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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Do I have answered your all queries & have cleared any doubts?

P.S One thing to mention that the percentage symptom match that I mentioned in my earlier post are purely my own rough calculations & not the ones shown in abchomeopathy Remedy Finder section. Infact these two remedies flashed in my mind on the day one when I told you that your symptoms clearly match 3 homeo remedies. So I designed the questionnaire accordingly, just to confirm that I am going in the right direction
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AsadGhumman last decade
Yes Asad, very well thank you. You are always very kind and available as usual.
I don't have problems with withdrawal from benzos although a lot of people do as you said. I know this from experience because I have done it before.
ipslon last decade
If I have cleared your doubts than may I suggest you to please don't read about your remedies again & again. This will confuse you again & confusion about remedies is not good as your vital force will not respond properly to your remedies in case you have doubts.
AsadGhumman last decade
Don't worry I trust your evaluation of my case.

Thank you again for your precious help.
ipslon last decade
Thanks for the trust :)

Many prayers for your good health & well being
AsadGhumman last decade
Hi Asad,

Do you want me to stop drinking coffee? It's not a problem for me; I've done it before.
As for sleeping, seeing i didn't and don't intend taking the benzo anymore, is there a remedy that can help me sleep? I woke up at 5.30am and feel really bad because of the loss of hours of sleep.
ipslon last decade
Hi ipslon,

No DO NOT stop taking coffee or benzo immediately. Just gradually reduce the amount & frequency of taking these. I will tell you about the remedies later as right now, it is not a good idea to start so many remedies simultaneously. Moreover, Staphy & Aurum Met will also help improve you sleeping habits.
AsadGhumman last decade
Ok, will do as you said.
My symptoms haven't changed since the dose. My stomache is and feels very bloated and have some gas maybe due to arrival of menses yesterday.
ipslon last decade
Don't worry, I already told you that your symptoms won't change immediatly. Your stomach bloating & other symptom are now asking for colocynthis. You may study that if you want. So we are moving on the right track :)
AsadGhumman last decade
Thank you for being there when I need your help.I feel reassured :-)
ipslon last decade
Hi ipslon,

Hope you are doing good :). I was wondering that there is no post from your side for last three days. Any update to share with me? When are you going to get colocynthis? How about your stomach related symptoms?
AsadGhumman 9 years ago
Hi Asad,

Thanks for asking how i am doing; i try not to bother you unless it's necessary. I've been feeling very sleepy these days. I am sleeping a little better at night and constipation has lessened (the other symptoms too).

Some years ago i did a Biotest and i was reccommended to do a kidney cleanse that i didn't do unfortunately. I don't know if you have heard about the Biotest.
I found something on the net to explain what it consists of: 'Energy within the body may be tested using a variety of machines utilizing an energy measurement method known as Electro-Dermal Screening (EDS).During the course of the diagnosis process, the system scans thoroughly the body systems, organs, tissues and major types of cells.'

What i wanted to know is if any of the remedies will help cleanse my kidneys?

The remedies arrived today by mail and i got them all in liquid form. I took the Caust. last Tuesday. Do i take the Coloth. tomorrow or on Wednesday?

Thank you.
ipslon 9 years ago
Hi ipslon,

It is very encouraging to know that Causticum is doing its job quite well. You will soon see more significant improvements in near future. Don't worry if you haven't cleansed your kidneys, Causticum is doing that for you.

Take colocynthis on wednesday & keep updating regularly.

Many prayers for your good health & well being.

AsadGhumman 9 years ago
Hi Asad,

Thank you for your quick reply as always.
I don't know if anyone is able to answer this question as it is pretty difficult.
Do you think that homeopathy is capable of changing one's distorted way of thinking? I ask you this because in my case my depression has been caused by my disfunctional thoughts about life,people and myself. Have you ever for e.g. heard someone who has self-esteem issues say that they feel better about themselves due to the treatment?
Don't worry if this question doesn't have an answer.
Best greetings.
ipslon 9 years ago
Hi ipslon,

You are asking this because you are proabably unaware of the mysterious powers of homeopathy. I can talk hours on this with hundreds of examples to support my point of view. I have so much faith in homeopathy that I can't explain in words. I have seen miracles happening. Have you ever seen anybody ever able to walk again whose backbone is broken after falling from a mountain & being crushed by a following avalanche???(this case was not handled by me but some other homeopath). Have you ever witnessed gal stones or kidney stones disappearing in a matter of days with few pellets of homeopathic remedies which have nothing in them if examined in a laboratory? I have myself successfully treated many cases of kidney & gall stones. Have you seen a Hepatitis-C case who is almost invalided from Army because they thought he is uncurable being cured & now it's been 7 years that he is still in Army. My dog was ill & was unable to standup & walk even, I put just few pellets in front of it, The dog licks the pellets & after 20 minutes, it was able to stand-up. The list goes on & on.

