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Help My 14 year old son suffers from Social Phobia

I have tried everything for my son it is killing me to watch. This all started 3 years ago when he threw up on the school bus he was going to his first day of middle school. Ever since he has this fear of getting sick and people will see. Every morning is a ritual I watch him panic and vomit the very thing he dont want to do becuase his fear had taken control. It hurts me to watch this. you see it start from the pacing to him grabbing his hands you can see the fear in his eyes then all of the sudden he is vomiting. now 3 years later he starts high school in 3 weeks. I took him to see a doctor they dignosed him with social aniexty or a fear of the aniexty itself its not just school its parties, the movies with his friends. etc. They wanted to put him on zolft and give him valium . at 14 I fear him taking these drugs so I have not filled them. I need something that will help him bring him down so he can function and learn to deal with the aniexty. School starts soon I just want him to enjoy these years of his life and not suffer like this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  logan1024 on 2015-08-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please fill out a questionnaire as the information you have provided is insufficient to prescribe a remedy.

A homeopath basically needs to understand what it feels like to be your son, physically, emotionally and mentally.
sameervermani 7 years ago
where is the questionaire form?
logan1024 7 years ago
I can consider your case but you need to give many answers, copy the questions list in notepad,
write answers in same way with questions and then paste in post reply, NO SHORT answers explain MAXIMUM you can.

1. Age,sex,weight,country.

2. Main complaints and other associated troubles.
a)Where is the trouble; The exact locality of the complaint like hands,legs etc; duration of trouble.
b)What exactly do child feels, Sensation as pain, how pain feels or burn etc, according to you.
c)What are the factors that causes this trouble according to you.
d)Condition under which the complaint is reduced or child feels better like,cold or hot application,cold or hot weather,position as standing,walking,rest etc.
e)Condition under which the complaint is increased like,cold or hot application,cold or hot weather,position as standing,walking,rest etc.
f)Any other complaint any where in the body.
g)Onset time of troubles in detail, i.e which came first, after that what problem and so on.
h)Treatment method adopted and its result.

3. History of diseases in family.

4. Personal History.
a)About childhood.
b)Academic performance.
c)Any major incidents in life and the effect of it on life.
d)How is child satisfied with friends, family members, etc.

6. How is child's Appetite and Thirst.

7. Likes and Dislikes.
a)Alcohol Bread Butter Bitter Salt Sweet Sour Fats Milk Mud Chalk Egg Spicy food Meat Fish Fruits Fried Food
Warm food-drink Cold food-drink Ice Ice cream Chocolates Tea Coffee.
b)Anything else about like and dislike of any activity with child or surrounding.

8. Bowel movements.
a)Nature of stool, frequency, satisfactory or not.
b)Any discomforts associated with stool.

9. Urine.
a)Frequency, nature, volume.
b)Any discomfort before, during or after urination/odour

12. Sleep.
a)The quality of sleep, the quietness or restlessness of sleep,
position of sleep, times of waking and reasons for waking,
need for cover over various parts of the body,
whether the window must be open or closed etc.
common dreams, peculiar sounds or gestures during sleep, etc.

13. Sweat
a)How much, what parts, staining, Odour.

14. Weather
a)Tolerance to heat and cold, dryness, humidity, weather changes, sun,
foggy weather, wind drafts, closed rooms, etc.

15. Mental Status
a) Were there any complications at birth?
b)At what age did the child: crawl, walk, talk, teethe, toilet train ?
c)How did the child react to the following situations: vaccinations, birth of younger sibling, starting day care, starting school, spending night with a friend, going away to camp, traveling with the family
d)Did the child have an especially severe childhood illness--measles, mumps, croup, etc.?
e)When ill or upset does the child want to cling or be left alone, or something else altogether?
f)How would you describe the child's behavior when playing with other children?
g)What feedback do you get from the child's teachers?
h)How does your child treat animals?
i)What fears does your child have?
j)How affectionate is the child when not sick?
k)How sympathetic is the child (concerned with the suffering of others)?
l)How is the child affected by games, studying, music and dancing?
m)Is the child fastidious? Please explain.
n)Is the child sensitive to criticism? Please explain.
o)Describe the child's eating habits, for example: picks at his food, or eats voraciously, or is full after 2 bites, or can't sit still to eat, or must be fed or he won't calm down, and so on.
p)Are there any digestive complaints--waking with stomach pains, or a lot of gas and bloating or burping, or constipation, etc.?
q)How cooperative is the child?
r)What does the child really love to do?

16.Describe child face and tongue by doing FACIAL AND TONGUE DIAGNOSIS by visiting homeomzp.blogspot.com

17.For medical astrology tell child birth place,location,timing(dd/mm/yyyy format)

NOTE-- if proper reporting will not be done by you, then i will close the case, you can take advice from others.

