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Please help for chronic depression and social phobia

Dear Drs,

I hope someone can help me. I am a 40 year old single female and I've been suffering from depression for 12 years and social anxiety since adolescence. I've always been reserved and was very shy when a child. At the moment I'm living with my parents and hardly leave the house.
I hate my life and very often think about ending it.

  ipslon on 2012-05-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Have you ever seen a homeopath
in person before?

Or had any homeopathic treatment?

Where are you located? I can help
you find someone in person or
online if necessary to work with you.

Hang in there, things can change
for you.
simone717 last decade
If you have suicidal ideation, do you think that taking medical advice from anonymous strangers on a website is the best approach?

Such a situation needs to be handled very carefully, and should really be done in a face-to-face setting with someone who is not only a qualified and experienced homoeopath, but should be a skilled counsellor as well.

Depression alone is quite difficult to manage, but when suicidal feelings are present as well it is in your best interest to seek the best care possible. If you let us know where you are, someone here may be able to suggest a practitioner.

David Kempson
Professional Classical Homoeopath.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Dear Simone and David,

Thank you for replying.

I am located in Italy and don't worry I have had these thoughts for a long time without attempting suicide.

I take allopathic medication and have been admitted in psychiatric wards twice but i don't seem to respond to meds or other methods.
I'm being followed by a psychologist too.

I've been to 2 homeopaths here without improvement and been coming to this site on and off for some years.

I think i made a mistake asking for help for my depression here but I just felt desperate. Besides i know from experience the healing crisis is very difficult to bear when you're already feeling terribly sad. I should have asked help for physical ailments instead, tiredness for e.g.

Do you think what i say makes sense?

Best regards
[message edited by ipslon on Thu, 17 May 2012 15:09:40 BST]
ipslon last decade
Where are you in Italy??

I don't think you got the right homeopath
and I can look up someone I think
can help you.

Yes and what you say makes perfect
sense to me. If your energy is not running
right you will not feel able to cope.

I looked up your case on here- seems
like you have run the gamut of everyone.
If you want to do something on here?
I would suggest changing your headline
and asking Tabish007 to look at your
case and see if he thinks he could
do another approach that would help.
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simone717 last decade

Since you are shy, reserved & introvert type of person so it is obvious that you are not aggressive; clearly pointing at 03 homeopathic remedies. I would like you to start with Natrum Mur-200 as there are many other signs clearly recommending this remedy which I won't mention here. Later we can try other 02 remedies one by one that I will let you know.

Please take 03 doses of Natrum Mur-200c on daily basis for three days & report the progress after a week. Take just only 03 doses & then just wait & watch.
One dose = 5 drops of Natrum Mur in half cup of water 30min before or after meal. Avoid taking too much salt.
[message edited by AsadGhumman on Fri, 18 May 2012 05:51:24 BST]
AsadGhumman last decade
Dear Simone,

Thank you for your interest in my case. It's comforting to acknowledge that there are people who care. I will do as you say.

Dear Dr Asad,

Thank you for your consultation.
You aren't tha first homeopath to prescribe Nat. Mur. I took it 3 years ago starting with 200CH, then 1MK and 1LM. I was supposed to then take the 2LM but i could not take anymore of the intense negative emotions it arose.

How is it that the healing crisis lasts so long? Shouldn't I have felt any better during the course of the treatment?
Maybe it wasn't the right remedy for me?

Best regards
ipslon last decade
Oh sorry Simone, i meant to mention that i live in Abruzzo, central Italy. However i have been to the best homeopath in Northern Italy, Prof. Cenerelli, Milan.
ipslon last decade
definitely u should have felt significant improvement within one week. Which other remedies have u taken, please list all if u can
AsadGhumman last decade
Dear Dr Asad,

Thank you for your reply.I have tried:
Silica up to 21LM and Nat Ars up to 35LM (same treatment)
Sepia 40CH
Pulsatilla 15CH, 200CH and 10MK
Ignatia 6LM
Lachesis 1MK
Thuja 200CH
Aurum Met 1MK
Nux Vom 200CH
Sulphur ?
Calc Carb ?
Caust 1MK
Nux Vom ?

I hope you can help me.
Best regards
ipslon last decade
'Aurum Met 1MK'

For how long have u used this medicine & in what way???

All other medicines were prescribed for apparently no reason
AsadGhumman last decade
I'm lucky you're online at this moment!
As for Aur Met, luckily i keep diaries.
I took it in 2005
Aur Met 1MK in little globules, half of it

A week later the other half.

A week later half of Aur. 10MK .