Believe me that mental sickness is the easiest to cure if handled properly. All you have to do is to put the thoughts on right track, no physical disability is to be cured. For your concerns, let me tell you that along with many other people, I have treated my own brother as well who was in similar mental depression for many years.

The vital forces gifted by our Creator is so powerful that it could just do anything. All you have to do is to let it do its work.

Many prayers for your good health & well being.

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AsadGhumman 9 years ago
HI Asad,

I didn't think homeopathy had similar healing powers.
I'm glad you were able to help your brother; he must be very grateful to you. May i ask what caused his depression, how long did he take to recover and how was it similar to mine?

Yesterday i had stomache-ache which lasted a few hours. I recognized the type; i get it after i am terribly upset.I suppose it's a good symptom, right?

I have the Coloth. in liquid form but there isn't a teat dropper; should i shake the bottle or not before taking the dose?

Thank you and best greetings.
ipslon 9 years ago
First of all don't think that your questions bother me. I actually enjoy answering the questions because I love totalk about homeopathy. About my brother's case; he is 39yrs or may be 40 now & was in depression since childhood. He used to blame others for his own failures & was very aggressive. Before giving him medicine last year, I told my mother that I am going to give him a remedy & you will see he will not be putting blames on others anymore. Surprisingly, 3 days after starting the remedy, he appologised from my mother & now is in much much better condition even though he never completed the treatment rather took the remedy for just 10 days. How can I have any doubt in homeopathy? I will discuss more about powers of homeopathy some other day.

There is no need to shake the bottle of colocynthis, just put approximately 2 drops in half cup of water, stir & drink it.
AsadGhumman 9 years ago
Asad, I totally agree with you and
have seen similar to what you have said.

I also wanted to point out that I have
seen babies and young kids change into
a much happier, healthier personality
and animals- so the part about faith
in the remedy?? ( not here but in other
posts) seems to me not an issue.

Babies and kids and animals get healed
and they don't have any faith and they
don't even know what was given to them.
Bottom line- right remedies work
simone717 9 years ago
Hi Simone, nice to hear your point of view. Well Simone, I do agree that homeopathy works well on babies & animals as well. I guess I did not explain my self quite well. There is no disconnect between mine & your observations. Not knowing anything about the remedy is something else. Infact that is the best state because then the vital force responds in most natural & powerful way. Problem arises when someone knows little about homeopathy & after taking the remedy, starts imagination & uncousiosly dictating his/her vital force to behave in a certain manner. In such cases, if the results are not as per his/her self defined levels, he just thinks that remedy is incorrect & does not follow the prescription strictly, often misses the dose. This further degrades the effects of that remedy even if it was correct.

But then there is another contemporary incident that I witnessed. About 10 years ago I used to work with a very energetic & knowledgable homeopath. One day, a friend of my teacher came & started arguing with him about homeopathy & its effects. He said he thought homeopathy was just a myth & nothing else. After an hour of debate, we failed to convince him, he was just asking for a proof. Then my teacher just stud up, put 1 drops of Typhodinum-1000 in a glass of water & gave him to drink. Gave him a newspaper to read. Then after 30 min gave him another dose of same. Then said to his friend, 'Come with me, I will drop you home, you are not gonna make it till home'. The man again laughed but in a few minutes, I saw his face becoming red & in next few mintes, he was having 104 temperature. Then my teacher said, 'look what the 2 drops have done to you, now go & have rest at home, you will be fine in next 2 days.'

