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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
at same time before you answered
questions, you did a separate post
to ask for Tabish. So it was very
confusing and looked like you were
not going to take treatment from Asad.

If Tabish responds to you then you
can just refer him to what you have
already answered on here and he can
take it from there and also have him
read your entire past history on here.

Asad, I was not trying to invalidate your
skill in homeopathy, I knew you knew
a lot from reading previous things
you had written and are quite good
at prescribing and I also knew you
were an engineer. There is no problem
with that, but I have seen in last few
weeks, new people being called Dr.
like Varun and some patients who
came on and then disappeared and
more and more people being called
Doctor. The line has to be drawn
somewhere or this site will be a joke.

I don't think you have to be a doctor
to trust the prescription if you know
the skill of a person- I myself would
totally trust and take prescription from
you Asad, as I respect your skill
and intelligence and have seen your
work on here. Also you should put
what you wrote about your homeopathy experience up in your
profile-if you want to-
bc you have the skills and dedication
and do excellent work.

Sorry if I upset the applecart here.
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simone717 last decade

I never said you have done anything wrong or I was disturbed due to any injustice, infact I appreciate your unbiased behaviour while monitoring the threads. And again you are right that this site will become a joke if left un-moderated. Personally, I don't believe on self prescription & that's why have requested several times for help from other fellows here & will never like to see the threads being spoiled by non-serious people considering myself as a patient.


I will get back to you soon after studying the details that you have posted. Meanwhile if you like, you may consult with anybody else that you trust or feel comfortable with.
AsadGhumman last decade
Asad, Thanks for making things clear-
sometimes with the language issues
people take things well intended the
wrong way, and I don't want that to

warm regards,
simone717 last decade
Thanks simeone :)
AsadGhumman last decade

I have gone through the details that you have posted. Let me know when you are prepared for further proceeding or as I said earlier, you may if you like, consult any other person whom you feel comfortable with & can trust upon. For me, it will be perfectly OK either way. But once you decide what to do, then my advice is to stick to your choice for at least sometime.
AsadGhumman last decade
So it seems that the water has been cleared. Good...but what a mess it was!

Asad, I felt really upset after what happened yesterday because I saw a ray of light at the end of the tunnel thinking of the possibility that someone could help me and then you changed your mind.I didn't even take into consideration my new post so I'm sorry about that.

I'm glad you have looked through the answers and I will trust your consultation.I really appreciate your help, thank you.

I thought it would be a good idea to complete the questionnaire. So:

10) Ant srt of pains in bones/ joints?
During the cold months I get a sore side when i lie on it for a few hours in bed at night. I have to turnover for the pain to subside.
Also my shins (i'm not sure but i am referring to the part of the leg between the knee and ankle) hurt if pressed and always.

11) Do you feel sensitivity to the light?
Yes, to sun-light. I need to wear sun-glasses when there is sun and clouds.
ipslon last decade
12) Anythingelse you feel is worth mentioning
Re: humiliation, i think my depression could have originated from it. I was working on th cruise ships in 2000 for 2 reasons: 1 i used to love travelling and 2 i thought that having to work in close contact with other people would have helped me overcome my shyness.

After a few verbal warnings re: my perfonramance ont he job i got a bad writted report from the main office. As he was informing me how unhappy she was with my work i listened and didn't say a word or cry. It came as a shock. My self-esteem had been given a great blow. I didn't get along with her for starters but then i found myself imagining her getting killed in the most gruelsome and cruel ways possible.

Well, i hope i have been clear and hope to hear from you.

Best regards
ipslon last decade
P.S.Sorry i meant to add something else. I don't talk much but i sure can write!!!

I've tried my best to overcome this depression: allopathic meds, therapy, alternative therapy but they 've helped little.

