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Retinitis Pigmentosa

Do any one suggest any medicine for retinitis pigmentosa.
  tjtrivedi on 2005-12-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
to eloborate about RP it is degeneration of retinal cell i.e. rod & con cell and thereby damaging complte retina. It generally starts from night blindness and thereafter periphery gets damages and therby side vision affected and the vision slowly becom in the tunnel form and latter on completly blind. the process may slow or fast it may depend on various factor. Alepath says it is a genetic deformation hence the problem

At present in alopath there is no remedy and 1 of 3000 suffering form RP becoming blind.
tjtrivedi last decade
HI Tjrivedi,
That description (and the name) is important for allopaths-homeopaaths consider only symptoms.
But this is serious and definitely not for the online treatment-esp. that compter is not best for eyes.
Homeopathy can help-and the face-to-face visit is the best bet.
meanwhile do palming- (acc. to dr. Bates and confirmed by many people -one of the the best healing "treatments" for retina - cover your closed eyes with your palms (not touching)--any light you might see comes only from retina.
the more you do PALMING the better-you can't overdo it.
Astra2012 last decade
Thanks Astra

Actullay I had already consulted Homeopath, one suggested me phospharus and after a gap of say one year another one suggest me Lyco,
to my mind as I read somewhere that Lyco is better for nightblindness and another acitalenium for field improvement as read by me. will u throw some light on this. I will be highly obliged to u. Regards
tjtrivedi last decade
yes astra

i am trying palming as suggested by u.

thanks again
tjtrivedi last decade
My symptoms regarding retinitis pigmentosa.
I am 42 years of age.
I am facing nightblindness since last 20 years.
I cant seee sideway or down way, I just can see straight as my central vision is still intact in left eyes.
I dont feel any pain in my eyss.
I am not facing any other problem. I am otherwise a fit person my weight is 70 kg height 5.9 ft. Sleep well. Diet normal, love sweets. Optimistic. Nature wise littlebit irritating.
tjtrivedi last decade
Are more cold or warm than others around you?

Do you feel better if you put cold/warm applications on you eyes?

is there any time of the day-season-weather-when you feel best or worst?

Is there someone who could read this and write for you?

Where do you live--do you have much sun there? Actually retina likes some sun -in the early morning or late afternoon "look" at the sun but always with CLOSED eyes, turn head slowly so sunn goeas to each place on retina.

Keep doing PALMING.
Astra2012 last decade
siliceia 200 for long period it may help in retinitis pigmentosa.
dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
silicea 200 for long period it may help in retinitis pigmentosa.
dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
Remedies for RP that I'm aware of are lycopodium, phosphorus and nux vomica.
Astra2012 last decade
My cousin aged 42 has been suffering from this. Her elder brother is also having this and now both are totally blind. Their problem has been hereditory.They tried their best to find a remedy and also consulted the top homeopaths in Calcutta and Madras at the time but to no avail. If this can be cured I would be very grateful for the feedback.
Nkjaya last decade
Share my story
Hi to all,

My name is Roman and I am a 50 year old man. Approximately in the year 1991, I was diagnosed with an eye disease called Stargardts, which is a kind of Macular Degeneration.
At the beginning, I started to lose my night vision which affected my driving ability and I voluntarily gave up night time driving. I went to all the known hospitals in the city of Toronto and was looking for any kind of treatment, but there wasn’t any available. At the beginning I went into depression and was afraid I was going to get totally blind, but then I decided to fight this terrible disease and was ready to try any conventional and unconventional treatment. I was meditating to reduce the stress level and I was also taking 40 different vitamins a day.
In the year 2000, I went twice to San Francisco for self healing school, where I was introduced to a little device to treat my eyes and a color therapy lamp, I tried them all.
I was researching about any available treatment around the globe: American continent, Europe, Middle East and etc. In April 2004, I went to Israel to see an eye professor which told me that my vision would not get any worse, unfortunately for me my vision got really bad to a point were I had to leave my job and had to struggle with my new condition.
Luckily I live in a great country like Canada where vision impaired people have an organization like CNIB-Canadian National Institute for Blind, where I have been educated with how to cope with the disease as well as providing me with some accessories to make my life easier.
An elderly woman, who I consider an angel, told me about an eye surgeon in the middle of nowhere in Russia, I was very sceptical about him and this place. I didn’t put too much into it and just said in my heart: “No way Russia”. There is nothing available in North America why would there be something available in Russia and in the mountains of Ural-NO WAY.
Six months later, I met a man from Brooklyn, NY who is a medical doctor himself and has RP - eye disease and he encouraged me to join him on the upcoming trip to Russia. In March 2005, I went to Russia and was very much impressed, firstly with the clinic and state of the art equipment and secondly with the professionalism of the staff.
After undergoing intensive tests, I finally met the legendary professor of the eye clinic.
I was told that there is a good chance of preserving my remaining vision and I underwent a small surgery on each of my eyes.
In June 2005, I went again to the same place for a second surgery, but this time two more people went with me to Russia. At the clinic, I met people from different countries and my attention was especially drawn to an 80+ years old woman from Korea, who was a real encouragement for me and my friends.
Doesn’t matter how old you are, every one wants to be able to see.
My two friends and I underwent eye surgeries and rehabilitation treatment in the clinic.
A week later we went through another set of tests and to my own surprise, there was an improvement in my right eye.
I would like to mention that after my first visit to the clinic in Russia, I analysed how I use to live and decided to change my view on life. I am more spiritual that I have ever been before. I believe the science in conjunction with the spiritual energy helped me a lot. The test for Energy level in my body performed at the clinic on my second trip to Russia did show a significant improvement.
After all those years of struggling and loss of vision, there is finally a real hope to stop the progression of vision loss. I believe it is very important to spread the word. There are thousands of people who suffer from different eye diseases and aren’t aware about the hope of stopping vision loss.
If you know some one who has any eye disease, please tell them my story and I’ll be more then glad to share my experience and guide them.