This was just a simple example of proving in order to make one believe but for long term solution & better healing, I believe that patient should trust upon his homeopath.
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AsadGhumman 9 years ago
Once again I would say that it is not like that if a person don't believe, remedies will not work at all. Remedies will work to certain extent & by that time a trust is usually developed. All that that required is to take the medicines on time regularly, no matter if one believes on them or not. If the remedies are correct, they would make the patient believe.
AsadGhumman 9 years ago
Hi Asad,

I seem to have felt a little better with Caust. Today i felt very sleepy and upsetting events from my past came to my mind.
Today is the 3rd day with Coloth. so as from tomorrow i have to go 5 days without any remedy, right?
I just have no idea how i'm going to get out of this situation; i'm hiding from life!! It's so worrying that i don't care to be with other people and that i never feel the need to leave the house(in fact i don't really want to).
At this age i should have been married with children. The thing is that i still do dream about meeting the right man (although i don't think i will until i change the way i am) but i don't feel i need to be a mother. The idea actually scares me which is all the more worrying.
I'm sorry for this outburst but i feel very hopeless at this moment.

I don't want to seem like i don't trust you but i was wondering why i will only need to take Staph 1MK. I read that Philip Bailey (a prominent homeopath who wrtoe a book about the personalities of various remedies) gives several doses of 10mk to allow the patient to express the repressed anger.

Thank you as always.
ipslon 9 years ago
If you go to minimum books dot com
and read review of that book, it got
bad reviews-about how he decided on
'personalities of people' and his
cure rate of people.
simone717 9 years ago
hi ipslon,

I really liked the way you have expressed your feelings & emotions. You may share with me anything that you feel or think. You said you think will not be able to find the right man until you change your self. Well I don't think you need to change yourself. If you have to change yourself for someone, then he is not the right man for you. The right man will accept you as you are & will make you change slowly with time & probably will change himself too.

You said you should have married by this age. You are right to some extent but getting married is not the sole objective of life. I know many people who never married as they thought family life would have hindered their other objectives in life. Such people include my teachers infact one of the best teacher, daughter of my uncles & many many others. I am not advocating them but just saying that not getting married at all is not a big problem. May be they also did not find the right life partner but they made a false excuse for not getting married just to cope up with the other challenges of life. Yes one should try to marry but if not, still it is OK. There is a man in India known as 'Ana Hazaray', I would request you to search on google about him & look what he has done in his life. In return, the love & respect he has earned is billions of times more than he could have recieved from his spouse or childern.

Well I always have stories & tales to tell :d. But believe me I never talk to you for the sake of counselling you rather it is a sort of friendly discussion & I actually want to listen your opinion about different things. You are an intelligent person & can understand quite well. Just a bit depressed & off course I may have been depressed if I was at your place.
[message edited by AsadGhumman on Sat, 02 Jun 2012 05:37:29 BST]
AsadGhumman 9 years ago
Did you get Staphysgeria-1MK?? But I asked you to get Staphy-200c. Reason for this is that one should always have space to move up to higher potencies if the lower ones don't work up to the mark. What if the 10MK fails or aggrevates??? Always remember the golden words especially true for homeopathy, 'Slow & Steady wins the race'. There is no point in starting from the highest potencies if the lower ones can work. It is just same as you call President Obama for any problem in your utility bills. The process is to start from the smallest possible authority & then escalate the case to high-ups if the smaller ones don't respond properly... This is a basic principle of life. I don't know why homeopaths can't understand this simple thing.

Also don't wait for 5 days & start taking Staphy-200 right from today (if you have it in 200).

Dosage= 3 drops of Staphy-200 in half cup of water only ONCE daily for next five days. Kindly report progress on daily basis.

Many prayers for your good health & well being.

AsadGhumman 9 years ago
Hi Simone,

Thank you for telling me because i was thinking about buying that book. Well, i won't now!

Best Regards.


I like to hear your side of the story. One can only learn from wise people like yourself. It's a pity i'm not married to a career.

I really hope i'll be able to find myself again, feel interest in life again and feel motivated to set some goals for the future.

I sunbathed for a short time and i got burnt on my legs. I got an itchy rash as if i were allergic to the sun. It's not even too hot, maybe 25 °C. I can't stand it because i can't breathe, i get a nauseous head-ache and even more sleepy.Is that normal?

Regarding Staph, i meant 200CH. I will take it today then and let you know.

Thank you again for being there for me. I don't know what i'd do otherwise.
ipslon 9 years ago
P.S.Is it al right if i drink decaf coffee? It's difficult to give up coffee altogether as i just can't live without it.

When will we know if the remedies are working like they should?

So far there's nothing to report after taking the dose this morning. My stomache still feels a bit bloated and i've been constipated since taking Coloth.

Thank you :-)
ipslon 9 years ago

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