The homeopath saw no improvement so she prescribed Acid Phos the week after.
ipslon last decade
Also please answer the following questions in detail. Feel free to write & share the answer in details. I will read carefully & then will decide your remedy.

1-How do you react in anger or humiliation?

2-How is the behaviour & attitude of your relatives & friends with you? (Write how you feel)

3-Do you feel highly stung or over react to pains or injuries?

4-Do you suffer from periodic headache or stomach-ache of any sort?

5-Are you too sensitive & tend to faint when someone dejects you or quarrels with you?

6-Do you feel chillness deep inside?

7-Any sort of eczema on the scalp which is very painful & sensitive to touch?

8-Do you have self confidence or you have lost self confidence?

9-Whom do you blame about the miseries of your life, yourself or the people around you that are related to you?

10-Any sort of pain in bones/joints?

11-Do you feel sensitivity to light?

12-Anything else that you feel is worth mentioning.

Have faith & patience & you will be fine with help & grace of The Creator.
AsadGhumman last decade
And I am lucky to have a patient like you who is well organised, willing to cooperate & actually wants relief from her ailment. In most cases, patients don't actually know much or are not cooperative at all. I am just a helper but you are actual doctor of yourself, now that you realise your state & actually want to be treated & live a healthy life, then 95% of the problem is solved. I will try my best to handle the remaining 5% & I am sure you will be fine soon.
[message edited by AsadGhumman on Fri, 18 May 2012 15:08:09 BST]
AsadGhumman last decade
Thank you very much Dr Asad,

I will respond to your questions carefully. It will take a while because I am a precise person as you may have already guessed.
I appreciate your kind words. If only there were more Doctors like you who show humanity in the face of suffering.

Best regards
ipslon last decade
Just for your information Asad is not
a Doctor or a homeopath. People need
to check out on this forum who
they are being treated by and stop giving
them titles they do not have, It creates
the wrong idea for others.

Nothing against Asad, he has a strong
interest in homeopathy and is a very
intelligent person.
simone717 last decade

First of all thanks for your frequent reviews of threads in order to maintain quality of this site.
AsadGhumman last decade
I am truly impressed by your comments
and remedy suggestions-I would think
you were 20 years older than you are-
you really have a gift of a fine mind.

Once the 'doctor' thing gets rolling it
is hard to stop it. Which is why moderator
put the post on top of forum after I talked to him. Moderator told me it is
a very hard thing bc even if people are
DOCTORS etc they could be using another real doctor identity. so,
I guess caveat emptor is still the
watchword on the internet.
simone717 last decade
I'm sorry Simone I must have been distracted. By the words Asad used I presumed he was a Doctor.
ipslon last decade
No problem about the 'doctor' title-
so many people do it, it is hard to
stop it, but drives me a little crazy
bc I have seen patients on here give
advice when they know nothing, and
the next post the 'patient' is being
addressed as 'doctor', so it is a good
place to 'imagine' and pretend you are
a 'doctor'.
[message edited by simone717 on Fri, 18 May 2012 18:24:16 BST]
simone717 last decade

I was waiting for your intervention. Well let me tell you that I have been practising homeopathy for more than 10 years including more than three years proper work with practising homeopaths who were well qualified & well known in their field. Further to that I worked with them all voluntarily not for money but for my own passion. They used to teach me & I regularly studied homeopathy as for almost 3 years & then continued the study of homeopathy at my own in later years. Have been practising ever since & have successfully handled quite complicated cases. Have recently treated few similar cases of depression. Why I did not get a degree? Because adopting homeopathy as my regular profession was never my priority. But now that I have successfully achieved my other ambitions, I am seriously thinking of attempting exams soon in order to get the degree to validate my practice.


I apologise for not communicating this to you earlier but that was because homeopthic medication depends upon faith & trust. I personally don't like to be called as doctor or engineer or whatever because as I said earlier, I dont practice homeopathy for the sake of name or money. but why I did not stop you from calling me like that, the reason was obvious. I firmly believe that if a patient does not have trust on the remedy or the prescriber, the remedy won't work at all even if it was well prescribed & properly administered by a highly qualified homeopath. It is the patient's will power & faith that actually cures the diseases. And this is what homeopathy is all about i.e utilising the internal mechanism in the body to fight the ailments. I pray for your good health.
All the best & Regards :)

[message edited by AsadGhumman on Fri, 18 May 2012 18:40:30 BST]
AsadGhumman last decade
Thank you for clarifying your position Asad because the last e-mails were pretty disturbing.