Toronto, Canada

P.S. (April 2006)
Since I wrote this letter in July 2005, I went once more to Russia in March 2006 and this time 4 people with different eye diseases went with me.
I’ll be more then glad to share my and my friend’s experience.
If anyone is interested, I will help with the arrangement of the Invitation to the clinic, with getting a Visa to enter the Russian Federation, Accommodation and a Pickup from the Airport and if needed a full escort in Russia.

P.S. (June 2006)
I was informed that one of the persons with very bad condition of RP that had joined my group in March 2006, had an eye check up in his country, Israel. The doctors were very surprised to see a 50% improvement in his angle vision.
Romanch last decade
Hi Friends
I am back again after my cataract surgery and had to to face some infection. sorry specially Astra I could not replied to ur messages. Ragarding my symtoms as asked by you, I am normal to cold and warm. No effect on warm or cold cloth or materials on eyes. After Caatract surgery I am facing glares in Sunlight and bright lights and uncomforable with sunlight. Feeling good in looking during early morning and evening in down. Before my catract operation i had tekn phospherous for about 6 months and lyco thereafter for about 2 months weekly.
Your suggession is highly appreciated.
tjtrivedi last decade
hi Romanch,
How can I know more info about the clinic and treatments? I need help for a girl affected with Retinitis Pigmentosa.
mkk_ktd last decade
Hi mkk
i would gladly share
with you the info
the best if you would call me
but the forum doesnt allow me to give you any contact info.
i do not know how else can i help you.
in september i am going again to same place in Russia, with a group of 12 people

maybe if you ask the forum administrater to make an exeption and give you my email

Roman, Toronto
Romanch last decade
Hi Romanch,
Thank you for the reply.... Let me contact the admin and see if it helps.

mkk_ktd last decade
Hi mkk
when you do contact the admin please explain to him that we are not selling anything here, this is a health issue.
The only people with this similar disease can understand what we are going thru, thsts way we should and must help each other


Romanch last decade
Hi romanch,

My uncle suffers from retinits pigmentosa & i am interested in finding a treatment for the same.

If you could send details of the clinics or hospitals that you have mentioned in your post, it would be appreciated.

My email address can be veiwed on my profile page, but you need t0 be signed in to see that.

Thanks in advance
tali2khali last decade
Hello Romanch,

My name is Lea and my boyfriend has Retinitis Pigmentosa. I am desperately trying to find a way to help him. I would so greatly appreciate it if you could give me some information about the doctor that you met with in Russia or any other information you think might help. Thank you so very much in advance!!
ldesco last decade
Any help or advice on Retinitis Pigmentosa would be greatly appreciated-I am very inerested to learn about the surgery in Russia-my email address is listed-thank you in advance!!
ldesco last decade
Hi Roman, I do agree with you and I had also undergone one russion treatment in India At Appollo Hospital Hyderabad where a Russion Docs had a stay of about 3-4 years in Feb 1994. I had also undergone a small surgery (sclaroplasty) had a cource of injection for ten days twice in a gap of six months. I had very good experience there. But team has left India when I visited in 2000.
Initially I feel brightness in vision but at present there is very high level of detoriation. There is no sign of improvement. I do have read about some Cuba treatment at Havana at that time as well. As per your mail the russion treatment is very encoraging.
Your more update is anticiated.
tjtrivedi last decade
Hi Friends
I sent out email to: tali2khali & ldesco with more details about the treatment of retinal diseases.
to tjtrived if you would like to learn more about the surgery in Russia-my email address is listed yin the profile-send me one and i will reply

Romanch last decade

I am 24 and live in New Jersey. I have done certain treatments myself regardingMicro Acupuncture and have seen very good results. I am also very interested in the treatment in Russia and would like to get information regarding how to contact anyone with information. I have tried to go into people's profiles, but there are no e-mail addresses. Please get back to me and I hope to hear good news. Thanx in advance...
Silver_Vash last decade
Hi Ramoanch
I can't find your profit nor your email id. Pl guide me.
tjtrivedi last decade
What is your current position???
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Did you try Dr. Deoshlok's suggestion?

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade

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