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HI Asad,

I just wanted to update with symptoms:
-bowel movements again
-feet warmer than usual, changing position of feet to cooler part of bed because feel hot.(had this with Syph. too)
-taste of blood in mouth maybe caused by bleeding gums (usually it happens when i brush teeth.)
-weeping after seeing romantic movie. I hadn't cried for quite a while. I felt heart-ache.

Unfortunately no change in symptoms. Do you know when i can expect a amelioration?
How soon do i need the Mag. Phos. 6x. Is it the equivalent of 6ch?

Thanks :-)
ipslon 9 years ago
Hi ipslon,

Please reduce the dosage of Aurum Met once daily only. Earlier you were taking it 2 times a day. Right?

'-weeping after seeing romantic movie. I hadn't cried for quite a while. I felt heart-ache.'

Please explain, have you been feeling this after taking Aurum Met?

Mag. Phos 6x is different from Mag. Phos 6c. If you haven't ordered Mag Phos 6x yet then wait & don't order it yet.

Many prayers for your good health & well being.
AsadGhumman 9 years ago
HI Asad,

Ok, i will decrease to 1 dose only.
At the moment i'm feeling hopeless of recovery still and i find myself wishing i didn't exist anymore. I'm so tired of feeling like this. I just want to get better and live my own life even though thinking about going back to doing my old job doesn't enthusiasm me.I've got nothing to look forward to. I haven't 'built' anything; neither a career i enjoy or a circle of friends or a family of my own. I'm crying as i write these last words.My heart feels heavy and weeping doesn't make me feel better.WHat do i do now?
I was hoping i would feel better; my sister and family is coming to stay a few days with my parent and i. I know she will critisize me for not going to see my therapist(she is a psychologist herself) for the last month. I wish i could tell her that i'm cured and thanks to homeopathy.

I haven't ordered Mag. Phos.6x yet. I thought the dosage range went from CH (the lowest) to MK to LM and that's all.

Thanks for everything. Best regards.
ipslon 9 years ago
I forgot to mention that since taking Aurum M. i've been craving cakes, which is unusual except around menses.
That heart-ache and weeping is a returning symptom. This morning i weeped a lot and called myself a loser. But at the same time i asked (i talk to myself as a habit) no-one in particular when will this all end.
It's horrible feeling like you feel you don't belong to any country in particular. I've been living in Italy for 27 years but i don't feel Italian.
The strange thing is that i like speaking my native language, which is English and hope to find a partner who speaks English and not Italian. I don't feel like i'm myself when i speak Italian. Weird, eh?
Sorry for all this stuff you'll get to read but perhaps it will be helpful.
Thanks for being there.
ipslon 9 years ago
Hi ipslon,

Hope you are doing good.

As already said, your long posts never bother me. This is your thread & you can share as much as you like. Feel free to share anything with me.

For now, keep using Aurum Met-30 for a week & get hold of Pulstilla-30c ASAP.

Many prayers for your good health & well being.

AsadGhumman 9 years ago
'That heart-ache and weeping is a returning symptom'

This is a very good sign in fact showing that the ailment is being uprooted. Not crying for quite long meant that the necessary emotions were suppressed for long leading to suicidal thoughts.
AsadGhumman 9 years ago
HI Asad,

thanks for your reply. unfortunately the depression has got worse.
The constipation came back yesterday like my menses which arrived earlier (21st day) instead of 25th.
The weeping had stopped about a month ago and the heavy heart about 2 moonths ago.
I thought we had concluded the therapy but it seems not.
Are the layers being taken care of now? does it mean that Aurum M. is not my similum?
Knowing Puls. as a remedy, i understand why you chose it. I'll get the granules because it's easier to get hold of.
I'm feeling so sleepy, unhappy and wish i could be dead.
I read something about Lac Canium. did you ever consider it for me?

Best regards
ipslon 9 years ago
Asad, hello. Can i stop taking Aurum M? I want to rest constantly becasue my eye lids are heavy but i don't feel refreshed and i feel desperate.
ipslon 9 years ago
Hi ipslon,

Sorry for replying late, I am too busy these days. Yes you may stop Aurum Met if you are not feeling any improvement in mental symptoms. By the way, who suggested you Lac Caninum? In fact it is a very good choice made by you. Please go ahead with it but remember it acts best in highest potencies.
I would like you to order one single mono-dose of Lac Can-10M or Lac Can-CM.
Meanwhile order Pulstilla-30c as well in Pills either if you like. No problem in taking pills. Lac Can & Pulstilla both are adjuncts to each other so you may start Pulstilla three days after taking Lac Can & both remedies will enhance each other's affect.

ipslon, you are a very intelligent person I actually want to see you putting your mental energies in a productive work. I can see you winning every where if you go out & try. Trust me, you can do a lot better than most of the people as you are a genius wasting your mental powers in useless thoughts about yourself & your past/future. You just need to re-direct your thoughts which are now directed towards your own-self to outwards, towards some targets in life.

Many prayers for your good health & well being.