I feel like i 'm doing everything within my power so i have given up hope ever healing. It's not only the depression per sé which is the problem but i am also insecure and don't accept the way i am so even if i can cure from depression, i can't ever be fully functional. This malaise takes away any motivation to be with other people and my low self-esteem discourages me further.
ipslon last decade
P.S. again. I thought i should talk about anger a little more. I said i don't get angry often but i do actually. I tend to suppress it with people i don't know but i don't with my family. I remember a bad outburst i had had during my stay in hospital for depression. My sister and husband had come to visit me and i was about to be discharged in a day or 2 and i was upset because they had tried meds and other methods (e.g. sleep deprivation) and i felt just as bad as when i was admitted. My sister was asking me 'So what are you going to do when you get out Are you going back to work? Where will you stay?' I felt so overwhelmed that i started screaming. The nurses ran into my room alarmed thinking my sister's husband had attacked me.
Furtermore sometimes when i feel impotent towards my changing my life, i start shaking my head furiously and screaming or jumping around like a lunatic.
ipslon last decade
Hello Asad,

Sorry for being such a nuisance. I suppose you have looked at my physical symptoms
The ones that are bothering me the most are:
day-time sleepiness, insomnia, itching ear canals (scabs form),aching breasts (if pressure applied or running), bad foot odor,and constipation
ipslon last decade
Ok ipslon. I have gone through the details you have posted recently. Thanks for detailed reply to each question.

I want to clear out a few things with you. First of all now when we start the treatment, please don't expect any immediate improvement in your condition. It may take 15 days to a month before you see any significant improvement. Reason is that initially I am NOT going to administer you your actual remedies. I will first give you 2 or 3 adjunct or supporting remedies. These adjunct remedies will clear out the path & will lay the foundations for the upcoming actual remedies to work better & deeper. I can ask you to start directly with the final remedies but in that way treatment will not be long lasting & symptoms may come back after some time.

First of all get just one single dose of Causticum-1000. One dose = 5 drops of Causticum-1000 in half cup of water 30 minutes before or after meal. Don't repeat the medicine, just 1 single dose & that's all. Post here when you take the dose, I will then guide you further.

Also please get hold of the following medicines but DO NOT use any of them right now: Colocynthis-30 & Staphysgeria-200, Syphlinum-1000, Aurum Met-30
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AsadGhumman last decade
Hello Asad, thank you for your prompt reply.
You seem to have a clear picture of my case.

Are the remedies to be taken exclusively in drops?
Do i have time to get the following remedies sent from the UK? I usually buy them from Helios.

Do you want me to avoid drinking coffee? I hate to give it up but if it's necessary, i will.

I'll get the Causticum tomorrow.

Thank you.
ipslon last decade
Hi ipslon,

Yes I have a very clear picture of your case in my mind. I'll sincerely try my level best to help you get rid of this situation. And it is quite possible, even easier than you think.

Let me tell you that depression is nothing but looking at thing from a different angle & that's it. It isn't a horrible disease or a crime or a sin. nothing at all!!!!! Everyone suffers from depression at some point in his life, You know what, there is something special about people in depression; they are slightly more intelligent than many ordinary people. This is what I have found in all of my patients. So same as driving a plane is more challenging & need more expertise than a bicycle or a car, intelligent brains are more prone to depression & other psychotic disorders if they waste their energies in useless thoughts about their past. But same as like a plane handled well by a good pilot is far better than a car, an intelligent brain if well utilised can do marvellous things. You are the pilot & sole authority of your brain. One portion of your own brain has to control & monitor the balanced functioning of your whole brain. So remember there is nothing wrong with you, you just need to direct your mental energies in the right direction. Don't listen to the people who deject you or try to show sympathy or anything like that. Remember you are better then most of them. Don't waste your time thinking about past or present, you have lot more important things to do in your life. Do you remember who won 2003 Nobel prize for peace, for physics, chemistry etc??? I am sure you don't know. I also don't know & probably no one here on this forum knows. So if people don't remember noble laureates then do you think people would remember what you have done so far? No, no one has the time to think about others, everyone is busy in thinking about him/herself & about his past achievements or mistakes/blunders. This is what all the poets, singers & artists did i.e. remembering their pasts & crying over spilt milk. Man came out of dark ages when he closed the door of past & got rid of these poets & all those who try to pull man to his past. Yes that's a reality. people loved to dwell in past during dark ages. So try to think about your future endeavours instead of worrying about what people might be thinking about your past event & vice versa. Whatever they say, you just need to smile & say in your heart ,'thanks I know myself better'. I know it is not an easy thing but you can do it. Also you have to make a goal for your near future. It could by like learning something new, a new language, reading a book but a good book off course not a fiction or a sad love story type of waste of time which can pull any healthy mind into the world of fantasies & depression.

