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I am sorry.. please let me handle one by one case

I am dealing with your ED so please don't divert my mind otherwise we will fail
sabkamalik1 7 years ago
ok then tomorrow u take only one dose of Nux Vomica 200c

no need to smell camphor

if u take nux vomica 200 tomorrow after 5 days take
2Nd remedies Aloe soc

Yea some Medcine will be antidoted by coffee

u have to stop drinking coffee for 15 days once I prescribe you for ed problem
sabkamalik1 7 years ago
Okay.We'll finish this ED first and then come to greying of hairs and beards.I'll take a dose of Nux-Vomica 200C now and wait for 5 days and then start to take Aloe soco 200C.Shall I stop to take coffee from now and take tea or milk instead of it.Please reply me.
Moorty2014 7 years ago
Sabkamalik, I am waiting for your reply.
Moorty2014 7 years ago
hi Moorthy,

now u can take coffee but I will say when to stop.. or reduce it to 1 cup.

remember Aloe soc also one dose

no more dose

today u take nux vomica only one dose then no more dose.upto 5 days.after that take only one dose Aloe soc again no more dose upto next 5 days

post me after 10 days..

regarding hair problem we will see because I never handle issue of hairs and all
sabkamalik1 7 years ago
remember 5 drops of liquid dilution in half cup of normal water
sabkamalik1 7 years ago
Greying of hair and beards are the side effects of taking combination medicines of potencies 200C.It's a reckless and dangerous prescription from that Doctor.Ofcourse, I know nothing about homeopathy,but on I am aware of certain things on Homeopathy.
Moorty2014 7 years ago
what u want to say I understand but we will think about that or now we need adress your ED coz u r in depression for ed.

sabkamalik1 7 years ago
OK.I'll report you about the status on my health after 10 days.

Moorty2014 7 years ago
today u taken nux vomica 200.. right??

don't take anything upto 5 days

on day 6 take Aloe soc only one dose
then no more days upto next 5 days

I am putting my all knowledge in your case

got some questions for u -

if u stop your coffee for a day then how u feel?

you like veg or non veg more?

Normaly what brand homeopathy medicine u like to take.. in fact brand not a matter

but can u find german homeopathy brand Medcine in chennai??

please ask your homeopathy Medcine store for

Dr Willmar Schwabe India Pvt Ltd


About Dr. Reckeweg brand

please ask them over phone or visit there if possible I am going to prescribe you remedy base on that

if nothing there then go for SBL Brand..
sabkamalik1 7 years ago
Yes, I have taken a dose of Nux-Vomica 200C from Schwabe Brand and I don't have Aloe Socotrina 200C in my hand and I will get it tomorrow.

The Reckeweg's product are available in all stores in chennai.But some of them should be ordered to get them and it will take some days of time.

Answers :

if u stop your coffee for a day then how u feel?

I am not able to take anything other than coffee as I have practised taking it for the past 27 years.But for homeopathy I can stop taking it till I get my health back.

you like veg or non veg more?

I am a pure Vegetarian and Hindu and take all types of vegetarian foods which includes mainly south and occasionaly north indian recipes
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Moorty2014 7 years ago
ok great..

schwabe india will be fine for us..

no need to buy Aloe soc 200 from schwabe india. sbl will be fine for this.

may be in somedays I will prescribe you for errection problem that Medcine u only take from schwabe india

regarding coffee what I am thinking if u suddenly stop it may give u some bodyache and headache because I feel this when I stop taking tea not sure what will be in your case..

no need to go for doctor reckweg Medcine.. schwabe india works great.

u know after antidote may be all ill
effects of Medcine will down and your body vital force will be able to handle my next dose

but one question u were taking 10 drops of of agnus castus 200c and many other Medcine in large dose

who prescribed u like this....or self prescribing???

I am tens when I show what I taken in past..

I am planing to extend your Aloe soc dose more 3 days.will update u about this. let nux vomica work on its way.

please pray to lord saibaba and say your problem he will heal u soon..

Om sai ram
sabkamalik1 7 years ago

I never prescribe medicines for myself as I don't know their actions on human body.But I love to learn Homeopathy.Please tell me how to do it.

I followed the Homeopathic treatment as advised by the doctor in chennai.The Homeopath who I met in chennai is Dr.V.K.Ganapathy who runs a homeopathy clinic called Arun Homeo Pharmacy at Medavakkam Tank Road, Chennai,PH.NO:044-6651046.

On Agnus Castus 200C, I was advised by that doctor to take atmost 15 drops twice daily for 1 month alongwith Ginseng 1X 1 Tablet at night.The doctor's effort in curing my disease became useless and he knows about this also.Not only me,but several patients going to him for the treatment would not get their disease cured and I am sure about this.
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Moorty2014 7 years ago
I am sorry about you but if u ask any good person like simone, kadwa, nawazkhan or telescope all will say that 200c of Agnus castus 15 drops will effect a person sexual desire badly.

if u go to the history of agnus castus it's called as chaste tree and may be nuts or root what used by monk am not sure but monk were using it to reduce the sexual desire so that there spiritual journey will be good and without distraction of mind from spirituality..

