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Lycopodium new symptoms?

My homeopathic doctor prescribed me Lycopodium at 200C in the beginning

April 1st 2015: 200C
April 28 2015: 1M
June 4th 2015: 1M (one week later symptoms started with the eye)
July 6 2015: 1M - (30m after the visit and taking the Remedy again Lycopodium, Right eye started to have the same symptoms just like the left eye and it disappeared in a quick. It lasted maybe 30-40 minutes)

For chronic urticaria problem and some indigestion problems.

My new symptoms were dry gritty left eyes on the Jun 4th dose then July 6 I have the symptom moved to right eye, so now both eyes have new symptoms of the same. Is this coincidence? Is this normal? The symptoms lasting almost 3 weeks now on my left eye and today on the right eye.

The weird thing is, most of the time it stops irritating me with no symptoms at all, then it returns randomly.

Any suggestions? thank you.
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  Juju83 on 2015-07-06
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Lycopodium has symptoms- as if sand is in the eye.

If you have never had this symptom before then it is
likely you had too much of it and it is what they call
a "proving" symptom ( a new symptom)

If this is the case then you should talk to your homeopath
about it .
simone717 7 years ago
Wow thank you for the fast reply.

I did have that symptoms on the left though a while back, maybe last year or earlier this year. But surprised it returned and it lasted this long.. and moved on the right today after my visit to my Homeopathic doctor 30m later.
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Juju83 7 years ago
When this happened did you go to the eye doctor?

Because when it originally happened, and if it lasted for a short time only-
then perhaps there is some condition going on with the eyes that
needs to be diagnosed. If it originally lasted a long time, then it
could be the Lycopodium is taking some time to get rid of it.

It is always good to get the actual physical facts.
simone717 7 years ago
Thank you simone717.

Here's my Homeopath journey.

April 1st:
This day was my first day seeing my Homeopathic doctor. He interviewed me about my ailment and gave the answers and health history.

Reason for visit is Urticaria and chronic.

indigestion problems and liver toxicity issues.

The first and second month I felt very good, finally able to eat brown rice and didn't eat before. This was April 1st, April 28 and then June 4. one week later, then he gave me another 1M dose of Lycopodium after that and a week or so later, the left eye problem occurred with the sand in the eye symptoms.

I have glaucoma and using drops for pressure. I had sandy eyes before I mentioned but it comes and goes but mostly on the left eyes and sometimes on the right eye.

Weird thing is... sometimes it's gone completely, and then sometimes it comes back lol... and sometimes it gets worse during the evening.

Edit: forgot to mention as I type this edit, it get's worse around 4-8 PM! weird! lol... I was stressed up about it but then I think I have a good hunch that it's a healing reaction.. I called my homeopathic doctor today and he told me it might be a healing reaction and we discussed it today in his office.. I love homeopathic practitioners because they care about their patients, and hopefully i'll recover quick (Pray).

Thank you.
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Juju83 7 years ago
Sounds like a healing reaction, I would trust your homeopath.
simone717 7 years ago
Thank you Simone717. I'll report back if anything.

Once again thanks very much.
Juju83 7 years ago
The left eye symptom has disappeared and right eye started to have the symptoms today but it only about lasted 30 -40 minutes and gone. it started around 5 PM.

I have a question Simone717.

Ok so, I have the symptoms of lycopodium including the dry eyes symptoms. Is it trying to cure it?
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Juju83 7 years ago
Yes, this is the way homeopathy works in chronic
conditions, things show up from the past and then
release.The remedy has stimulated your life force to
clear and it is working.
simone717 7 years ago
Thanks Simone717 for the reply.

It's weird though because the symptom disappeared almost yesterday, moved to the right eye for 30-40 minutes around 6PM and then stopped. Now this morning it went back to the left.

eyes not red just feels like there's sand in the left eye.
is this possible?

I want to see an eye doctor though I don't have health insurance right now trying to get one.

Also found this:

Eyes.- (Lycopodium clavatum)

Inflammation of the eyes, with itching in canthi, redness, and swelling of lids ; distressing pain as if they were dry, with nightly agglutination. (Alum., Calc. c., Merc., Puls., Graph., Sil., Sulph.)