0antivirus0 7 years ago
1. 14, Male, 110, United States
2a. His Mind
b. Aniexty, Palpatations, vomiting, nervousness
c. t being in a social sitation
d. sitting in his room
e. Going to school, movies, friends house, party, anything social
f. No other complaints
g. 11 yrs old first days of Middle school had a aniexty attack on the bus and starting vomiting on the bus, kids laughed made fun of him. 2nd time went on a boat in the ocean got sick everyone was looking he said, 3rd time was on a airplane got sick and did not make it to the bathroom. the plane was crowded. I believe that it is the aniexty itself he fears. That what if?? it happens on the bus or at school, or at the movies, with my friends and he can control it and gets sick and embarressed
h. No treatment besides couseling
3. RP, High blood pressure, Aniexty disorders
4a. he is a 14 year old boy who does excellent in school has great friends and loves online gaming and skype
b. honor roll student
c. his father is a alcoholic he does not live with him. I recieved sole custody a year ago
d. he loves his friends and family
6. normal appetite
7a. loves bread, butter, bitter, salt, sweet, sour, spicy foods, chicken and pork not too much beef, loves shellfish, and sushi, loves fruit, fried foods. Likes milk only in cereal, no fats, mud, chalk or eggs. likes warm foods, cold foods drinks alot of soda he prefers coke. Like ice cream , choclate, not hot tea or coffee
b. i dislike that he sits in his room for 15 hours a day online with his friends i dont think that helps with his problem but noone go outside anymore. i am fine with everything else
8a. once a day, satifactory
b. no discomfort
9a. 5 times a day, normal
b. no discomfort
12. sleep is horrible, during the summer he sleeps all day lone till 3pm. he can never fall alseep during school i have gone in his room and he is still trying to go to sleep and its midnight and he needs to be up by 6am. Feet always need to be covered even if its 100 degress in the house, needs a blanket to sleep, it doesnt matter about the window. never dreams he says doesnt wake up usually he says once he is alseep
13.doesnt sweat much cuz he dont do anything to sweat
no odor
14. he does not like when it is really hot outisde his pefect weather would be 65 degarees far. he does not like rainy days or cloudy but does like the cold and snow doesnt mind closed rooms
15. he was breech and I needed a emgergency c section he was also jaundice
b. he started to crawl at around 4 months but never used his knees he dragged his legs like a army crawl, started to walk at a year and a half, said small words at around 6 months, 3 yrs till he was toilet trained
c. hated vaccinations used to cry before they even came to the room, loved his sister, loved starting school, loved spending the night, going away traveling when he was young
d. no illness
e. left alone
f. good
g. teachers love him
h, loves animals
i. spiders, social aniexty, throwing up in public
j. hes is normal he is 14 so he doesnt cling to me when hes sick just goes to his room and lays down
k. he is very sympathatic
l. he loves games not so much studyding, loves loves loves music not so much dancing
m. no not fastidous
n. yes very. He doesnt like to be critisied by anyone
o. eats noraml
p. no only gets stomach aches when he is nervous
q. he is cooperative
r. play online video games with his friends
16. He has puberty pimples
bad taste in the morning
17. he was born 10/24/2000 in fairfax county virginia
not sure of the time in the late afternoon is all i remember
logan1024 7 years ago
give ARSENICUM ALBUM 200c liquid, 2 drops in a tablespoon water, only 2 dose not more than that, not daily, 1st dose before sleep and next dose next morning after wakeup,

{if buying pills then 3 pills as one dose, 2 times, 1st at night and 2nd after wakeup, chew it, do not swallow with water}

do not eat or drink anything 30 minutes before and after medicine,


feeling calm=
good sleep=
proper energy level=
self control=
confidence level=
freshness on waking up=
love and affection with others=
mental freedom or freshness=
nervousness and palpatations=
any other change you felt=

0antivirus0 7 years ago
The highest they sell that is 30c becuase I have it but only tried it for a few days and he said its jot doing anything but I will definitly try that agin for the 20 days. Can I buy 200c some where online? And they are the pills tHe ones I have that needs to be dissolved in your mouth
logan1024 7 years ago
yes give a try for 200c pills.
0antivirus0 7 years ago
and you have to give only two dose, not daily
0antivirus0 7 years ago
Hmm.. my analysis points to another remedy. Arsenicum will have more fastidiousness and restlessness. It is also one of the few remedies in the materia medica, which is universally ameliorated from warmth. The patient here does not like when its hot outside and loves cold and snow. This is not an Arsenicum state.

The most peculiar symptoms here are fear of vomiting and a delusion that he is being laughed at.

Only one remedy in the materia medica covers these two symptoms and that is Lachesis Mutus. It is also ameliorated by music and has great amount of "inhibition" as well.

My prescription would be 3 doses of Lachesis Mutus 30c to be taken as follows:

Lachesis Mutus 30c, dissolve 2 pellets in 250 ml spring water (let them melt in the water), stir well and take a sip from there 3 times at 30 mins gap. The doses are to be taken for 1 day only. Take the doses empty stomach in the morning. From next day, no more doses.

Report in 1 week after dosing please.


1/. Nothing should enter the mouth for 30 minutes prior to, or after taking the remedy.
2/. Do not touch the tablets with your hands, tip them into the cap of the container they came in and then into the water .
3/. Avoid coffee, tea (including green), and other sources of caffeine such as some fizzy drinks and large amounts of chocolate, except where this would cause a drastic change in consumption
4/. Avoid wearing perfume/aftershave, or exposure to anything with a strong smell while under treatment. This includes any and all essential oils, and incense.
5/. Avoid the consumption of excessively spicey foods
6/. The use of medicinal herbs, either as 'teas' or supplements should be AVOIDED during Homoeopathic treatment, as should the use of over the counter medication, unless this has been recommended by an MD.
7/. Nothing of a medicinal nature should be applied to the skin
[message edited by sameervermani on Thu, 13 Aug 2015 17:52:12 UTC]
sameervermani 7 years ago

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