I don't want to blame any doctor because I belive doctor are god gifted.. may be it's his way of dosing but in world no one prescribe 15 drops of 200c that to german brand.

great that you are learning homeopathy me too learning but never self prescribing is good one.

don't worry I pray all will be fine soon.. wait 4 more days then start to take Aloe soc 200 one dose for 3 days ( 5 drops on half cup of water)

3 dose in 3 days

in bettwen I will prescribe you the remedy for 2Nd phase treatment.. U have to buy it and take it with u..

keep distance from all other Medcine

only take care of my remedy and your self..

Om sai ram
sabkamalik1 7 years ago
hi Moorthy...

one question came in my mind..

I think he prescribed you mother tincture of Agnus castus

it mean agnus castus Q

r u sure thar u purchased right Medcine may be the Medcine shop give some wrong..

Why I am concentrating on this because my next remedy will be different so that vital force will work very well..

pleas rember na..
sabkamalik1 7 years ago

You said Doctors are gifted by god to serve humanity and it is true.But I don't term any Qualified homeopath badly,unless they are wrong.I have all the prescriptions with me which are given by him.No one would like to go to such a Homeopath after a certain period as the treatment becomes ineffective.

He did not prescribe Agnus Castus Q i.e., Mother tincture.I am sure he chose Agnus Castus 200C and asked me to take 10 to 15 drops twice daily for 30 days and not only this medicine, but he prescribed Acid Phos 200 and other combination remedies of higher potencies with 200C also to be taken in the same way.His way of choosing the remedies with a very high dosage is not correct.No doubt about it.

Everything was correct and once I give the prescription to his pharmacists,they would give me only that specified medicine by that doctor by seeing his prescriptions.

What I said about that doctor is only true and I can't prove this to that doctor since he is Qualified as B.H.M.S and also M.D.
I need not say all these to you as I am not going to be benefited any way.
[message edited by Moorty2014 on Sat, 04 Jul 2015 09:50:41 UTC]
Moorty2014 7 years ago
Again, Homeopaths may fail,but not Homeopathy and it is necessary for the people to search for a good homeopath and then go to him/her for any treatment.

Dr.Batra's,Homeocare International,Positive Homeopathy,Elixir Vitae Homeopathy are all real Fakes and will not even let one know what medicines they are giving to their patients and for what disease they give them.I don't believe or accept those Google reviews about them as no one gets a prescription for their treatment.
Moorty2014 7 years ago
I understand completely..

relax.. you will take Aloe soc 200 after 4 days.. right??
sabkamalik1 7 years ago
If you have a chance,come to chennai and take an appointment from that Doctor and meet him for some health purpose to get to know what I said is correct.
Moorty2014 7 years ago
Yes, I am going to take Aloe soc 200C after 4 days.
Moorty2014 7 years ago

did I say that he is good doctor?? listen to me If I tell my situation and problem how I cheated by many homeopath then u will so sad about my problem.

honestly don't be rude to me.. I am also suffering from some issue and I tried many homeopath based on hyderabad But no work..

I just said about homeopath and thought may be u purchased by mistake. I am not here to fight with anyone for there prescription.. I can't handle this type behave from u.. I am common man with a helping heart.

may be u not understand what I posted to u. u will not belive how I am studying your case everyday to make u fine soon so that u will happy..

look mr Moorthy am not here to judge anyone by going chenai or usa or any part of this world..

no one giving me money here for my prescription in fact am never think or take one single money..

I am almost strugling in my life so I help people Heartly so that they can bless me and I will be heal soon coz sometimes blessing work more then a Medcine.

it's upto u if u want to take my Medcine u take otherwise don't take..

I am bit upset what u said..

it was my great mistake that I asked to confirm if the Medcine was correct or wrongly taken???

if that then I applogies

Bye Moorthy
sabkamalik1 7 years ago
Sabkamalik, Please understand that my point is to tell you that the doctor from whom I got the treatment was wrong and I did not say anything against you and don't mistake me.I found your help useful and hence I reply you.
[message edited by Moorty2014 on Sat, 04 Jul 2015 10:11:53 UTC]
Moorty2014 7 years ago
ok I understand now..

please go ahead with Aloe soc 200

for 3 days one dose every day

one dose ( 5 drops in half cup water)

at morning time
sabkamalik1 7 years ago
It means I have to take Aloe Soco 200C one dose daily for 3 days in the morning and no.of drops is 5 drops in normal water.
Moorty2014 7 years ago
yes sir exactly..
sabkamalik1 7 years ago
Okay.I'll take the medicine as advised by you and report you after 3 days.

Moorty2014 7 years ago

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