Hope you won't mind what I said. These words are not just for counselling purpose only rather are coming straight from my heart & are the lessons that I have learnt from my own life.

Now coming to your queries:

Not necessarily be taken in drops. You may take pills/pellets as well. You can take 4 pellets simultaneously, put them on the tongue & let them dissolve slowly in 2-3 minutes. However as per my little experience so far, drops are slightly better but the difference is not to the extent that we can't go with pallets. Pellets also work fine.

About coffee, avoid taking coffee immediately before or after the medicine. I won't ask you to quite coffee completely because that could cause headache & anxiety if you are used to take coffee quite often. Just try to reduce the frequency of taking coffee.

Many prayers & well wishes for your good health
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AsadGhumman last decade
Hi Asad,

I'm surprised to see you work Sundays too.
Thanks,I appreciated the fact that you took some of your time to tell me about your thoughts on the matter.Your words are likely to be true. Some people like us just tend to think too much and this can lead to depression. Talking about singers and the past, one of my favorite songs happens to be 'Yesterday' of the great Beatles.

As for the Causticum 1MK, can I take a monodose which here in Italy is in tiny pellets usually sold by Boiron?

Also I was wondering; I have Staph 200CH but it expired in 2010. A homeopath told me remedies don't expire. What do you say? Can I use it?

Sincere regards
ipslon last decade
Actually I m preparing for an exam so I am all day sitting on my laptop & online. Whenever there is a mail alert, I check it.

Yes you can take monodose of Causticum-1000.

About Staphysgeria, I simply can't understand how is it possible that it expired in 2010. Is it in liquid form or pellets? You don't have to take staphysgeria right now. Now you just havee to take Causticum & that's it & then wait for a week before moving on to next remedy. Which is not staphysgeria again. I will let you know about that as we proceed :)
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AsadGhumman last decade
You're a workaholic! :-)
Yes, I know I don't need Stap. now but i was looking through my bag where i have an odd 20 remedies procured throughout the years.
The Stap. is in pellets by Boiron and there's an expiry date on the little plastic tube.
By the way do remedies contaminate each other if they are kept in the same bag?
ipslon last decade
Sorry,somehow i skipped the part where you said you were studying for an exam. Good for you!
ipslon last decade
Then I would advise you to get another Staphysgeria-200. This time try to get in liquid form if you can but not necessary.

Homeopathic remedies don't expire BUT you never know what these Boiron people have added in the sugar pellets to make sure that it expires in the specified time. After all, they have to make money & could have worked out a mechanism to expire the base with in a specified time to ensure that people have to buy medicines from them again & again.

Secondly, I don't want to put a financial burden on your pocket so if you have tightly caped all the medicines & there was no leakage or any thing like that, then you may use those medicines. However, as per my personal experience, effectiveness of medicines is significantly reduced by putting them all in a bag. Better to keep them in a cupboard away from perfumes, smoke, intense light & tightly caped off course. Even smell of one medicine can destroy the other or both & you may never know the reason for remedies not working well.
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AsadGhumman last decade
Hi Asad,
I'll just get a new one as I don't want to compromise the outcome of the healing.