Dryness and smarting in the eyes, as if dust were in them ; difficult to open, mornings

Thanks in advance
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Juju83 7 years ago
Yes it is possible.

You posted:

I have glaucoma and using drops for pressure. I had sandy eyes before I mentioned but it comes and goes but mostly on the left eyes and sometimes on the right eye.

The life force when activated by the remedy can go back thru every
instance you have ever felt sandy eyes-and release that.
simone717 7 years ago
Ok reporting back again.

Symptom seem to go away then comes back (Left eye)

Right eye's symptom is gone and never returned.

Review: on the dosage with detail

April 1: 200C
(No aggravation symptoms)
April 28: 1M
(No aggravation symptoms)
June 16: 1M
(Aggravation started June 18)
July 6: 1M
(Aggravation moved to right eye)

Does aggravation takes this long if a person is sensitive?

It's been 3 weeks or so.

Thank you
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Juju83 7 years ago
And the symptom decreases an hour later. wth is going on haha..

I love homeopathy but sometimes it scares me the hell...

When at it's peak 2 1/2 weeks ago, when this irritation at its worse. Felt like a pebble on near my tear dock, I had the worse anxiety just like I've had 5 years ago when I've gone some bad anxiety problems. hmm I am still confused.
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Juju83 7 years ago
It is not aggravation. The remedy has stimulated your
life force to release all the times this has gone on.

So it will show up and then disappear off and on-
that is how it works.

People that have had long term chronic things, can
have things show up and leave, show up and leave
go on for quite some time.

Please talk to your homeopath about the anxiety
you have on how this is working.
simone717 7 years ago
Thank you very much Simone717.

My doctor gave me some natural pills for anxiety. Thanks for the advice = )

During April 1: 200C
and April: 1M

Between those two, I felt so good less or no Anxiety. More energy, I started to walk, cycling and laugh more.

And then June 4-16, I don't understand why I went down hill, when the eye irritation started to occur, my anxiety started to come back.

My worries is that the duration of this irritation or healing reaction.

The symptoms when I had it in the past, it didn't last this long, unless the remedy is trying to fix it and might not able to fix it, does this mean it's permanent? does it go away?
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Juju83 7 years ago
It is trying to fix it.

You need to be talking to your homeopath about this-

Let me give you an example:

Patients who have eczema, and take allopathic meds which suppress eczema.

This suppression of eczema often makes patients then have allergies, and
asthma and the suppression has made the eczema disappear but then worse
things show up due to suppression.

If they begin homeopathic treatment, the doctor would say, I can treat the
asthma, but then the past allergies are going to show up and then the
eczema is going to show up again until cured.

Whatever got suppressed early on- is going to show up again.
In your case possible the anxiety is showing up again-
everything that was suppressed is likely to appear again, and the
normal instinct is to go suppress it again, but that would be wrong.
simone717 7 years ago
Ok, I think the eye symptom is gone but now, my prostate symptom is back that I've had all this years, does this means it's trying to fix it too Simone?

I've had it for 5 years now.
I hope it doesn't last that long.

Also, my hives are less or gone. I haven't had a breakout since the day my eye started to irritate, I had the last breakout then.
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Juju83 7 years ago
Yes, it is trying to fix it- when the
remedy is right it brings back
almost everything that was wrong
and suppressed by any drug.
simone717 7 years ago
Thanks very very much for the reply Simone as always.

I am glad people like you are here to help us suffers = ).
Juju83 7 years ago
Another thing Simone, Is this what you call Aggravation when old symptoms returns?

Did my Homeopathic practitioner gave me too high of a potency?

Should he just stayed with 200C? instead of 1M?

He knew I was sensitive yet, though I mentioned that I was doing fine then 1M later I went down with aggravations
Juju83 7 years ago
This is not aggravation. Aggravation usually happens within
a few day of taking the remedy. Current symptoms get worse.

Then the next thing that usually happens, is a person feels mentally
better, sleeps better and so on.

Then the next thing if the remedy is really correct is people start
to have old things show up, and then leave. This is what you
want to happen. The remedy has activated your life force to

The life force has intelligence, it goes backwards and starts
having old things come up.

The remedy is working for you and it is doing what it is
supposed to be doing. Try to relax about it.
simone717 7 years ago

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