands were aching a lot since 2 days again not sure if it was the med. Its not aching anymore I massaged it yesterday with an electric massager.
These were a few things. Kindly let me know if I need to continue the med.

life.welcome 8 years ago
Thank you gaintrox,
I provided the info as mentioned by you.

Thank you simone717,
I'll provide the latter info, if need be, for sure :).

life.welcome 8 years ago

Telescope means you must wait
7 days from the time you took
the medicine, to see what else
you notice during that time.

After the 7 day report, he will
decide if the medicine is still
active and you wait further or
if you need a new dose or higher dose, etc.

The medicine can trigger many old symptoms to
arise and then go away for good, they are clearing
- so just keep reporting and Telescope will be
monitoring the action of the remedy.
simone717 8 years ago
So I stop taking it now ... right ? and report back after 7 days. I'll do that.

I need to know that I drink coffee twice in a day. Which is mostly milk n small amount of coffee. Is it alright ? or should I stop having it.
I read somewhere coffee should be avoided with homeopathy meds.

life.welcome 8 years ago

Its been 7 days since I took the medicine. Kindly let me know what you'd like to know ? And what should I do now ?

My symptoms have not changed. I have been constipated from last 3-4 days. My weighing scale keeps showing a kg down one day n up the other. Overall not feeling fine. Whole body is aching, suddenly there's pain in the center of my chest now.

life.welcome 8 years ago
please repeat Calcarea Carb one dose on one day only. do not take more than one dose. meanwhile collect calcarea Carb 1m.
telescope 8 years ago
May I please ask what I should do after one dose ?
Do I report back ?
And how much dose of calc carb 1m is required ?
Also just curious about how much time it will approximately take for my condition to get better according to you ?
life.welcome 8 years ago
report every week or earlier if needed. every potency works well twice. Calcarea Carb 1m will be used twice at roughly 30 days interval. how much time will be needed cannot be predicted. at a rough estimate about 4 months I would say.
telescope 8 years ago
I am really sorry but I did not quite understand.

Calc Carb 200c has to be taken 1 time Just 1 day only. Correct?

And then I get Calc Carb 1m. What is the dosage for it?
How many times a day and how many days?

"Calcarea Carb 1m will be used twice at roughly 30 days interval." I don't understand this. Do you mean that only twice in a month? Or do I get a 30 day dose?

Thanks for letting me know an approx. time. I understand results can differ :).

life.welcome 8 years ago
Dear life.welcome

He means--

A. Calc carb 200 one time only - you are correct.

B. He will advise the dose amount when he thinks
it is the right time to take it.

C.Cal Carb 1 M at 30 day intervals, means
when and IF he decides you need that potency- you
would take it Once and wait a month, then take
it one more time and wait another month.

D. the 200 potency - he is waiting for 2 weeks to
see the response. If there is very little response
after trying it for 2 times with the 2 weeks of
waiting.. then he will move up to 1M. For the 1M
you watch the response over a time of one month.

You don't have to worry about that now, just take
the one dose of the 200 and keep reporting so he
can see clearly what is happening with the potency.
simone717 8 years ago
homeopathic medicines are extremely powerful and duration of action is very long. calc Carb 200 will act for around 20 days so you use one dose only and allow it to do its work for that long. Calc 1m can be active for about 30 days so you use one dose and wait for 30 days or so before taking another .homeopathic medicine can not be repeated when the previous dose is still acting.
telescope 8 years ago

Thank you so much simone717 and telescope for detailed explanation.

I was advised to take colocynthis 200c by someone on the forum also Phytolacca Decandra 1x but only after the duration of taking meds prescribed by you. Do you think it is alright ? because I've been told that these will not interfere with calc carb. Please do let me know.

Also I took 1 dose of calc carb 200 yesterday. Any instructions ahead?

[message edited by life.welcome on Fri, 06 Feb 2015 18:47:02 GMT]
life.welcome 8 years ago

Whoever told you to take Phytolacca or Colocynthis?

One cannot know in advance what one should be taking.
You take the prescribed remedy and then Watch
and wait to see what happens.

The next dose or next remedy is based on what
the results are from what you are taking NOW.

Note any changes for the next 6 days on what
you just took- and report to Telescope on the
7th day. You can also report anything or ask
questions anytime.

On this forum you keep with one prescriber-otherwise
things get confused. If after a time you feel
you want to work with another person, then that is
ok- just thank whoever was helping you and make a
new thread.


simone717 8 years ago
Hello simone717,

I was prescribed other meds by dr. nawazkhan.
According to him it will not interfere with calc carb but I thought I should ask you guys too.

And thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it. I am going to follow telescope for now.

I'll report back after a week :)

life.welcome 8 years ago
Hello Telescope,

Its been 10 days now, and changes I feel are as follows :
I am sleeping a bit better but not on time as usual. I am still stressed, anger is there but now I resist taking it out. I am calm from outside not from inside. Not losing any weight :'(. Bloating is less not completely gone. Constipation is still there but I think its due to switching to tea. As I stopped having coffee which helped me in constipation earlier. Headache is less now. But body ache is still persistent.

My appetite feels suppressed. I don't even eat when I am out. On the other hand I do not feel like going out of home at all now.
Even if I do, I wish to return to home asap.

I did get a calc carb 1m dose, waiting for instruction on that.

Thank you for taking your time to write back and for helping me.

life.welcome 8 years ago
let a few more days pass. if things remain the same we will repeat then. one has to be very careful while repeating and it is better and safer to be a little late than early.
telescope 8 years ago

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