Anyway I have answered all the questions

1) How do you react to anger or humiliation?
I don't get humiliated often but when I do, I usually feel angry thinking about the event after it has occurred.
As for anger, I feel it very often mostly as a consequence of thinking about my life. I feel so frustrated by how my life has turned out and angry towards myself because i can't find a way out; i don't know what to do, i feel i don't have a strong personality, i feel trapped and unable to react.
When i get angry because of a person i tend to not confront him/her either out of embarassment/lack of courage, or because i don't want to argue, or because i'm not sure i'm in the right. On the whole i don't like to argue because it upsets me alot but i usually confront my Mother with whom i have a strong bond.
I dislike criticism because i do it to myself already and often.

2) How is the behaviour and attitude of your relatives with you?
I feel loved on the whole an accepted as i am but with someone from my family i feel like they don't care enough for me and that they think i'm not doing enough to change my situation-
I usually like being consoled and being shown that people care for me but depending on my mood (if i'm irritable)i don't like to feel like i'm pitied.
I on't pretend to be happy and carefree when i'm not but i make the effort to smile to be pleasant and polite. i usually prefer my Mother's friends' or relatives to know i suffer from depression so that they can perhaps understand why i behave the way i do.
On the other hand i wouldn't contact a friend i haven't seen for a long while and confess to them what my current situation is like; i'd be too ashamed to. Other people's opinion of me is very important.I am narcissistic in that way.

3) Do you feel highly stung or over react to pain and injuries?
No, although i am very sensitive to pain. i don't pretend to feel pain just to attract attention if this is what the question is about.
ipslon last decade

Many thanks for your trust & I do respect that alot. Last few posts were disturbing for me too. Unfortunately I won't be able to proceed further with your case. Kindly follow the instruction given to you by simeone & see a homeopth in person. No harsh feelings please & sorry again. Many prayers for your good health. Wish you best of luck.

AsadGhumman last decade
I'm sorry but i will have to post seperate e-mails because i tend to lose internet connection and i cannot copy and paste using this PC.I know it sounds strange.

4)Do you suffer from periodic headaches or stomache-aches of any sort?
Yes. My headaches are of different types: sometimes i feel my head could explode (strong coffee heps those), sometimes it affects the frontal area, other times the temples, other times the back (if i don't dry my hair in cold weather). Sometimes i can't move my head otherwise it gets aggravated. Usually i get them due to hunger, direct sun-shine,damp weather or oversleeping (i do that a lot to not think)
As for stomache-aches, they can be caused by being upset, angry, hungry or cramp-like due to the arrival of my menses.

5) Are you too sensitive and tend to faint when someone objects you or quarrels with you?
No. I faint if i cut my finger by mistake with a knife.

6) Do you feel chilliness deep inside?

7)Any sort of eczema on the scalp which is very painful and sensitive to the touch?
No eczema. But sometimes the top area of my scalp feels sensitive to the touch so if i have my hair pulled back, i have to release it. It also itches after a run in warm weather.

8)Do you have self-confidence or have you lost it?
I have always had little and need to be pushed to look for a jog for e.g.

9) Whom do you blame for the miseries of your life, yourself or the people around you that are related to you?
This is a difficult question to answer to seeing i have mixed feelings about it. Unfortunately i tend to blame others or destiny even though i know that my parents aren't perfect and that what we believe, depends on our present awareness.
As for destiny, we create it. I wish i could go back time and make other choices. I find myself asking 'Why me?' so many times. I'm the only problematic person in my family.
ipslon last decade
Asad,your last e-mail is even more disturbing. I put a great lot of effort into answering these questions!
ipslon last decade
at same time before you answered
questions, you did a separate post
to ask for Tabish. So it was very
confusing and looked like you were
not going to take treatment from Asad.

If Tabish responds to you then you
can just refer him to what you have
already answered on here and he can
take it from there and also have him
read your entire past history on here.

Asad, I was not trying to invalidate your
skill in homeopathy, I knew you knew
a lot from reading previous things
you had written and are quite good
at prescribing and I also knew you
were an engineer. There is no problem
with that, but I have seen in last few
weeks, new people being called Dr.
like Varun and some patients who
came on and then disappeared and
more and more people being called
Doctor. The line has to be drawn
somewhere or this site will be a joke.

I don't think you have to be a doctor
to trust the prescription if you know
the skill of a person- I myself would
totally trust and take prescription from
you Asad, as I respect your skill
and intelligence and have seen your
work on here. Also you should put
what you wrote about your homeopathy experience up in your
profile-if you want to-
bc you have the skills and dedication
and do excellent work.

Sorry if I upset the applecart here.
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simone717 last decade

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