I have another strange symptom which i hope is one included the miasm of Syphil.; when i sleep on my side (as usual) sometimes one or both my ears (last night the left) starts to ache and i have to turnover and it disappears straight away.

For how long will i have to take each remedy?

Tomorrow i'm getting the Causticum.

Thank you
ipslon last decade
Don't worry, everything will be fine soon but as I said earlier, you to be patient & do not expect everything to be fine over night. I already knew about your ear symptom.

It is good that you are not going to compromise over quality & outcome of healing. You have to take just 1 single dose of Causticum-1000. Then have to wait for 7 days without taking any medicine at all. Then have to take Colocynthis 2 times a day for 3 days & then again wait for next 5 days without taking any medicine. This will lay the foundation for Staphysgeria. Remember, do not bypass this all process. Haste makes waste. Just bear with me & you will be fine in a month or so with the grace of your creator. The overall treatment time will be about 2-3 months.
AsadGhumman last decade
Yes, don't worry i know that it will take some time. If I can feel better, it'll be the greatest gift i'll ever receive.

I asked you about the length of time for each remedy because i can order over the internet 5ml, 10ml or 15ml in liquid form.
Some homeopaths insist with 10ml, others with 15ml. What do you recommend?
Would 5ml be ok for Coloth.?

I've just taken Caust. Fingers crossed!

Thank you.
ipslon last decade
I suggest you to get med like this:

1- Colocynthis-30 = 5 ml
2- Staphysgeria-200 = 10 ml
3- Syphlinum-1000 = 5 ml
4- Aurum Met-30 = 10 ml

You may order for pills/pellets for Colocynthis, Syphillinum Aurum Met if that is cheaper. But try to get Staphysgeria in liquid.

Are you currently taking any allopathic Anti-depressants?
AsadGhumman last decade
Thank you for your reply.
No I'm not taking an anti-depressant at the moment but i take a benzodiazepine for anxiety to help me sleep.
Should i suspend the benzo?

Is the Staph. my constitutional remedy? Did you prescribe the miasm to clear the possible blockage to the healing process? I ask you this because i have a personal interest in homeopathy.
ipslon last decade
PS Does Colo. have to be taken necessarily after 7 days or can it be a little later, depending on the mail service?
ipslon last decade
Staphisgeria seams to be your constitutional remedy as almost 90% of your symptoms match to it but this needs to be taken in proper sequence otherwise it does not have long lasting affect. Also as per my experience, it does not work well in any other potency. But that is only my experience.

Your symptoms also match 90% to Aurum Met & that is your second constitutional remedy. Here actually I dare to differ from classical homeopaths & like the viewpoint of modern homeopathy. In my experience it is not necessary that a person has only one constitutional remedy. There could be 2 or even 3. So I practice sort of hybrid principles of classic & modern homeopathy. You are correct about miasm; to clear any blockage in healing process. It is also adjunct to Aurum Met & as you have already used Aur Met without any significant improvement, this necessitates the use of 1 single dose of syphilinum.

It is not necessary that you start colocynthis on 7th day. You may start, whenever the mail arrives. But Staphy should also be delayed accordingly.

About benzodiazepine:

I would never advise you to suspend that immediately. Even I did not ask you to quiet coffee immediately. Withdrawal is very tricky & needs supervision otherwise could have severe adverse effects. I have witnessed many such cases of improper withdrawal. Really pathetic state they had. I will let you know how to do that later. Withdrawal is a gradual process & may need few other homeo remedies.
AsadGhumman last decade
Do I have answered your all queries & have cleared any doubts?

P.S One thing to mention that the percentage symptom match that I mentioned in my earlier post are purely my own rough calculations & not the ones shown in abchomeopathy Remedy Finder section. Infact these two remedies flashed in my mind on the day one when I told you that your symptoms clearly match 3 homeo remedies. So I designed the questionnaire accordingly, just to confirm that I am going in the right direction
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AsadGhumman last decade

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