P.S: Just a question; how will you define depression? What you think depression is?
AsadGhumman 9 years ago
Hi Asad,

Don't worry, i'm glad you answered my e-mail.
I came across Lac-Can. during the search of'homeopathy+lack of self-confidence' .I studied it well today and have found another important symptom i have had, i.e. vertigo, which i mentioned a few years ago on this forum. Then it returned last year; it was horrible!
Maybe I've found the right remedy at long last.
Are you sure about the potency? Seeing that i have a weak vital force perhaps i should get the 1CM. What do you think?
I see you have noticed that i'm very self-absorbed. I can't seem to think about anything else other than overcoming this depression. I don't feel enthusiasm for anything and as i said i feel very uncomfortable being with other people; I have an inferiority complex and feelings of worthlessness.
Just out of curiosity, why are you asking me what i think depression is?

Thank you for your support and best wishes
ipslon 9 years ago
Hi ipslon,

Hope you are doing good. Yes you have reached the right remedy. If you feel that you have weak vital force, then take it in 10M & don't repeat before 3 months. There are few remedies that work better in higher potencies as compared to the lower ones. So we should follow the convention.

I asked about the depression just for the sake of discussion. You defined it quite well. Depression is nothing but just the thoughts are directed inwards instead of outwards. Directed towards one's own-self instead of being directed towards the outside world. All one need to do is to redirect his/her thoughts outwards, towards other mistakes & failure instead of focussing on own mistakes. Once a person understands this fine difference, the depression automatically starts decreasing because you know what depression is & you will see many people out there craving for attention & think that their life is just a failure, they are also depressed.

Many prayers for your good health & well being.

AsadGhumman 9 years ago
Thanks Asad,

I'm glad you think Lac-Can is my remedy. How important is the choice of the potency? Maybe i should ask about the right potency for me on the forum if that's ok with you. What do you think?
Regarding the vital force, an accupuncturist (i had gone to 4 years ago due to the depression) told me that my Jing was weak. In Chinese Traditional Medicine Jing is the “essence of Qi”:the material basis for the body, the fluid essence that contains the life force.
He said that was the reason why i hadn't overcome the depression; although i 'm not that naive. Perhaps he just said that because he didn't want to admit that he wasn't able to help me.I guess that happens a lot unfortunately!!!

Have a good day and regards.
ipslon 9 years ago
No issues with me, from here on, you may take help from anywhere & from anyone.

All I would say is that don't think too much about yourself & your health issues. The acupuncturists & other such people make their earning by threatening people about their health issues & blabla. There are billions of people who don't have money & resources to visit doctors, get hygienics food but still they live a happy & healthy life. Why? because they don't have any other option. They can't afford depression. They don't have resources & money to spend & get even more depressed by knowing what is wrong with in their body & how horrible it could be.

Best of luck to you!
AsadGhumman 9 years ago
Hi Asad,

How are you? I changed my mind and followed your advice so i ordered the Lac-Can. 10MK and took it yesterday.
I wasn't able to contact you earlier because i was away with my sister and didn't have internet access.
I haven't noticed anything in particular since the monodose but i suppose it's too early to notice anything.
Are you willing to assist me as usual? I hope so.

Best regards :-)
ipslon 9 years ago
Hi- I see ipslon, has another post -thread
on today. I wanted to address the
depression issue from the Chinese Medicine viewpoint-If you have an imbalance in energy flow not going up
the channels, you can feel depressed in
3 minutes- very depressed.

I have had this happen to me as I am
sensitive and was doing caretaking for
others who were ill. It was not physical
with me but energetic- Feeling some knot
or something in lower areas of body and
then not having normal energy running
up thru the heart etc and if I did not know what was going on and able to get
the energy back to moving- I could have been
depressed for weeks. However I also know that
the acupressure , shiatsu etc removes energy
blocks which lets energy flow thru spine and
brain and then people feel their system/immune
system working right and then No depression
bc things are moving.

That is why they tell caretakers, people in ER
the police, firefighters etc to take breaks bc
they are around too much high stress. Also why
they like mental patients etc to hang out with
a group of healthy people instead of groups of
other people with mental problems. People tend
to match energies.

And yes, if you are in 'survival' just trying to get
enough to eat, or on the battlefield you are going to be very focused and overide , or else
you could be like a USA homeless person sleeping under the freeway and just give up.

But chinese medicine and the flow of energy is
right- if your energy is running right, you feel
good and it is hard to be depressed-when the vital force is flowing correctly.
simone717 9 years ago
Hi Simone,

Thanks for the detailed reply. I am convinced with your argument & I can see a great homeopath of future in you. I believe in chinese acupuncture but what I did not like was the words that chinese accupuncturist said to ipslon. One should admit his/her failure instead of pushing the patient into more depression by telling her what is wrong with her. As you mentioned about depression you had to face, would you believe I am also in similar situation. Currently, I have 4 patients of depression on this forum & about 5 people contacted me directly through email as they did not want to write anything on a public forum. This first time that I am myself experiencing depression due to thinking too much about such problems so am avoiding any more such cases.


Sorry if you feel disappointed by my words or behaviour. If you want to continue, than as suggested earlier, try Pulstilla Nig-30c 2 times a day for 10 days. But, since you have initiated another thread, I have no problem at all if you want to seek help from someone else. I would be more than happy to see you cured no matter whoever takes your case.

AsadGhumman 9 years ago
Hi Asad,

Don't worry, i'm not disappointed by you in any way. I have decided to ask help to the forum again because i won't give up on myself.
And anyway as you said, you're experiencing some depression by working on your new cases.

ipslon 9 years ago

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